Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dez and Corby

I'll make this quick.

Dez and Corby are each in showbiz.  Their workplace is public.

Each melted down very conspicuously in their respective workplaces.

Each meltdown took the form of angry utterances to colleagues and supervisors.

Each meltdown probably had some justification to it, assuming that we're all guessing right about what Dez was trying to convey in one or more of his several episodes.  I also share what seems to be the initial reaction of the Confessor, which is to have some sympathy with Corby in this situation.  He's live on the air and his stuff gets yanked without notice, and he's not sure why at first, and every other station is going to be playing the clip and talking about what Manly said, and Corby was allowed to describe Manly's words in any event so what's the big deal?  Live broadcasting is a high-wire act, and his got jiggled when he wasn't looking.

And each meltdown was shocking and excessive.

We know what's going to happen to Dez.  Nothing.  The excuse-making and "passion" crap is just more evidence of the lack of intelligent leadership in the organization.  Consider what would have been the Cowboys' reaction to that kind of performance under Landry, Johnson, Parcells, and pre-Jones ownership.  (Yeah yeah, times have changed, modern athelete blah blah blah, bull.  Substitute Cowher, Belichick.)

I'm pretty sure nothing's going to happen to Corby.  When Dan McDowell started to read an internal confidential Ticket memorandum on the air a few years back, BaD got yanked from the air for a segment or two, but that was it, at least as far as on-air repercussions were concerned.

In any normal workplace, irrespective of justification for his unhappiness, Corby would be invited to relax at home for a day or so, maybe longer, maybe forever.  The Ticket, of course, is not a normal workplace.  I don't know the extent to which the inmates run the asylum there.  Sometimes it seems like they do.  Other times it seems like they get ordered to do stuff, and they do it.  

A commenter to the last thread states:  "Leave it to the people on this blog to blow up this thing between Corby and Cat.  It's not a big deal and Corby and Cat are old friends and that's the the type of relationship they have.  It's not the kind of relationship you people have with your bosses." */  There is probably something to that.  I'm sure they go back a long ways.  But I don't think anyone who heard that segment thought that this was good-natured palsy-walsy pretend agitation.  Or appropriate public treatment of not only Jeff, who I previously thought had some kind of authority over program content, but colleagues.

I'm a pretty stout Corby fan and have defended him most of the time.  On this one, I'm with those who think this should call forth some sanction from the CTO.


*/  "You people."  Like that? Care to guess who left that comment?  (I don't know, but it sounds familiar.)



Shaggy said...

Sorry Plainsman, but I think you're a bit out of your element on this one. We know exactly what Dez was trying to convey, because audio of it is out there on NFL.com. I was with Junior in thinking that until we know what he was saying, there's no reason to jump to conclude that his "tirade" was excessive or shocking. And now that the audio is out there, there's certainly no reason to call it shocking or excessive. Or even that it was a meltdown.

The Plainsman said...

I am very much in my element on this one, and I am correct.

It doesn't matter what he or Corby was saying, or why. You don't show up your colleagues and supervisors in public without consequences.

And the Dez audio they played on the Musers is only from the Tony stuff.

Shaggy said...

How was Dez showing up anyone?

Anonymous said...

I don't/can't see Jeff Catlin as the boss of the top on-air personalities as The Ticket. Boss by title? Sure.

Anonymous said...

I just listened to the Corby/Cat segment. While I don't think it will be a big deal between Cat and Corby, personally (at least not yet), I'm not so sure the higher up CTO will see it as such. I do think, however, we've seen the curtain pulled back in a way that the station did not want us to be privy to. Namely, that, yes, they know things, are informed of things, etc., and they intentionally hold them from us. And they do so as favors to certain stars, friends, and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

Where can I hear the segment?

Anonymous said...

On Twitter, Corby insists this is no big deal.

Let's see how far they get into today's show before Corby issues a "Look, I get it" mea culpa.

birq said...

I don't think it's the slapfight that some are making it out to be, but it does highlight what a self-aggrandizing jackass Corby is. I've never been a Cobra fan, but he has seriously grated on me for the past few years and I can't stand to listen to him anymore. He's the Ticket version of fingernails on a chalkboard for me.

Anonymous said...

:I wasn't able to listen today. Anything come of it?

Anonymous said...

Don't think so.

Shaggy said...

There's a decent chance Troy let someone know never to bring it up again after Dan asked him about Skip Bayless' book allegations. This was 2 years ago.


Anonymous said...

@birq.....no truer words, no truer words!

Anonymous said...

All knowing Corby is an immediate punch out, and come to think of it he is always all knowing. I listen to very little of THL.

Gordon is a quick punchout anytime he turns a story into a 7th grade bathroom joke, which is pretty much what he does on every story. He really should be performing on a stand-up circuit that performs exclusively at middle school dances.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:31pm
I would invite you to somewhere else for your Sportstalk

Anonymous said...

DIGGING the Cowlishaw and Mosely show. I finally have an actual alternative to THL.

Arlington P1 said...

Geez, I was expecting real fireworks. The Corby "rant" was nowhere near as explosive as what I've read here led me to believe. I've heard him go off on Cat much worse than this (those rants were mostly shtick. I think he was really caught off guard with this decision).

Insobordination? Hardly. Corby followed orders in the end, even asking if he could discuss it (Jeff said he could).

I live in a strait-laced corporate world, and even I don't think this is that big of a deal.

Anonymous said...

I just don't think anybody cares what Corby does.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:45...did you not care for Galloway? I really miss him during Cowboy season.

The Plainsman said...

Corby alluded to the episode briefly on WTDS yesterday in a joking manner. Result: Silence; someone suggests moving on.

One of the Musers ordered one of the other ones out of the studio this morning.

So, it never happened.

Arlington P1, if that was behavior that doesn't call forth discipline in your workplace, then you don't work in a VERY straitlaced corporate world. Some bosses wouldn't fire a subordinate for it, but there would be some adverse job action taken, if only a stern lecture and an admonishment not to let it happen again. Which might have happened here, who knows.

Half-Cat said...

Reason why I can't listen to Mosley.

When he says anything that has an "S". It sounds like "sh" and not a hard "S" (like in Snake) but more like (Shed). So he would pronounce snake as (Shnake).

This haunts me every time I listen to that show. Ruins any good content that it might have haha.

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't care for Galloway. I used to love reading his column back when he wrote for the Dallas Morning News. Once he moved to the Star Telegram, I stopped keeping up. For me, his radio program was too much about Randy. It was Russ Martin like in that it was a bunch of sycophants giggling at everything he said, pretending to bust his chops and vice-versa, and not a lot of actual content. Except when Randy decided to be a mouthpiece for Nolan Ryan or some other regional icon.

Anonymous said...

Half-Cat, Rhyner does the same thing. It's very pronounced. As Norm is aging, he too has picked up that habit.

p Dub said...

I heard the Croby deal withe the thing when it happened, and while my ears certainly perked up at the live action, I wandered to myself whether it would be considered a big deal. Either way, I always like a glimpse behind the curtain.

Plainsman, I think you're painting the employee/employer relationship with a fairly broad brush. Corby and Cat seem to have very intimate working relationship -- like many players who do battle together on Sundays, too.

I've worked for bosses at corporate gigs, as well as entrepreneurs, who absolutely subscribe to you're subordination philosophy. And vice versa.

Bob and Troy Aikman did make some good points in regards to the power structure of a football team, chain of command and what have you... distracting the boss being counterproductive.

I've never been a boss before. Anys of yous guyss? I'm always interested to see what makes the honcho tick.

Personally, I've gone nuts in the informal, bureaucratic workplace. I get a much deeper satisfaction -- and my relative sanity -- from working with people that I care about as much or more than my own family. Sometimes that means yelling and temper tantrums.

I wanna hear the audio, you moron dog.

Great Troy/Dan interview, Shaggy.

Did anyone hear Norm's entire show say the word "hashish fudge"?

I love you, Confessors.

deezy said...

Plainsman, I'm glad you didn't let this die because I was all set to respond to the Anon that you addressed at the start ("It's not the kind of relationship you guys have with your bosses") in the last post, but figured everyone had moved on as it is now two days old.

p Dub, I have been a boss (I'm sure many of us here have, I'm just the first to answer you). I've been a boss of very good friends, in fact (something else that's quite common). I've had to lay down the line with a friend/subordinate - it can be awkward, but necessary. The expression "nothing personal" comes to mind.

Which brings me to the reason I'm writing this. To the Anon whom The Plainsman quoted above:

First of all, I don't care if Corby and Cat had side-by-side beds in the same neonatal ward when they were born - Corby dressing down his boss in front of the entire metroplex was inexcusable. Their being "old friends" could not be more irrelevant. Maybe he got reprimanded, maybe he didn't...but Corby was still 100% out of line.

Second of all, I normally ignore digs that come from Anons, but you sound like you believe in what you wrote. To that end, I respectfully ask you to not profess to know what kind of relationship any of us have with our bosses. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Anon 1:31pm
I would invite you to somewhere else for your Sportstalk

October 30, 2013 at 3:30 PM"

You miss the point, it's not the Sportstalk that is the problem, it's the adolescent BS that gets old. A little of it would be okay, but it's non-stop. And the Corby know-it-all is just way too much.
Moderation is needed.
Corby and Gordy are both a 1 trick pony, and it gets old. They both exhibit talent, but each has become the annoying ass-hat that the consultant outlined was needed. They are both better than that.

Arlington P1 said...

Plainsman, in the world of shock jock radio, this was mild. And much of the Ticket act is derived from Stern, et al. I've heard much worse, even between Cat and Corby. I'm surprised you haven't. The only difference here is that I think Corby was truly taken aback that Cat pulled the cut without Corby knowing about it.

My strait-laced corporate remark didn't necessarily mean to imply that the same dialog would occur in my office, mainly because I'm not in the entertainment field. But then, I wouldn't pull the guts out of one of my employees sales presentations without telling him before he started the pitch. That's basically what Cat did. To his credit, it appears Jeff realized the embarrassing situation he put Corby in, and likely cut him some slack because of it.

The Plainsman said...

Strong deezy endorsement on both points.

Don't care if it's a boss-employee relationship, or a friend-friend relationship, or if Corby had a point. He made Cat look like a schmuck. It doesn't matter if The Ticket family thought ho-ho-ho, it's just the good old Corby-Cat back-and-forth (I'm telling you -- they didn't, you could tell from Danny's and Jake's reaction), because it didn't sound like that to the P1.

As I say: I'm a long-time Corby defender and fan, and I like Jeff, too. But if I were Dan Bennett, I'd make damned sure I was taking some firm, internally-publicized steps to disincentivize that kind of behavior on the part of any hosts, irrespective of compensation or fame, if I cared anything about ensuring that my program director retained any authority and respect among his colleagues. For Jeff's sake, I hope that happened, even if it was nothing more than a stern lecture.

Boar Smith said...

It was Cat's Pig Vomit Moment.

Anonymous said...

Not an Emergency Brake candidate. The Musers want nothing to do with this.

The Plainsman said...

Which pretty much disproves the "we here at The Ticket understand that Corby and Cat, unlike 'you people,' have the kind of deep respect and friendship that makes that Corby tantrum-ordering-his-boss-around-in-public episode sorta OK."

The Ticket isn't often mortified but when it is, it takes the Obama approach -- when things go bad, I just ignore them knowing you'll forget about it because you like me so much and my competition is so lousy. And it works.

And it will work for most with this episode as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Plainsman. I never thought you would be the one to bring politics into the Confession.

The Plainsman said...

I drop something in from time to time. Pretty rare. I thought that one was fairly balanced.

P1 Brad C said...

Can someone tell me what day and roughly when this happened so I can go back and listen on the Unticket archives? I can't believe this is the first I'm hearing about this. I've ready through most of the comments and nobody is saying what actually happened with Corby and Cat. Maybe I missed it.

Shaggy said...

Hardline 10/28 at 2:45:00 on the unticket archives. (5:45 pm)

Anonymous said...

The Unticket has posted this as a separate clip - Corby Cat Fight 10/28/2013

Anonymous said...

Did anyone get the name Donovan's Uncle Perry? He said that he played in the NFL back in the day with the pats?

Anonymous said...

Verrryyy Interrresting:

On WTDS just now, when Jake mentioned that Cat (not by name, just "he" IIRC) was not here, and that if they wanted to roll past 3:20 it was fine by him, Corby had the rejoinder "Oh, so we can play audio?"

Trouble in paradise? Perhaps not, but the Snake is still clearly not happy.


Anonymous said...

That's a politics reference? Really?

Shaggy said...

I don't think they ever said, but a quick search indicates his name is Perry Pruett.

darkiguana said...

I am seeing tweets about Danny being in the hospital. Anyone know what is wrong with him? I know he was out yesterday.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I'd be interested to find out what happened to Danny in Lake Highlands too. Any info is appreciated.

Brad Gilbert said...

the Plainsman said..."Don't care if it's a boss-employee relationship, or a friend-friend relationship, or if Corby had a point. He made Cat look like a schmuck."

But can't the same thing be said the other way, i.e. Cat made Corby look like a schmuck? Corby prepped (it was known in advance that they would do it because he asked Mike if they were ready to do it), had the audio ready to play at that very moment, and tried to play it.

My guess is that Cat is where he is for a reason, recognized it, and chose to diffuse it and not make it a bigger thing than it was. He realized that he caught Corby off guard, let him say his piece, and then they agreed to discuss it later. That is called solving a problem on the fly.

Anonymous Ron said...

Davey said this morning that Danny had "diarrhea."

Or whatever that's a euphemism for.

blergoyen said...

I think it came of pretty schiddy on Corkie's part. Corkie is at his worst when he get's in to any type of confrontation on air. His lack of brain power causes panic between the ears. Over the years, he's learned to cope with his shortcomings by quickly changing the subject. He'll say things like "stop it," or "let's move on," or "enough," because he knows if it goes too far, his inability to match wits will surface quickly. In the case with Cat, when he saw he was losing the debate, he went to his "happy place," and told Cat over and over again, "GO! Just Go! We'll talk about it later. Get outta here. Go!" Just very condescending, childish and insubordinate all the way around for a 44yo.

The Plainsman said...

Brad G: I'm not criticizing Cat's handling of it. I thought he did the right thing. I would not have suggested that he grab Corby by the collar and drag him off the airwaves. I'm just saying that performances like that should have consequences in the workplace if management is concerned about, you know, managing and stuff.

The Plainsman said...

Should do a separate post on this, but just want to say that I really love the Ticket Sports Saturday showgram with Stewart Cedar and David Newbury.

Shaggy said...

Danny was not in the hospital. It was just a random Sirois bit.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Pman. TSS rocks my Saturdays.

Anonymous said...

Ticket Sports Saturday is almost worse than national radio. That's nothing against the hosts. It's a terrible format.

Anonymous said...

Commentors here often seem surprised that their constant griping is seen as "negative" about the lil one. In fact, the response is often given "if I didn't care I would say something", but here's a different perspective. I just moved away from DFW last year to another major market and I cannot find one show on any of the sports stations that I'm interested in tuning into, unless it pertains directly to breaking down the local teams I am fans of. I have no allegiance to Dallas sports, but find myself spending 95% of my radio time streaming 96.7FM, tha tickett on my iphong. Even the things that used to minorly annoy me don't bother me much anymore.
So, instead of a gripe-fest topic like punch-outs where everyone can comment about all the things they hate, how about a tune-in topic? What are the things you came wait to hear, that you arrange your schedule so you get in your car at the right time to hear? If we're all fans of the lil one, let's make it sound like it occasionally! I'll start.
As I meantioned, didn't grow up in Texas and have no real interest in local sports teams, so segments that pertain to them don't make my list for that reason, but often the talk about them is so good that I find myself sticking around even without a dog in the fight. But you'll notice a non-sports bias in my list:
Muse in the news
8:15 topic about life/nostalgia
Women say the darnedest things about sports
Junez' top 5 bottom 5
Georgio and Gordo doing construction talk (ok not a segment, but pure gold when it breaks out)
BADD radio open/first segment
Ask Sports Sturm (haven't heard it for a while??) or another Bob-led breakdown of stats or sportsy topics
BADD radio reports
Bob/Dan's world
Monkey news!!!
Homer call
Dan's audio bag
Fun with real audio
Not a segment, but also love any show cross-over, like what happens at the compound (RIP), campout, white elephant day, etc.
I'm sure I missed quite a few segments that other people will remind me of, but there's a start to my don't-want-to-be-missing KTCK segments list.
--P1 Mike

Anonymous said...

The stream blows today.

Arlington P1 said...

Segments I love:

THL music segments, especially Nude Music Tuesdays
Gordo's 6:30 segment after a Cowboys or other big game "x things you didn't notice about the game".
E-brake of the week
Muse in the news
Gay/not gay

Anonymous said...

Segments I Miss:

The Two Minute Drill
Fax Fodder
You're an Ass If... (though Junes brings this one back from time to time)
Coach Tom Foolery
Nose in the News

Segments I Love:

8:40 Bit
Homer Call
5 Minute Major
The Corner
Scattershooting While...
Junes Top and Bottom 5 Lists
THL Rangers or Mavs talk
BaD sportsy discussions in general
Norm horse racing talk--no, I'm not joking
Norm "I am now going to speak as player, coach, gm, owner X in the way I think they ought to address the media, fans, and players" segments.
Norm Open Letter To... segments.

Segments I Hate:
Reconsider Lounge part of the Concert Calendar
E News
Community Quick Hits
Any and all HL music talk
Norm's Twitter segment
Any and all Gordo philosophy, psychology, or political talk
Jub Red Dirt talk
Dan political talk
Any and all interviews from all shows excepting when Norm has some extreme adventurer on.
BaD Movie Reviews
Any and all television series talk
Any and all Stars talk excepting BaD and Razor's weekly show on DnM
Any and all college football talk

Shaggy said...

Segment I miss:

The Girl on TV Who's So Good Looking You Have To Watch Out For Her Because She's So Good Looking

Anonymous said...

I'm finding some of the things Dan is saying today to be rather insightful when it comes to figuring him out. His stance on rules, and his mother's silly rules, etc., was like something my 15 year old nephew would say. He, like Dan, both come from a household that on the whole was single-parented--with a parade of new dads arriving on the scene whenever mom got a new boyfriend/remarried. I wonder if that factors into his, at times rather childish and short sighted, anti-authority/establishment attitude? Specially when you hear Donnie and Bob, who both grew up in 2 parent (the same 2 parents) households, audibly shake their heads at Dan. The other instance was when Dan was talking about those who take a moral stance, and then are faced with a dilemma involving that stance. He used abortion as an example. Just how against abortion are you when your 15 year old daughter is pregnant? His obvious implication is that most people are hypocrites who talk big until it happens to them. I think it's a pretty telling insight into how Dan sees the world. Actually, it appears to be more Dan projecting his values and resolve onto others. Akin to Gordo's superficial bar stool Freudian it's all about sex view of mankind. Bottom line: Dan isn't quite the deep thinking contrarian he believes himself to be.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @10:39 -
We are kindred spirits, I couldn't argue with your lost at all.
Spot on, pal...spot on.

Anonymous said...

@141 'Preciate ya, pal.

@Shaggy I forgot about that one. Great segment. I miss that one, too.

I also posted the 1259 comment on Dan today. Just want to be clear that I'm not making a comment on his views per se, but rather on the way in which he presents them and appears to come to their conclusions/finds warrant/justification. Trust me, I am NOT looking for a debate on abortion!

Anonymous said...

Dan is what he is...a judgemental fool.
He thinks that the random thoughts he has every night when he fires one up represent some sort of profound thinking.
His stance that no one should give candy to his kids except him is laughable. I understand that he says it's a health thing, but to actually get mad if the teller at the bank gives your kid a piece of bubble gum??
That's unstable buddy.
Maybe someone with that viewpoint was having to trade something unsavory for candy as a child. But as Dan would say, don't take it personally...we're having fun here, no?

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Dan smokes pot?

You have missed his bit completely. Nice critical reasoning.

East Texas P2 said...

Side rant to all the Anonymous'es (Anonymi?)[sorry to derail the thread, Plainsman.]

How hard is it to think up a screen name......and use it? Breaking sports sounder - if you think it up and don't tell anyone, guess what....you are still F'n Anonymous.

However, it gives us casual readers (Shaggy,birq, Gopher, etc.) a thread to know who is saying what. And to reference yourself as "I am the 10:50 Anon and the 11:05 Anon is not me" is purely idiotic.

Okay, rant over. I understand that certain people (station related possible) must remain truly anonymous. For the most part, if any cares, my "handle" here is not not my real name. As such, guess what, I am still unknown to all but the The Plainsman, who I have e-mailed before.

And as a final note (Plainsman, delete this line if you want) I am also on a local whore board here so PM there if you can connect my handle here with my handle there.

Back to the Crown

East Texas P1 said...

*East Texas P1

Anonymous Guy 4 said...

It's odd how every time one of the worshiped Ticket Guys is criticized, it's only his bit. That is anonymously a defensive excuse.

Anonymous said...

To add another wrinkle to the "why don't Anons pick a name" debate, I read and write only on my iphong and cannot seem to post any way other than anonymously. Which is why I sign my posts but don't use a name. If someone knows how to overcome this glitch, in all ears!
P1 Mike

Anonymous said...

I'll post under the moniker of my choosing, thank you very much, ETP1. It's the content that matters. If the comment is solid, and your response in kind is as well, anyone reading can readily follow the conversation. So I, kindly, ask you to keep your prescriptive thoughts to yourself.

Shaggy said...

I comment from my iphone all the time. Including this comment.

Anonymous said...

Dan does smoke pot. Hosts and producers in the building have referred to him as the "biggest stoner at the Ticket." Bigger than Corby. It's not a big deal. But it does get old, all the blind defense that happens over here.

blergoyen said...

Speaking of Dan, the poor guy seems to be stuck in the mindset of some 16yo who just discovered MediaMatters and buys in to all the cliches without doing his own research.

Anonymous said...

blergoyen, there's a reason he and Jake, despite age gap, views on sports and stats, lifestyles, and much more, see eye to eye.

Speaking of dear Mr. Kemp. I like his work on the Mavs post game show. But does anyone besides me notice a fake east coast accent that keeps cropping up? He'll pronounce "ball" as "bwall" when making an already thought out point. But when he's riffing, it's "ball." The more he's on the air, the more noticeable it's become. It's starting to take away from his points. For me at least. The guy was born in and has always lived in N Texas, right? So this is some sort of affectation. I guess when you grow up in the south being way into rap and discussing sports, for whatever reason, you think the east coast accent lends some sort of credibility to what you say. I had a friend who, during sports arguments, would sound like he had never in his entire left his Queens neighborhood. Thing is, he's from here.

runitandrunitandrunitandrunitandrunit said...

I hear that "ball" "bwall" thing too. It's an obvious affectation, but it doesn't bother me at all.

What I find interesting about now youngish Jake is that when it comes to social issues in general, he is quick to champion whatever side is opposite of Da Man. Yet when it comes to sports, he sees no contradiction in his view that players are, at base, mere machines that (notice I didn't use the pronoun, who) are to be quantified by means of statistical data. Moreover, solely from this statistical data, the measure of their value is to be determined. Jake endorses this, and he praises management teams that employ such a scheme. In short: the players are mere commodities; they are to be paid as little as possible, sold when they are approaching their statistical apogee (i.e., before they are given a big pay day for their services); all based upon a sort of utilitarian, economic, calculus. Forget about leadership, locker room, loyalty, the many players whose performances defy metrics, etc. In other words, take the human element out of what is utterly a human endeavor. In other words, turn sports into hyper capitalism. Something youngish Jake Kemp, I can guarantee you, is wholly against. Consistency. It's a bitch, yo.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Mikes Mind What does "pod right...let's wheel em around" mean??

Also, in promo's where they say "our new home in Victory Park.."hired" by the AAC. What does that mean?

It's probably obvious but I appreciate any input.

Anonymous said...

oh dear. rosen rosen is commenting now? "hard by the AAC". but again, you're in good company since johnny ebrake didn't know what "hard by" meant in the legal ID a few months ago and it was an ebrake.

Grubes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gopher said...

Anonymous 11:06

Poker reference. Pot's right, (money bet) let's wheel them around (deal the cards)
In other words lets get started.

T4 In Rockwall said...

@11:06 pm...it's hard by the AAC. I forgot what that meant, but it's been discussed on these forums before.

Grubes said...

Don't know what happened to my original response. But anyway..."hard by" means "next to." The Ticket's new studios are right next to the AAC.