Sunday, October 13, 2013

Will You Guys Be Here for Awhile?

Good.  May I ask you to look after the joint for the next week or so?

I've been completely tied up all week and will be away all this coming week and may be jammed up for a bit thereafter.  I'll try to monitor comments for suitability, but thankfully you guys have gotten the gestalt and behavior is almost always within the bounds of acceptable Tickety discourse.

I can't believe I'm away during all these exciting events:

--  The single most significant Ticket event since I've been listening, including the move to Victory:  The inauguration of 96.7 FM as a home for The Ticket.  I am predicting a mass migration from 1310 within that listening area.  I am particularly interested in whether the station acknowledges this amazing event in some way.  No one's been in touch re a commission check, so I am assuming this site's trailblazing role will be ruthlessly suppressed.  (See, among others, Prescient Plainsman 96.7 Argument.)

--  The Galloway retirement.  I'm glad we've had some people posting their positive memories of his past broadcasts.  I tried to listen a few times the past couple of years.  Tough.

--  The Chris Arnold plagiarism.  Yeah.  What was he thinking?  I'm thinking maybe he did not create that post, that some minion did it for him.  I haven't seen anything on any discipline planned for him, or on his own reaction.  Is it out there?  Someone mentioned that Bob probably keeps an eye out for this stuff, and in fact I recall that he did catch someone copying his stuff awhile back.  Let me see if I can find it.

Well, it's not exactly plagiarism in the Chris Arnold sense, but here's what I was remembering:

ESPN Rips Off Bob, per Deadspin

Gotta go.  Thanks for keeping the fires banked, everyone.


T4 In Rockwall said...

Reading the Deadspin article, it quotes Bob as cursing. I don't buy that. Doesn't sound like the Bob Sturm we all know.

Anonymous said...

T4 that caught me by surprise as well. I had to read the paragraph a 2nd time to make sure it was a quote.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know if there is going to be an HD channel for the little ticket? 99.5 hd 2 is going to WBAP.

cactusflinthead said...

Aww my sainted grandmother used the S-bomb on occasion. Y'all are acting like Baptist Bob let fly with a string. It was apt and perfectly fitted to the conversation with Deadspin.

I do not think it was a minion that posted it. If it was then it is even more damning for C. Arnold. Not only are you not writing your own stuff when you stole it from somebody else, you aren't even writing it when you actually do publish some original work. If some unnamed minion can be blamed for this, yep he keeps all the gigs, but expect him to be watched more closely.

Never did get any follow up on that promo flap/suit he was involved with a few years ago. Any Confessors with connects in legal land? Not sure even where to start looking. Point me in the right direction and I can do some digging.
I liked C. Arnold back in the day on the Ticket. This is undermining the work he did. I'd have more respect for him if he was caught slobbering drunk on somebody's phone over stealing other people's work and/or allowing ghostwriters to do your work for you. One of the worst offenses as a writer, IMO.

Itching to see what the ratings are like in GAC's slot over the long haul. RW sure does like rubbing it in Spittle's face about their continued failure in last place.

I heard Gordo painfully being muzzled about the signal. Last Monday? "We can't say anything about the thing everybody is talking about." Cryptic reference to the signal changes? I think so.

Oh and here is a game for the long haul. Worst commercials found on the Ticket, all venues count; streaming, app or live waves on your squawkbox. Five? Ten? Flo counts as one, not each one. Same with Raeger/Roeger/Raiger? Dykes. Just one from that series of ass-whippings. Call backs from the past allowed.

In no particular order:
1) Feed the pig. I want Dave and Steve to plow right into the side of a building wearing gravity boots and take the damn holographic dog with them.
2)Galyen's Thank everything that is holy that screeching banshee is no longer heard except in drop form. If that drop didn't make the move I won't miss it.
3)I'm having a stroke.
Look, I know it is a good thing to realize the symptoms. I know speed is of the essence. We get it already. Surely there is a B-side to this PSA.
Dear woman,
Perhaps you are quirky hot to some. But I gotta tell ya, you are seriously starting to get on my nerves. Please do STFU.
5)The Bidness man with hot sports opinions. With a lisp or some other speech impediment.
I sure hope they make a pile off of you. I refuse to listen to idiots on the phone. I eagerly await the day when Brad Thomas calls in to some show and gets head-slapped.

Yeah, rainy day means I get to play.

Brad Gilbert said...

Right now, the worse commercial (via online streaming) is the hispanic woman getting on Skype for the first time. "You look so predd-ee." Seeing that I am listening via the online stream, I can't punch out to another station until the commercial is over. But every time it comes on, I will mute my computer.

Autocorrect said...

RE:streaming commercials

Most annoying:
1. Raeger Dykes. Holy hell. If I have to hear about the 18 year old getting a BMW or the redneck getting a new f350 and his sons playing baseball yessir all year, I'm going to go postal. Even the doucher talking about the Jaguar that he'd been looking for is more tolerable over those.
2. I'm having a stroke. Hey buddy why are you so quiet? I'm having a stroke. Ok, not want to talk today, well see ya later. I'm dying from a stroke you a-hole.
3. The internet brings people together. No shit, welcome to the year 1999. If these people couldn't put forth the effort to see each other before 2013, I'm thinking they could have gone the rest of their lives. Now they have to have a forced relationship of talking to each other more frequently.

I miss drop page radio in lieu of commercials. Those were the golden days before they knew how to sell online streaming.

ervinlang318 said...

Preach on Brad and cactus...The 2 hispanic ladies in the skype commercial sound so fake and have pretty good accents considering they was calling back home **cough** mexico **cough**. Also all of the Del Frisco commercials.Since when did selling steak require comedy and by comedy i mean trying to hard to appeal to the Ticket demo..

Anonymous said...

It's Raider-Dykes Auto Group. As in Spike Dykes, the former football head coach of Texas Tech (late 80s, early 90s). Hence the Raider part of the equation. And yes, it's annoying.

So is spondoencephalitis or whatever the heck that is ad.

Shaggy said...

uh, no.

Autocorrect said...

-Any advertisement for the Train Station or the Tee Box.

deezy said...

Crap, 1149, you beat me to it.

WBAP is in fact getting KTCK's old HD stream - they talk about it going into commercial breaks, frequently. As _soon_ as KTCK announced the retirement of 104.1 FM and WBAP started talking about moving from FM 96.7 to 99.5HD2, it seemed to me that we might very well see the Ticket get 96.7. That signal comes in loud and clear down in Mansfield/Fort Worth, so no complaints here!

Gibby Leary said...

"Specs Fine Spirits and Finer Foods. World class service its all about you.."

"WheelsforWishesdotorg would love your car donation.. WheelsforWishesdaaahhhtorg benefits the make a wish foundation"..

Anonymous said...

Gibby Leary, huh. A fan of the Butts are we?

I assumed it was Raider Dykes Auto Group, as well. Makes perfect sense. Whatevs, it's an ass whip of an ad.

Brad Gilbert said...

Agreed. #1b is the 18 year old BMW Dykes auto commercial. Not only is she spoiled, but the commercial is creepy. Of course, the chuckle every time I hear the red neck convo: "Family man?" "Yes sir."

Anonymous said...

The really frustrating part is that the biggest offenders are PSAs (Hispanic Skype / I'm having a stroke / Feed the pig) so it seems like they are just being used as placeholders and don't have to be played every break. I'd much rather endure Sweetjack like back in the day than what we're getting now.

I've grown to love the cluster-effs that are the Dr. Booth live spots and regular ads. I'd love to know the thought process behind them.

Aonymous Ron said...

The Progressive ads on TV are moderately creative. The radio ads are the






Whatever Progressive's advertising budget is for the Ticket, I can't imagine what it must be for the whole country.

Anonymous said...

The PSA's have to have been done by the dregs of the advertising community, right? Because if someone actually had talent, they wouldn't be doing public service ads

blergoyen said...

I'm just going to cut n' paste my comment under Plainsman's previous blog post. Yes, there are some torturous ads forced upon us streamers:

" blergoyen said...

Plainsman, be glad the 96.7 thing is happening. If forced to stream, you would've been subjected to some of the following repetitive torture for what seems like 20 minutes each hour:
-"Progressive presents FLO..."
-Rager/Dykes autogroup with the most insincere owner/operator on the radio who doesn't know if he's in Dallas or Addison and doesn't care
-"Just don't ask to borrow my antigravity-boots",
-"Anyone with $2000 or more in credit card debt...'
-"I'm having a stroke, I'm having a stroke..."
-The FAKEST Mexican accent ever recorded* by some lady learning skype. "Oh, Aye Aye AYE, you loook so preeeedhy..."
-Granada Theater commercials
-"He shoots he SCORES...No pouting, it's your ball, let's see what ya' got." Whirlyball.
-"If you're atticted to trugs or the attiction care hotline..."

*Attn: Race Baiters - a Mexican accent is different from a Cuban, El Salvadorian, Puerto Rican and Argentinian accent.

October 8, 2013 at 9:55 AM

Anonymous said...

@716 You obviously have a realistic view of how that industry works, that it's highly saturated, and the dues that must be paid. Can you tell I'm being sarcastic? I am.

Shaggy said...

Norm announced that Sunday October 27 they're doing Cowboys Football Theater for the Lions game at noon.

Tomfoolery said...

I agree with all the above comments about stream commercials...
Between the Reagor-Dykes idiot and the "I'm having a stroke" guy, I mute the radio. Is the Reagor-Dykes clown purposely trying to run off customers by hiring repulsive personalities as skokespeople?

Also, can anyone explain the Dr. Boothe "CIA" ad campaign? Is he doing some kind of bit? I get the sense it's a legit deal, but what is he thinking?

Autocorrect said...


The only thing more annoying than the Reagor Dykes commercials are the Smart Auto Leasing commercials on the Fan streaming(don't judge, I punch out during Norm's show.)

I kinda dig the Granada commercial, and sing along with it now. "Granadaaaaaa, I'm falling under your spelllllll."
After wiki'ing it, I can't believe how many times that song has been recorded, albeit, by the latino contingent.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why the extended Greggo open on BaD was done today? I thought it was odd and unlike BaD. They usually do something like that for a reason.

Ryan in Fort Worth said...

I seriously had no idea people actually listened to commercials. I listen to the Ticket most of the time on my computer at work and when commercials come on, I take out my headphones and I've become really good at knowing when the show is back on.

If I am in my car, I punch out to another station.

Why would there ever be a situation where you would have to listen to the ads? I'm curious.

Anonymous said...

Corby strikes again. He seems to be confusing AMC and TCM.

Anonymous said...

During e-brake voting two or three weeks ago, a guy did the "I'm having a stroke" as a vote. As much as I hate that thing, I started laughing out loud at it. The Musers said something about how dark that was, but I was laughing too hard to hear them.

Anonymous said...

@ Ryan in Ft Worth

Man, I'm with you on that. I listen mostly on my computer or on the stream and since it's the same 5 ads everyone has mentioned (though a special place in hell is reserved for the Reager Dykes ads) I just use the ads to go get something off the printer or if I'm listening on my phone, I just pause the stream and listen to music and then fast forward to the next segment.

Brad Gilbert said...

Did anyone just hear the WBAP commercial (I am listening online via It was funny to hear them touting the new HD2 just moments after the Musers teased a big announcement that would effect all those who could hear them on the radio at that moment.

Dustinwb said...

I am curios as to why BAP can announce their move but the "little one" can't announce until next week. Seeing that these signals are all cumulus why can't they just key us know now?

cactusflinthead said...

Did anybody hear the touchdown bros bit this morning? Gordo gave a very hurried and on the sly reason why no announcement has been made. Money. The ad people want to be sure they can still sell the same rate even though the areas overlap...heritage AM station, hurry
It was like he was about to blow a gasket if he didn't vent some.

I wonder if that made it to the Top Ten in unedited form.

Dustinwb said...

It's on the podcast

Shaggy said...

No Orphanage again today.

Shaggy said...

Oops, no Orphanage was because of SMU football at 11am. They ran Rotten Radio from 10-11. They included an epic Bob and Dan fight over a Rush Limbaugh I rarely hear anymore.

Dustinwb said...

Also had Rotten Radio before the Tee Box.

cactusflinthead said...

Performance report from west of the Brazos. I had a clear signal all the way to Stephenville Friday night as the sun was going down and it was still tolerable enough once I arrived on the Dublin side of town. I did note that it faded out at about the same hill as KZPS. ESPN and therefore Mavs games is intermittent somewhere on the other side of the river, depending on which side of the hill you might happen to find yourself. Sundown for the little Ticket? It gets scratchy at Benbrook. Non-existent west of there. The prognosis for 96.7 IMO is good for near reaches of the hunting grounds. Past Dublin and you are back to hoping for some sort of network connect with the phone/computer. Since it appears that the transmitter is off north I will have to report back on the next trip out 287.

Looking forward to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

T4 In Rockwall said...

@ the Plainsman. Nice to see your banner change mention of 96.7. Can't wait for tomorrow as I will only need one source of listening to The Little One now.

Anonymous said...

96.7 coming in nice and strong at 6:30 am in McKinney! (1310 is typically inaudible this early in my house)