Saturday, October 26, 2013

P.O.? Or Just P.O'd?

Confessors, I apologize for my distance the last few weeks.  Been hard to get by the Osborne to slap up some fresh material.  I am grateful for you guys and gals making up your own topics in the meantime, and this one seems to have some legs.  I'm late to the party so maybe it's played out, but maybe we can find a new angle on this.

 Many commenters to the last post have listed the items that cause them to punch out.  Here is a partial list, some of which seem rather extreme and some of which may be tongue-in-cheek (I'll get back to this):

--  Ranch Reports or midweek Ranch Reports
--  The Tom Grieve Show
--  The Jason Witten Show
--  Gay/Not Gay
--  Red Dirt talk from George
--  Norm's show
--  Musers and Hardline "Around the NFL"
--  Hardline College Football talk (assume this is the Tuesday roundup)
--  Hockey talk
--  Soccer talk
--  Homer Call
--  Monkey News (not sure what this is)
--  Aggressiveness audio (guess this is a BaD thing; commenter says it isn't done much anymore)
--  Gribble talking
--  Norm interviewing a new guest
--  Corby travel, political, music, or name-drop talk
--  Any interview
--  Any Cowboys talk
--  Any NFL talk
--  Any music talk
--  Any Norm
--  P1 Football picks against the Musers
--  Evan Grant
--  Musers' charity functions
--  BaD game show segments
--  BaD segments that take forever to set up
--  Race Week
--  Teebox
--  Any wireless segment
--  SMU football
--  Stars hockey
--  Checkout Mike
--  Fart game
--  All athlete interviews, including Troy Aikman
--  Why Today Doesn't Suck
--  Hardline thinking certain music or trends are douche-like
--  What's On Mike's Mind
--  Muse in the News
--  Fantastic Friday Fan Feedback (not familiar with this, sorry)
--  Junior's Top/Bottom Five List
--  Cirque du Sirois
--  Intentional Grounding
--  Ferrall
--  NBA talk
--  Orphanage
--  Soccer, golf, and tennis talk

The first thing to notice about this list is that some of it consists of entire shows.  Fair enough, but it's not really a punch-out candidate.  You don't like a show, you don't punch in. 

And I would never doubt the sincerity of a Confessor, but I suspect that a lot of these items are not true punch-outs, but just items that the P1 in question doesn't care for.  I just don't see a large number of people who care enough about The Ticket -- who like it -- to turn away from the station when some of these things come on.  

On that list I only see a couple of things that sometimes move me to change channels on the Philco.  I dislike phone pranks, so I'm out on the Fart Game.  If wireless wandering gets too blue or supercilious, I sometimes see what Little Steven's Underground Garage has cooking.    Looks like BaD may be overrepresented in that list, but I have been known to wander up and down the dial when some set-up drones on, or when Dan says "Right?" more than seven times in a ninety-second period.  But by and large, my only regular punch outs are ads:

--  The Central Market "Are you really into  .  .  .  ."
--  The "Most Interesting Man in the World" Dos Equis ads (he used to be interesting, but he seems to have turned into an űbermensch)
--  Ads for SMU featuring the extremely smug pitchman, who seems to be finding work with other sponsors, which I also punch out on.

And frequently, I don't really punch out, I just turn the sound down until the annoyance passes.

(I must mention one ad that I find absolutely fascinating, and that is the one for renting tires.  I think it's "Rent A Wheel."  Sounds like the entire ad was phoned in.  Now, you may be wondering about the wisdom of renting a tire, a process which conjures up the temporary use of a tire, for which privilege one pays, and then one returns the tire when the rental period expires.  And that tire is then rented out to another motorist, and so on.  Ah, but that would appear to be wrong thinking.  If you go to the website, it seems instead to be the financing of an actual tire purchase.)

I don't really have a point here.  But I do wonder where you guys go when you really do punch out.  Do you sample ESPN or The Fan?  Do you turn the thing off?  

Hey, as long as I'm rambling:  What's the deal with KT?  I didn't hear what The Musers said, and I can't tell from Kevin's or others' comments on the last thread if his status has changed somehow on the Ben/Skin showgram.  In any event, Kevin, continued good wishes.

Finally:  I'll continue to be scarce for the next little while.  Thanks for continuing to check in, and keep on giving us your thoughtful and civil comments.


Boar Smith said...

Are they doing Ticket Theatre 1310 tomorrow during the Lions game?

Gopher said...


Jeff said...

I usually punch out on player/analyst shows. I feel like the guest never offers anything THAT interesting or anything remarkably different than the hosts have already said. I'm sure it's very good for the station and it's sales to say they have Troy, Witten, Peter King, Razor, etc. on their station, so I don't think they should drop them or anything.

The Plainsman said...

We've switched to DirectTV, which works great for syncing with radio if the TV broadcast is ahead of the radio talk, otherwise not syncable. I'll give the the Kowboy Komedy Klassic a try, but in the past it's been a beating, not because it isn't funny (it can be), but because it pretty much ruins the game if you can't sync them up. I got slagged last year from punching out on the Klassic, and am prepared for a similar thrashing this year.

But I promise to try.

And don't tell me I should be listening to it on SportsDay so I can delay the radio call. I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm just ordering you not to tell me about it.

Anyway, they'll be replaying the best bits on Monday and beyond.

Anonymous Ron said...

When I am listening to the Ticket at work, I don't change stations - I just pick those times to leave the office for potty breaks or make my rounds. In afternoon drive, I would check on Greggo, but that's no longer an option. Now I just listen to some rock and roll music.

The Plainsman said...

Could have sync'd, but (1) that would have taken me out of whack with Brad and Babe, and (2) there wasn't that much game commentary on Kowboy Komedy Klassic. So I would frequently punch back to 96.7 during ads or slow spots. Hard to say what percentage I heard -- less than half. Will be very interested in your reviews. My impressions from my unfair sampling of the show:

(1) Liked the chemistry of the first group, with Bob and George. Gained new respect for Bob as a catalyst for humor, if not himself a font of yocks.

(2) Probably too many Bush jokes.

(3) More dead air than one would expect.

(4) Too much underwater Kenny Albert.

(5) Too much Corby.

(6) Don't write me. #5 was a joke.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Kowboy Komedy Klassik. I nearly spit out my tea when Mushmouth asked Norm about buying an IUD. Junes was great. I would've liked to have heard Corby's thoughts. He's a real Cowboy fan. When things get interesting in the game, he drops the schtick, gets serious, and offers up some good insight. Sorry Corby haters, he does. It's a rarity, but it does happen. Mike was pretty much a wallflower. George and Bob were excellent. Donnie was great, as well. Speaking of whom...... Does anyone recall Jr's promo for the Monday show 3 weeks ago (the pre-recorded ones he does)? It was a blatant jab at Donnie's propensity to say, peppered with half-laughs, "Wow! I mean, Wow!" I've noticed that these last 2 post game shows are "Wow, I mean"-free. Also, the half-laughs while making a point have been reduced to the point to where they're barely noticeable. Personally, I think this is a good thing. Donnie is a solid broadcaster with some great points. But those above ticks or tendencies take away from what he has to say. They're annoying. I hope this trend continues. It makes Donnie so much more palatable.

The Plainsman said...

My heart belongs to Norm and Donovan on Cowboys post-game, but when they're done I switch over to hear Ben, Skin, and Jesse Holley on The Fan post-game show, which runs longer.

Not a bad little post-game show. Good post-game show, in fact. Holley far surpasses ex-jock colorguy standards.

slinky said...

Jesse Holley might have found his calling. I really enjoy him on the show.

The Plainsman said...

I'm not hip. What does "A.P." mean these days, other than the incomparable UnTicket guy?

Shaggy said...

A-nnual Penetration

A Potamus said...

Nothing happened with KT. They were talking about George's hand picked successor (some guy with a few e-brake nominations over the past month). Junes said something about "be careful, Gordo's hand picked successor is not doing so well over there". Those aren't the exact words, but it was something similar. It was really more a shot at the Fan/ratings than KT.

Somebody in the last thread took it to mean KT may be out of a job. I really don't understand why. It was clearly a shot at the Fan. KT said nothing's changed.

That's it. There's nothing more to it unless someone knows the exact quote.

KT said...

I can attest that nothing has changed. It was a shot at the station, not at me directly. I'm still Gordon's hand picked successor, at least in my mind. That's one of my highest achievements in this business.

So yeah, everything is cool. You guys doing good? I hope so. Swing by sometime from 2-6 if you want. Or whatever, do what you want, I don't care. I mean I do care, but I won't hold it against anyone.

Shaggy said...

I can't imagine how anyone could punch out on WTDS. It's the ultimate Ticket segment!

The Plainsman said...

GIGANTIC HARDLINE MELTDOWN. Jeff Catlin pulled the plug on Corby playing a tape of Dexter Manly on WTOP dredging up the old Troy-is-gay rumors. Corby really lost it, eventually ordering -- yes, ordering -- the Pan-American Catman out of the studio.

Prediction: This is a hands-down E-Brake winner, but will not appear on that segment. Incidents which reflect poorly on a Ticket guy (and I will leave to you to re-rack this on the UnTicket or SportsDay to make your own judgment about the respective comportment of Corby, Danny, Jake, and Jeff), no matter how stop-down, don't become candidates.

Tomfoolery said...

Snake vs. cat tension at the end of the HL today...i have to fall on the side of the snake in this one...

Pretty tense when somebody tells their boss "get out of here..i'll talk to you in your office"

Even mike seemed a little stunned

Anonymous said...

Re Dexter Manley...Corby didn't get his way, threw a Dez rant. What's new? I appreciate Cat having vision and perspective to protect the brand and not run TA through the local grist mill. Corby just wants the shock value.

Gopher said...

Cat probably didn't want it played for fear of Troy not calling in to the Musers anymore.

Maybe the Snake needs to stay home the rest of the week.

Anonymous Ron said...

Corby already ran off Bobby Knight. I'm sure Cat hopes Troy Aikman was a thicker skin.

BTW, the only reason Cat got involved was because Corby didn't listen to his producer.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Corby got his foot caught in his mouth and didn't want to back down and look weak. His typical attitude... call it abrasive or whatever. It's one of the reasons he grates on me. I'd love it if Cat suspended him for insubordination. Does Cat have that power?

Anonymous said...

Trying to find the Corby vs. Cat segment on both the podcast page and at the no avail. Anyone out there have a link? Dang! I can't believe I missed it!

Arlington P1 said...

Dang, I turned off the radio just before the Cat/Corby incident. Hope that makes it to the Unticket soon.

As far as where I go when I punch out, it depends. If I'm in the mood for music then KXT. I'll also check out the Fan, which I must say is actually getting better. As much crap as has been heaped upon Gavin Spittle, his changes are starting to yield positive on-air results. Nothing transcendent, but not the total mess that they were putting out there a year ago.

Tangent said...

Snake's comments were abrasive, par for the course; disrespectful if you're looking for a more charitable description, or insubordination from an HR standpoint. Trying to show up your boss "on air" is not impressive.
Danny was caught in the crossfire, tried to do the right thing and still save some face. I think he did a good job.

Tangent said...

And as far as the punch out is concerned...I'll switch to 910AM if it's after 5pm for Catholic Answers Live. Just a personal religious preference of mine. Otherwise I'll play a mix tape.

Anonymous said...


I'm a Kresta and a CAL listener. I switch between THL and the 2 910am programs. Nice to know I'm not alone out there.

KT said...

That's interesting. We played the Manley audio, but we also don't have Troy doing a weekly on our station.

I'll side with Corby on this one though.

Anonymous Ron said...

It's up on the Unticket.

Go to 2:44:30

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the people on this blog to blow up this thing between Corby and Cat. It's not a big deal and Corby and Cat are old friends and that's the type of relationship they have. It's not the kind of relationship you people have with your bosses.

HaflCat said...

In general, when your comfortable with someone you are also comfortable calling them out as well. No biggie.

cpatterson1177 said...

I listen online everyday since I don't live in the DFW area. I listen to the Musers every morning from when they sign on to around the 8:40 bit. I sometimes come back a little later and listen to the Corner. I usually turn it off after that. I very rarely listen to the interviews. I feel the Musers provide much more insight and analysis than any of the guests can provide; there is also quite a big of comedy.

I never listen to Norm's show. I really like the shows where there is more than one host. SeaBass is good, but I don't consider him a host. If Norm fills in for the Musers, I find something else to listen to.

I might come back later for BaD radio depending on what they are doing. Again, guests and interviews tune me out unless it's some pop culture guest that really intrigues me. GBL guests are usually pretty good.

I used to listen to the Hardline, but can't really get into it anymore. There's nothing there that really grabs me.

I love fill-in shows and fill-in hosts. I feel that it adds something fresh to my morning commute. I really like when Doocy is on there. I don't know if I'd like Doocy all the time, but once every few months is good.

I am a big IJB P1. I really wish the station would give them a show or let them fill in. I have a feeling that a show on the air will be different than their podcast though. I like when they fill-in for Gordo. I feel like I get real news and less crap.