Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Tale of Two Jerrys

Was it a week ago?  I think so.  I was listening to the Tuesday 6:40 replay of the Monday 8:40 Fake Jerry interview.

Gordon started the bit not with his Cartoon Jerry foghorn voice, the one he always uses, but instead his Actual Jerry genuwine impersonation that he brings out once in awhile, but only rarely and briefly.  He only got through a phrase -- possibly even less than a sentence -- when he decided it wasn't happening the way he wanted, and he made a very brief reference to it not working and then shifted back into Cartoon Jerry for the balance of the bit.

But not this week.  He did the whole interview, for the first time I can recall, in his Actual Jerry voice.  Which, for my money, may be even more brilliant than Cartoon Jerry.

Gordon, you're getting me all  .  .  .  confused.

Wondering why, not that I care.  Both Jerrys are very funny.  I wondered briefly if Gordon might be thinking that Actual Jerry might be more amusing -- the shock of recognition -- to a national audience that might pick up one of the bits during a time that the Cowboys are more in the national  spotlight.

Nah.  Nah.  Anyway, it was excellent.

*     *     *

NOTE:  Earlier versions of this post made erroneous reference to a "5:50 replay."


Doc479 said...

I much prefer Cartoon Jerry. Satire should always include elements of exaggeration. The Actual Jerry sounds as if he's got a severe head cold and it makes the humor bite a little less for me. If this is the Crossroads...stay hard Cartoon Jerry. Either way Gordon and Jub are my leaders.

Shaggy said...

I much prefer the new/accurate Jerry.

Anonymous said...

I prefer classic Jerry, but I am very impressed that he can do a "genuine" impersonation that might just fool me if I weren't listening carefully.

Gordon's voices have gotten very good the last several years.

The Plainsman said...

Morris Claiborne: The warning signs were there well before the draft:


The Plainsman said...

I'm not an affirmative-action guy, and I missed the Roger Goodell press conference (which I understand did not enhance his stature with pretty much anyone). And I unfairly have decided that I am not going to like Goodell under any circumstances or give him any breaks at all (see a couple of posts back).

But I did not believe even this fraud could have perpetrated something so tone-deaf and useless as a women's "consultant group" on NFL domestic violence that included NO black women.


Sorry, Goodell fans, the man is a preening schmuck of the first water. And yes, I'm giving myself a continuing dispensation to insult him personally, which I am not willing to give you.

Does he even watch NFL games? Read the papers?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else realize there's a new, official Ticket iPhoneg app:


Looks like it's built by Cumulus vs the Sports Day guys. Oh, guess what, it has video ads!

Interesting that they made a big deal over the Sports Day app (which hasnt been updated in almost a year) and not a single mention over this one.

TuneIn for the win!

Anonymous Ron said...

Danny is back. Secure from butt-holding.

And Classic Fake Jerry, please.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise. On The Hardline, the conservatives in Highland Park are the bad guys and the liberals are the good guys.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

What a surprise. On MTC, the liberals are not allowed to comment and the conservatives are the good guys.

Anonymous said...

Only when the liberals (or anyone or any side of the pol fence) act the venomous ideological irrational emotionally driven fool do they get deleted.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time you saw someone bitching on MTC about the conservative domination of Ticket shows? Oh right.... never happens.

THL is hardly a liberal bastion, but much fo the rest of the station is very conservative. Yet it's only conservatives who whine about "liberal corby" or "liberal Danny."

It's a crock.

gunther said...

There are 2 conservative hosts (Georgio and Bob) and 2 libs (Dan and Corbles). 2 prominent producers are libs (Jake and Danny).

George and Bob pretty much keep their beliefs to themselves. The others, however, do not. Hence the complaints.

Not a crock at all.

Anonymous said...

Don't even know where to begin with that. Jake is NOT a liberal. In fact, I've heard him get pissed off when described as one. And Corby would barely qualify, even in Texas.

Dan, sure. But I can't recall ever hearing him bring up anything regarding his personal beliefs, aside from not eating animals.

There is no "liberal" presence on the ticket. You're confusing accepted modern social norms with liberalism.

Now, as far as conservatives, we've got George, Bob, Ty, Sean, Rhynes (sorta), Gordon, and Junior. Even Donnie comes off as very conservative sometimes, but maybe that's just a Texas thing. And for 20 years we had the essence of conservatism - Dick Hicks running the station day-to-day.

Regardless, I find the station VERY conservative, but I don't feel the need to come on here and complain about it in a place where it has no bearing on the topics at hand. That's something I only see from conservatives who are aghast at a phatom liberalism creeping into their conservative radio station.

The point of all this is, keep it off MTC.

Gopher said...

About 95% of the time politics are a non player here. When it does pop up it's hard to tell who is doing a bit, at times, and who doesn't.

The only thing that does bother me from time to time is a general lack of knowledge from ALL the host (with the exception of Gordon) of firearms and 2nd amendment issues.
A day at the range with some folks that know what is what might change some of these attitudes.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 502, you lost all credibility when you claimed Sean was conservative. Quite the opposite, in fact. Furthermore, what you're trying to pull is an old and tired rhetorical trick: "No one in/on X is Y, in fact, there is no representative of Y in/on X"….knowing damn well there is, but wanting to move the so-called middle to your desired Y position, surreptitiously, and with the intent on turning Y into a more "pure" Y.

It's what happened to European politics. Your run of the mill US GOPer would be considered a part of the far right in Europe. Your run of the mill US Democrat is considered a center-rightish politico in Europe.

Go sell your bag of high school debate team wares elsewhere, chief.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Doesn't sound like anyone knows what they're talking about with politics. I'm sure there are some political forums whee everyone can get off on the conversations that are going on here, but in case y'all forgot...this site is about the Ticket.

Anonymous said...

By your statement, you imply that you do; so please, T4, enlighten us. Political sage, you.

T4 In Rockwall said...

That's my point. If I did, it wouldn't be here. There's no room on this site for it. It's worse than the trolls in my opinion.