Thursday, November 6, 2014

I'll Be Away for a Bit

Keep an eye on the place.

As you may have perceived, this site is battling a particularly hateful, foul troll.  I've tried to cut him out whenever he pops up and I expect we'll see him again soon with his witless, bilious offerings, to date attacking Jake, T.C., and Your Plainsman.  His schtick is to take the name of Ticket employees or Gordon characters.

I received a communication from The Ticket that the same tiny-brained individual has been invading their inboxes.  

I'll check in when I can.  In the meantime, please don't post saying "I don't know why Pman leaves stuff like this up."  I'll squash him when I can.  This guy probably doesn't even hate the site all that much -- he's just trying to blow the thing up to compensate for deficiencies elsewhere.  

Please pay him no mind, don't respond to him, and I'll get to it when I can.  Thanks.

"I'll call Pman a 'little bitch.'  That's a good one."


Anonymous said...

Random question: so how do I find this supposed Montemayor/Fahey/Mino podcast? I searched on the iPhone podcast app for "work in progress" and couldn't find it.

Anonymous said...

@5:58 - they link directly to it on their twitter feeds. I think Fahy is FAHY1015. Don't know the other guys twitter IDs off the top of my head.

Shaggy said...




Bob said...

Felt really bad for the old British man that Gordo interviewed in the e brake this morning. Sounded sad. Gordo is a big jerk.

Anonymous said...

All old people sound sad all the time. Especially Brits.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you really need to lighten up. This is a blog about a spare AM sport radio station. Who cares if you get idiotic comments by idiotic people? Instead of drawing attention to it just ignore it and it will go away.

You can criticize the idiot all you want but, doesn't make you look all that great that you take this thing that seriously.

Everyone chill.

Justin Montemayor said...

We're trying to put it in all podcast apps/iTunes right now so that you don't have to check our Twitter for new episodes. Should be done in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to British Gordo. I was exhausted just listening to it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Justin. Looking forward to listening to it.

Bart Reagor said...

IJB ruined podcasts forever for me, but I might give The Fahy/Mino/Monetmmhhurghh hour a try.

Do you address the question on everyone's mind: What's a Mino?

Anonymous said...

Yo Justin M. Totally digging the soccer news on your Tickers, bud. Keep on a rockin' me baby with that REAL football good good and get give!

Anonymous said...

My God I'm pulling for a Jaguar victory in London on Sunday. That would throw The Ticket and Cowboy fans in to such turmoil. Not to mention what it would do to Jerry.

Go Jacksonville.

Anonymous said...

The unedited version of Mike's HOF speech was absolutely hillarious. One of the funniest things I've heard on The Ticket in a while.

That is Corby and the boys going back to their roots.


T4 In Rockwall said...

Looks like Pman must be on the lookout for jack wagons because that post from fake Justin was deleted quickly. That's why this site remains strong because of strong moderation. Keep it up Pman.

gunther said...

With you 5:50. Been documented that I've not been a HL fan for some time but the prank call yesterday and the bit today were good stuff.

They've been mailin it in for some time but a little preparation and production value really is noticeable and goes a long way towards great radio.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Cat, seeing how The Musers stepped up their game in a most serious way while in London, said to THL to the effect: "Follow DnM's lead, boys; as your show has been stagnating for a long while now and this week's morning show has only highlighted it" or some such?

I say this because it's been nearly a decade since THL has been this prepared, this creative, this engaged. I'm digging it. Hopefully it's here to stay.

gunther said...

Could be a message from on high.. I think their numbers are down and that could have spurred some action on that front.

I think what's more likely is Mike's induction into the HoF. I think it was really meaningful to him. Perhaps he looked around that room the other night, realized he was surrounded by greatness (even tho I haven't heard of most of them) and realized he hasn't been producing HoF quality for some time. It was motivation for him to take back the reins and step it up.

Just spitballin but that's how I'd like to think it went down. Just hope it continues.

Not Monet, Not Manet, Not Gauguin said...

It's butt-holding time!

Anonymous said...

gunther, you might be onto something. And when you add on the latest ratings--which appear to not be an anomaly--it might have positive and lasting effects for ye olde Hardline.

money for nothing, chicks for free said...

Pretty darn innerestin'....see Barry Horn's latest sports media column below. The Musers is the one that surprises me. Frankly, I wonder if it's a mistake? Why that particular hour, and why is it such a large discrepancy? As far as THL goes: no surprises there. You can only lay turds and defiantly say "you'll love whatever we do, because it's us" for so long and get away with it. It's amazing it's taken this long for such a ratings book to come along. I guess it only shows how weak their competition has been. Looking right at you, Whitt and Greggo when I say that. I did say when Cowlishaw and Mosley started up that they might give THL some fits in the long run. Looks like that day has arrived. Good. I hope Mike finally gets off his duff and gets back to being the HoFamer that he truly is. Time to take back the com of the USS Hazed Grayed and Underway, and put the kibosh on The Corby and Danny Show. I hope so. I look forward to it. A pissed off, energized, and finally recognized by his peers Rhyner (yeah, maybe it's time Rhyner comes back from the dead--cuz Mike sure has been half-assed since he died) ought to put out some radio f'n gold.

The ratings books come fast and furious this time of year when “months” are squeezed to accommodate a 13th ratings period in December known as “the holiday book.”
The October book that covers Sept. 11-Oct. 8 has arrived.
The big news is that The Ticket did not win every primetime weekday hour in the demographic that pays the bills – men 25-54.
Primetime is defined here as 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. when the high-priced local talent is on the air at all three sports talk stations.
At 4 p.m., “The Afternoon Show” on KESN-FM 103.3 scored a 4.4 share to top the 4.2 earned by “The Hardline” on SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket.
Also at 6 a.m., 105.3 The Fan’s “Shan and R.J.” topped The Ticket’s “Musers”, 4.1 to 2.8.
Overall in the ratings period for men 25-54 it was The Ticket (4.5), Fan (3.7), boosted by Cowboys programming, and KESN (2.5).
Weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. it was The Ticket (5.7), Fan (3.0) and KESN (3.0).
The highest rated hour at the Ticket was The Musers at 8 a.m. with an 8.6.
Highest rated at The Fan was “Shan and R.J.” at 7 a.m. with a 4.7. Highest at KESN was “Fitzsimmons and Friedo” at noon with a 4.7.
Lowest at all three station’s was KESN’s Colin Cowherd at 10 a.m. at 1.2.

Anonymous said...

I saw this coming a mile away. The guy-sports talk thing is dying. Sports-guy talk, not so much. The Hardline's pop culture first broadcasts that are laden with utterly uninformed opinions of and ideas about social, historical, political, and current events is, finally, beginning to wear thin. Like everything, it had its day. It was a heckuva day at that. Unless they change, this is the beginning of the end. In fact, there might be no stopping the slide.

The fact is, your average sports fan, due primarily to fantasy football, is savvier than s/he once was - even a scant 3 years ago. Stats, deep stats, learned analysis, and genuine knowledge (not mere gut-feeling) about sports and the home team in particular is what the average listener wants. Not the average Ticket listener, mind you. So please don't start shouting at me how you hate generic sports talk, et cetera. There are more so-called average sports fans out there than Ticket listeners. The new ratings book evinces that fact out rather pointedly.

Change or die, Hardline. Even then it's probably too late.

My prediction (which isn't worth a hill of salt): Sometime in the near future Mike takes his Hall of Fame plaque and rides off into the sunset, and immediately starts up yet another tribute band. BaD takes the PM Drive, Shake Joint takes the midday. Boom.

Gopher said...

Don't forget to add in the Cumulus factor here. As long as KTCK continues to be a cash cow things may rock along just fine. If revenue starts to slip they will blow this thing up faster than you can blink. They have all but buried WBAP and when they run off Hal Jay like they did Mark Davis, I'm done with them. Cumulus has a history of killing market leading stations in favor of the bottom line and the $$$$$ they can save.

Jiggity McDiggity said...

They're still doubling overall ratings. Why are some treating two (only two) hour segment losses as a death knell? This week proves that once they stop flinging shit around like brain damaged test monkeys that they can produce quality programming. It's relatively simple on how to keep killing The FAIL (not kid brother four-letter network): stop falling back on movie/music snobbery, stop mailing it in, give a shit, and finally fire TC Fleming. Done. You win.

Anonymous said...

Can I guess that the College Football Blowhard will be a much bigger fan of TCU than OU this week?

Anonymous said...

Jiggity, like your obsession with T.C., your understanding of why this ratings book isn't good on several levels is wrongheaded. Sorry, pal, it is.

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing will be how long some of the shows keep it up. It was a unique week with everything going on at the little one. Lets see in two weeks, and a few months. Do they go back to the same old or actually change. By the time the hardline is on the radio most people know the story. I never understand how hard it is to take 20 min and research a story before talking about it. Also, teasing a story and actually getting to it. You don't work until 3 PM....what do they do all day? I am going to a meeting with a customer and have has ass preparation I am canned. That is what they pay me for to be ready...what are they paying them for? Just show up and see what happens?

Anonymous said...

It's called being a fat cat. It happens in every industry. No matter how untouchable you think you are. Nowhere is this more true than in the entertainment industry. That is, after all, the industry that THL and all Ticket hosts work in.

Will this book and its fallout (assuming there is any fallout, and that's a big assumption) have a lasting impact, who knows? I kind of doubt it. THL, especially, are fat cats. Fat cats do not change their habits until they are forced to by external factors/forces (i.e., those who can actually affect their careers). By the time such external factors/forces make their "suggestions" known to the fat cats, it is usually too late. Besides, being a fat cat entails having a lot of success for a sustained and even inordinate amount of time. Thus it's almost impossible for the fat cats to come to grips with their downslide----even when forced to by those above them.

Mike has said on several occasions throughout the years: "Once this is gone, there'll never be anything like it ever again, period." He's correct. Unfortunately, "this" hasn't been what "this" once was for a long while now. "This" has been quietly, at times imperceptibly, fading away over the last seven years. The day that "this" is gone is nigher than you might think. Once THL goes down, the rest of the shows will follow in short order.

Anonymous said...

THL can turn it around. It's gonna be tough, but it can happen. They just have to start doing a show for the listener AND themselves like they used to. Now it's all about themselves and what they dig. This past week with the pranks and other stuff they showed how great they used to be and can still be when they give a shit about us P1s.

Fact is when Mike R told us live on air that he and the others didn't owe us P1s an explanation or anything else back during the Greggo imbroglio, we got a glimpse into what he really thinks. Well guess what? It totally shows.

I'm hoping that what some of ya'll have said comes true. That Mike R's HOF award and the ratings will awaken the Old Grey Wolf Mike Rhyner up and get the show back to its former greatness. I do fear that those days aren't coming back. That they never could even if Mike R wanted them to because he doesn't know how to get back there and can't with Corby and Dan Balls. One glimpse of hope is that on today's Cow pregame show Mike was seriously on it. He was really into it and contributing. There were no bullshit snide remarks or faking being interested. He seemed legit glad to be there and to contribute in a real way. No too cool for school crap. So that's a positive.

Anonymous said...

One ratings book, folks. Stop the doom and gloom. Downright silly. And I thought the silly season ended on Nov. 4.

-Not Benjamin Silverblatt, Not Erwin Thiesies, Not Hersh Kubrik