Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Current Worst Switch-Channels Ads

These ads run on other stations, but since I don't listen to other stations, I'm stuck with turning off The Ticket when they come on:

(1) The "kidnaping the mannikin in order to get back at department stores" series of ads. I can't even remember the sponsor, some discount clothing chain. First, who harbors deep-seated feelings of resentment towards high-price department stores at which they shop voluntarily? Second, there is nothing amusing about kidnaping and altered-voice ransom demands.

(2) The Orbitz "wake-up" call series of ads. Putting aside its overall obnoxiousness, what was the purpose of getting them to sort of sound like they're candid, real-time phone calls to regular folks, but producing and writing them in a way that makes it perfectly obvious that they're scripted on both ends?

I note that both are phone-call ads, which harkens back to the all-time most loathesome series of radio ads -- the gravel-voiced guy calling people to harrangue them about Mitsubishi automobiles.

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