Friday, July 24, 2009

Rhadigan and Bacsik

Listening to John Rhadigan and Mike Bacsik filling in for the Hardline. It was OK, for a drydock show. I don't watch a lot of local news and wasn't familiar with Rhadigan. He was knowledgeable and kept the show moving. (I'll have more to say about Bacsik in an upcoming post.)

I got to thinking about why the Hardline is so much more enjoyable than this show. Sure, part of it is that we're familiar with the Hardline team, and we know all the inside jokes, and there is more nonsports fratboy content that is of interest.

But there was something else, and here's what I think it is: Between Rhadigan and Bacsik, there were no quiet spots. Someone was always talking. No pauses. The show was dense with sound, and Rhadigan was projecting into the mic. It was loud, it was nonstop. It did not have the same coversational quality as the Hardline. It did not have any periods. It sounded like the moment one guy had to take a breath, the other guy was ready to jump in.

As I say, it was OK. Pretty informative, actually. No objections to the show. But when you're used to the more comfortable, natural quality of the typical Ticket show, it was hard to listen to.

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