Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today's Wife Swap

I thought it was refreshing to hear Mike on the Musers and Junior with the Hardline. Both shows were good, with an exception.

Mike's level needed some brightening. Sounded like he was in a different studio in a different state.

Exception: The "Corby and Danny Speak Their True Minds During Junior's Bicycle Hero Story" bit was so stagey, so written (not that they were trying to conceal it), and so annoying, that it wins the Most Failed Bit of 2009 award and the year is only half over. I was listening to the show on a good stereo and the thing was incoherent and, when audible, a one-joke bit that went on and on. (And the underlying Bicycle Hero story was kind of interesting.) Other than that, a pretty good show. Junior holds his own with those two scamps.

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