Saturday, July 25, 2009

Junior Miller Looks Back

Being a sports talk-show guy has got to be harder than it looks, or require more charm, or skill, or something, than we lesser mortals think. After all, aside from The Ticket, other stations throughout the country are constantly shuffling their guys, firing guys, changing formats, to achieve a fraction of the The Ticket's share. (And failing.)

But one thing a talk show guy doesn't have to be is right. He can crticitze, predict, and analyze all he wants, and unless he's an obvious buffoon, being wrong about matters of substance isn't likely to come back to haunt him in the ratings.

So it is always nice to hear a Ticket host recall a wrong opinion from the past. Junior Miller did so on Friday's Musers. I don't have any statistics to back me up, but I've always thought Junior was one of the more astute analysts on the station. (He usually wins the season contest to pick the weekly high school/college/NFL winners.) On Friday he confessed error as to his earlier criticism of the Rangers for asking Michael Young to move to third in order to install Elvis Andrus at short. Startling but refreshing.

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