Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Internal Clock of the P1

I'd be interested to know if other P1's have developed the ability to sense when a block of advertisements + traffic + TicketTicker are about to end, even if they're not listening throughout the break. (Maybe a lot of P1's find the Tickers interesting and wouldnt' miss them. I could do without.) I have found that I can switch to another station, or turn the sound down if an ad is particularly annoying, and know within a few seconds when to turn back to the station or restore the volume when the hosts are about to return.

I've thought about actually timing the ad blocks for the different shows to eliminate all the filler with greater precision, but that would bespeak a level of anality to which even I would not confess.


Michael said...

For what it's worth to the p1 that doesn't have their internet clock set yet, the breakdown is this:

The :04 and :24 breaks are 5 minutes each and the :44 break is 4 minutes, assuming a full set of commercials in that hour. Traffic is supposed to be about a minute and Ticker is supposed to be about 1:20.


The Plainsman said...

Thank you, Michael. Not that I don't listen to the ads with great interest. If I were an advertiser, I would authorize you to insert appropriate drops to increase interest in my message to potential customers.

Mitchell George said...

Yeah seriously why can't Shoopy put drops in commercials? I might actually listen to them. I imagine a very good reason exists, like advertisers don't want drops tainting their product. But hearing Mike Cow or Norm Grunts during Sweet Jack Anthem would be awesome.