Thursday, September 24, 2009

What Would It Be Like to be George DeJohn's Friend?

Would you be able to figure out whether the doctors you were hanging out with were medical doctors, or, you know, those other kinds of doctors he has on his show?

Would you wonder how he knows all those amazing things, such as that taking vitamin C tablets actually decreases the amount of vitamin C in your body?

Would you be dreading the 22nd day of your friendship, fearing that he would say "See, if you'd started on my plan 21 days ago  .  .  .  ."?

Would he introduce you to people as "My good friend, Mr. X"?

Would you be uneasy about the number of times he uses the word "cleanse"?


Hey, I listen almost every week.  Wish I looked like George D.  Wish I were George D.

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