Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gordon Keith -- My Ticket Confession

Gordon Keith is one of the most talented creative performers in the metroplex. He can be very, very funny, and he’s rarely dull even when not so funny; he’s an excellent and sometimes an amazing mimic; he can be an appealing performer on television; he’s a musician. And think for a minute the volume of original material he has to turn out – O-Deck, Gordo’s Corner, the 8:40 fake interview – those are every day. Admittedly, they’re not all closely scripted, but they all swallow time to create. And he pulls together the Muse in the News stuff. There’s a Quick column; for awhile there was a weekly TV show to create. A blog to edit. Tweeting. And he does other stuff, including a 4.5 hour radio show five days a week, the odd TV news spot. I mean, he doesn’t always score, but that output is astounding. I am an admirer.

But this is, after all, My Ticket Confession. Today, I am confessing that there is one tic that I would like to see Gordon – the Musers generally – eliminate for all time, never to reappear, and that is: Accusing George Dunham of having said something, or taking some position, off the air that he is not acknowledging on the air. When he starts in on that it brings the Muser show to a screeching halt. It seems to happen a couple of times a show; and simply accusing someone, however lightheartedly, of not telling the truth, day after day, simply isn’t funny. It isn’t witty, and it isn’t interesting. It’s just a tired bit. And Gordon doesn’t just hit the gag and move on – he just keeps at it and at it, seemingly every time. I reach for the dial.

Even 30 seconds of NPR is too much. Please stop this exhausting and tedious bit.


JS said...

When I first heard Gordon make a few jokes about George being prejudiced, I thought it was funny. But it got to a point in which Gordon has done it SO much, almost day after day, that it just isn't funny anymore.

I think at first George just kind of accepted the humor of the situation, but now I really believe that George truly doesn't think it is funny anymore and I think he wishes Gordon would stop making him sound like a racist/prejudiced person.

And because of this I feel sorry for George and I feel bad for him now everytime Gordon makes jokes insinuating George is prejudiced. It wouldn't be so bad if it was a "once in a blue moon" type of thing, but when Gordon does it so consistently then it just becomes too much.

The Plainsman said...

Right, JS. I think it has actually gotten worse. On Friday (1-29-10) all that "George is prejudiced" stuff just about brought the show to a complete halt. Maybe I'll try another entry on this topic sometime soon.