Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Drydock Quick Hit

I like Followill and Rhadigan as drydock substitutes.  Always glad to hear that they're substituting.  They did a one-day fill-in for The Hardline yesterday, and the show really caught my attention because:

First, any show where either of them is a host is always really loud.  They are classic radio/TV guys, trained to avoid dead air at all costs.  Their show is a slab of sound.  Good talk, but noisy as hell, very conventional-sounding.  In contrast to most of the Ticket hosts, these guys have great, if conventional, radio pipes.  (I don't know what it is about Followill, but it sounds like he is always EQ'd really, really hot, his voice sizzles and hisses in comparison to the much more midrangy Rhadigan.  Maybe he needs to lean back from that mic a bit.)

But yesterday, it was different.  Better.

It was better because of the presence of Danny Balis.  He participated in the showgram as a near-equal, and it completely transformed the Followill/Rhadigan offering.  His calmer and more conversational tone busted up the Phil-Spectorish tsunami of syllables and regulated the show to excellent effect.   That extra voice transformed the entire cadence of the Mark/John roar into something much more agreeable to the ear.

My ear, anyway.

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P1 Steven said...

This isnt really a comment on the rads/followil show, but I totally agree about how Danny is a GREAT plus 1. His recall is very solid, and he really shows his sports knowledge strength.