Friday, July 23, 2010

BaD Radio Repor -- Uh, Not So Fast

In the next few days I will be posting a two-parter on my General Unified Theory of BaD Radio.  How timely that the spotlight is on Bob and Dan after Dan's BaD Radio Report on an internal memorandum from management to showgram producers was prematurely terminated by a phone call from some Cumulus overlord.  As usual, you can check it out at The UnTicket.

(Grubes was unintentionally hilarious when Dan asked Tom if he wanted to be part of the segment, and Grubes -- who may have had an inkling that the anvil was about to come crashing down on Dan's head -- simply said, "He's on the phone.") 

No real comment on this episode for now, but since BaD Radio had this spot of drama yesterday I thought I'd take the opportunity to tease the upcoming two-parter, wherein I offer my General Unified Theory of that showgram.

Have a fine weekend, Confessors everywhere.

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P1 Steven said...

Truely a magic moment yesterday.