Monday, July 12, 2010

The Hardline's Theater of the Mind

Been getting a big Ticket kick out of those improv Hardline ads, some of which sound live to me for Gumout with Mike R agonizing over his fuel economy/engine-cleaning problems, and Corby always present to set him straight on getting rid of whatever product that is that Mike alleges he's been using. 

Danny gets into amusingly into the act with the Texas Land and Cattle series of dramas, usually focusing on Corby's failure to carry more than twenty-five bucks in cash with him, and apparently no plastic at all. 

Fun, but you can see why they run into time problems on the show.

Here, let me spoil the fun with something that just occurred to me.  If you were an advertiser or director of advertising, and you'd signed up Mike and Corby to do these spots, which one would you imagine you would cast as the guy with the engine problems, and which as the guy with the Gumout solutions?   I've remarked on Mike's sometimes uncomfortable role as the doddering old-timer who gets lapped by fast-talking Corby on the showgram, not necessarily to the showgram's benefit, when Mike's role used to be that of the show boss.  (He's regained some of that in recent months.)  Interesting that they've cast this the way they have, with Man of the Future Corby as the Prophet of Gumout, and Mike as the Analog Neanderthal who's using that Greasy Kid Stuff in his tank.  (If you remember Greasy Kid Stuff -- well, I'm sorry.) 

Sociological signifcance aside, they're great spots, always good for a chortle.

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