Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On Tuesday I Heard The Musers Complain . . .

.  .  .  that they don't get any press attention.

What's Your Plainsman, chopped liver? 

Well, I suppose I can't expect everyone to have found this mighty engine of responsible Ticket journalism.

I mean, where else can you get stuff like this?  Before I started this site I looked for an unaffiliated Ticket blog with extended commentary and thought I'd find a bunch but didn't find one.  (Richie Whitt really can't be expected to spend all his time on Ticket matters.)  The UnTicket is outstanding and a great resource but has a different agenda. is also great, but pretty flame-y and doesn't really have a consistent editorial voice.

So tell your pals:  It's Great to Read My Ticket Confession.

(Hey, I just did a self-promo, just like The Little Ticket.)


PS:  Speaking of journalism:  This morning (Wednesday) Junior was talking about the horrific, hateful comments left by some readers of the online Dallas Morning News in response to news articles, and how some media sites are starting to monitor and regulate their message boards.   I'm delighted to say that so far, I haven't had to take down a single comment from a visitor to this site.  One anonymous poster called Cat a douche, but I can tolerate the occasional ad hominem  remark, as long as it doesn't catch on.  My thanks to all civilized Confessors.


P1 Steven said...

Without knowing ANY numbers, I would venture to guess your site has seen increased traffic. Hell, you have had higher ups email you. Even Grubes (or someone claiming to be him) has an eye on your site. I have also noticed increased comments. For example, the recent post about "The Ticket Was My Idea" spots started a nice little thread. Good job! Your post are well thought out & I enjoy your work. Care to indulge your hit counts?

T4 In Rockwall said...

I visit Grubesismyleader as well and you have to put up with a lot of sarcasm on that site. It's still a bigger collaboration of Ticket fans, but you do have to wade through a lot to get a point across sometimes.

The Plainsman said...

P1 Steven, traffic really varies. It isn't going to make anyone forget The Drudge Report. It's slow on weekends. It also depends on how often I've been posting -- if I've been really active, people tend to check in more. I have a sneaking hunch that there are some Confessors who send my stuff around when they see there's a new post, which is why I get a pop when there's a new item. The past few days I've had between 70-80 page views per day, and that's based on around 35 unique visitors per day, which means that people who come to the site are opening up other pages, which is great -- I assume that means they like what they see and are checking out the archives. I still get a lot of visitors who are looking for Barb Smith information.

One interesting thing is that about 40% of my visitors every day are first-timers, which means I have an opportunity to snag a fair number of new Confessors if they like the site. So growth has been slow but steady in the past year.

I'm especially appreciative of repeat visitors and commentors such as you, so again -- many thanks.

Keep an eye out for a BaD Radio blockbuster in a day or so.

By the way -- I'm pretty sure that was really Grubes.

The Plainsman said...

PS to P1 Steven: I meant to tell you that awhile back I'd send my stuff to Ticket guys if I thought they might find it of interest, but I don't do that so much anymore -- they get so much stuff that I figure the best way to show respect is to leave them the hell alone. But I think I've reached the point where anything noteworthy probably comes to someone's attention there, and yes, I think that Michael G and Jeff C, at least, tune in from time to time. I hear from an Anonymous from time to time who gives off a whiff of being an insider, but I dunno.

By the way -- is there, in fact, another Ticket-related blog out there (other than host blogs, UnTicket, and GrubesIsMyLeader) that follows The Little One?

Michael said...

Yep, I am indeed me. (What?) Mr. Plainsman can confirm via my email. :)


AP said...

Probably the wrong thread for this, but I'd enjoy hearing your take on what happened during BaD Radio Reports today. Let me know if you heard it -- if not, I'll get the audio to you.

Keep scanning that radio horizon!

The Plainsman said...

AP, your comment is timely. I'm preparing a two-parter on BaD Radio.

I did not hear BRR today, so please do link to the audio. I could probably find it on UnTicket but would rather get it from you.

Thanks for checking in and I will, indeed, continue to scan the sports radio horizon -- but mostly in the direction of KTCK SportsRadio 1310 -- The Ticket.

The Plainsman said...

PS to AP:

As Confessor Christy knows, there is no such thing as "the wrong thread" on My Ticket Confession. All comments are noted and read. No way I can find out what my fellow Confessors are thinking unless they blast away in the comments -- whether it relates to the article topic or not. Best always, Plainsman.

The Plainsman said...
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