Friday, July 30, 2010

A Rare Sportsy Post

I was interested in the Musers' discussion this morning on whether, if the Cowboys win the Super Bowl this year, Bill Parcells or Jerry Jones will get the lion's share of "general manager" credit.

Craig and George reviewed the roster, noting who was a Parcells guy, and who was a Jerry guy, and coming around to the conclusion that the fact that there were more Parcells guys (including Tony Romo), meant that even if the Cowboys are successful this year, Parcells might well get more credit than Jerry.

Anyone find it odd that a huge Parcells/Jerry difference was completely ignored?

That being:   The Jerry/Stephen-engineered Parcells's departure and the subsequent Jerry selection of and loyalty to Wade Phillips.  You will recall that Parcells was angling to stick around in administration even when most, including Jerry/Stephen, wanted him to go as head coach. 

This suggests that the Musers don't think much of Wade -- or at least don't think he has much influence on whether the team wins or loses.  Junior tiptoed toward this point when he suggested that the team may have been said to have underachieved following Parcells' departure. 

Anyway, thought the switch from Parcells to Wade switch -- and sticking with Wade -- was a major Jerry GM initiative that got overlooked.  Like I know anything about sports.

PS:  Props to Junior for the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" reference:  "Some men call me Tim."

PPS:  Interesting that we refer to Bill Parcells as "Parcells" and Jerry Jones as "Jerry."

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"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

Well if the Cowboys do win a Super Bowl, then I guess we should give Parcells credit. But don't take my word for it... just ask him!