Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Any Post with "Greggo" in the Title Probably Isn't Good News

OK, something new this morning. 

Before I get to that, Confessor Scott left a very nice comment about Greggo on my previous post about Greggo's whereabouts. Check it out.

Let's review:

(1)  Caught the midday show a couple of times, very briefly.  Hammer sounded OK.  Show wasn't too exciting, but Greggo was the most interesting thing on it.  I think they call it RAGE, for Richie [Whitt} And Greggo.  I don't know if  the E stands for anything, but you can't call it RAG.

(2)  Caught the post-game show the week before last.  Greggo didn't sound drug-addled, but he sounded sick and extremely hoarse.

(3)  Greggo apparently disappeared from yesterday's postgame.  I only heard him say a couple of things, but he didn't sound hoarse to me as he had the week before.

(4)  This morning I decided I could do without "Muse in the News" and switched over to 105.3 The Fan.  Jagger and some guy named Henson?  And some chick.  I don't know who all was on the show.  It was awful.  Anyway, they were talking about yesterday's broadcasting day and they said something about Greggo not being there.  And then someone said:  "Greggo was there, but he has some kind of bad laryngitis."  And one of the other hosts said, with a smirk in his voice:  "OK, we'll go with that."

In other words, the morning guys did not believe that Greggo was off the show on Monday because of any legitimate illness.

Thus, I conclude -- very sadly, because like a lot of other people I grew very fond of Greggo the Hammer --that based on the past several years of Greggo disappointments, and just a few snippets from the past two weeks, Greg Williams is headed for trouble at The Fan, if he hasn't already arrived there.

Again, any 105.3 The Fan listeners are invited to comment with additional information, or to correct my impressions.


James said...

Man I hope you're wrong.

The Plainsman said...

James, likewise. I am hoping some Confessor who knows the ins and outs at The Fan can set me straight on Greggo's status.

P1 Steven said...

Huh... explains what seemed to be an inside joke yesterday. During the HL they were giving Corby a hard time about the OU loss & said surprised you dont have laringitis. Then they all laughed... Maybe Greggo should just walk away, or try a whole new market. Sounds like he might just be burned out with the daily grind.

The Plainsman said...

P1 Steven, I know you are gainfully employed, but I assign you to look into this. With your vast Interwebs contacts, I'll bet you could dig up something for us.

UPDATE: I just tuned in The RAGE and Richie is on, reportedlywith Greggo, with Gavin sitting in. However, they're reporting that Greggo is unable or only barely able to speak, saying only that Robo-Greggo is present. So I assume Greggo is present but not very active on the show. Maybe he really DOES have laryngitis. Oh Jeez, they're talking about the Black Ops game. I can't take much more of this.

If he has laryngitis, he's had it for at least a week because he sounded extremely hoarse the weekend before last on the Cowboys show. You know, major market radio talkers get immediate help for NOT BEING ABLE TO TALK.
WAIT: Greggo is apparently participating via artificial computerized voice (a female voice, by the way) -- what they mean by Robo-Greggo.

So I still think there's something strange going on. Hope the dude is OK.

The Plainsman said...

The Robo-Greggo stuff is almost completely incomprehensible. The show completely stops down when the computerized gibberish comes in. Apparently when Greggo wishes to add something, he somehow rings a bell. I can't tell if he's physically present in the studio or not. I'm wondering whether they're so concerned bout his recent absences causing people to think he's AWOL that they're doing everything possible to show him to be present and engaged in the show. It ain't working.

Look, I may be 100% wrong that there's something up. It could just be bad laryngitis being clumsily handled by 105.3.

I would be delighted to be corrected in any of my judgments here. I have no interest in seeing Greggo the Hammer stumble yet again.

P1 Steven said...

Well I never heard Greggo when he was really sick. Who knows. I have never tried to talk 4 hours a day, plus weekends...

This post is more concerned to Jagger...

Jagger (Chris Jagger) has become a DFW area fixture since the late nineties. He originally appeared on Q102.1 (Before it was KDGE the edge) as syndicated late night sex adivice show called LOVE PHONES. He Co-host was the expert & he was the sex crazed male. (At the time he had not come out of the closet) This show was on locally before I had ever heard of love lines w/ Adam Corrolla & Dr. Drew. It aired nightly 10-12. In addition, if I remember correctly it aired from about 96-98 locally. I was in middle school at the time & this is where I got a very large majority of my sex-ed. THEN, he appeared locally on 94.5 the EDGE. (Before KDGE moved to 102.1) This was my morning show of choice in high school and early college years. It was funny and humorous. Jagger showed his sports acumen at then as well. I enjoyed the show, but in my early college years I was begin to turn more & more into local sports radio. Eventually, I stopped listening to Jagger when they spent an intire segement making fun of Dick Clark & his stroke after his appearance on the Rockin New Years Eve special. (Something that DOES not sit well with me on the ticket too, but The Ticket hasnt been as cruel as Jagger) THEN 102.1 canned Jagger. He and his crew (if I remember Dean Lewis was one of the personalities as well) moved to 105.3. At the time 105.3's format was that of TALK. Howard Stern was aired in the early morning & the biggest radio tool in Dallas History Russ Martin was in the afternoon. Seems like Jagger also gained his a strong following there. They call their fans The Jagger mafia. The Jagger mafia moved to early mornings when Howard Stern went to satelite radio. I dont know Jagger's ratings, but the most be good enough for him to stick around. He has always shown a good enough sports knowledge, and I imagine that and his contract is probably what keeps him around. Long story short I can take him in small doses, but Jagger is one of those DFW radio personality survivors.

P1 Steven said...

Missing Greggo continues... There are post on the Sportatorium blog asking where is greggo? In addition, in HL's open today they mention how they NEVER miss work....

ap said...

To add to P1 Steven's comment (#3), The Musers had what I thought was a rather awkward dismount to one of their segments today (athletes say the dumbest things after sporting events?) Junior ended the segment by thanking his two co-workers for showing up to work. Puzzled, Jub & Goofy Deer asked what Junior meant, and he clarified by saying "oh, you know, it's just nice of you two to show up, instead of, you know, missing work with laryngitis or something. I appreciate it." This carried on for another 30 or so seconds before going to break. Since my KTCK listening obsession started in the year 0 AG (After Greggo), I can't really offer any further information aside from the raw audio itself. You know where to reach me, Plainsman, if you'd like the clip.


The Plainsman said...

Thanks to P1 Steven and AP.

It gives me no pleasure to have been among the earliest if not the first to report my concerns that there has taken place a possible recurrence of the Hammer's problems. I miss Greg Williams and do not wish him ill. The Hardline misses his better part to this day.

Having said that, The Fan must be kicking itself for eviscerating its lineup to move a show in which Greggo is the main attraction to a FIVE HOUR slot including PM drive.

I'd love to know what the true scuttlebut in the industry is. We now have two Ticket shows and one Fan show making a slighting reference to Greggo's claimed laryngitis. As I mentioned in a couple of earlier entries, his voice was clearly damaged the weekend before last on the Cowboys post-game. Do they think it's not laryngitis? Or do they think he has some kind of voice problem but is goldbricking?

Keep Your Plainsman posted when you hear stuff.

Daniel said...

You guys assume too much of Greggo too quickly. The guy has been sick the past couple weeks and couldn't even make it out of his place. He has been present the last three days, with the last two in a side studio streaming live throughout the day. He went on air a couple times, but you can definitely tell how bad his voice has been. He's getting better though and I expect him on speaking for the whole show either Thursday or Friday. Jenno is keeping him in check.

The Plainsman said...

Daniel, thanks for the more detailed information. You obviuosly listen to The Fan more than I do.

If Greggo is only a little sick, I'm glad to hear it.

Unfortunately, with his history of unreliabilitiy and untruthfulness, weird circumstances always have the ring of Another Greggo Header Off the Bow.

I hope he's on the mend and that his vocal problems are organic and not self-induced.

P1 Steven said...

What truly is sad is there will always be ?'s with Greggo absense. Remember Gordo's Fake Greggo call in... the ramblings about a shoe in his mouth. It something an addict will always have to answer to when a family is concerned. I wish Greggo the best. I think everyone deserves a 2nd, 3rd, 4rth ect.. chance. Within limitations & circumstances. BTW thanks for the head up Daniel.