Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last Greggo Post for Awhile Unless Something Interesting Happens

No Hardline yesterday so I turned in The Richie and Greggo Extravaganza. 

Greggo was back, sounding raspy but not, uh, overmedicated or anything.

You know, "extravaganza" is the wrong word to describe that show.  "Experience" would be better.

It's really not good.  It's anything but extravagant.  But since I've only caught 15-20 minutes at a time, and maybe only a half-dozen times, I'll reserve further judgment until I can listen to more of it.  If I can stand it.

The last of my preliminary takes, which is a lot like my first one:  They all sound nervous.  They all talk very rapidly, talk over each other.  In the segment I listened to yesterday, Richie and the other guy were constantly correcting Greg's factual mistakes.  And Greggo, bless his heart, just does not have enough interesting and original to say to be the focal point of that show.  The best guy on it is the non-Richie/Greggo guy who I don't know.  They're always trying to throw the conversation to Hammer, and he tries, starts hammering away, but there's very little there.  He just sounds dumb, and it's sad.   He's more hyperbolic even than Corby.

But it might get better, the balance might improve, they might find a plus-one who will make all the difference.  For now, though, unless Greg disappears again, I'm out.


P1 Steven said...

My problem with The FAN.... when I the Fan first started, I was a P1. I REALLY enjoyed Ben & Skin. I also enjoyed their caller interaction... Then at some point they started this caller screening process... (hey if you dont like what I have to say then say "thanks for calling & Ill tell the host.") I understand your trying to put the best material on air. Instead they made a rule.. no more than one call per week per show... WTF? For a struggling station why would you do this.. Maybe what I had to say sucked that bad, but I still noticed they did it for their Ranger post game shows this year. Shows are built with a solid fan base. Why push away callers? Jim Rome has always had regular callers...that bugged me. When Ben & Skin got the boot, I left too...

Jennifer Pauls said...

Is it just me, or was the Greggo-John Clay Wolfe internet show (this time last year) a better pairing than Richie and Greg? I listened to JCW on 97.1 and 1190, and that kid is gut rolling funny. Richie on the other not.

The Plainsman said...

Jennifer, welcome to My Ticket Confession. Hope you will comment often.

It is not just you.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you Jen. Richie is an excellent writer, but does not have the magic for radio. JCWolfe and Greggo on a large station like 105.3, could have at least been a contest for the Hardline. RAGE, is not.