Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where's Greggo? -- Part 23

Tuned into The RaGE yesterday a little after five during a Hardline advertising/Traffico/Traffico/Ticker extravaganza.  I didn't hear Greg or any reference to him.  Anyone RaGE listeners out there who can enlighten us on whether the RaGE participants offered any explanations for his absence?


New topic:    Face it, when you're alone in your car or just listening casually, you rarely laugh out loud at The Ticket.  Not because it isn't amusing, but because when you're flying solo there's no occasion for the social interaction that laughter enhances.  But today I had one of those solo LOL moments, actually, a couple -- The Musers' obit photo talk.


P1 Steven said...

I'm pretty sure Richie Whitt said in one of his Sportatorium post that Greggo was on Dr's orders to not talk for 10 days.....due to puss pockets in his throat.

Anonymous said...

I missed that, Steven, but I did hear one of the FAIL's interchangeable tools mention that someone was sitting in for Greggo again.

And I could swear I heard some comment about "pus pockets" on the Ticket recently - which I didnt get until now.

P1 Steven said...

How long is detox?

Anonymous said...

Richie Whitt taking up for Greggo is a problem for Greggo's health. Everyone needs to stop being naive, I think we all know what's going on.

Scott said...

I do see RW as somewhat of an enabler. At the same time, I did hear Greggo on the showgram last week. By trade, I am a live sound engineer, I have heard a lot of FX plug-ins, but never one that could do that.

On the other hand, it may well be that Greggo is locked away somewhere, with an ISDN line and a chat session open, so he can be Robot Greggo.

And, as we wade through these things, isn't it interesting to see how unsuccessful Greggo has been iwth his demons, and how Josh Hamilton, while fighting daily, appears on the right road.

Stay Hard, happy thanksgiving folks.

The Plainsman said...

Anon: Any time Greggo's away or reportedly ill, his past history raises the suspicion that the issue is something other than a conventional health problem. What is interesting this time around is that other than on-air insinuations (some of them from Fan hosts), we're not hearing anything concrete. If radio insiders have heard a rumor or have specific information, it hasn't gotten out as stuff like this almost always does. Sometimes I'll hear from someone in the know or they'll comment for public consumption, but this time, nothing.

I don't usually have time to check message boards or other blogs. Is anyone out there claiming knowledge that Greg's problems are something other than severe laryngitis?

This silence, at least from The Ticket, might have something to do with the terms of Hammer's settlement. Sometimes such agreements have provisions forbidding the parties from disparaging one another. (Although I hear that Greg has had unkind things to say on the air about The Ticket -- maybe the nondisparagement clause was not mutual.)

In any case, I guess what I'm saying is that while it may ber naive to think Greg's current problems are solely laryngitis-related, this time around there doesn't seem to be any contrary information floating around out there.

Anonymous said...

I flipped over one day and heard him say some things about The Ticket like he'll do anything to beat the Hardline and that he will put it on his grave to beat the Hardline. Something about the word truncated too but i'm not real sure where he was going with that.