Thursday, June 30, 2011

George's Live Bear Trap + Two Quick Hits

Note:  I promised a guest article on BaD Radio and it's coming right up.
But this was too good not to post ASAP.


From time to time a host on The Little One will suffer a bear-trap moment live on the air, but they're rare.  George had one a few minutes ago in the Peter Gammons interview.

First, it sounded like Gammons was hitchhiking on the Interstate for the first part of the interview, and had ducked into a rest-stop men's room to conclude it.  This is not a priority interview for Gammons.  But that's not important now.

What's important is that George was asking a question about Josh Hamilton's theory that he can't hit during the day because he has blue eyes, an explanation that George called -- and I think I'm recalling this correctly -- "ridiculous."  Gammons proceeded to state that he himself suffers from light hypersensitivity with his own blue-green eyes, understands Hamilton's point, and was glad that Hamilton had addressed it. 

These Gammons interviews are proving to be rich sources of Muser mortification.

QUICK HIT #1:  I didn't hear the entire Hardline interview of Dirk, but what I heard was terrific.  Corby had a couple of Sturmesque Iliad-length questions, but overall it was great.  Question:  Has Dirk been doing interviews with other sports radio stations, and is he as good on those as he was with the Musers?

QUICK HIT #2:   Killer si; T.C. no


Shaggy said...

Dirk was on for 30 minutes with Ben and Skin earlier in the week. He was great with them too.

birq said...

I understand that people put Killer on the air because of his awkwardness and inability to string words together into a coherent sentence that actually concludes with a point that is related to the conversation at hand, but haven't we had enough of him yet? Hearing him as the Musers' yuk monkey this morning really made me wish I didn't have to hear his voice again. I'd gladly take 10 segments of TC over a single Killer story.

P1 Steven said...

You would figure Dirk would havw a great interview with Ben & Skin. Those guys have been MAVS boosters a LONG time. I have to turn Killer off. TC was funny to me.

charlie0712 said...

TC was good, Donnie was great as he always is on BaD Radio, and Killer is funny for what he is but more than one day would whip me.

Anonymous said...

I only heard one segment with Donny (I believe it was Gordo's Corner) and he had some BIG TIME over-Donny going on. He wouldn't let anyone else get two words in before he interrupted them.

The Plainsman said...

I note Gordon did not use George's pretty obvious and pretty funny Gammons bear-trap last Friday. Gordon had started his vacation and so wasn't there to hear it himself, although I find it hard to believe that no P1 called it to his attention. (I did, but only last Thurday night. Forgot.)

Speculation: The Cumulo-Ticket Overlords have instructed the showgram: No further adverse comment on the Gammons interviews.