Friday, June 10, 2011

OPEN THREAD: Ticket Mavs Coverage

I'd especially like people to comment on BaD and Norm, since I don't get to hear either much at all lately.

The Musers are good as usual, Craig being one of the more knowledgeable NBA guys on the station.

But the real revelation, to me, has been The Hardline.  The show as a whole has been excellent for the past few months, but I think they're outdoing themselves during the playoffs.  Mike has been interested, engaged, vocal.  I heard Corby do an analysis the other day that bordered on erudition.  (I've gotta go get his Hacksaw Hamilton interview podcast.  Anyone got a quick link?)

I've also enjoyed "Just the Tip" (naughty handle, but clever).  Donovan seems to excite very different feelings among the Confessor Nation, but I like him a lot, and I especially like him when he's talking sports.  The mix of hosts has been good.   Haven't been up to hear any of the post-game, so thoughts on that also encouraged.

I get a kick out of the Ticket ads that portray the Little One as having negotiated for exclusive rights just to talk about the Mavericks.  A sly dig at themselves for having no worthwhile broadcast rights (the Nation seems almost unanimously to wish the Stars broadcasts would go elsewhere).

So:  Your Plainsman gives The Ticket high marks, both during the showgrams and pre/post game.  You?


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Anonymous said...

Is it Mike who came up with "Just the Tip... Off" and "Hard by the AAC?" I think it was, and if so, that really shows how he has a way of stumbling (I believe in lieu of crafting) into little audio OTA gems.

I agree Hardline coverage of the Mamricks has been very good, as has been the pre-game show. I just wish they could get Followill in there more permanently.

-Anon B

P.S. Nice tweeting last night, Plainsman

The Plainsman said...

Thanks, B. I'm still getting the hang of it.

Mike R is a master phrasemaker. Myself, I don't think he stumbles into it. I think he's both very smart and very clever.

P1 Steven said...

Whats back story of the Dirk & Gordo guitar bit.

cancer monkey said...

About a decade ago, Gordo was talking to Dirk (I believe as part of Gordo's work on the Mark Cuban show) and Dirk mentioned that he'd like to learn how to play guitar. Gordo offered to let Dirk borrow his Taylor acoustic to test the waters before going out to buy one. Side note: Taylor guitars start at around $700 and Gordo's was a mid-tier model, so it was probably a $1200-$1500 guitar. Chump change for Dirk, but serious money for Gordo at the time.

Long story short, Gordo never got the guitar back. When asked about it one time, Dirk threw out that he had had some water damage at his house and thought the guitar was in pretty bad shape. Gordo has asked him about it a couple times, but Dirk just laughs, either like he thinks Gordo is joking about wanting it back, or he doesn't remember.

I know it still bugs Gordo, but I get the impression that he's written it off and has realized that the story's comedic value is higher than that of the guitar.

Plainsman, you didn't happen to block some people on the Twits yesterday, did you? I followed you and found out today I wasn't following you anymore. If so, I'll hit you up through email with my Twitter name so you know I'm genuine.

The Plainsman said...

C-Monk: No, I have not tampered with any of my precious followers. I am not Twitterate enough to do that even if I wanted to. Not sure what happened but I deeply regret your twinconvenience.

charlie0712 said...

I have loved the mavs coverage during the post-season. It's been very complete and at the same time, there has been enough funny/bits to keep my attention and lot let me tune out. Plainsman, i just got back to the site and caught up as I've been outta town, but let me welcome you to twitter as another user who is still trying to figure it all out.

P1 Steven said...

TY Cancer... that is a funny story. It will be even better when Dirk gives him a new one.

cancer monkey said...

No problem, Plainsman. Twitter does weird things sometimes and I'm re-following you again.

Back to the original topic, I feel that BaD generally does a good job of covering the sports topic du jour, and in this case, they've gone beyond their regular level of competence and have been very solid. I've enjoyed Bob's usual over-the-top in-depth -- borderline OCD -- analysis, Dan has been very engaged in the entire postseason and Donny Doo has been an outstanding +1. I'm BaD homers in general, but I think they've gone above and beyond with the Mavs' postseason run.

Jonaessa said...

The Mavs coverage during playoffs by all the Ticket hosts has been great with one exception--they keep forgetting the Rangers are playing! It may be a few more years before I'm into basketball and probably a few after that before I'm into football the way I totally dig baseball (and probably not even then), but it seems that basketball is the ONLY topic right now. Don't get me wrong--I'm excited the Mavs have made it this far, but can the guys at least throw in some Rangers talk from time to time? You know, mix it up a little.