Sunday, June 12, 2011

Triplets Separated at Birth -- NBA Finals Edition

Former NBA coach and finals broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy:

Genius late comic actor Phil Silvers

Genius late character actor Vince Schiavelli:

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cancer monkey said...

Over the past couple of series, I've grown to loathe Van Gundy. I think he's a horrible analyst who has shown repeatedly that he has little grasp of the game of basketball. Mark Jackson isn't much better, but I believe that Van Gundy has the lowest basketball IQ of any of the analysts on ESPN or TNT. ESPN should be embarrassed of his performance in the post-season, and of the combination of Van Gundy and Mark Jackson. Together, they make a game almost unwatchable. I would have paid good money to hear the fine work of Followeezy instead.

Phil K. said...

c.m. - agreed.

I'll tell you what THREE broadcasters brings you: too much talking. This is where baseball gets it right. The game speaks for itself. We do not need armchair quarterbacking on EVERY SINGLE FOUL CALL; whether or not it should've been called and if it should've been a flagrant or not! Jackson was downright silly.

God, I hate that ABC team. They were awful.