Thursday, June 16, 2011

OPEN THREAD: The Little One's Mavs Parade and Celebration Coverage

I didn't get to hear much of it --

a little Musers/Gordo;

about two minutes of Norm who seemed to be in some distress, actually conceding that he needed a break;

about two minutes of BaD featuring some very astute commentary from Dan;

and a little bit of The Hardline which for some reason I don't remember.  Must have been working or something.

So I'd be grateful for reviews of all the shows, what you liked/disliked; how you reacted to the hosts' reactions to this amazing, historical, dramatic championship; technical aspects of the coverage; the hosts' substantive sportsy commentary.

Heck, I'll even take Mavs talk.


P1 Steven said...

MY FB post: Who would have ever thought a giant German would have a victory parade in America one day? The coverage was great. I REALLY look forward to Cash Sirois's telling of his story. Was that the biggest parade/gathering in Dallas history? What a perfect storm for wireless too!

Anonymous said...

I think this blogger has some control issues. I'm a P1, Day 1. The real thing, no lie. I've followed this blog for nearly two years now. Whoever the Plainsman is, he/she seems Uriah Heep-esque. Strange stuff, getting stranger.

The Plainsman said...

As Gordon would say: Huh.

For those who need a brush-up on their Dickens, before Uriah Heep was a forgotten 70's band, he was a villain in "David Copperfield" (before David Copperfield was a forgotten 70's magician). A Uriah Heep-type character is unctuous, obsequious, insincerely humble, falsely modest; in general, oleaginous.

Okay. Something there. I can safely cop to some of that.

But control issues? In those two years I think I've deleted maybe 4-5 comments (including one in support), and they needed a good sturdy deleting.

Anyway, Anonymous, thanks for being there from the start. And MTC strongly favors literary references, so please check in again soon.

Anonymous said...

I guess the control issues may stem from the nature of the blog (i.e. you need to start/direct each conversation). Not much you can really do about that aside from getting some forums going.

The Plainsman said...

Yeah, maybe that's it.

As for forums, I'll leave that to I'd love to be a go-to place for forums and be able to spend enough time to keep them fresh and flame-free, but just haven't got it. Wish I did.

The only nod I make in that direction is to welcome off-topic comments. Sometimes those off-topic comments get some good threads going, and prompt me toward what readers are interested in.

P1 Steven said...

I was going through THE UNTICKET post and comments, and something caught my attention. Gordons wireless segment. He said to someone, "Parents couldnt afford braces?" Very much an a-hole moment. It is one thing IF they are at a TICKET event, but this guy did not go to GORDO & say "Hey talk to me." He didnt ask for the trouble. Why the low-blow. A cringe worthy moment that made me turn it down. I think Gordo is greatness, but that was a below the belt comment.

The Plainsman said...

Agreed re both Gordon and this incident, P1 S.

Anonymous said...

I think Gordon's braces comment was funny, and ultimately that's why we listen to Gordon. Mainly because he makes us laugh. I'm never offended by anything he says, so maybe i have no heart or maybe you guys are being too sensitive but i thought the braces thing was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing really funny about insulting someone's appearance. I'm not offended by it either but it says more about the person issuing the insult and the people who think it's funny than it does the person being insulted (haha, look at you, we're all better than you... so funny).