Monday, June 13, 2011

Post-Game 6 Quick Hits

(1)  The fact that the final final was in Miami probably has a lot to do with this, but I was disappointed in the post-game coverage.  Maybe I didn't listen long enough.  Please advise, Nation.

I like Norm H and Sean Bass a lot.  Norm's Cowboy post-game a must-hear no matter who his co-host is that particular season.  But when the game was over I told Mrs. Plainsman that I had to leave to get by the channel to see what The Little One was slinging.  I thought I would hear something like I heard when Mike R joined Diamond Talk after the defeat of the Yankees in the ALCS.

But Norm -- man, he brought me down, he just didn't seem into it at all.  The callers also brought things to a halt.  Sean was more animated, but the whole thing just wasn't jelling and I turned it off after about 45 minutes.  I thought we might hear some -- possibly alcohol-fueled?  nah -- celebratory Mike or Donovan or Gordon or George.  Something, anything to mark the uniqueness of the moment and bring the scene to the P1.  Followill?

Sure, they were there at the game, they wanted to go to the pressers and the locker room.  OK, I'd be doing the same.  Didn't do much for the the P1 who had to get up and go to a Monday job, though. 

As I say, the Miami locale meant that these guys probably didn't have a convenient radio home to go to.  But surely that could have been planned around.  I thought sure I'd at least hear NBA Bob's sonorous tones commenting expertly on what happened and sharing his excitement.  NBA Craig had to broadcast in a few hours, so his absence was understandable.

This morning I've been hearing what sounds like a "take that wich you" and "woooo" promo which may actually been what I was looking for.  Did the gang get up broadcasting later at night? 

PS:  As I'm listening to the Museres, I'm hearing sound of our heroes on the scene fromt he night before.  I assume that made it on the air in the wee hours?  OK -- guess I just wasn't able to hang in long enough.  Still think they should have had something for us for that first hour after the game. 

(2) Who designed those gawdawful caps?  Frankenstein?  Head-Injury Mike? 

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cancer monkey said...

The flat-billed cap is a fad that I don't think can pass quickly enough. It's ridiculous.

I didn't tune into the postgame; I just watched on FSSW for a while before heading off to bed. I saw tweets this morning that indicated that the postgame went until past 2 a.m. Maybe that's when the good stuff happened.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was the worst post-game show of the Playoff run. I don't get it. Norm was definitely a downer. I wish Donovan had been involved. He brings some life to the thing.

-Anon B

Shaggy said...

Seabass was on until 4 am. Lots of ticket folks called in.

ap said...

Dang, I still have to listen to that. I tuned into the open for a minute and I was really sad to hear a less-than-exuberant SeaBass opening the show. You should have heard him during Game 5 with Mark, Donny, Jub, Snake, Rhynes...awesome (and on my reposting TODO list). It was right up with the postgame show he did when the Rangers won the ALCS...breathless and darn near bursting with glee (and much booze)

P1 Steven said...

Just got back from San Antonio. Did I miss any kind of awesome sporting moment? .... :(

ap said...

That postgame was, well, kindof awful.

Norm is a fantastic sports analyst. That was not a night for intensive sports analysis though; it was a night for screaming "whooo!" and overmodulated sports points given by hosts whose voices had gone hoarse from screaming all game. That postgame show was so dry that the promos used audio from Game 5 and passed them off as Game 6 audio. Norm left Sean a few hours in, and the poor guy had to take calls by himself for the rest of the show (Joe Lecci was around to help out, fortunately). Very few hosts from Miami called in, and since it was a road game, it was an eerily quiet broadcast -- it would have made sense to put him out at the AAC or a sports bar just for the ambient noise.

In hindsight, I think they would have done much better to bring in a guy like Newbury, Stu Cedar or Scot Harrison to work with Sean. All of those guys are energetic, capable and wouldn't have forced Seabass to use his indoor voice. Note that I left out Mike Sirois because I'm 100% positive he was plastered, and rightfully so.

The Plainsman said...

I don't begrudge the hosts their fun in Miami. I really don't. But it seems to be unanimous: When it comes to Game 6, as Rick Carlisle might say: There's only one ball, and The Ticket dropped it.

The next-day reports on the evening's carousing prompts some additional thoughts on a topic I've been turning over in my mind for quite awhile with respect to our beloved hosts that I'll try to get to shortly.

Again: If Game 6 had been here, we'd probably have had the kind of wheels-off roundtable broadcasting we've come to expect.

Hey, the Mavs packed one change of clothes. They expected to win Game 6. The Ticket seemed unready for that eventuality. Too bad, because, like AP, I like Norm and I also like Sean Bass. Just the wrong gestalt for the biggest post-game in years.