Thursday, February 14, 2013

QUICK HITS: Heading to Ticketstock

A few topics as I load up the Conestoga and hang the "IRVING OR BUST" banner on it:

(1)  For your convenience, a couple of great links from Confessors on the last comment thread:

       An interview with Cumulus ultimate CTO Lew Dickey:   Lew Dickey Interview   I haven't listened to this yet but I'm going to and will have some further thoughts.

       Real nice article about some of our favorite JV (they're all our favorite!), with pics!:  JV Article

See below.

(2)  I don't have a problem with Scot and Matt lifting bits from The Ticket.  Show biz has always been about stealing bits.  So has business.  So has how we dress, the phrases we use, and everything else.  I am doubtful that the CTO has imposed a "do stuff like The Ticket" regime on our lads, but if they had it would hardly be an irrational strategy.  I do hope they find some creative variations -- "Community Tidbits" as a title is a little, um, weak.  (Maybe in Alabam you'd be better off with "Community Tide-Bits.")

As for Mike R's attitude:   The Confessor may be right that Mike is contemptuous of people who appropriate his mannerisms or lift bits from The 'Line or The Ticket.  I don't know.  And in general it is not a good thing to upset Mike.  But is it not very clear that he has very little influence at The Ticket these days?  He may be able to do what he wants, and thank Jah for that, but I doubt whether the CTO takes his disposition into account when making decisions on programming, personnel, scheduling -- anything.  I'm thinking Rich Phillips has more influence at The Ticket than Mike does.  You may think that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it's the thing.

(3)  Speaking of which:  On The Hardline yesterday reference was made to The Machine, Kevin Turner, and other JV, and Corby jubilated that this was the best possible time to be at The Ticket, or words to that effect (the context was one of general approval of these guys).  Mike replied that "things have never been worse around here" and "this is the worst it's ever been" (or WTTE), which I took as more of an overall Ticket comment and not necessarily directed at the JV (although he took a direct shot at KT).  What was interesting about this is that he repeated these phrases in one form or another at least a half-dozen times or so, but Corby and Danny seemed always to be talking over him.  He continued to repeat the phrase(s) as though he were hopeful of stimulating some reaction to his growling judgment that things were bad at The Little One.  But either because they weren't paying attention, or didn't want to get into it on the air, Corby and Danny did not respond in any way to Mike's repeated condemnation of the way things are "around here."  Anyone hear that and have an impression?

(4)  I really liked the article on the JV guys, but it depressed me a little since it contained more information on these fine chaps than you would get out of reading a year of this site.  I know, this is a commentary site and not a newsy site, different goals, reaction rather than reporting, but still made me feel pretty unnecessary.  So I'm going to go off and sulk for a bit.

See you at Ticketstock.


duckandcover said...

(2a) Neither do I. And I've stated as to why I think, at least in part, they are doing so in the last thread. I will say, however, that if Scot is in fact aping Mike R's manner of speech in some regards, well, that borders on weird at best, a bit on the pathetic side at worst. (I'm a Scot Harrison fan, by the way.) I have to disagree with you, Plainsman, on the CTO/bring The Ticket brand--all of it-- to WJOX order front. As you said, "it would hardly be an irrational strategy." It's not just rational, it's both smart and has already been employed at stations throughout the country. Except this time you have genuine Ticket ex-pats doing it; and doing it not at another station in their own market where its opacity is almost comical, but rather a time-zone away where no one is none the wiser. I definitely think that bringing the Ticket brand and all that it entails was a huge, if not The deciding factor in them being hired. After all, as it's been said before, they were a Sunday morning show; not an afterthought by any means, but neither were they primetime. And they landed a primo slot in a land far far away at a station under the same parent company. Moreover, after having listened to the Bloomberg link (Plainsman, listen to it ASAP, it's an eye opener), I'm certain that the above, if not on the whole correct, is at the very least zeroing in on target.

(2b) Absolutely it's a thing. If things don't work out for MaSS and they return to Dallas, AND if it is true that they've/Scot had basically assumed Mike's (or anyone's) personality, you bet it will cause them problems. Think of a ball player who breaks the clubhouse omerta: no one wants to touch him, period. While it might not preclude them from getting another DFW gig (though it could make it tougher), they might not have any friends left at The Ticket and elsewhere. For guys like Matt and Scot (apparently very nice guys), that will not be a pleasant, easy thing to deal with. I do agree with you that RP probably has more pull than MR. Also, I do want to say that if all they're doing is taking bits and concepts, well, while personally disappointing because I think those guys can make it without resorting to such things, I don't think that'll have any impact on their relationships with their old bunk mates. Specially if what I claim is true (CTO "mandated"); their old compadres will/do totally understand.

(3) I heard that segment, as well. Sometimes it's difficult to see where the line drawn between joking and serious is when Mike says such things. I always get the feeling that the line is a blurred one; and there's truth inside the exaggeration. I did get the sense that there was more exaggeration than truth in yesterday's "airing of feelings." Yet there was, I believe, truth in there nonetheless.

(4) As you said, this is a site for commentary and whatnot. Hey, if you want to explore that avenue, go for it! I'd love to read a Plainsman-Ticket employee interview. But you do know that it would mean an end to your anonymity (sooner or later); and thus, by having personal contact/familiarity with employees, you would most likely find yourself censoring (consciously or sub) your commentaries, and thereby neutering MTC--at least from its proprietor's standpoint, which is sort of important!

Anonymous said...

Gagreed, duck. It's gotta be a CTO thing. You know that MaSS understands firsthand how the rest of the Ticket guys feel about their bits and lingo being ripped by others. I'll bet ya they felt the same way too only a couple of weeks ago. That's why I think doing Community Tidbits and stuff like that is totally CTO driven. There's no way those two would cop that sort of Ticket staple on their own accord. It probably makes them queasy. But it's probably just the cost of doing business if they want to move up the ladder.

BBQ said...

If you go through Scot's and Matt's Twitter timelines you'll see many tweets from Ticket listeners -including Grubes and Rich Phillips- letting them know that their ripping, which includes using P1s, has made it's way back here. When you read the conversations you pretty much see that both parties -The Ticket and The Matt and Scot Spectacular are well aware of it all. Meaning that more than likely they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. Rich Phillips -who is in Cumulus management- seems to be totally on board with it. I think d&c is right on this one.

Anonymous said...

The "P1" moniker is not a ticket creation, neitherare round tables, mix-and-match hosting, or "bits."

Anonymous said...

P1 is not a Ticket creation, it's industry lingo. But The Ticket is the first station to introduce it to its audience and address its audience as such. Now go back to doing whatever job it is you do at The FAN. We know who you are.

Anonymous said...
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ap said...

"I really liked the article on the JV guys, but it depressed me a little since it contained more information on these fine chaps than you would get out of reading a year of this site."

Oooh, I don't know about that, Plainsman! I thought there was a great deal of discussion on this site regarding each of the JV members, and I know many of them initially used this site as a forum for constructive feedback. If anything, I would say that this site had that article beat by at least a year.

I was really happy for the Ticket JV weekend. As stated many times before, I'm biased, so maybe I was overlooking things that other listeners caught. But I thought they did very well - no major hiccups, e-brakes, nerves, anything that you'd expect from first-time shows. Thoughts?

The Plainsman said...

@ap: I'm still sulking. I took a break and pouted for awhile, but I decided to go back to sulking.

The Plainsman said...

So here I am. I'm Miracle Whip. I've got this great idea for an ad campaign. I'm gonna get some celebs to talk about how they're pre-judged about something or other, and how they identify with the pre-judged product Miracle Whip.

And although I won't come right out and say it in the ad, I know the truth is that my product really IS pre-judged. It's pre-judged to be something akin to sweetened, pre-softened lard with almost no nutritional value and lotsa calories.

It's pre-judged to be a product favored by shapeless, bland, white people.

So my first choice for a celebrity spokesperson is . . .


D.A. said...

To All: I again as you to stop looking at things through “P1 Glasses” since bigger picture news is easily available to read.

I understand that many of you here who use Anon tags or a consistent alias, I do think that there is often overestimation of The Ticket and its impact in 2013.

I enjoy it and still listen after two moves since living there, but...

1-This is 2013, so why is there no Ticket show (or any other DFW sportsradio show) on FSSW? Since the Houston teams are now on CSNHouston, it is basically set up for the DFW market. If NYC, Boston, and SF (a Cumulus station) have a M-F presence on TV, why not The Ticket.

2- Cumulus was a mid-market and lower player before October 2005 when they bought the Susquehanna stations for $1.2B and moved into Top 10 Markets like DFW and San Francisco. That carried a lot of debt with it. Since then, they added even more debt 18 months ago when they bought Citadel/ABC for $2.5B to move into even more major markets. They are now in 7 of the top 10 and 9 of the top 15:

Cumulus Markets: NYC, LA, CHI, DFW, SF, DC, ATL, HOU, DET
Non-Cumulus: PHL, BOS, MIA, SEA, PHX, Puerto Rico (considered a market)

3- A year after the Citidel acqusition, their revenues are flat. For the last two quarters, Lew Dickey has blamed the top 10 markets and specifically the “spoken word” stations within those top markets as being the ad revenue losers. Apparently, the top 10 markets account for over 10% of their overall revenue. Are the sports stations a part of the losses or is it just the news/talk and all-news stations? Dickey has never said, but I know that KGO is losing cash. WJR (Detroit market #11) is losing money as well.

KABC just lost the Dodgers contract to ClearChannel and their Buffalo station lost the Bills to Entercomm. That is clear revenue lost but it has yet to show in terms of filings. 2012 Q4 should be known in the next three weeks.

3-There are other Cumulus sports stations who control the both the audience and male demo better than The Ticket in relation to a higher percentage of listeners. The best two examples for markets with PPMs is Cumulus-owned 104.5 The Zone (Nashville) and AM680 KNBR (San Francisco), but both of those stations have the local NFL flagship rights and 680 has both the Giants and Warriors. I do not know how much money Cumulus pays the Stars, but I know it is minimal since broadcast HRR (hockey related revenue) for the majority of the NHL teams is darn paltry.

Lastly, no host is permanent. Hell on Wednesday, Boston's WEEI (Entercomm) fired Glenn Ordway after 18 years due to declining ratings and his last day is Friday. He was making $1M until his most recent contract and the new deal was connected to ratings and it was made at the time CBS's WBZ went all sports and doubled the ratings of WEEI. His replacement is to be Mike Salk, a former Boston host who has been working mid-days in Seattle on their #2 sports station, KJR with Brock Huard. Salk is going to be cheaper and must really dislike Seattle since the word is that he will go back to Boston for only $100K for a afternoon drive slot.

duckandcover said...

So. exactly, what are you saying, D.A.? I ask because I'm seriously interested. What's your big picture view of the future (either near or far) of The Ticket? Because after all this site is about The Ticket. Thus we probably do have a myopic view of things. Since you seem to have an insider's grasp on the industry, I for one would really appreciate hearing what you think is in the works. Now if having an NFL team means making ad monies, well, The Ticket had the Cowboys; however, according to many sources that deal had quite the opposite effect on The Ticket. Not sure how it's working out with The FAN. However, if having an NFL team is a means to revenue (if done correctly, I assume), then a Ticket/Cumulus/CBS buyout, more extensive partnership, or whatever would seem to make sense. And The Ticket, which is clearly the better manned station, taking over the superior FM signal, etc. would seem to make sense, as well. Finally, this merging and shuffling of the decks would also seem to point to a dumping of some older, more expensive talent in favor of younger, fresher, cheaper voices (e.g., perhaps Norm and/or Mike are "retired").

Is the above getting close to what you see on the horizon around here?

The Plainsman said...

duck, once again you have beat me to the keyboard.

D.A., I absolutely love the radio insider stuff, whether it comes from "easily available" sources or your own expertise. I really do, and I hope you will continue to favor us with it.

I don't even mind you scolding this site for failing to consider context. This isn't a general radio site and I'm not a deep radio guy, but yeah, I'd love to know more about the industry.

Your communications, however, are ALL context, no Ticket. What does your information tell you about KTCK in DFW? Come on, man -- speculate!

Me, I'm still puzzled as to why they don't give The Ticket a bigger signal and why they don't try a spot of syndication. Probably good reasons for both, but we need a real radio guy to fill us in. Are you that guy?

Signal change (this article links to all prior articles):;postID=8056112011396512228


duckandcover said...

I beat you only because I sleep very little. Hopefully you've listened to that Dickey interview; it sheds a lot of light and perspective on the info that D.A. is conveying. It isn't very difficult to read between the lines and apply what Dickey says to our beloved station. I too wonder about syndication. And I'm wondering if all of these moves which are taking (and will take) place will indeed move a show or two down that road. The obvious candidates would be The Musers and THL. Though when I think about it, BaD might be the show that has the best chance of translating, as is-without changing a thing, to a regional or national audience.

To echo Plainsman: D.A., what say you?

Anonymous said...

Been listening to MaSS on WJOX off and on every day since they started. First thoughts.......Either this is going to succeed epically or fail epically. I know it's very early but it's really hard to tell which way it'll go. Man oh man do they take A LOT of callers. Many of them know the topics better than MaSS does, and it's obvious. It also seems like the listeners, at least going by the callers, aren't too interested in bits and Tickety stuff. Their sole concern seems to be Bama football and to some extent basketball. Other than that, that's it. That's the reason I think it'll be epic failure or epic success. If they can get the listener into bits and Tickety stuff then I bet they are a smash hit. But if it doesn't take, look out. Because I don't know if Scot will be able to sit there year after year talking nothing but Bama sports. Matt probably can, though. Hopefully WJOX will give them enough time to see if Tickety stuff can attract. If not I think we'll be seeing Scot at the Pourhouse by this time next year. Hope not. Hope they nail it. If they don't I don't think it'll be their fault, I think it'll be due to a rigid market and a station that wanted to squeeze blood from a turnip.

D.A. said...

I am not invested in Cumulus, I just listen to the station if something interest me. If it doesn't, I go to Ron and Fez on Sirius/XM, NPR in whatever city I am in, or a podcast of something non-sport.

Syndication of a local show generally does not work because it is hard to take local items, even the Cowboys and make it resonate consistently in other areas. It can work for a morning show since the headlines for the start of day are generally national in scope and the gossip can resonate in all parts of the country. That does not really hold up for sports. The Musers with Gordo are basically a "morning zoo", every market has such a show who can do that better locally.

To add to that, did you look at the Talkers 100 list for sports radio? By no means should that list to be used as an indication of how well each does their job, but that list is indicative of part of the problem with local sports talk in all markets. There are not many brown faces in that list of 100 shows. The top 20 had one Latin and one black, extend to the top 40 and add two more blacks and I think there were just two women within the 100 shows. Moral of the story, the majority of the shows are interchangeable.

In the case of Paul Finebaum, his show works because in terms of the show, he doesn't work. In his three hours, he may have an interview with somebody in college football or the sport in season, but the rest of the time all he does to take calls from SEC fans who attack each other via the telephone. You have fans of 14 schools who are willing to wait on hold to support their team. Not many other shows have a passionate audience that built in. When The New Yorker writes a feature on you, you know that you are big. That occurred to Finebaum and his show in December 2012.

As we have airline consolidation, the same thing is occurring in terrestrial sports radio. The licensing of Yahoo!Sports Radio is probably fading to leave the US with four national syndicated providers:ESPN, FOX (Clear Channel), CBS, and NBC. Each realize that there still is a need for a local component since games are broadcast more at the local/regional level.

duckandcover said...

It looks like the Newbury, Kenp, and Bass Show might've been short-lived. But I'm looking forward to listening to what's going to take place Sunday: Ty Walker (good for Ty!) and Sea Bass followed by IJB (or at least Jake and TC; don't know if whether they'll use the IJB moniker, but why wouldn't they?). I take it Cat and Rich are tinkering around and seeing what best fits. I do hope a place is found for Newbury. I think he's another Bacsik-like asset that needs to be utilized. Whatever the case is, good luck to all this weekend.

D.A., I appreciate your insights and data, but I'd like to hear how you believe such meta movements and trends will shake out at The Ticket. Your point on syndication is taken, but as much as I've enjoyed your insights and data (and as much as I think I've gleaned from them vis-a-vis the bigger picture), I'm still wondering about your angle. As I previously stated: this is a Ticket-centric site. After all it is called My Ticket Confession. So when you say you're not invested in Cumulus, and that you only listen to the station if something interests you (to be honest, I'm not sure how that works. Do you just tune in from time to time and if whatever is being said grabs you, you stay; if not, you leave?), I'm not sure just exactly why you're leaving comments? Other than to point out the much larger picture. If that's the case, and it seems that it is, then I for one would appreciate it if you wouldn't mind tying it all back to The Ticket. That is, what do you think it means for the station, etc.

Please don't take my comments as negative. they're not; in any way. I'm only curious as to how your insights and data apply/could possibly apply in the future to The Littlest of Ones.

Anonymous said...

Not gonna pretend to even help decipher insider lingo and financial talk, but to address Mike's supposed unhappiness with the direction of the station....I read it purely as him playing the "grumpy old man" persona for humor, or just to play off the (genuinely) positive vibes from Corby and Danny about JV'ers. I've never taken his words as somehow being subversive towards the potential future of a station he still loves a lot (speculating).

And while I don't know Mike at all, and have only met him a couple of times, there's a comment from Danny from his appearance on IJB (it's something like episode 6), where he describes a clear change in Mike's persona from being more gruff and disagreeable with people to a more free-wheelin', relaxed, lasseiz-faire attitude towards radio and life in general- that being the death of Danny's friend Carter. It's even more interesting how, with that event being so close to the whole Greggo incident/firing that Danny mentioned Carter's passing being more of a fundamental change for Mike rather than Greggo's buttheaded BS.

The Plainsman said...

Mitchell? Mitchell?

The Plainsman said...

The Teebox never fails to entertain, even though I haven't played golf in a long time and have no interest in it.

Rick was talking about the too-relaxed standards for the golf hall of fame. He expressed the view that winning two majors should be the "precipice" for admission.

First off, I don't think "precipice" is exactly the word he was looking for -- in any event, it's not the right word -- so I start off shaking my head a little.

But Craig instantly grabs the e-brake spotlight: "Precipice? There's no way that's a word."

Rick: "You're disgracing your Georgia education every time you open your mouth." (OWTTE.)

Craig: "It sounds like a long amphibian."

I laughed out loud as I exited the Tollway to downtown. A long amphibian, what on earth . . . is he thinking of PLATYPUS?

Which is not an amphibibian, but a marsupial.

Teebox, I do love you so.

BBQ said...

So far, no Mitchell K. If he's not on by CdS, then I'm thinking he might've been 86'd from the station.

When compared to Craig Rosen Rosen, my cat is a scholar. But Rick isn't too far above Craig on the language front. When he corrected Craig's "affection ado" with "affictionado," I don't think he was kidding. The blatant misuse of precipice sort of supports what I'm thinking. But yeah, The Tee Box is gold. So's DiGianni.

I too would be interested in reading D.A.'s TICKET thoughts as related to his general and at times oddly particular industry information.

atlanta rhythm section said...

Methinks our special lad, Mitchell, was probably told by Cat to stay home this week because of Ticketstock. What with the roundtables, logistics, and whatnot.

Anywho, that's my story.

KT said...

It'll be Carlos Leal doing tickers Noon-6 today. Mitchell is not on the schedule to work this weekend.

T4 In Rockwall said...

As usual, thanks for the check in KT and keeping us straight in our conspiracies.

Anonymous said...

KT: Any chance that you and Machine will get to give your show another go? Maybe even a permanent slot? Hope so, brutha.

Anonymous Ron said...

Sounds like the Ticket is getting their money's worth out of whatever his appearance fee was.

Anonymous Ron said...


his = Dennis Rodman

T4 In Rockwall said...

Hopefully all of the Rodman dumps are put up on a podcast. Craig just said there was about 6 of them, although I don't recall hearing that many. Probably some combined in there. The 7 second delay is a little confusing when trying to follow dumped audio.

Anonymous said...

It would've been great, and well deserved, if Rodman would've punched Gordon. Rodman is a sick and sad figure. Of his own doings, of course, but nevertheless he's sick and sad. His faculties are obviously diminished and he sounded as if he were drunk (and likely was). I wished he'd have punched Gordon just like I wish one of the homeless or obviously mentally disturbed individuals that he ridicules would punch him.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Yes, he definitely sounded drunk.

Anonymous said...

Way too many guest interviews this year. Especially when some of the guests have been interviewed multiple, multiple times on the air already (Big Smooth, Turco, Grieve). I always thought the best part of TS was the audience interaction and extended roundtables.

D.A. said...

The endgame for The Ticket in both the short term or long term is more contingent on the industry than on the locals. An example of a short term issue to me is what will happen to CBS Radio in the next 12-24 months.

Now to address The Ticket specifically, I think they have to move fully to a FM signal (i93) to maximize advertising dollars sooner than later. i93 is the lowest rated DFW Cumulus FM station and I am not sure that Cumulus could justify a purchase another FM signal. While even moving to KLIF-AM may boost their range, it is still an AM stick. Recent history of markets with competitive sports radio stations tend to have local sports programming on FM and nationally syndicated programs go to AM.

While sports radio is garnering more and more mass appeal, AM radio is not. Listenership on all radio platforms is declining and 77% of AM listeners nationally are 45 or older. Nearly 58% are 55 and older. Unless you are Radio Disney on AM, your AM audience will continue to age and age quickly. It is simple, AM has a enormous demographics problem and as the "Little Ticket" turns 20, a large portion of their P1's/core audience is rapidly approaching that dangerous age of 50.

USB ports in cars, satellite radio, and other streaming like Pandora are also impacting the decline of AM ad revenue. Audio: By the Numbers ( will tell you the trends and where the growth might be.

KT said...

Anonymous 1212, I really hope so but I know as much as you do on that front. We'll see!

Anonymous said...

Rodman didn't just sound drunk, he looked drunk as well. He ran up and gave Gordo a big hug as soon as the segment ended, so it was all an act. It was kinda tense during the interview though because no one there could tell if he was being serious.

The Plainsman said...

Didn't hear Rodman, but this site tried to warn The Ticket that while the guy was one of the greatest defenders of all time, parti-colored hair and witless stunts could not conceivably make this man interesting. And now he's a shell, an open bag of leaves except there are no leaves in the bag.

I'm glad to see D.A. advocating for signal change. A disgrace that this jewel in Cumulus's crown continues to languish on a bad AM signal and a weak FM signal.

D.A. said...

I prefer to give numbers and quotes/links from management as opposed to trying to play "keyboard PD". While I realize, this blog prefers the latter, I do try to make any thoughts and assumptions from the former.

There is an Arbitron White Paper which is easily available on the length and timing of radio ads which can be found easily:

Ads and retention is one thing, by the aging AM demo still remains, especially if 9% of the population claim that they have never switched to the AM dial.

For your thoughts regarding syndication, keep this in mind. The new affiliate (smaller town Cumulus station) would be on the hook for selling most of those ads. Unlike a show like "Rush Limbaugh" or "Hannity", the bulk of ad sales would not be the job of the National/Regional Cumulus sales staff, but on the locals. They are entirely two different sales staffs with different sales footprints.

I think it would hard for an account exec living in a border state city like Albuquerque, Shreveport, or Fort Smith, AR to try to sell Ticket programming when they run over times to take ad breaks and the local sponsor may not think it aligns with their local business. It would be harder on the local person behind the glass too.

I think it would be hard to describe BaD Radio or THL to someone in those cities if in 50 weekly program hours, one hour is spent on "Rolling Stones talk", another hour on "Dallas crime news" aka CQH, one more hour on "WTDS", and time spent with more time spent Even Grant and Followill on local Dallas sports. The Cardinals and Braves are still the MLB team of many in the areas to syndicate.

Life and radio moves much faster than just having a website, radio streaming or telling P1s to "listen longer". Media has gone past that. Heck, there is an app called, Snapchat, which is used 60 million/day, so Cumulus and others have to now deal with that now too.

Again, for full disclosure, I have not worked in radio/broadcasting since an internship in 1994 and I have not worked in sport/intercollegiate athletics since 2007. I am just newly turned 40 y.o. guy who lived in DFW from 1999-2007 and have lived in other Top 10 markets before and since yet still consider The Ticket as my favorite sports station. My favorite to the point which my friends who never lived in the Metroplex and a few of their parents love "Fake Jerry" and know about unticket.

duckandcover said...

D.A., I appreciate your thoughts; and thanks for being more Ticket specific. I understand where you're coming from regarding those of us who like to play Armchair PD (guilty). And I also get your overriding interest in the grander scope of the industry. I must say, however, that while what you say concerning trends, demos, etc., might be true (and I think it is), there still are decisions on the local level that might not wholly pertain to those trends, etc., that do affect a P1's listening experience; hence, many of us like to play Armchair PD. The "fallout" from MaSS leaving is a perfect example: suddenly we have new (possible) shows popping up on the weekends. While these maneuverings by no means relate to industry meta trends, again, they do affect our listening experience. And, from your own description, you like the station, but it's not as if you're a P1. Thus you're most likely not invested in either the station or (and especially) the employees like many of us are. The (some might say sad) fact of the matter is that many of us see these guys as our good friends, even an extended family of sorts. We've invested a lot of our time and "heart" into this station. Some of us so much so that we start blogs and comment (probably too often!) on said blogs. Thus we play Armchair PD. However, I really enjoy the links, info, and insights you present. They've helped me to rethink (and even confirm) some of what I believe is occurring.

One more thing: You made the point about Morning Zoos, syndication, and the plug and play/gentrification of syndication in general; basically saying nothing on The Ticket would play well nationally due to its local-centric nature (though you made other points on this topic, too) . On the surface I agree. But I will say this: I used to listen to Stern when he was a local show in D.C. He was so much like what THL has become that at times I wonder if Mike R. has purposely swung things that way over the years (he admires Stern, very much). My point is, no matter how local a show is, if it's THAT good, it can adapt. Stern did. He dis so by making everything about his life. Now can THL? I kind of doubt it. I don't think they're THAT good. BaD, on the other hand, with a lot of hard work and tweaking, might be able to pull it off. But then again, as you rightly say, there are many more issues involved than just the talent.

Back to Armchair PD'ing:

I enjoyed the Ty Walker Chicken/ Sea Bass Show. Very solid. But I wouldn't have expected anything less. IJB fits in well--during this time slot. I can see how Jake rubs some the wrong way. He does have a bit of Corby-esque know-it-all thing going on. Though I think it might, at least in part, have to do with his voice/cadencing/delivery. Then again, some of the things that come out of his mouth outside the realm of sports are quite breathtaking. And not in a good way. I have a feeling that one day down the road he will listen to some of this and want to go back in time and wring his younger self's neck. On the positive, TC is doing a pretty bang up job (I'll never understand the venom sometimes hurled his way in these comboxes), and Jake is very good when he talks sports. Very good, indeed. As I said, I think this time slot suits them well. They'll only get better.

Anonymous said...

Digging IJB. I see d&c's point about Jake's know it all ness, but it doesn't bother me. The smartest thing they've done is not taking callers. That's what train wrecked their last try out. Hope you boys get the gig.

BBQ said...

Just saw this over at the Observer

Looks like it was well attended. Check out those Timewaster pics. VERY well attended. Compare that to The FANniversary pics that were posted up here in an earlier thread. Don't mean to laugh out loud, but I'm laughing out loud. Both held at the same venue, mind you. You can really tell in those pics who is working musician. Mike, Danny, and Grubes look like grizzled vets up there. Totally natural and comfortable. Cool stuff. Wished I'd have gone. Oh well, there's always next year.

Did anyone go? If so how was it?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if MK has been given the heave-ho? The new guy, Carlos Leal I think?, did a fine job this weekend. If MK has been canned, I'd highly encourage him to apply at The FAN. If you're a former Ticket employee, you will be given a job, no questions asked.

Seabass and Ty were a good. IJB was a good. S&T were better. My only complaint about IJB is that they do that "one time...this friend of mine did stuff....and then it this other thing happened....and then...." dorm room pot smoking thing. They need to be mindful of it and cut it out. It makes for boring radio. Other than that, good show. It wouldn't surprise me if both of those shows get the permanent nod. It would be really cool if they add even more shows to Sat. and Sun. Fill out the rest of the days like the weekdays. Talk about starting a farm system.

Slim_Shakey said...

My Ticketstock Report…

Bought a very smart Ticket hat, $15, I like it, worth the money.

Literally ran into Grubes, couldn’t have met a nicer guy, but so short! Then I saw SeaBass behind me as I was watching the Timewasters, wanted to tell him how much I enjoyed him and that I was sorry for his loss, just felt I had to tell him, even though I never met him. And then I whipped Donovan’s arse, cause I think he is just that great.

It was an incredible night, I left the rest of the guys alone but to anyone that says they are too big for the P1’s, they are just wrong. All of them walked around, shook hands, took pictures and spent time with their fans, it was a pleasure to watch. I really walked away thinking “we can do what they can do, but they can’t do what we can do.” And looking at my twitter tweet P1 time line, there were a lot of folks who had just as much fun.

Anonymous said...

Had a great time at TicketStock once again. There was an impressive amount of people - especially when Rodman was on stage. (So despite the gloom and doom predictions of this site, there was interest in Rodman.)

They were smart to move the Cowboys' bus away from the stage. That allowed for more crowd space during the concert, unlike last year. At times, however, there was a severe lack of seating around the stage (especially for Rodman). They also removed the tables in the main lobby, so there was nowhere to sit and eat lunch, take a break, etc.

Spent some time talking with Junior, Jake and Sirois. Also met Norm, which I hadn't done at previous events. The Family Feud game was a lot of fun.

Overall, it's a blast to see the guys do what they do in person. You wouldn't know it from the commenters on this site, but The Ticket still puts on a damn fine product.

The Plainsman said...

What in blazes are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Plainsman said. What in the Hell are you talking about? This site loves The Ticket. I guess you can't tell the difference between criticism and unabashed love.

Oh well. That's your deal.

Anonymous said...

Plainsman: Not quite sure why you find my post so hard to comprehend. This site and its commenters spend far too much time predicting the end for The Ticket, its hosts and its shows rather than just enjoying it while it's here. You even admitted so much in the close to your Ticketstock post.