Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Questions for Knowledgeable Confessors

All right, we need to lighten up around here.   Let's have a spot of fun, eh?  Also, if we have some new Confessors from the incredible runup in visitors over the last week, a good way to get started with the site.

Quite awhile go I posted "Questions for Knowledgeable Confessors" and laid out some questions about station history and bits that I -- a listener only since 2004 -- was curious about.  We heard from our friends at The Ticket (Michael Gruber proved a fine historian) and got most if not all of them answered, and Confessors knew some answers.  Now, with many times the readers I had then, I'll bet we can get these answered, too.

I have a little list going, most of them mine, some of them from others.  I encourage you to ask your own questions in the comments about bits, phrases, inside gags, characters, performers, anything you've been wondering about.  Let's see if we can't all get up to speed with the many mysteries of the greatest radio station in the world.

Thanks in advance for helping out.  Here we go:

     (1)  What is the significance and humor value of "babyarm"?

     (2)  Who is Pete Stein, what did Mike and/or Greg do to him, and was it a dark moment in Hardline history?  Is that where the "3  .  .  .  2  .  .  .  aaaaannnd you're done" drop comes from?

     (3)  I think this drop was destroyed with the move to Victory, so maybe not worth answering.  There was a drop that was played when someone would make a cheesy joke, the drop was a rimshot with a guy hollering out something that sounded like "what about me".  Michael Gruber said that he was saying "from the northeast," an occasional reference in Gordon's characters, but after that explanation I listened to it closely and I can't pull those words out of it.   I say, this one's probably a dead letter.

     (4)   Here's one I had on the list but got an answer to just a few weeks ago: Where do Corby’s and Danny’s “doin’ the Greggo” clips come from in George D's Jaggeresque Community Quick Hits theme?  I believe the answer  is that some people thought that George was saying "everyone loves doin' the Greggo," and Corby and Danny recorded those clips to play over George's vocal.  

     (5)  What ad did George do that has his kids (I think they're his) cheering followed by George saying “Yeah, the kids like that"?

     (6)  I know what the “one ball” line is – wait, actually, I don't – but what does the name mean? 

     (7)  Who plays guitar on the Hardline theme song?

     (8)  What is the Teebox theme song with that marvelous gutbucket guitar?

     (9)  Where does that clip “Whiskey, all you want” come from, and has it been lost in the bungled move to Victory?

    (10)  For some reason, it sounds like Brent Spiner (in his guise as the inventor of Data) saying "it's time, buddy, it's time."  But I can't find any reference to it online, with or without Brent Spiner.  Where does it come from?

     (11)  Does The Ticket have any idea of the amount of its archives (drops, classic audio) lost or destroyed in the bungled move to Victory?  What exactly happened, anyway?  How could that possibly happen, giving the incredible ease in copying files and moving gigantic amounts of data these days?  

     (12)  What is that infectious country-swing pedal steel number they play under Ticket promos from time to time?  Just a canned snippet for radio stations, or part of a real song?  Love that.

    (13)  Does George Dunham (among other hosts) really not know how to pronounce Norm's last name, or is it a station bit?  I was going to write an indignant piece on this, but thought I'd better check on the possibility that it's a bit.  

Awright, everyone, get your questions ready -- and longtime P1s, JV, and Ticket stars, fill us in.  If you would prefer not to leave your answer in a comment  .  .  .

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Newt said...


This phrase, recently popularized by the "Lee Corso has a baby arm" sign seen at the 2006 Texas/Ohio State football game broadcast, originated on the Ticket, 1310 AM in Dallas, TX. A weekend morning show called The Rant, hosted by Gordon Keith proposed a hypothetical after a long discussion about Grady Stiles (the man with "lobster claw" hands that became a sideshow legend). The hypothetical was as such:
Would you rather have a baby arm (an arm that is far underdeveloped on a full size person, which is a common defect), or a lobster claw?
The lobster claw would be on a normal sized arm, so it's a normal arm with the claw or a mutant mini baby sized arm on a regular sized person.
Baby arm has become a generic phrase used by the staff of the Ticket as well as the listeners. It is mostly a greeting, and has been championed most in recent times by BAD Radio (a show on the Ticket), although all hosts might spit it out here or there. Dan McDowell, co-host of the BAD Radio show actually wrote a song about baby arm and performed it at the Ticket's yearly convention called Ticketstock. It was set to the tune of Candyman.
In recent times, the phrase "baby arm" has been surpassed in popularity by the phrase, "have good and get give", which is a shortened version of "have good and get give on a get give Sunday with three times the catfish face fry", which was something callers Luke and Josh used to utter when they phoned the afforementioned "Rant" radio program. Basically, the phrase is nonsense and part of a larger game known as bandsaw, the definition of which can be found on this very site.
"Hey-what's up!?"
"baby arm!"
"would you rather have a baby arm or a lobster claw?"


Sam Hale said...

I can't answer all of these, but I'll answer the ones I know.

(2). Pete Stein was a fill in host during middays, not a regular by any means. He was doing 12-3 in some capacity, when the Hardliners mixed with him. It was opening day one year of the Rangers, and M&G were out at TXLC by the Temple. The two tried to mix, but Stein had a big bag of nothing. He was openly questioning the Rangers, and in general being a downer on the show. Once Mike realized he had nothing, he started the infamous countdown that you now hear ending WTDS. I thought it was hilarious, so I wouldn't say a dark day at all.

(3). The drops originate from a character on the morning show named Shorty Defazio(spelling). He had a store in the northeast where he would sell weird sports memorabilia, or weird memorabilia in general. Usually they'd bring him on when a big sports event was going on, saying he had a booth set up. Example: If he was at this past Super Bowl, he'd be selling Ray Lewis blood stained underwear, Jim Harbaugh sweaty undershirts, Beyonce used underwear, etc. Whenever he would drop the item and price, a rim shot would be played. The voice you hear on "What about me?" is indeed Shorty.

(4) You're somewhat on target. This comes from the Ticket's own Mark Followill, aka Follo, who thought that George's rendition said "Everybody loves doin' the Greggo." The drops pulled come from the subsequent discussion when Hardline proper kicked Follo in the nuts.

(11) No, but just like everything during the Victory Park move, blame their former head engineer who shall not be named but will be abbreviated BB because that stupid bastard doesn't deserve any publicity.

Chris Raines said...

6. BALL was the last 4 digits of the contest line.

10. "It's time" is something the Laddy (old PD) used to say.

Grubes said...

1) It first started with a Rant discussion of which malady the guys would rather have: lobster claws or a baby-arm. Listen here for context:

From there, "baby arm" became like "aloha" could mean hello or goodbye...or sometimes "I agree."

2) Pete Stein is a longtime broadcaster in DFW. He was filling in for BaD Radio (they were at Rangers opening day…I was there, too!) with Kevin Scott on that infamous day. Basically, Pete was sports machine-gunning the guys to death during the mix. Mike and Greg had no idea (or acted like they had no idea) who he was, poked fun at him, said “who are you?” etc. Eventually, Mike did the infamous countdown. Mike and Greg both felt bad about it later. I think it was intended to be ball-busting/”welcome to the club, rookie” stuff, but it got out of hand.
I don’t remember it being a dark moment. Everyone laughed it off, and I got a very useful drop to end WTDS out of it. :)
3) It was a character called Shorty DeFazio. He basically was a New Yorker who sold memorabilia. I’m almost positive he said “From the Northeast!” but Jer would know better than me.
4) It started when P1’s in larger and larger numbers were asking why George was saying “Doing the Greggo.” The Hardline were in disbelief that so many people heard the intro to Community Quick Hits that way. So when they did a segment discussing it, we got drops of Corby and Followill (not Danny) saying it. Ty then layered those drops over the music, thus adding to the confusion for people that missed the explanation.
5) It was for a show promo, but I can’t remember who those kids are or why they were there.
6) At the Maple studios, the contest line’s number was 214-787-1225. Due to childishness and the desire to make the number easy to remember, they called it the “1BAL” line…think of a phone’s keypad.
7) Shoopy has said the band’s name before, but I’m drawing a blank.
8) It’s an Eric Clapton song, but again…drawing a blank.
9) Trading Places.
10) That’s Mike Thompson… “The Wild Irish Laddy”…Ticket program director from 1995-1997 (approx.) Again, drawing a blank on what it meant.
11) I don’t want to think about it. Still makes me mad.
12) Canned, generic production music.
13) I think it’s just the way he pronounces it. Kinda like how Junior tends to say “milk” as “melk.”
That’s all I can come up with. I’m a little bit rusty since it’s been nearly a year outside the nurturing biosphere. It’s ridiculous how much of my brain-space the the Ticket occupied while I was there.

Shaggy said...

I didn't know the Shorty DeFazio reference, but I always heard it as "from the Northeast".

Shaggy said...

I didn't know the Shorty DeFazio reference, but I always heard it as "from the Northeast".

East Texas P1 said...

(4) I listened to the segment(s) where Norm professed why the theme kept referring to Greggo. Then I heard Jub's version where he was imitating a Mick Jagger singing "Community Quick Hits".

I have listened to this many times after and believe that George has a really bad Jagger / English impersonation. Only on the last repeat could any reasonably sane person possibly find "community quick hits" out of his voice.

I hear "FLO (supposed to be "everybody loves")"doing the Greggo" ("community quick hits").

I have never got it even after listening to the explanations.

Jer said...

Well, a few people have already beaten me to the punch on these, but let me see what I can add to.

(3) The rimshot was actually in a rotator of several Shorty DeFazio drops, but in the one you're asking about I can definitely confirm that he said "from the Northeast". Alas, that one is no longer with us, although if anyone ever wanted to make the effort, I bet it could be reclaimed from the Unticket archives.

(5) Yes, that was from a show promo "Coming up tomorrow on the D&M Show". I know one of the kids is George's youngest, but the others I think were just friends that had tagged along on a Take Your Squids To Work sort of thing.

(8) I get this question now and then. I should just have it at the ready, but yes, it's the greatness of Eric Clapton playing "She's Gone".

(10) Definitely the Wild Irish Laddy (program director pre-Bruce Gilbert). I don't recall exactly, as that was just very slightly before my time, but I believe it's in reference to letting something go (Coop maybe?) "It's time, buddy, it's time." That actually might be Fake Laddy.

(11)Far far too much. I think that the folder that held the ENCO archives in the computer was easily 500 GB, probably even more than that. I think Grubes actually had it all on a portable hard drive at one point, although I'm not sure what happened to it after he abandoned ship. But you can see that even after what was transferred, that's still a LOT.

What it ultimately came down to is that the drops were all recorded in multiple file formats, with various programs, over a space of over a decade (which is an INSANELY long time to keep using a program) and when it came down to moving time, only certain formats were able to be converted. At one point, we had access to the ENCO archives, but the files were in such disarray and it was just going to be such a massive undertaking to convert each one of them, one at a time (no way to mass-convert these, considering the wide array of formats and whatnot), that Grubes and I eventually just ended up letting it go.

In the end, while some truly great audio was lost, it did spur us to a) standardize our audio formatting, 2) archive better, and D) come up with new ones because let's face it, some of them were getting really tired. Even I have to admit that and I'm the king of running a drop into the ground. It was a great opportunity to reinvent the drop, and I think the station as a whole has done a pretty good little job with it. Pretty good little job.

(12) Pretty sure that's all generic production value. Mr. Doo is the keeper of that gold, though, he'd know more than I would.

(13) We've all got weird pronunciations of words: Jr has "melk", Gordon has "egleast", Rosengarden has about 90% of the words the dictionary. I also think it's one of those things where Norm's last name was intentionally mispronounced for so long that now it's incredibly difficult for George to say it "right". It's like your mom always said, if you do it too much it'll either stick that way or you'll go blind. I don't remember which.

Grubes said...

Unfortunately, I never archived anything from the ENCO. Tom and I were planning on it, but engineering and other people involved with the move insisted that it wasn't necessary. I regret so hard that I actually listened to and believed them. Could have saved a lot of work for everyone involved. And probably would have kept me around for a while longer.

Anonymous Ron said...

I know the origins of most of them, but I was also puzzled by the "what about me" drop. It sounded like Homer Simpson to me.

I was listening the day Rhyner had his encounter with Pete Stein, and although it is now immortalized in WTDS, at the time I thought it was kind of rude.

As to "baby arm" I think that just became a way to P-1s to wink at each other, with it being a common sign-off to a fake phone call. "What about eggs?" may be taking the place of that these days.

Today they played Danny's famous "I've got a flask in my car . . " drop but some may not know that Danny was actualy telling the story of an encounter with a drunk woman.

But I've got one. What's the origin of the "having fun" drop?

Shaggy said...

Funny tidbit I just discovered. Back on Monday (Greggo's return) at 2:54 pm, Richie Whitt claimed to have run the White Rock Marathon in 1986 and 1991 with times of 4:22 and 4:09. Maybe he thought by giving such pedestrian times that nobody would check his claim, but you can see results online and his claim does not check out.

I think somebody should ask him about it on Twitter.

Shaggy said...

Do you mean the "We're having fun here, no?" drop?

That's from the infamous Dan-Lee Corso encounter.

Shaggy said...

Okay, looks like RW did run it in 1990 in 4:29.

Shaggy said...

The plot thickens.

In this article Richie says he tried in 1986 but quit after 14 miles. So, he definitely lied on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Well, Shaggy, no wonder those two work together. After all, Greggo hit a home run off of a MLB pitcher (forget the name) and had sex with several famous actresses. Among many many other things.

I do think the "it's time, buddy, it's time" is from Fake Laddy. But no doubt it's based upon the real man. Probably did have to do with the Coop/Rocco move. Then again, it might've pertained to him constantly pushing Cowboys talk on every show.

The Hardline theme is not from a band but from a D1P1 who is a studio musician of sorts. His name escapes me at the moment.

Really cool to hear from Shoopy and Big Strong. Miss the livin' s out of ya, Shoops.

Anonymous Ron said...

No, not the Lee Corso interview.

There's a separate drop of a man saying "having fun."

Anonymous said...

There's a couple, but I think the Havin' Fun drop you're thinking of is by Pat Summerall.

T4 In Rockwall said...

(3) Funny, I always assumed this was Dick Vitale. Think "Awesome with a capital A baby!".

Regarding Shaggy's comment. It's the one that actually says it twice over each other. The guy has a nice deep voice and just says "having fun". Not sure where it originated though.

@ Jer, or Grubes for that matter...Would it be possible for someone at the confines to set up an ftp site for us P1's to upload ticket drops and bits? I've got about 1,600 mp3 (just under 2 GB's)format on all of my PC's that I would be more than happy for someone to go through and restore some missing gold. We need a centralized standard procedure to do this though. I remember back in the day when the Drop Page was setup in a better way, drops would be saved with a date on them and would be regularly recyled. I would go there and download all new ones by date. I believe how it's setup now, there's no way to catagorize them, except alphabetically. Not sure if Grube's page is still up on or not.

BTW Plainsman, I enjoy most posts here at MTC, but these are the best. They bring back the grand old memories of how the station will never be again.

Dave Hoekstra said...

The Hard Line theme song was done by Johnny Solinger (sp?), who was a local rock star. He eventually went on to replace Sebastian Bach in Skid Row for a while.

The Plainsman said...

Amazing, just amazing. Thanks, everyone, keep up the dialogue, esp. re maybe restoring some of those lost drops. Glad to be a clearinghouse.

Interestingly, this morning Junior brought up the fact that they had missed the first anniversary of the move to Victory. He and Gordon started praising the new facility, and, after some cajoling, they got George to weigh in and eventually, even Junior agreed with him that they continue to see evidence every day of what a lousy job the infamous BB did in assembling the new facility.

Anonymous said...

Solinger and his band, Solinger did the Diamond Talk theme song, not The Hardline theme. I forget who it was, but it wasn't Solinger.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what The Ticket is thinking (if they're even aware of it) about Dennis Rodman, their star Ticketstock attraction, visiting North Korea and telling Kim Dong Dill Jonga Jerk that he had a friend for life (in Dennis)?

I hope that after Rodman's disgusting display and last year's star attraction, L.T., being a total creep, the CTO will go a different direction. Ya know, get someone who isn't a total sleaze bucket, someone who won't ask a host if he's a c-ser. Someone who is not demanding alcohol before he hits the stage or who is seen going into the bathroom for long periods of time, and it being obvious he wasn't in there to use the facilities. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: CdS is afforded the opportunity to peddle their wares for an entire week during prime hours....but for only 2 hours. And yet they wast nearly 30 minutes collectively on a stupid f'n intro by that idiot "Machine." It's not Saturday, dudes. And you're not BaD. Ridiculous. Also, turn "Machine's" mic off. It's your show, not his.

Bunburyist said...

If I can, I'm wondering if it's too nosey to wonder what some of the JV guys' other jobs are. In talking during BaD radio opening segment, Jake mentioned he goes to work at 7:00 a.m. most days.

I know some of the older guys' outside gigs are still in public/broadcasting, is it the same with the younger guys or are they just filling time/paying bills?

Shaggy said...

Wow. Richie is a serial liar. In this column he criticizes Payl Ryan for lying about his marathons. AND HE LIES ABOUT MARATHONS HIMSELF! Says he's trained for and finished multiple marathons.

"*Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan claims to have run a marathon in 4 hours, with 3 weeks training, “on a whim.” That’s an insult to those of us who have actually finished multiple marathons and know the training required. Liar."

Remember, in this article he says he quit one, finished one, and will never do another.

"After a failed first attempt in 1986 - still in euphoria from graduating college the night before, I quit after 13 miles - I was determined to Run The Rock."

and in this article

he says

"When I crossed the finish line on December 2, 1990 - my time was 4:29, nothing great - it was exhileration, exhaustion and then ... done. Haven't really had the urge to run another one other than a brief, failed flirtation for editorial content purposes."

Anonymous Ron said...

Disclosure: I used to run marathons before I tore up my knees and I think Paul Ryan's declaration that he forgot his marathon time is B.S.

But having said that, there are runners who make a decision on short notice to run their first marathon. They usually survive the experience because they are already well-conditioned.

As a runner with marathon experience, Richie should know that. (Unless he just wanted to take a shot at Paul Ryan)

Dan's Beach Towel said...

4- I'm pretty sure that originally the segment re: "Doin' the Greggo" was done when Mark and Rads were filling in for Bad Radio or the Hardline. I believe a listener emailed or tweeted a question to Mark about it. I don't think Mark actually was confused about what was being said. Then the Hardline may have done a follow up segment about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying we need to back up a truck load of Marconi's here but the Cirque De Sirois is a pretty damn fine fill in show. I can't be along in thinking this right? The guy from the White House today was solid and the sports talk is too.

Steve said...

Is there audio of any of the "doin' the Greggo" segments on the unticket? I think I looked a while back when we were talking about it but wasn't able to find it. I only caught the end of the segment when the HL was discussing it and still would like to hear the rest. The whole thing was hilarious to me because for years I thought it sounded like just that.

KT said...

BunBuryist, I can't speak for most of the part-time guys but i'll at least tell you how I get by. I have another job over in Addison where i'm allowed to work 30 hours a week. Flexible hours, where I can come and go whenever I want. It's not a fun job or anything, it's real world corporate stuff, but I'm really lucky because there's many times when I have to fill in doing tickers or covering Mavs/Stars/Cowboys practices during the day. It was really hard finding another flexible job in my time during the end of college and the first few months out of college.

Anonymous said...

WTDS question

Do they know who line 4 guy is or is he still a mystery?

Anonymous said...

Where's Richie?

Anonymous said...

Richie is probably taking the day or a week or two off; probably fed up with working all the time, ever since RaGE's maiden voyage; only to have his partner constantly take off for this that and the other personal day, mystery ailment, or whatever; probably thought "hey, it's my turn to have a break." Wouldn't blame him one bit. And this is coming from someone who thinks RW is a total bag of douchedom.

Anonymous said...

he tweeted "guys weekend" in vegas

Jer said...

Re: an FTP site- I'm really not entirely sure how feasible that is within the confines of the station infrastructure. I don't know what setup our friends at have, but that might be a better option, as would just setting up a Dropbox account (they're actually really handy, I've found!) and then just sending the links to me or Jake-Z or someone to input into the system.

Good idea, though. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome Big Strong, love you man. All of you guys were amazing at Ticketstock. I know its an ass-wheep, but you don't know how much it means to us dirty P1's to be able to shake hands, talk and take pics with you guys. You really are a great bunch, on the radio and in person.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
You are so awesome Big Strong, love you man. All of you guys were amazing at Ticketstock. I know its an ass-wheep, but you don't know how much it means to us dirty P1's to be able to shake hands, talk and take pics with you guys. You really are a great bunch, on the radio and in person.

February 28, 2013 at 7:24 PM

The Plainsman said...

Yeah, Line 4 Guy. Let's learn something about Line 4 Guy.

I'm not a big Why Today Doesn't Suck Fan. No, not because of Dan. Too much noise, not enough comedy.

But I am intrigued by Line 4 Guy.

My impression -- pure, wild-ass guess just listening between the lines -- is that his identity is known to all the hosts. However, while he is usually the same guy, sometimes they have guest Line 4 Guys.

I listen carefully for Line 4 Guys. When your only function in life is to insert one-liners, you're going to have a lot of crickets. But once in awhile he'll get off a great one. Too bad that approximately 73% of the time he's washed out by the din. Maybe one guy (frequently Mike R, because he's not trying to one-up non-stop) will catch a Line 4 Guy jewel and laugh, and the other simultaneous talkers will react with puzzlement because they didn't hear it.

But yes, this is a good post to learn more about Line 4 Guy. I'll accept facts and, of course, speculation.

Shaggy said...

They don't know him.

Anonymous said...

Clearly it's time for THL to do another 'Ask the Hardline' segment.

I have a bunch of old drops that I've kept over the years. They used to maintain a drop page where the OD would post requests. If anyone is looking for one let me know and I'll dig through what I have.

morondog said...

Line 4 Guy had an awesome line today. They were talking about it being Adrian Dantley's birthday and someone interjected, "one of his legs was longer than the other." Without missing a beat, Line 4 Guy said, "that was a leg?" Freaking hilarious, and it seemed that half of the folks didn't hear it, and it took Donovan a split second to understand and then he was rolling.

Anonymous said...

Line 4 Guy is a buddy of Dan's from Cleveland.

slinky said...

At the time of the Pete countdown, it seems like there was another guy that had a great Cartman impersonation. That was a fun time when Greggo was part of the show. I've been THL-ing it for a few days lately. It better start getting better QUICK! I know it's about killing four hours, but they're throwing down some lame crap. That Craig Rosen..whatever the hell his name is, was a YAWN FEST! I've come to the conclusion that I would prefer to take 5 kicks, square to my nut sack, from the biggest, steel toed, Doc Martin boot, than listen to Corby!

Anonymous said...

someone used the words "TC" and "salary" in the same sentence earlier and I just have to laugh...big time

JL said...

#3: Is this the one being referenced?

Shorty Defazzio

As stated earlier, it's Shorty DeFazzio. Here's a full segment with him after a Romo disaster a few years ago.

Shorty Defazzio Segment

Anonymous Ron said...

How did we do on the Hardline's music quiz? (Yes, they burned a segment on music)

The only one I recognized was Blues Traveler. But then I'm over 60.

East Texas P1 said...

What about the game (or contest) on BaDD today that had two guys competing on the background of the drops. I only heard one before I had to go into a meeting. This was the Bob Knight clip, "Let's move on....".

Anyone know if this segment will be posted on the Unticket or Bob or Dan's blog?

Anonymous said...

BaDD segment from today is on the ticket podcast feed, link below.

T4 In Rockwall said...

It's up on The Tickets podcast as well. I think it's called Bad - What's The Origin Game. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

Anonymous said...

Mitchell Karasik just shot down the rumor that he commutes from NYC. Rick Arnett asked him directly, and Mitchell said that he travels to NYC quite a bit for work.

Arnett said "some website" said this. So much for some pub for you, Plainsman.

Anonymous said...

Teebox just asked mitchell karasick about the rumor from a website that he commutes from NYC lol. Karasick said it's not true and that the rumor prob comes from the fact that he travels to NYC for work a lot. However, he never says that he lives in Dallas directly. The mystery continues? Lol

Shaggy said...

"The rumor" didn't start here. It started on The Ticket. I believe during the e-brake and perhaps KT mentioned it on air to the Musers.

KT said...

It was a joke that I regretfully made during Bad Radio one day. I threw out a conspiracy theory that he flew in from New York for a weekend ticker shift.

Anonymous said...

Why does 'church' mean something is over?

BBQ said...

Whatever the case, MK has quite the NY state accent and still can't deliver a Ticker without stumbling and bumbling. He also seems to have little or no understanding of DFW sports. How he still has a job is a mystery. How he got the job is a mystery. I'm sure he's a helluva kid who does great work in some other area. But for whatever reason, Tickers are not his forte.

By the way Dick HIcks is on two stations at once: live on 770 AM doing SMU basketball and taped on The Ticket doing Race Week.

Mr. Les White said...

I don't have much, but this may prod someone's memory.

"Having fun" was part of a comment from some some network or TV broadcaster to recover from something unexpected that had just made air.

"It's Church" came from some baseball coach or player.

Jake works/worked at his parents company somewhere in Tarrant county. He mentioned that's why he lives in Grapevine, to be close to that job.

Or not.

Anonymous Ron said...

Race Week is taped??????


The Plainsman said...

I'm glad Mitchell Karasik has returned. I didn't hear any Saturday Ticket. I was going to ask how he did, but I gather there are still some rough edges.

Yes, it is something of a mystery as to why The Ticket has not requested that MK direct his attention to improving his delivery and learning a bit about DFW sports. I don't think it matters much whether he commutes to Dallas or from Dallas -- he clearly has interests "in the Northeasat" that take up a fairish amount of his time.

And looks like no one is going to tell us why he is still doing Tickers. I see the fine hand of Influence in it, either some Cumulus higher-up or some CBS tie-in, but my speculations are O-fer the last several, so guess I'll let this one go. Someday, someone's going to pass along the goods, but we're probably going to hear a lot more of Mitchell until he starts winning the E-Brake every single week.

One final thought -- as noted in my Mitchell piece a few weeks ago, the guy has strung together a fair number of interviews that aren't at all bad. Why not use him in this capacity? The Ticket could use some original sports reporting -- maybe Mitchell, with his connections and ambition and nerve, is the guy to go out and get some big names to open up, a la Corby at his best?

Anonymous said...

I heard the TBox MK segment. I'm not gonna say the guy lied. But I'm gonna say it wouldn't surprise if he did an off the cuff "I'm sorta embarrassed by the fact I do such an insane commute to do a few Tickers so I'm gonna fib a bit about the sitch and while I do it I'm thinking to myself, oh shit, I just told a bulsh story over the air" sort of ad lib "re-imagining" of his "narrative." Wouldn't shock me if we found out that yeppers he does commute. I mean come on, how else is he THAT ignorant about the DFW sports scene?

Oh yeah, so um now we know that the TBox reads MTC. Cool.

The Plainsman said...

Yeah, it is cool.

For a long time I think we were regularly visited by JV and once in awhile by a host. Maybe an article would be circulated internally once in awhile.

I now think most of the hosts check in at least occasionally. During the Craig Rosengarden Word Quiz on The Hardline I heard Corby ask Craig (apropos of Craig thinking "precipice" sounded like "a long amphibian") whether he was thinking of "platypus" (my theory). Craig said he didn't know what he was thinking but I still think that's what he was envisioning.

I do know that Rick follows the site and has for awhile.

This should sharpen our resolve to post and comment responsibly, civilly, and fairly, note what we like as well as what we might like to change.

The Plainsman said...

Race Week is cool.

Anonymous said...

No offense KT but I'm not buying. You mean over 3 weeks after the fact, and after nearly a week of hub bub around here, which I know you read, you now after MK puts out his rather tepid retort, tell us it was all a joke made up by you? Nope. Not buying what you're selling, pal.

You're pushing for a show of your own with Machine. You don't want to be known as a rebel, a stir the bowl kind of guy. Because who wants to give that guy a show, right? You want to be seen as a team player. A CYA mofo extraordinaire. Gotcha. Understood. But come on, guy, we weren't born yesterday. But hey, wink wink nudge nudge. Yes, it was just an unfortunate and importune "gag" on your end. Nuff said. Now gimme a show. With or without the I'll bring the game to me never mind letting the game come to me Machine.

Shaggy said...

You smell like some kind of disgruntled co-worker.

KT said...

To Anon 2:46AM, I learned his situation on Saturday morning, because I asked him what was up.

In respect to his privacy, I don't think I need to go into details. What he said on the Tee Box was true. He lives here in town, and is in New York often because of another job.

I'm far from a stir the bowl kind of guy, and i'm definitely a team player. Trust me.

ausgang said...

My first impressions (from both Sunday and thus far today) of The Shake Joint (not a fan of the name) are favorable. I think Sea Bass and Jake are a good fit. It's interesting to hear Jake's very progressive (in every sense of the word) points of view and analysis juxtaposed to Sean's more measured stances. Their segment on Nolan Ryan really brought this dynamic into focus. From the Rangers to the Mavs, Jake is ever looking toward some undefined day in the future when all will coalesce and perfection will be attained. Yes the past has some meaning, but it's the past and it can't be moved on from fast enough--besides, the figures who shaped and influenced the past are overrated. Sean, on the other hand, seems to see the value of past accomplishments. But what's really fascinating, at least for me, is that this difference doesn't necessarily play out like I'd think it would. For example, Sean is quick to react (perhaps overreact) to the meaning of bad pitching in Spring Training, Jake is more patient. A bit paradoxical.

Good stuff, guys. Keep it up.

ausgang said...

"[J]uxtaposed with," not "to."

The Plainsman said...

Agree with favorable impression of The Shake Joint. It's a solid pairing combined with good show prep and appealing personalities. (There are some Jake-deniers among the Confessors, but I'm not one of them.) An interesting choice by the CTO for promotion to permanent weekend duty and prominent fill-in assignment, and one that, at least for now, I'm all up behind.

And I like the name "The Shake Joint."

NOTE: In earlier shows, there was something amiss with the levels between our two stars. Jake's voice was very sharp and foregroundy, Sean's sounded like he had just stuck his head in the door to make a point -- distant and even a little telephony. They seem to be working this out; Sean's been brought up in the mix, although it still sounds like they're using two way different mics on our lads. No big deal.

Anonymous said...

Any news on B&S

Anonymous said...

An open letter to Machine,

Know your role. You are not a host.



Anonymous said...

Amen, 4:59. Amen to that, brutha. I've gone from enjoying his presence to finding him obnoxious in pretty short order. He's got a lot of sports knowledge, but now that he's had a taste of being a host, he seems to think he's hosting every show he's a part of now. I wish he'd stop.

Attention Machine: Let The Game Come To You, Sir.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! THL just said the fan is looking for a new pm drive time show. That is the second time i've heard from someone in the biz that the curtain is coming down on rage and with B&S quiting makes things very interesting...

Anonymous said...

I've always found it ironic they call it "Why today doesn't suck", b/c that segment indeed sucks. It's such a cluster f*** and a mess to listen to. I listen to the Hardline podcast everyday and I immediately fast forward it 30 minutes to avoid that garbage.

Anonymous said...

Couple of things that make me believe B&S are Fan bound...

1) New PD Gavin brought them to the Fan the first time and was NOT the one that ran them off. Remember he only stayed for about 2 months after the format flip.

2) Ben answered a ? On twitter a few days ago asking if they are looking at TV. He said both radio and TV are being discussed. That has to be the Fan with their TXA21 connection, right?

3) Gregg Hensen tweeted a few days ago the Fan looking to make lineup changes, now this comment on THL (I didnt hear it, taking word from Anon 6:53)

Any legal experts know if non competes in radio are enforceable after a contract expires? In other words, do B&S have to sit out 6 months or so before going back on DFW radio? Or does the fact the contract expired nullify the non compete?

Anonymous said...

greatest ebrake ever by TC just now on the top 10. I can't stop laughing. Hope someone is rolling, it was at the end of Gordon's bathroom story.

The Plainsman said...

Here's the latest on Ben & Skin, as they stated in their last Facebook post:

I would imagine that whether a non-compete would cover this situation would depend on the wording of their deal. However, the article states: "Fenech [B&S's agent] said ESPN’s offer to his clients was 'multiyear' but contained 'windows.' Translation: The station had built-in outs." This somewhat suggests that this is considered a station termination "without cause," which might (might not, but probably)mean that B&S are not subject to any non-compete that might apply if the departure were under other circumstances. Or it could simply be an expiration of the contract, which might also not subject them to a non-compete, although again, sometimes non-competes do apply in that situation as well. Hard to say without seeing the exact language in their contract. B&S's statement that they might have a deal "within weeks" would also tend to suggest that there is no non-compete problem here, although a contract could be signed and they could be put "on the shelf" for radio work until the non-compete expired, although that would have to be a pretty short non-compete for that to make any sense.

I'm more interested in the statement in the article that Fenech also represents Bob and Dan. I would think he might have some ethical difficulty in placing B&S in an employment situation where they would compete directly with BaD, although not so much if they were being hired, for example, as a replacement for RaGE (although as presently presented, it overlaps an hour with BaD, does it not?). It's possible that his contract with B&D contains a waiver permitting his representation of potentially competing personalities.

All in all, a good time to be scanning the sports-radio horizon.

I've not developed any opinion on The Machine's participation in showgrams where he isn't the host.

Shaggy said...

WTDS is the best 19-24 minutes of radio evAr.

The Plainsman said...

653: Can you (or anyone) be specific about what The Hardline said about Fan drivetime changes? Perhaps it has been captured by our good friends at The UnTicket.

And what did you hear from the other industry type? We crave details.

719: Speaking of details, what was TC's E-Brake?

702 and 734: I've had WTDS on my to-write-about list for months. Guess it's time, buddy.

And sometime in the next few months, I will be delivering unto the Confessor perhaps my hottest STD ever. EVer. That's a "tease," because I have no idea when I will get to it.

The Plainsman said...

Well, let's see, we got pretty good answers to most of the questions. The one that seems to be unclear is the last one -- do George and some others at the station really not know how to pronounce Norm's last name? Or is it a bit?

And there seems to be some disagreement on who's playing guitar on The Hardline theme song.

Please send me your questions via email ( or you can always toss them into a comment unrelated to the post at hand.

The Plainsman said...

I think you're wrong.

deezy said...

Plainsman, in response to your question about tonight's TC e-brake, just tune in on Friday. You'll get to hear it twice, even, because it _will_ win. I promise.

Anonymous Ron said...

THL got to the end of a segment (CQH?) and just started throwing everyone under the bus - including the weekend guys that did one show and then get to sub for Norm. In the midst of it all, Papa Hardline proclaimed that the Fan was interviewing for slots in afternoon drive. I didn't take it as anything more than a swipe at the (alleged) competition, but it was more direct than usual for Mike.

ap said...

T4 - I thought that capability (not FTP, but a drop-box) existed on the UnTicket?

If someone really wanted to, they could probably reconstruct ~75% of the drops from Maple based on what's in my hard drives. I fully intend to donate their contents someday if a ticket intern cares enough to go through them all and mine for content.

Anonymous said...

The Hardline theme was written and performed by Kerry Crafton. The GREAT Kerry Crafton, Rhyns! And Hardline theme 2.0 was the same thing sped up. lol. '

Anonymous said...

Back to 4 and Community Quick Hits...what is the original song that is used - the one that 'caused' people to hear the Greggo line?

Anonymous said...

original P1 now living in Florida here. I thought the Hardline theme was a Pantera production.