Sunday, February 24, 2013

Speak to Us, Gypo Nolan

I said I was going to move on from Where's Greggo Talk, but did not anticipate the gigantic response to the last post.  Thank you, Google.

Thought I'd throw up a quickie just to freshen up the thread, which I think also set some kind of record for this site.

Gypo Nolan is an occasional Confessor who brings us some inside dish from time to time that has the ring of authority.  I'm thinking he's heard something about Greg Williams's situation and could fill it in if he feels able to do so.

I suppose we'll all be tuning in at 2 PM tomorrow.  A commenter to the last thread has promised us that Greg will be broadcasting.  And I believe everything that anonymous commenters say, especially when they sound like The Girlfriend.

In the meantime, what's the scuttlebutt on Ben and Skin?  Headed to The Fan?  Good move or bad?

See you tomorrow at 2.


BBQ said...

Recall that Ben and Skin already had a stint on The FAN. I'd love to see them back on The Ticket. Truthfully, if it is the case that the've been let go, I have to wonder why. I thought they were doing fairly well. Better than anyone but GAC, and by a mile. Hell, ESPN might be making room for a new mid morning host: Greggo. Far fetched, sure, but in this day and age, would anything surprise us? Not me, anyway.

BBQ said...

Ben Rogers ‏@BenRogers
We declined a final offer from ESPN on a new deal. We're parting ways w/ them for now. Future is unwritten. Stay tuned
11 hrs Jeff Wade ‏@SkinWade
We declined a final offer from ESPN on a new deal. We're parting ways w/ them for now. Future is unwritten. Stay tuned.
Retweeted by Ben Rogers

So, tis true. More (and more interesting):


Ben Rogers
@WallyGarza @94bronc That's crazy. Are you moving from the Metroplex? We certainly aren't. We also aren't leaving sportstalk radio. So...
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ausgang said...

Turning down a contract, eh? Sound to me like they already had something finalized with a competitor. But who? The Ticket? When would they air? Unless there's a weekday host/s moving on that no one knows about I can't see it happening. Maybe a weeknight show? But how does Skin do Mavs basketball? I'd put money on their return to The FAN. Spittle probably money whipped them. And he probably gave them either the AM or PM drive shift to further sweeten the pot. If that's the move, I'm not so sure it's a good one. I for one don't think The FAN will be around by the summer of 2014. And if it is, it'll in no way resemble what it does now. Then again, maybe the plan is to rebuild the station around B&S? Which, no offense to B&S, if that's the deal then The FAN is even stupider than I thought. Interesting times over there on the FM side of things.

birq said...

Grandpa Urine apparently wasn't in the loop:

@Randy_Galloway: @SkinWade @BenRogers Half of my show was talking about you guys! Does ESPN not realize the ripple effect losing you two will cause!?

Anonymous said...

B&S headlining the Fail will result in a revocation of Spittle's authority. Could be the worst decision in DFW radio since David Lee Roth on 105.3.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Saturday and Sunday programming is still a work in progress. Since MaSS's departure, no one show has been giving more than one chance. I think that's a mistake. One thing is pretty much a given: Mitchell The Mauler Kerasik (sp?) is no longer flying in from NYC to do Tickers.

RMS said...
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Anonymous said...

So your gonna let RMS's remark stand Plainsman? Huh.

The Plainsman said...

Irresponsible Speculation Department:

Considering a scenario where Greg and the Girlfriend expect Greg to show up for work tomorrow and broadcast. That scenario has them only being half right -- he shows up but management does not allow him on the air. Whether he is shown the door permanently -- my Irresponsible Speculation does not see that far.

Basis for speculation:

(1) That very Girlfriend-like comment to the last thread insisting that us haters and doomsayers will be proved wrong when Greg's on the air tomorrow.

(2) The bridge-burning remarks from Sybil and others that seem to indicate a lack of concern over a poisonous gestalt in the studio were he to return.

Fortunately for my speculation, we will probably never know! Whew.

duckandcover said...

I don't think the hater/doomsayer comment was from Greggo's girlfriend/manager. I think it was from our most special of special, our very own, MTC Troll. It likes to use many different guises. d

As to your speculation: It wouldn't surprise me in the least if something like that happened. It's very George Costanza-like, and there's a bit of "genius" to it. But there's also a whole lot of crazy to it, too. I think the not so cleverly hid not so in between the lines comments from Sybil, Mike Fisher, and even RW pretty much tell the story. Not only is he not coming back, they're glad about it.

Let's face it, you get to a certain age in life, and barring a Road to Damascus conversion of sorts, you are who you are and you will continue to exhibit the same sort of behavior patterns you always have. You might be able to cover them up for a while, but eventually they rear their head. I have a feeling that's what happened here. And it's like I've always maintained: I don't think addiction is the reason Mike is so steadfast in his "denial" of Greggo. I believe it has to do with honesty issues. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if that same issue lies at the core of this breakdown. There's a lot more I'd like to say, but I feel that it would be too personally directed at Greggo and his situation/surroundings. It's one thing to speculate and offer one's own bar stool analysis in a superficial way; it's another to get into the nitty gritty, the finer points of another person's pathologies, and in a public forum--and especially when doing it from one's armchair, without knowing said person intimately. Who knows, maybe I'll shoot you an e-mail, Plainsman, and see if my thoughts comport with yours.

Anonymous Ron said...

If I may comment on a deleted remark, I hope he is more successful than he was squashing the Hardline.

Now do I have to worry about him going through my trash?

blergoyen said...

Does anyone remember the final song Ben and Skin played on their last Ticket broadcast? It was a Coffee Nods-esque rap tune ripping Bob Sturm for being a sports know-it-all, and it was pretty harsh. I would imagine one or both had a few heated sports spats with Bob, and if you ever listen to Sturm carefully, he can get personal real fast when he feels he's losing the sports argument. I wish the unticket had it recorded, but I've never been able to find it.

Anonymous said...

Check out Jenn-0''s twitter feed during Oscars. It oozes w visions of her and Greg wasted, watching the show, and Greg shouting out lines for her to tweet....over and over. It feels junkie style from the thread.

Anonymous said...

The Hammer just tweeted he is back today. That is all...

Shaggy said...

According to TR Sullivan, Ben and Skin are being replaced by Richard Durrett and "Ian from GAC".

Shaggy said...

Does anyone know what the more recent prank against Greggo was? Going back and reading his twitter timeline, he was threatening legal action, etc. I had heard the one a few months ago about not being included in someone's station sponsorship (sounded completely faked), but this recent one seemed to involve watches?

@TCUWhiteTrash: And no forgiving...or forgetting...I'm pissed...and right now I have no idea on my next considerations are a possibility..

@TCUWhiteTrash: Just know this...and this isn't a's a promise...I will make a formal complaint to CBS...I'll allow them to make decision

@TCUWhiteTrash: Let me say this again...I WILL NOT be addressing the prank where my watches were wasn't wasn't clever..nothing to say..

This was from 1/30/13

The Plainsman said...

I hope Greg IS back.

My unselfish reason is that it means he's more-or-less OK, as OK as he gets. Good, no one wishes him ill.

My selfish reason is that a volatile broadcast table means stuff to write about (except I don't get to hear a lot of RaGE). So y'all will have to keep us posted on any eruptions, or digs between the lines.

Anonymous said...

I think CBS allowed him to take bereavement leave and played it up to the hilt to bring attention to the station and that show. And it worked.

Shaggy said...

Yep. Publicity stunt. Fisher and Sybil have now tweeted about Greggo being on today.

The Plainsman said...

Well, that's a relief. It means we don't have to listen.

And how long, total, was this "bereavement" leave?

Anonymous said...

"And at The as usual."

DMN needs to hire some MTC commenters to drum up controversy.

Anonymous said...

Bereavement leave? That guy wasn't a family member or a life long friend. At least I don't think so. Whatevs. What a drama queen. And that girlfriend of his is something else. If this was bereavement leave / made out to be a publicity stunt, then Whitt, Sybil, Greggo, Fish, and the rest of them are even lower and scuzzier than I had previously thought. If I were a FAN fan and specially if I were a RaGE listener, I'd never turn that bleepin' station on again, ever. Again, if this is true, what a bunch of disgusting pigs.

The Plainsman said...


Assuming Greg returns today and my speculation was wrong:

My ratings will improve more than RaGE's.

duckandcover said...

Right back at you:

Greggo's return does not mean all is well. As lame and as inappropriate as RW and Co. seem to be, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that there is zero chance any of this was/is a publicity stunt, on any level. Furthermore, why on earth would there be a gag order pertaining to bereavement leave? That makes no sense whatsoever. Why take all that flak from listeners, why risk losing listeners (especially when you have so few)? No. Something else was going down. And I think that whatever it was/is, someone ate a lot of crow and profusely apologized (whether it was genuine or not, who knows) over the weekend. Why? Because the writing on the wall was written in day-glo, permanent ink.

There will be tension galore in that studio. And now that there's been capitulation, at least in some part, by one faction, things will devolve again. Sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Oh wowzer. OK. I dig Intentional Grounding. I think Big Bob is a super talented guy and I really enjoy his work. Always have. But damn, Bob, for all your talent, why must you always tell these stories about how you were there (name the historic event or rock show or local music scene) or of these story book like blue collar pops and jr upbringing. WE GREW UP TOGETHER. I KNOW BETTER. We were raised in upper middle class homes in an upper middle class neighborhood. We went to private school together as youths. Your family is not blue collar. AND YOU WERE 4 YEARS OLD WHEN DAVID CLYDE PITCHED HIS FIRST GAME. YOU DO NOT REMEMBER IT VIVIDLY AND NOR WERE YOU AT THE GAME. PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS. YOU'RE BETTER THAN IT.

Whew. I'm done. Skart skulling.

Anonymous Ron said...

Hoping it's not true, but if they used the Chris Kyle funeral as the basis for a publicity stunt - that's pretty sorry.

Some internal drama seems more likely to me.

I will still give them a listen as long as Greggo is aboard. But once he's out, I'm out.

Anonymous said...

Gregg Henson, who used to work at the fan tweeted this about an hour ago

Gregg Henson
@GreggHenson 1 hr Oh, Boy, looks like changes in PM Drive at The Fan in Dallas.

Shaggy said...

Boy, I don't know what the folks at 103.3 are thinking. Seems like they're just totally giving up--national shows from 6-11, Durrett and Fitzsimmons from 11-3 (certainly a downgrade from Ben & Skin), 70-year old Galloway from 3-6, and Coop 6-8 on non-Mavs nights.

The Fan will overtake them soon.

DRW1961 said...

Complications from his lapband removal surgery are causing his issues. It is an ongoing problem and he doesn't have his final diagnosis yet. That, coupled with his depression issues, are messing him up.

Richie called him out on why he didn't give anyone any idea of why he was out and where he was. Gregg's answer - I can't cope when I get that way and tune out the world.

Nothing to do with telling the guy to go 'f himself.

Nothing to do with drugs. Not in rehab. He will take a drug test anytime they want him to.

It's a day to day thing. He can't promise that he will be around tomorrow.

The Plainsman said...

DRW, haven't seen you in awhile. Thanks for checking in. No reason to doubt your information (or were you reporting on something you heard early in the program)? I missed the front end.

Jeez: "Showing up tomorrow" is kinda what having a job is about.

Sorry his lapband may have gone awry, if true (notice how often we qualify what we hear about Greg in that way?), but it strikes me as odd that he had it at all. He's was a hefty gent, but not morbidly obese. His election to have multiple (I think) surgeries of this type is itself a troublesome sign.

I've checked in for just a few minutes, can't stay. Greg is there, but sounds awful. If there is some chance he will get better, they really should send the guy home -- his whispery delivery (he sounds like he's in his 90's) is really hard to listen to.

This could not have been a bit, because anyone tuning in now in anticipation of his return is likely to tune this painful performance directly out.

As I will now do.

Anonymous Ron said...

I was listening. DRW recounts it accurately.

He also said that the reason he had the lapband removed was complications that included losing his voice.

Steve said...

The side effect of Ben and Skin leaving is that I have nothing to listen to during BaD commercial breaks. I had finally accepted Cowherd (as bad as I know he is) as filler, since he does have interesting sports discussions a decent chunk of the time. This garbage the moved into mid-day is worse than what The Fan is serving up, and I can't stand even listening to that. Oh well, looks like it will be music during commercials from now on.

DRW1961 said...

Sorry, I was taking notes as I was listening and decided to post as soon as they went to break.

They addressed it right off the top of the show. IMO, Richie didn't pull any punches with the questions. He asked everything that all of us would ask if we were sitting there.

Gregg did say that management has been nothing but supportive of him and his issues. He didn't really want to lay out what all the issues were, but did attribute them to the lapband surgery in 2004. "If I had it to do over, I would have never had that surgery. I would have just bought bigger clothes." He also did say that the depression and mental issues were kicking his ass as well. He said that when he "gets this way, I just go into my room and turn off everything and count the hours". The health issues exacerbate the mental issues which cause the health issues to be worse which....

He doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for him. Said that several times.

I stopped listening when they went to their first break. I got the impression that it was over with and there wouldn't be any more conversation about it at this time.

I do feel sorry for him. Mental issues are a real bitch to deal with and, from the recent picture that I saw that was supposed to be him, it would look like he really has some health issues as well. The combination of the two have to really be f'ing with his mind and not putting him in a good place at all. I hope that things work out ok for him. Hopefully being back at work is some good medicine.

Stay hard Greggo....

My Name Is Anon said...

Anonymous said...

So days of MTC predictions weren't true? Shocking.

BBQ said...

Speculation and prediction are two different things, numbskull. And if what is said here is so wrongheaded in your eyes, then why do you keep coning back for more? Why even waste your time commenting? I'll tell you why. It's because you're deranged.

I'm very glad that with very very few exceptions, everyone was respectful of Greggo as a human being. A flawed, like all of us, human being. Now dealing with trolls, like 3:42, is a different story.

The Plainsman said...

Confessors, thanks for the frequent defenses, but I really don't mind being chided, teased, and even criticized for speculation that turns out not to be true. As long as it meets my subjective and wavering decency standards, it's OK. We listed all of the theories, including "true" illness. I thought Fan and industry folks were behaving inconsistently with a return, but I was wrong. I admit it. And I'm glad of it.

Besides, I don't think this drama is over. He sounds awful. He looks awful. He admits he's still on the edge.

And I have to ask myself -- do I believe the account conveyed by Richie and Greg at the outset of the show? It's not an impossible scenario, but is it the whole truth of what went on when Greg took a powder?

Lapband surgery can have complications. Reflux is one of them. Could lapband-related reflux have screwed up his voice? Yes.

Depression can certainly be a debilitating thing. Could it keep someone from work? Yes.

But . . . he's had the lapband for a long time. His early voice issues, as I recall, were not reflux-related. What is the likelihood of lapband-related voice issues arising now?

And depression is treatable, and Greg has been coming to work ready to broadcast now for a long time. He announced in 2009 that he was being treated for it. It must have worked, because he's been more or less steady-as-he-goes on RaGE, going on three years this May.

So are we thinking that lapband-complications/depression are the entire story here, given recent developments?

I would truly like to answer that question "yes" for Greg's sake, but . . . let's just say I'm alert to further developments.

ausgang said...

RaGE either replayed the first or had another Greggo segment around 5 pm.

I don't know what to make of the situation or of him, quite honestly. On one hand I think it means something that he came on, explained what happened, asked for no sympathy, and put the entirety of the blame on himself, and admitted that "it's always something with me." On the other hand, like Junior said to Jub about his defending Wade Phillips while demeaning him more than anyone in town, "I'd like to have that job." Meaning, OK, that's all well and good that you own up to your mistakes and personal issues/demons, but at the end of the day, what is exactly is that worth? How does that lessen in any way what took place?

To Greggo's credit, he kept saying that he doesn't expect anyone to believe him, etc. However, when doing so he sort of (intentionally or not) began to take on the tone of one who feels he's a bit of a martyr--that while he knows it's his own fault, he knows he'll never be believed by many people, about anything, and for the rest of his life.

What was interesting is when taking calls, a woman asked why his girlfriend did not call or text anyone on the show, any friends, or the station to tell them what the situation was. His answer was "I don't know. I kinda wonder that myself." You could tell that he wasn't ready for that question. It was also the only time during the segment where I thought to myself: "Hmmm. This has an iffy ring to it." It's hard to tell what's real with RW, but he did sound genuinely put out at times. Then again, he could've been playing "tough questions guy" for the radio.

Three things:
(1) Greggo said that turned off all the lights, the tv, the radio, the cpu, got into bed and stayed there for basically a week. He also said that this isn't the first time, by a long shot, that he's done this. Look, if that's the level of his depression, then he needs serious psychiatric care. I'm talking about an in-patient facility; for as long as it takes.

(2) He said that when he gets the results back from the lab, he'll know what's going on with him and he'll tell everyone. He also said that there's a chance that the results will mean that he can no longer do a 5 hour, 5 day per week radio show. But he hopes that isn't the case because it's all he knows how to do. It might've just been my ears, but he sounded like someone putting on a front; that he really wouldn't mind retiring. And when you couple it with, and this is from his description, mental health issues that would put most people in an institution, retiring from the radio biz might be a smart thing.

(3) I think duckandcover predicted it back in December, and I'm now in agreement with him: RaGE will be gone by August. I doubt they'll pull the plug right now because of how it would look. But wait a few months; let all of this die down; and then, bang, make the move. Or. If Greggo does suddenly take permanent leave of the show, well, they'll shut it down immediately or they'll give it a month with Fish or whomever and then it'll be lights out. Whatever the case might be, RaGE is on its last legs.

I'm glad Greggo is back on the air. And I hope he gets his life together. But like Anon Ron (I believe it's him) always says: I fear for Greggo. I truly hope we don't wake up one morning to find out something tragic has occurred. Sadly, it wouldn't surprise me. Not one bit.

Anonymous said...

Here's the segment:

The Plainsman said...

A new daily record for My Ticket Confession.

As of 8:46 PM, SiteMeter is reporting exactly 700 visits and 1,066 pageviews.

Thanks to all.

Newcomers, I hope you will visit again and join our merry band, check out the archives, read the comments and soak up the love. It's a good group, and we keep the trolls mostly under a distant bridge.

Shaggy said...

I'm sure Greggo wouldn't mind retiring, except for the fact that he's 52/53 and probably burned through all of his money.

Brad Gilbert said...

Since I have been living in MI for almost 8 years, I have never listened to RAGE. I actually found this site a while back when someone I connected with on Twitter mentioned Greggo, I had no clue so i googled it and ended up here. With that being said, it was hard for me to listen yesterday at 2pm and tell what was real and what was a radio put-on.

Greggo: He seemed very evasive at first, almost like he was trying to play something up. Either like someone who wanted the attention, or it was really never nothing and the whole show had been playing the public for the last week or so to get exposure.

RW: This was my first time to ever hear him, and I couldn't figure him out. Was he trying to push Greggo to say something and making it uncomfortable on him because he is tired of him...or was it all a bit. This much I do know - when they went to break, I went back to BAD radio. I don;t think I could listen to RW for that long of a time. Something about him, not sure what.

BBQ said...

@Brad G
You're not the only one who finds Richie to be a bad touch. He might very well be the nicest guy in the world off-mic and outside of print/the blogosphere, but his on-air and print/blog persona can be best described as douche, village atheist, slimy, inappropriate, and unprofessional. I don't know how well liked he is among his media brethren. My first guess would be to say he isn't. Specially among Ticket employees. However, I would've said the same thing about Mickey Spagnola. And then I come to find out that he is very much liked by all, including Ticket people. (Which, if you ever heard the old Ranch Reports you'd have thought otherwise.)

I'm with you and ausgang on the Greggo front. I too am not sure what to make of him or the situation as he told it. I do wish him all the best. But I did hear many mixed messages and attitudes throughout his explanation. At one time he was contrite, then the next moment he was like "I am what I am and you know what that means so that's the way it is, take it or leave it." LIke aus said, at times he had an almost martyr thing going on. Again to echo aus, apologies and I know what I am statements are all well and good, but there was no I'm going to do whatever it takes to ensure that this doesn't keep happening. I'm not saying he isn't, but you'd think he'd say it to his coworkers and his audience. To me it came off as more "I am what I am so take it or leave it" attitude.

Get better Greggo. I really mean it.

Anonymous said...

Richie IS one of the most respectful, respectable, hard working, and fair media members I've ever been around, and I've been around a lot. It's really hard to see him criticized so much, but I get it, his delivery invites it. Strange how these things manifest themselves.

Anonymous said...

Who are you, T? You who have spent so much time with Richie. By professional do you mean his very public relationship with Sybil? If by respectful are you referring to his straw man portrayal of religious persons as dupes and he did in his Observer blog, over and again (while displaying a theological acumen like that of a kindergartener)? I could go on and on.

He might be the best human being who has ever graced this earth behind the scenes. But if you're gonna invite criticism like he does, and you admit that he does...and if you seem to purposely invite criticism and controversy, well ya better have a thick skin. I'll give him this, he seems to have just that. But I gotta say that when someone continually acts one way in public for so many years, there's a good chance he's really that way.

Also, why come on here and moan about the treatment of Whitt? You wanna see real spite, go check out his old Observer comboxes, go check out his CBS blog's comboxes, and go take a gander at the RaGE Facebook page. He's obviously not well though of around here, but very rarely is he gratuitously punched in the nads. Most of the time there are reasons given for criticism. This site is good like that. The only reason I can think of your coming on here is that you've read too many things that cut to close to the reality of things. Eh?

Scruffy said...

How does delivery apply to writing too then? Whitt's writing towards the the end of the Sportatorium blog was condescending, egotistical, self-serving, and combative. And lazy. I'm going to take the claims of an anonymous nobody with the tiniest bit of credit, which is more than it probably deserves, but when your entire public persona that you both speak and write with is consistently that of a douchebag, you're probably a natural douchebag.

Karma will catch up to Whitt someday sooner than later and he can attempt to be the king of Boise's media.

Anonymous said...

Dead on. Whitt used to be a good writer, a clear thinker, fair yet provoking, and all around interesting. But he became a jerk towards the last few years of his Observer stint. Once RaGE got up and running, he was self-serving and insufferable. Most of all, as Scruffy said, it became lazy beyond belief. He also decided he wanted to become Jim Schutze. Bad idea. I don't know the real scoop, but something happened between he and his ex wife that seemed to bring about a change for the worst in him. Once he got a taste of celebrity from RaGE (something he angled for and helped to bring about with "The Hard Lie"), he became insufferable. The last step over the boundaries of professionalism happened when he went for it with his co host, Sybil.

By the way, Scruffy, are you the same Scruffy from the Observer comboxes? If so, I dig your work.

Barry Horny said...


Anonymous said...


"douche, village atheist, slimy, inappropriate, and unprofessional"

One of these things does not belong wrapped in the negative connotation with the rest.

BBQ said...

Which one might be? Let me guess: village atheist? If that's the one, then you don't know what a village atheist is. There's David Hume and then there's Richard Dawkins. Guess which atheist is of the village stripe? If it's not village atheist, then please enlighten me.

Anonymous said...


I guess it's some definition I've never heard of then because to me "village" anything just means the only one of that thing in the village (i.e. "village idiot"... he's no worse than any other idiot, he's just the only one in that village). Speaking from experience, I know in many Christian communities atheists are villainized and that's the way it came across to me.

Anyway, doesn't RW claim to go to church and be a Christian? I know he points out some hypocrisies of religion but why does that make him an atheist, much less a "village atheist"?

BBQ said...

If he goes to church and is a Christian of some sort, then that's news to me and to a lot of other people. Especially if you were a reader of his Observer blog, Whitt's End.

A village atheist is akin to the village idiot. That's not a good thing to be, as you know. It means that your atheism is as shallow as the caricature of religion that you put forth.

This isn't the place for religious discussion, but there are very few places in the West that an atheist is vilified. And such places must be sought out. Moreover, you'd have to let such a community know that you're an atheist. If you want to live out the movie Footloose, substituting religion for dancing, well that's your deal. Not that it makes it right, but your claim can be made, in the opposite way, for the religious in higher education. Ever dealt with department politics in a university setting? How about the same in an academic field? And how about a field like the natural sciences? I have. You want to talk about being vilified for your beliefs. There's not enough space on this blog to relate some of the crap I've witnessed. Luckily I've never been on the bad end of it. I'm not an academic, I'm in the clerical-administration side of things. But man oh man, the things i've seen and heard.

The Plainsman said...

I don't mind a little religion talk, but speculating as to Mr. Whitt's inclinations in this regard strikes me as one of the less useful of our occasional back-and-forths, which is saying something.

So let's get back to surveying the sports-radio horizon,what say?

Thanks, Confessors.

The Plainsman said...

Greg Williams's musings posted earlier today on the subject of his depression.

A very interesting prose style. On its face, dramatic and touching. Kept my attention, anyway.

I don't really want to comment on this very personal disclosure. It is always difficult to evaluate Greg's self-reports.

I will say this, however: It strikes me as a little unusual, for something so apparently self-revealing, that it says nothing at all about substance abuse in the 2005-and-since time period. The word "drugs" does not appear in it. He declined a drug test in October 2007 when he and The Ticket parted ways, because, as he has been quoted as saying, he couldn't pass it -- the issue at that time being cocaine, according to Wikipedia.

For that matter, it doesn't say anything about a troublesome lapband procedure.

So what are we to make of the "depression" mantra?

I guess I really don't want us to get off on a tangent about how addicts or depressives behave, because the none of is privy to information about his current condition.

So I'll try to get up a new piece real soon and we'll see The Fan get smaller in our rear view mirror for the time being.

duckandcover said...

Amen to your last two comments, Plainsman. The one thing I'll say about religion and Whitt is this: towards the end of his Observer days he would make a weekly, purposely snide and provocative comment on religion in his Friday column "Whitt's End." So while I think enough has been said on that particular, I can definitely see why and where it's coming from. RW brought it on himself, and at least in those days, he seemed to do it with great purpose and zeal. In short: the guy knew/knows how to push buttons in order to get hits.

From its title to its style of prose, it's fairly obvious that Greggo is trying to emulate the great Blackie Sherrod. More to the point, Sherrod's wonderful "Scattershooting while..." articles. (Junior's inspiration for his like-named segment.) I'm not going to comment on the specific content of what Greggo wrote, but what I do find interesting are the things he didn't touch on and the way in which he presented the things he did. I'm not sure what to make of any of this situation now (both on the Greggo end and on The FAN/RaGE end of things). Just what is what is anyone's guess. I don't know if Greggo is capable any longer of knowing, truly knowing and understanding, just what is real and what's in his head. It is amazing what the mind can convince itself of. Like George Costanza said: "Jerry, remember, it's not a lie if you think it's true."

Looking forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how depression is, but Greggo sounded just peachy today. Maybe that’s how it is, good one day, bad the next? But I'm not buying it. He knows how to manipulate.

As for RW, he is the biggest fraud and douche this town has ever seen. The hottest teams have always been his favorite, if they tank or go through a rough spot, he wants nothing to do with them. The hottest band rolls through town, you bet he is there. He brags he bought a BWM, eats at the best steak houses, hell he even showed up at the church of the pastor who had sex on the roof for a few weeks. For someone to say he is one of the most respectful, respectable, hard working, and fair media members is having a laugh. Brad Gilbert heard him once and figured it all out, give us a break and move on.

I can't wait for the day when RW is kicked off his high horse. And that day is coming soon.

Peace out!

Anonymous said...

He sure did. Maybe he got back on his meds or had them adjusted. Don't know. But yeah, his voice sounded more like his normal Greggo voice. Not all raspy and barely audible. His normal Greggo shit kicker attitude was back as well. Hopefully this episode is over and done with and nothing else dramatic will happen for a long time if ever again.

Anonymous said...

Think anyone calls Greggo on the drug test thing???

Steve said...

Maybe he was pulling the old "sound sick" card yesterday. He seems to have more than his share of "voice issues".

Anonymous said...

Richie will out stay Greggo on Dallas radio. And none of you will ever be part of it. bWAAAHHHHAAAHAA

Scruffy said...

SweetJack will outlast Greggo on Dallas radio, that's not saying much. Whitt will find his options in DFW limited soon enough, whether because of piss-poor ratings or his own asshattery.

And yes, 3:51 Anon, I'm the same Scruffy from the Observer blogs.

duckandcover said...

I have to admit that I am strongly coming around to CdS. These last two days they've shown me something in a sustained manner of which they've only given glimpses of on Saturdays. Namely, great sports talk, great interviews (maybe the best on the station), and a firm grip on the room (i.e., they are the hosts, not the entire crew). Indeed, Cash admonished Machine a few minutes ago for cracking a dumb joke: "Uh, yeah, that wasn't funny." Good for Cash. I haven't heard one wasted segment. Their attitude is totally pro. And not only are they respecting the Zeitgeist of Norm's two hours, but they are also forging their own identities as something other than two men entering into middle-age who have yet to contain their ADHD issues. Nope. Quite the opposite. These boys are auditioning for primetime right now; and in my opinion, they are nailing it. Good of you, CdS. Once a constant critic, you have now turned me into a fan.

Brad Gilbert said...

I have been enjoying CdS as well. I am a fan of Norm's show, but I hope they stay around long enough to be his replacement when Norm decides to hang it up, whenever that may be.

Shaggy said...

Big news for SeaBass and Jake Z--they get the permanent 8-11 Sunday spot and will be filling in for Norm all next week.

Anonymous said...

Like Donnie said, this news must be a 3 cake set back for TC. 3 hours of Jake? Don't know if I can handle that every Sunday.

Anonymous said...

weird. I tried listening to CDS yesterday and today and got nothing out of it. Sound like the regular weekend fare that won't be around a few years from now. Best of luck to them though.

Anonymous said...


You have been predicting the end of RW for some time now man, and nothing has happened to him. You are to Richie Whitt what The Plainsman is to Rhyner. Always predicting doom and....nothing. Perhaps find something new to do.

Anonymous said...

Nice job rage

Scruffy said...

Newsflash, Captain Anonymous, I wasn't the only one. But thanks for keeping up with me all this time, it gives me a great shit-eating grin that I stuck in your craw that long. Who's the one who needs something new to do again?

Let us know when the ratings get above 2, by the way. Pick a name when you do.

Steve said...

I think it's time for ESPN Radio to take over the "The Fail" moniker. The Fan appears to be kicking their asses now. It would be very interesting to see the monthly ratings on a line chart for the past 5-10 years (get on it Barry Horn).

Shaggy said...

@RobertWilonsky: As expected, the Dallas City Council approved @danny_balis and Jess Barr's SUP for @TwiliteLounge unanimously, without discussion.

Anonymous said...

Funny how that works out for certain people who want to go into business. For others, no matter how good their ducks are in a row, no matter how good of a track record, it's a war of attrition.

Don't care what Danny or anyone sez, Mr. Pizza will not be a Hardliner by October if not sooner. Basically, within 4 months of the grand opening, he'll realize it's gonna be one or the other, but it can't be both.

Anonymous said...

totally agree about cds

Anonymous said...

Greggo has come up with the perfect force-field with the depression and mental health defense. It makes him untouchable, despite 15 unexcused absences so far in 2013. Truth is, he hates his co-hosts, and threw a fit. Someone (likely a lawyer), convinced him to play the mental health card and get back to work, eliminating the chance that CBS voids his contract.

Anonymous said...

The Hammer is back on his game after his near death expierence. What a trooper, stepping up his game for the fanfans.

I do have a ? for our fan friend, why does the fan fun interviews into the ground? You sound like Russ Martin playing bits over and over and over and over and over agian.

The Plainsman said...

754: I regret saying this, I really do, but I have come to the same conclusion. It's the lapband; no, it's the Chris Kyle thing, grief and all; no, it's this depression I'm already being medicated for. Yeah, yeah, that's it. Shut myself in my room, you know? Couldn't tell my generous bosses what was going on. Depression, helluva versatile disease, never know what form it's going to take, right? Since 2005. Guess the Bolivian marching powder had nothing to do with the 2007 meltdown.

He's a talented man. I really believe that. He brought us all a great deal of fun for a lot of years. Most of us would agree that he was the best thing on a bad RaGE. There is a hint of wistfulness when Mike R says, as a gag when Corby's misbehaving, "I want my Hammer back." He probably does -- the Hammer of way back when.

So yep: While Greg may suffer from some species of depression, that is simply not close to being the whole story here.

Which I have now officially tired of.

Until the market demands that I -- that's right, do another story.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't call that "stepping up his game for the FAN Fans." Quite the opposite, actually. Not contacting anyone for a week and letting his co workers and bosses hang isn't what I term to be "stepping it up." I'm glad he's OK. Whatever that means in his world. I'll take him at his word. But I've seen up close and personal the things that the addicted are willing to say and to do in order to "just get through this jam." I'd still like to know what this Jenno girlfriend of his, the one he says deserves combat pay, was doing the whole time, especially not contacting anyone. And the her taking his guns away story seemed more than a bit odd. If you heard it, you'd know what I'm talking about. Like I said, I'll take his word on all of this. But yeppers, it's time, buddy, to move on to other things. Unless something else happens on the Greggo front.

Stay Hard Greggo, keep jammin' and we'll see ya.

Oh yeah, one more thing 8:09, if ya'd be so kind, exactly what is your job at 105.3? Host? Board op? What?

Anonymous said...

The reason anyone would run an interview or bit over is because people don't listen to radio in a linear way. Now, Ticket P1's listen longer than any other radio listeners across the country, so they don't have to play by those rules. Most other talk stations re-purpose the day's best material just to make sure the most possible amount of people hear it. The majority of radio listeners listen for 10 minutes a day with limited tune ins. Even a lot of Ticket listeners use radio this way, but when your #1, you can play the linear game most likely to avoid topic fatigue with your hosts. Very few stations have this luxury.

Anonymous said...

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