Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sat Give-Up

So sorry, Confessors, I've been buried and that condition will continue for awhile.  Just popping by to freshen the thread.

For the commenter who asked if I had commented on the Mike's-Mind ranking of the elements of the drum kit:  No, although I did hear it.  I was just delighted that something was on Mike's mind.  (Or  .  .  . was it a later segment?  Not sticking in RAM.)

The thought occurred to me that Mike was parodying Junior's Rankings of the Mundane, each of which is, of course, riskier and braver than the one before.  Since Mike also ranks things (members of old bands) that have fewer than a handful of things to rank, this suspicion is growing.

So hey, there you go, your starter topic:  Mike's Rankings, with a Cameo Appearance by Junior's Rankings, and is Mike teasing Junior?  Is this revenge for what Mike sees as Muser discrimination against Hardline e-brake material, even though Mike has won (questionable voter judgment) the last two weeks?

Fried Chicken Talk also welcome.

Big Changes Coming at The FAN Talk is always in season.

Sorry for the lack of content recently.

Please dayconfess responsibly.  I'll check back later tonight.


blergoyen said...

Because I've not checked comments on recent posts here lately and haven't listened to THL either, I have two questions:
1. Any news on Ben and Skin's relocation yet?
2. Has Dan Balls with an "i" made any recent announcements related to his bar?

Anonymous said...

No and No.

Can't blame you for not listening to THL. Worst weekday show on The Ticket. Not even close.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the Hardline hate on this site. Give me Mike's mind segments over hockey talk, hockey interviews, the 90th interview with Gordon Jago, and interviews with MMA fighters.

I generally agree that Bob and Dan try harder but that doesn't mean their content is any better. Is that what is going on here--that people don't like the Hardline because they appear to not care?

Anonymous Ron said...

I could be wrong, but I think ranking the drums came up as a joke and Mike followed through on it.

I continue to believe that some of Mike's music talk is intentionally to irritate some of their listeners.

ausgang said...

I think THL's laziness has a lot to do with the criticism they take here. Rightfully so, in my opinion. The show has grown so stale, so predictable, that the best thing they have done in years is their over the top live spots. What's on Mike's Mind used to be great. I used to look forward to it. For several years now he grasps at something to talk about. What's more is that you can tell it's mostly a last minute, Oh shit, I gotta find something thing. The entire show seems like that. From Corby's reading straight off the DMN and Observer web pages (try it one day, you can read right along with him) to "the thing in itself" existential pondering over musicians whose heydays were in the 60s and 70s.

Anonymous said...

I feel like Mikes more ridiculous rankings are more a shot at Greggo than Junior, but I could be wrong.

Jake mentioned on IJB a couple weeks back Mike has discussed the possibility of ranking the keys on the piano.

blergoyen said...

I don't mind the rankings, if they would only rank things they know something about. For instance, Corby should rank the top 10 homeless people in Dallas to make fun of, and Mike should rank the top 10 Justices of the Peace in DFW to get married by. Now THAT would make for some entertaining radio. (pardon the sentences ending in a preposition).

Anonymous said...

just stumbled on this site and I find I have to read it every day to see if there are new postings. Great Job! Plainsman does a good job about everything Ticket.

I’ve been a P1 since 1999. I agree with those that say THL isn’t as good as it used to be. BUT, to me its still better than any other program in the same time slot. There ARE a few things that get me to change the channel. 1. Mark Followill on thur’s 2. “Romo is great talk”. THL and Norm have an unhealthy obsession for Tony Romo and anybody who disagrees with them is an idiot. I have never seen them shill for an athlete like they do. And towards the end the season out of the blue, Romo called in to the program?!? I couldn’t figure that out until…I was listening to the orphanage a few sat’s ago and Danny made the comment that Oh yeah, Corby goes to dinner with Romo. And then it all clicked. 3. Their political views. Is there 1 host that is a conservative on the Ticket?? Don’t say the Commander… now he’s as bad as the rest. (actually, ive wondered about Gordo and if he was just doing a bit). I just can handle Corby or Danny’s liberal views. Even Dick Hicks raceweek was talking about the NRA sponsor at TMS and he acted like he didn’t like it.

Im probably all alone on these…but I got it off my chest. Thanks
Stay Hard

The Plainsman said...


Anon746: Welcome.

For the record the propietor of this site (Your Plainsman) is still a Hardline fan. I recognize the sameness and lack of prep, but still get a laugh now and then. The personalities keep it going and yes, I think Corby is a real talent.

Also agree re no competition for same.

Hear Corby and Dave this morning? Good, although mostly taken up with no-hitting-women talk, which was also OK. When Corby gets an AlphaHost gig, he can be counted on to do a good show with whoever he's hosting with.

Anonymous said...

I heard Junior say something about how he thinks the Fan sports lounge has closed. Can anyone verify this? I haven't heard them mention it in a good while.

Anonymous said...

Their twitter account is still active and tweeted a thanks to mark cuban for coming in last night.

Junior must have been mistaken.

Anonymous said...

I'll attempt to tackle your political views angle.

There was a time when I would've argued with you and said "hey, George and Bob are conservatives." Now I would not. George definitely is no longer. It began with his foray into playing music. Look, the music/any art scene is about as progressive as it gets. And yes, even the Red Dirt frat boy scene George is into falls into that category. Many think that the natural gas drilling and whatnot is what changed his stance on many things. It isn't. The thing is, most conservatives. And I mean actual conservatives, not Republicans, are pro environment. Hence the term conservative, which comes from the Latin conservare---which means to preserve, to conserve. But as anyone who's listened to The Musers regularly over the last 4-5 years has noticed, George's stances on many things have changed. It's not a coincidence that they changed once he began to befriend, hang around, and need to fit in with an artistic crowd.

Bob is a different cat. Bob has learned over the years to choose his battles wisely. Bob rarely, if ever, weighs in---in a forceful way---on political or social matters these days. Though he does do it in a round about way in his sports analysis. And even Bob now acquiesces to the popular held opinions of the other hosts. He basically goes along to get along. He very rarely gives his actual opinion on anything in the political realm anymore. He knows that no matter how reasoned his opinion might be, it will be shouted down.

I love Danny. I'm a huge Danny fan. But Danny is dumb as rocks when it comes to anything outside the realm of his own world of pop music, local sports, and living the live of a 20 something while being a 45 year old middle aged man.

Corby is the quintessential late 80s early 90s frat boy who thought of himself as a "free thinker." Yeah, he was in the frat, but man, he "gets" the bigger picture out there. He understands the "people." And yet he can still feel at home at the country club---while making fun of how other people look and judging them by their subpar looks.

Mike. Well, he's an asshat that once built something great but who is now merely a passenger along for the ride. An man exiting middle age, embarking upon old age, and yet who is trapped by his 60s hope I die before I get old pathetic psychopathology.

BBQ said...

Well, that's some penetrating psychological insight. I guess. Some very harsh and personal stabs taken there. I hope you blast the spotlight on yourself with every bit as much zeal and venom as you do others.

There's offering up analysis, and then there's vitriol disguised as analysis. With the exception of your take on Bob, you employed nothing but the latter.

The Plainsman said...


258 hasn't crossed the line into deletion, but one wonders why he still listens to the station if it excites that level of contempt.

Danny fan, is he? Man, I'd hate to be on his non-fan list.

Confessors, although you may find 258 odious, let's watch the intra-commenter vitriol.

Thank you.

BBQ said...

Sorry about that Plainsman. But when I read that comment all I could think was "wow, even if what this person is saying is right, what's the point of it all?". Felt like I had to say something. Rest assured, I'll leave it at that.

The Plainsman said...

BBQ: Actually not referring to your post, but anticipaing those of the more name-calling feces-hurling variety. Your response was well within my ever-shifting tolerances.

So Anonymous said...

the fan lounge is closed except for on game nights for the mavs and stars but all of the connections to 105.3 are gone except for the obvious name/logo on the outside of the building but they no longer have the radio equipment inside and most of the video games are gone, etc the place is closed during the week at lunchtime when normal restaurants are open.

Oh, and there are so many dominos about to fall at The Fail.

ausgang said...

What do those falling dominoes entail, So Anonymous?

If those business hours are correct, then I wonder if the AAC/Mavs/Stars have ownership in the Fan Sports Lounge? Seems like a bizarre way to run a business.

As for political views, I think Bob is the only conservative of the group. What's sort of interesting is that over the years Junior and Georgio have begun to switch roles. Junior seems much more right leaning in his views than he once did, where Georgie has been shifting ever left ward. Other than that, the rest of the gang seem to be fairly libertarian towards just about everything. The most left leaning person is Norm. Whenever the opportunity is presented, he will take a little jab at a GOP candidate, ex-president, pundit, etc. Which is kind of funny seeing how most of the local sports bigwigs, whom he greatly respects, are dyed in the wool Republicans (Staubach, Hicks, Jones, Ryan, Summerall, and many others).

Anonymous said...

I hope RW is the first to fall. I pray for it. There is not a more arrogant and fake person in DFW.

The Plainsman said...

Gotta say -- the Muser Road Trip in the luxo bus sounds pretty cool.

As much as we kick the CTO, this site looks for opportunities to toss a bouquet. The MRT has got to be a pretty costly venture.

And sounds like an opportunity for some interesting broadcasting.

The Hardline needs to come up with something like this, freshen up that joint a little.

Anonymous Ron said...

Will the time it takes for George to threaten Gordo with violence be measured in days, hours, or minutes?

So a week on a luxury bus with a driver and an engineer. That's brutal.

The Plainsman said...

I think it is EXTREMELY interesting that they're not doing the campout this year.

I would be willing to bet a large amount of money that there was a lot of non-broadcast drama surrounding both the campouts themselves, especially the last two, and, more significantly for the purposes of this site, the decision whether to do another one.

Result: The Musers go on a cool field trip, everyone else stays home. Maybe everyone likes it that way. Or maybe someone, or more than one someone, absolutely refused to go camping again, and that was the end of that. A campout with anyone missing for no apparent reason would cause considerable chatter. Here, anyway.

I have no inside info. Just guessing that some very fun (to us) discussions were had in The Ticket inner sanctum.

East Texas P1 said...

I believe The Hardline is going to be in Chicago that same week when the Rangers play the Cubs.

The Plainsman said...


Happy to have The Hardline get out and about.

My recollection from their trip to New York for the playoffs a few years back was OK, some fun moments, but generally the show took little advantage of the opportunities it presented. I may be misremembering that and I think I may have written something about it. In fact, I seem to recall having a positive reaction at the time, but I do remember thinking that generally the show should have gotten out and about more, or something.

Anonymous said...

I hope THL doesn't turn their Chicago trip into what the NYC trip became: purely a vacation for them. One where IF it was convenient, then they'd actually do something show related. Other than merely talk about the bar they went to the night before. Somehow I think their treatment of the NYC World Series trip is the reason why the supposed baseball show of note did not get to go to San Francisco that year or to St. Louis the following year.

The Plainsman said...

OK, so you had the same impression I had (or am remembering having).

Didn't the Musers get sent to San Francisco? Did any show go to St. Louis?

Anonymous Ron said...

Was it the NYC trip when Mike ventured out into the hinterland be find a Steely Dan concert?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sure the Ticket isn't holding a campout because of fear of chatter on a blog site.

Stop to think how ridiculous that sounds.

The Plainsman said...

232, I believe you are in error.

If a major host weren't on a campout, a major station event, with no credible explanation (or maybe even with one), it would be a big story among the P1.

Chatter on a blog site is like the isolated voices the mic picks up from people standing nearby in the middle of a cheering (or hissing) crowd. If something is going on with The Little One that has people posting here, it's a certainty that those posters are only a tiny percentage of the Ticket listeners thinking the same thing.

If that were not the case -- if the only people who took note of Ticket news were Confessors -- Ticket notables wouldn't stop in for a cup of coffee now and then at joints like MTC. But, as we have learned, they do.

232, would it surprise you to discover that the CTO takes potential listener reaction into account in its decisionmaking? MTC isn't the Voice of the P1, but it's one of several outlets for that voice, including email directly to The Ticket, the UnTicket, the DFW radio boards.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is curious as to why The Ticket would ditch an event that had proved very popular with listeners.

Nope, not even a tiny bit ridiculous to think that our favorite station would be reluctant to do a campout with a host missing because, at least in part, the P1 would surmise unrest behind the curtain, some of which surmise might find voice among the quite splendid group of Confessors who have begun to gather here.

MoronDog said...

"The Plainsman said...
Didn't the Musers get sent to San Francisco? Did any show go to St. Louis?
March 25, 2013 at 12:57 PM"

The Musers were in St Louis for Game 7. A buddy of mine sat next to Junior on the flight back home.

Anonymous said...

The Musers also went to San Francisco.

I think after, what, 3 campouts, they decided to give it a rest. Just like they did with the compound (though it being Greggo's idea might've had something to do with it), the Charity Challenge, the Quaterback Bowl, the Great Game, and the one time Basketball Challenge. Maybe they'll try something else this year? The year is young yet, so who knows what might be announced between now and Summer (which is usually when these things take place).

232 is totally in the wrong, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm not a fan of the campout. Although we got some funny and even poignant and controversial moments, it showed a side of some of the hosts that while I pretty much knew was the case, I didn't need it confirmed in such a concrete manner. Mike's sneaking off to sleep in a cabin after having been told by the property owners not to comes to mind. It told me a lot about Mike. It would've been one thing if the cabins were made available for them to use in case they really got cold. But they weren't. Mike decided that sleeping in a cabin was what Mike wanted to do, so Mike was going to do it, everyone and everything else be damned. It was a lame thing to do. It was something that an immature young man does. Mike's the elder statesman (along with Norm). I expected better.

Anonymous said...

I'll agree the campout lost some steam last year, but the Musers Road Trip seems like a weak replacement. Besides the obvious that it's just the Musers and not station wide, there won't be any late night shows that pretty much define the campout/compound.

If I had to give an example of why I've been a P1 since 1996 it would be the campout late night shows. It's simply not something any other station would do besides the Ticket.

This has to be an internal reason why they aren't doing it this year. Even Junior said how popular it was during his explanation of why they aren't doing it this year.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

It has to be a host thing. I'll bet anything that Mike, Gordo, and Dan raised a big stink about it. Cat probably caved in. Maybe they'll bring back the compound. I liked it better anyway.

Since Gordon's no fun unless he's the center of attention, if there are any late nights on the Muser's Road Trip, they probably won't make for very interesting radio. I'm not a big fan of Junior Coast to Coast. Now the Georgio Midnight Trucker Show is a different story. But it's only good for one night.

The Plainsman said...

Get some help, Anon 733 (deleted). It's out there.

The Plainsman said...

I think the bus trip will be good. These guys are clever and resourceful -- I'll bet there are going to be some good shows come out of this. And I like Junior Coast to Coast, although has he said he's going to do one?

And I am definitely looking forward to a Hardline Chicago trip. If you can't find some mischief around Wrigley Field -- a much friendlier confine than Yankee Stadium -- you're not trying.

Of course . . . .

The Plainsman said...

A lot of you are reinforcing the point I was making -- there is a REASON that popular promotions and popular bits go away.

There was more obvious tension on campouts than in things like The Great Game, but it's there in all of these bits that vanish. Popular items don't get shelved just because they've been on a few years (Fight Night, TicketStock, Guys' Night Out, most running bits on the shows).

So when something that The Ticket probably has no problem at all selling to sponsors gets shelved, I wanna know why.

No one, to date, has contacted me to advise.

cactusflinthead said...

Yeah, I can figure personalities and priorities and just ordinary bs getting in the way of things. It happens. Things run their course. I too was a fan of late night compounds and camp outs. Early morning wake-up calls weren't bad either. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. It usually takes somebody really effin inspired to be the ramrod for one of these functions. To juggle all the personal schedules, egos, demands and peccadilloes of our own families for a reunion every year is something is beyond my realm. Perhaps it just ran its course. No great blow up in a meeting. No harsh words, it just fell apart from neglect and business with other tasks. It lost priority. Perhaps this road trip is the best they can do with the dollars at hand. Cumulus, the power of radio! I will listen and see what happens.

I don't care if Mike took off to the cabin. I would like to think they charged him for it and he paid. It is typical sorriness on his part. Weak ass city boy got cold in W. Tx. Ha. Was it a bit frosty Michael? Get a better sleeping bag next time or have mama pack you an extra blankie. Who is to say it wasn't just sheer laziness under the guise of too many other things to do? I suspect there were many moving parts to why some bits, popular bits, did not return.

Anonymous said...

On one hand, Plainsman repeatedly says this blog isn't that big of a deal. Then, on the other hand, he says this blog is a big enough deal to cause major programming decisions at The Ticket.

That's a mighty big leap.

Is it possible hosts got sick of the campout? Sure. They even said as much last year. And it lost steam, as others here have pointed out. And, as others have also pointed out, they usually change things up every couple of years, as Junior said during today's segment.

But yes, The Ticket is worried about blog comments. Whatever floats your boat.

Joe Jonash said...

Wondering why you didn't commented on that? Still not clear on me.

Anonymous said...

After the suicide comment that was obviously concocted by the same anon who harasses nearly every regular commenter and who then posted again at 1218,,, I think it's high time, Plainsman, that you either employ some sort of well defined standards or moderate. Otherwise this site is going to go the way of the dinosaurs. The dbags are starting to step it up to another level. I mean, really, faux suicide messages and by the same idiot who keeps posting why does this site exist messages???? Get a grip on it or lose it Plainsman.

Steve said...

I just wish Fight Night would go away. They've done hundreds of much more interesting events but somehow that one sticks around.

Also, do the captcha people just go around taking pictures of peoples street addresses or what? They need to go visit some nice neighborhoods, most of the pics don't look to be in great shape.

slinky said...

Anon Ron, If Georgio hasn't strangled Gordo by now, it probably ain't gonna happen. Did anyone catch RaGE Friday? Greggo was talking about having gone to college with George Lindsey's [aka Goober] son, and something about Goober playing college ball. Somehow Greggo blurted out "and he played with Goober!" You think that wouldn't have made a hell of a drop over at THL?

Anonymous Ron said...

IMO, the incident with Mike and the cabin at the last campout was EXACTLY what the P1s want and expect. It's like saying nobody wants to listen to the late night stuff because Corby gets drunk. How many drops have come out of that?

Anonymous said...

I'm the anon 2:32 and 12:18. I can assure you I made no comment about suicide. I just think it's a little silly to think a major radio operation is making programming changes based on comments on a blog.

Anonymous said...

Then why in the wide world of sports do you read this blog? You show up in every single thread, multiple times, only to let everyone know how silly they are and how "pragmatic' you are. Congrats to you. We all get it. You're smart, we're dumb. Woo hoo.

Mission accomplished, dude. Now why don't you peddle your wares, impart your wisdom, elsewhere? Please. Pretty please.

As to the suicide comment: If real, then I hope that poor soul is seeking help. I wish him/her the best. I'm serious. If a gag, it is not funny on any level, and please don't post things like that. On any site. There are people out there who truly suffer. Suicide is real, it's not a joke. But I hope it's a gag. I truly do.

Anonymous said...

I post here (but not nearly as much as you say I do - there are plenty of copycats) because I used to really enjoy MTC. It's a shame that it's become what it has. Guess I'm hoping to one day come here and see something other than doom, gloom and ridiculous predictions that never come true. In other words, I offer the same defense of my comments as many of the commenters here do when defending their criticisms of the Ticket, particularly The Hardline.

What's good for the goose, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't make sense, man. Too cute by half. Take your weak stuff home, holmes.

When you keep doing the same thing that ends up resulting in the same outcome, yet, hoping for a different outcome....well, ya know what they say about that....

Ya know, if we're gonna throw around cliches and all.

Anonymous said...

Count me as a Hardline athletic supporter. I still enjoy listening to them, even when they go way off the topical areas we are expecting. I find myself laughing and enjoying my time listening from 3-7. One really needs to ask themselves whether they could truly do WITHOUT the Hardline firmly implanted on the "Enchilada end of the dial" every day, regardless if their backseat program director tendencies would ask for different topic content. Their chemistry is unique, Danny is the best personality on the Ticket, and your impressions that they have given up is ironic in that the drive-time hosts are the hardest workers at the Ticket.

Shaggy said...

How would you know? And since you claim to know, how do they work harder than Bob & Dan?

Anonymous said...

I would love it if they DID go off topic. The thing is, they don't. It's all music, all TMZ, all the time. You need to look up the word ironic. Like Alanis Morrisette, you don't seem to know how to use it properly. Danny is greatness. Best personality on The Ticket? Naw. Unique chemistry? Naw. Bob and Dan, like 'em or not, have unique chemistry. Mike, Danny, and Corby are very much alike. Nothing unique there.

Anonymous said...

I was once a proud strong P1, now at best I am a marginal P3.
I have never understood how this group of guys and there legion of followers have such thin skin. These men make their living off of putting themselves out there for all to see. Not everyone is going to like everything that they see, and since the hosts are in a very public position they and their groupies have to accept the fact that criticism is going to come.

This act has gotten old and stale, lucky for them they have no descernable competition in DFW.

Danny is not bright, and will always be 27.

Corby is an over the top, always point out the obvious, I am an expert on everything guy.

Dan & Bob try, but they have a big bag of nothing.

Gordon is a 12 year old self-important, endlessly self promoting hack.

Jr is basically clueless of anything outside of his small, small world.

George is the only one that is real. He has changed which leads me to believe that he is not a poorly scripted bit like the rest of them, but he is himself on the air.

Norm is 100% sports, and isn't that what the ticket is suppose to be, SPORTS.

Rhines is old, he's had it. And he has to put up with Lucy and Ethel everyday from 3:00 - 7:00.

Donovan was late to the party and just riding it out until it crumbles. He has no real talent.

The Plainsman said...

I'm not taking you down, Anonymous, but, as a great scientist once said, you're not EVEN wrong.

Anonymous said...

Just my opinion Plainsman, I realize that.

I am in the minority on this, I don't need the Ticket validating what I like or dislike. I just need them to entertain me while they shed some light on the sports world.
I don't need "all sports, all the time", those formats are not good.
They just need to change it up, they have been doing the same thing for too long and the MASSIVE egos are ever present on the air.