Saturday, June 22, 2013

Let's All Take a Deep Breath

So, is something afoot involving The Ticket, or isn't there?

Well, nothing happened yesterday, to my knowledge.

I would be tempted to say "sorry, irresponsible blogmeister reliance on anonymous sources here, my bad," and move on.

Except that Richie Whitt also thinks something big involving The Ticket is in the works, something he thinks he can keep the lid on until after the weekend.  Something that will "change the landscape" of DFW radio as we've  known it for "three decades."  Yeah, yeah, I know, it's Richie, but Richie is dialed in.  I don't think he'd stick his neck out unless he had something, or thought he did.

And except that yesterday's Summa Bash was really, really weird.  Odd hostly behaviors, unexplained references, awkward silences, Dan sentimentality, all wrapped around a catastrophic Scott Ferrall monopolization of at least two segments. 

And a peculiar reaction to a Jer drop -- I heard the Musers beating feet away from the drop, but didn't hear the drop.  I gather it was Mike R-flavored.

So we continue to speculate.  To sum up, not in order of likelihood:

(1)  Signal change, or signal swap.

(2)  CBS/Cumulus merger or acquisition.

(3)  Mark Cuban involvement somehow, perhaps a purchase of Cumulus.  (Lack of movement of Cumulus share price yesterday suggests no rumblings in the financial community that would indicate either (2) or (3), so they're kinda off the list.)

(4)  Retirement of Mike Rhyner or Norm Hitzges.

(5)  (4), accompanied by BaD taking over PM drive.  (No PM commuters reported to have jumped off the High 5, so it's kinda off the list.  [Just kidding, BaD.])

(6)  BaD's demise resulting from Bob's going off to do something else or Dan leaving, or something. 

(7)  The return of The Hammer, or reconciliation with Mike.  

(8)  Richie Whitt's affiliation with The Ticket.

(9)  Syndication of some of all of The Ticket.

(10)  The whole damned station is gay.  OK, I made that one up.

(11)  60% of the station is gay.
In evaluating these possibilities, I tend to throw out (2) and (3) for the reasons stated, and (6), (7), (8), (9), (10), and (11) as not sufficiently seismic.  Mike's retirement (or departure) would certainly be a landmark of DFW radio, whether or not accompanied by BaD's ascension to drive, as would moving The Ticket to a legacy signal (displacing its no-doubt longtime occupant).  Mikeish news would also tend to explain the cockeyed vibe surrounding Summa Bash.

But I keep coming back to Gypo Nolan's advice to "face Morton's Fork" and trying to puzzle out what it means.  (Confessors have started to turn on the estimable Gypo for his failure to be more forthcoming and for his obscurantism in this case.   I'm still intrigued, although I'm not sure what is says about me that I'm willing to give a guy named "Gypo" the benefit of the doubt.)   Earlier on, Gypo advised that something was either going to happen yesterday, or not happen at all, which, of course, is tautological -- he can't be wrong.  But maybe what he meant by "facing Morton's Fork" was to hark back to that tautology -- something big was going to happen yesterday, but the fact that it didn't means that it isn't -- at least not in the form or at the time Gypo expected it to. 
In which case, we've all had a real good time, and this site has gained some new readers on a pretty flimsy pretext.
The least I can do for my readers is to provide an image of
former Ticket Traffic Twist Alexis Smith -- HEY, MAYBE
SHE'S COMING BACK!  Now that would change a
landscape or two around here.
The speculation may continue, and if anything comes my way that I'm able to share, I'll let you know.
Y'all do the same.
*     *     *
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The Plainsman said...

OK. OK. I don't have any more information of substance. Truly, I do not.

But, unless you have some plans for the weekend:

Hold on to your butts.

And pray to whatever Jah you worship that certain individuals can keep their mouths shut for a few days.

This looks like a tease. It is not. You know what I know. Gotta trust your Ol' Plainsman on this one.

The Plainsman said...

And by the way -- NOT apropos of my preceding comment -- if it's a new signal, I want a bonus. Or at least an on-air "Thanks, Plainsman, for blazing the trail."

So Anonymous said...

nothing is happening with mike. nothing is happening with richie whitt.

Anonymous said...

I am very confused by your first comment. Why would we want certain individuals to keep their mouths shut? "Trust me" and this is also not a tease in the same utterance. How is that not a tease? And then the quoting of Gypo. No, no, no. Never, never, never. While you might not know something with apodictic certainty, you definitely know something. And you know it to the point that you'd probably place a wager. So what gives, Pman?

East Texas P1 said...

I have not had time to map out a flow chart on all the possibilities, sub-possibilities and so on. One would need a very detailed spreadsheet to map out all the scenario's that have been placed out there.

Here is my two cents.

1. Morton's Fork is a specious piece of reasoning in which contradictory arguments lead to the same (unpleasant) conclusion (Wikipedia).

2. I believe the possibility is high that if it didn't happen Friday it won't happen at all (as referenced by Gypo Nolan). RW's tease not withstanding.

3. I don't think it has anything to do with the Ticket as I don't think RW has insight to those dynamics.

4. Wouldn't a signal swap be accompanied by some public FCC documents in advance? I would not classify a signal swap as "changing the landscape". 1310 might pick up a few new listeners in the boondocks but I pretty much believe that most 25 -54 guys who want to listen have found a way.

5. We need more maps.

The Plainsman said...

945: Apodictic!


I've said all I can say, sorry if you find it too, too coy. It isn't, but I'll cop to the charge.

terry tynsedale said...

Does anyone know if BaD as a unit has a contract or do Bob and Dan negotiate separate contracts? In other words, do their contracts expire simultaneously or is it possible that one signs on for 5 years while the other 3 or something like that? If that's the case, then might we be looking at a Dan contract negotiation gone so awry that he's been told to find new employment once his current contract expires? This MIGHT go in some ways explaining the cryptic agents screwing up contract talks quip by Mike at the end of WTDS. Not sure what if anything is actually going down or about to go down, and to go of anything RW says is kinda ludicrous, but from WTDS on, the whole thing had a very off vibe to it. That and Farrell was amusing for about all of 5 minutes. After that I wanted him to leave.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can play this game.

Nothing is going to happen.

Prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Something is going to happen.

Prove me wrong.

blergoyen said...

RW is saying "...I'll have breaking local radio news that could re-shape the landscape you've known for three decades." If that is hyperbole then any one of those things PM mentions in the latest blog post could be true.

However, if "...I'll have breaking local radio news that could re-shape the landscape you've known for three decades." Actually means CHANGE THE LANDSCAPE - then to me that does NOT apply to any one individual or singular radio show. Which leaves only a couple of MAJOR changes like mergers, ALL major shows abandon ship for greener pastures, or, to a smaller degree, a station/signal swap. If Rhynes/Bad Radio leave, or BaD takes over afternoon drive, or corky leaves (wishful thinking) that IS NOT landscape-changing.

Shaggy said...

I think now it's gotta be Dan or BaD leaving if they don't get a new deal.

It fits the Cuban missile crisis, and it fits Dan's actions at the end of WTDS. Those are the 2 most reliable things to base it on. Richie's drivel doesn't mean nearly as much.

Lucky Jim said...

For what it's worth, here is a transcript of the end of yesterday's WTDS:

Dan: I’m going to end this with perhaps a new tradition, just to cover all my bases. Because you never know. My new tradition is, just in case we never get a chance to do this again, or maybe it’s many years before we do this again…I just want to say, Mike: I love you. I want to give you a hug—a Why Today Doesn’t Suck hug. You are my leader.

Bob: A Summer Bash hug!

Dan: A Summer Bash hug. You really are my leader. Snake?

Corby: Buddy.

Dan: You’re the best. Hug?

Bob: I might get in on a hug.

Corby: I love you.

Dan: Just in case.

Corby: I know.

Dan: Just in case I need to do that. You know, mortality. We’re forty.

Bob: See you in the next life, Johnny.

Dan: Tyler?

Dan: That’s quite a pause there, Jake. What are we doing?

Jake and Gribbel: Crying.

Bob: Trying to make it more awkward.

Note that, somewhat strangely, the crew had been singing “Those Were the Days” immediately prior to Dan’s goodbye.

Tomfoolery said...

After reading the comments about the end of wtds yesterday, i just assumed it was the usual dan "making a joke out of damned everything.".
But after listening to it on the unticket this morning, that was no joke...something is going on, and they are really afraid something big is about to happen.

The Plainsman said...

Thanks for that effort, Lucky.


But of what?

If it's a farewell of sorts, why refer to it as "starting a tradition"?

And Dan has something of a history of spilling corporate beans.

As Alice memorably said, "curiouser and curiouser."

I got nothing more.

GJW said...

Watson , Get me my coat , The game is afoot !

Lucky Jim said...

I agree with Tomfoolery. Because I missed WTDS yesterday, I assumed Dan was saying goodbye to OGW in particular. But after listening to it, it feels / sounds much more like Dan saying goodbye to the entire crew. Bob seemed to want to toss in jokes and re-route.

Here is the OGW's agent comment from yesterday, in its context:

(They were talking Blake Griffin / Kate Upton)

Corby: Did she go after him or did he go after her?

Mike: How could anybody possibly know that?

Corby: And is it..simply…like we hear…a call your agent: “Hey, I want to go out with Kate Upton. So make it happen.”

Mike: Yes. You use your peeps on this.

Corby: What a life!

Mike: See, that’s what I mean.

Danny: And meanwhile we have to call our agent to bang the sport princess.

Corby: The sports princess?

Danny: Some hog in our line of business.

Mike: No, we call our agent to screw up contract talks. All right. 5:09 on...The Ticket.

Is it okay to post these? I’m new around here. Feel free to take them down if I’m violating some sort of code or the like.

Yet another anon said...

Anonymous said...

This from a reliable source: BaD radio are in contract negotiations and are being wooed by The Fan for PM drive time. BaD are trying to get some leverage. The Ticket will cave and everything is going to stay the same.

cactusflinthead said...

More lunch time fun.

Bob and Dan to the Fan? Yeah, I could see that happening. It would make sense in regards to the Missle Crisis brinkmanship comparison. Who is going to offer them the most money?

I won't let myself dream of WBAP or KLIF and signals. Not now.

But what about 30 years still? That doesn't really fit the scenario unless I missing something. Another source on another board and it is still all speculation. Come Monday I suppose we will know? Perhaps not. If Cumulus manages to pay them enough to keep them will we only get continued anon hints?

Hmm. Yes, the game is afoot.

Confound it Archie, this is a pickle! Or is it flummery?

Shaggy said...

Yeah, scuttlebutt is Bob and Dan would go to the Fan 10-2 if Cumulus doesn't come up with some jack.

I would certainly follow them there--that would put a big hurt on the little one. Norm has had it and their replacements would not move the needle.

Lucky Jim said...


The 30 years thing makes sense to me in this way: RW has stated his loyalty to The Fan remains--he feels he helped to create it. And so a BaD vs. THL afternoon drive, would, to his mind, constitute a massive shift in the airwaves. It's hyperbole on his part, a way to hype The Fan as having made a huge move.

And to his credit, a BaD afternoon drive would constitute the biggest threat to THL they've ever had. A "re-shap[ing of] the landscape you've known for three decades"? No. But still a re-shaping.

Anonymous said...

Why would they put them on 10-2? Wouldn't it make more sense to put them in morning or afternoon drive, and move one of the Fan's existing spare shows to that spot?

Shaggy said...

There's no chance in hell Dan would ever do morning drive.

Also, I would think they know they can beat the Ticket from 10-2 and give B&S a strong lead in. That sets up B&S to be comfortably in 2nd place against ESPN.

SDP1 said...

It seems really obvious to me that Bob and Dan's contracts are likely ending by Monday, and they're having to negotiate them through the weekend, hence the uncertain nature about everything.

And Dan wouldn't make those comments at the end of WTDS just because. Couple that with Corby and Tom both saying "Nobody knows what we're talking about" and that seems to be what they're referring to.

I doubt it's Mike leaving, especially because Dan addressed both he and Corby.

I think the Cuban Missile Crisis hint has more to do with a "staring contest" type scenario, like with a contract negotiation. Nothing at all to do with Mark Cuban.

Just my two cents here.

Anonymous said...

So come Monday, the refrain will be "a lot DID happen, we just won't ever know about it."

Arlington P1 said...

Mike Fisher is tweeting something similar to Richie Whitt's Friday tease. No details, though.

The big money is in drive time, not 10-2. Makes little sense for someone to pay top dollar to BaD unless it's to give them a better slot. I've long thought they're ready for such a move.

Lucky Jim said...

@anon, 12:53pm

I suppose it depends on how weekend contract talks go. If we're onto what's going down, it's possible to tune in at noon on Monday and hear no BaD. Or they'll be there, and we'll know all is well.

So, yes. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, a pretty good source told me last week that BAD Radio is out. Cumulus low balled the contract offer (hence agent talk) and barring a last minute save they're headed to The Fan.


Tomfoolery said...

The 12:10 segment of BaD monday should be interesting. Business as usual with lots of thinly veiled "we didn't go to the Fan" comments...
You have to know they are reading all this internet speculation all weekend.

Lucky Jim said...

Here's the Fish tweet:

mike fisher ‏@fishsports 2h
DFW sports-talk radio wars about to shift some battle lines. Big-time.

That was this morning. Has something happened today? Maybe all is done, as Anon 12:57pm is claiming.

Anonymous said...

@shaggy BaD who have ten times the experience would never be a lead in for B&S. That's a step backwards for them. Talent only makes upwards movement. Another thing to consider is that BaD radio and B&S are represented by the same agent.

JG said...

The BaD thing makes sense. Surely the Fan has made a run at them before. They always seemed content and like they knew their role and were cool with it.

Bob could fit in anywhere. But Dan (who I love)...he's different. He's got his own unique bit. But if they're able to swing this into a better deal for themselves, good for them I guess. But I'll be depressed.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't B&S always been on pretty good terms?

JG said...

Bob hasn't tweeted in 4 hours. Something is up.

Shaggy said...

On good terms with each other? Or with Bob and Dan? I'm pretty sure B&S are on good terms with BaD and The Hardline guys.

Lucky Jim said...

@JG and to all:

Check Sturm's Twitter feed. He just RTed.

Shaggy said...

Bob just re tweeted someone asking him : "Boring weekend?"

Anonymous said...

Bob's RT has to be the confirmation that they are at least seriously considering leaving.

Can we all now wildly speculate who is replacing BaD?

Black & Quack
Shake Joint
Extended Norm
Max Miller
The Ender

Lucky Jim said...


Congratulations. I believe you've scooped RW.

Anonymous said...

If BaD leaves does Donny Doo go with them. Who replaces BaD Shake joint?

SDP1 said...

Wonder how Donovan figures into all of this. But please, no Black & Quack.

Anonymous said...

Would that include Donnie-Do?

The Plainsman said...

BaD Radio started in June 1999, so a June expiration date for BaD contracts is plausible.

Would be interested to know about any noncompetes they have that would be triggered by expiration, as opposed to resignation or termination. Maybe none.

If the latest line of thinking/rumor is correct, hard to think that BaD would just start right up on the air at The Fan. There'd be a period of preparation (or noncompetition) for the new guys, finding masochistic interns, gathering carryout menus, stuff like that. (Just kidding, BaD.)

But The Ticket would be able to respond instantly to a sudden departure, filling BaD's slot with home-grown talent, at least for the time being, and perhaps, just perhaps, finding the courage to suggest to The Hardline that a tuneup might be in order.

JG said...

@Shaggy: My bad, I meant to ask if B&S were on good terms with BaD.

If it's Black & Quack, I'm out. I'm sure he's a good guy and all, but I can't listen to Rich for more than two minutes at a time.

The Plainsman said...

Thanks, Lucky Jim, but seems like ShaggyBevo may have scooped us all.

Although . . . I think maybe my reaction to Gypo Nolan's advice to grab our asses may count as a pre-scoop that something big was afoot. That did indeed beat Richie and, I think, that hirsute bovine as well.

Given the fact that this site has no sources, I'll take it.

Myko said...

Cirque would have to be the replacement. They're te only show ready to go to weekdays. I doubt Donnie-Doo goes with BaD. Bob and Dan have good (better?) chemistry without him. Kticket could find a place for him somewhere. He's been re-gifted to different shows his whole career.

Arlington P1 said...

Do they really have any homegrown talent ready for one of the coveted weekday slots? Might they go out of market to find replacements, just as they did when they found Bob and Dan?

I would hope Ticket management has a short list of guys around the country they think might work here.

The Plainsman said...

I am moved to wonder what Scot Harrison's and Matt McClearin's contracts look like.

Anonymous said...

Check Richie's blog....

Lucky Jim said...

Oh, man.

rcade said...

I was hoping the news was Rocco Pendola coming back to host the Stars postgame show. (Not a bit: He was really good at that.)

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Bob and Dan

Arlington P1 said...

Richie should have known this news wouldn't keep until Monday. Now we will see if the rest of the story (time slot, replacements) can keep until then.

JG said...

Anybody think Cumulus will match? The only way I think they do is if they want to hold on to BaD to replace the Hardline whenever Mike retires.

rcade said...

Plainsman: You listed 11 possibilities and none of them were BaD going to The Fan.

The Plainsman said...

Someone mentioned above that there is a precedent for this. In fact, The Hardline went through something like this some time back. Here is the article by none other than Richie Whitt:

Here's a taste, but I urge you to read the rest of it:

"After months of flirting with 105.3 The Fan and coming this close to leaving the phenomenally successful station he almost single-handedly launched 15 years ago, Mike Rhyner tonight reached an 11th-hour contract agreement with Cumulus Media that will keep him at 1310 AM The Ticket for the foreseeable future.
Multiple times over the last 30 days The Ticket's founding father had his bags packed, seemingly destined to accept CBS Radio's overtures and take sidekick Corby Davidson and the wildly popular Hardline to be The Fan's 3-7 p.m. afternoon drive show.

"'It was close,' Rhyner told me moments ago. 'Very close.'"

"Rhyner, whose existing Cumulus contract was to expire Feb. 20, wouldn't elaborate on the specifics of his new deal. He did, however, admit to long nights wrestling with the decision he at one point called 'one of the toughest things I've faced in my life.'

"'The Fan made a really strong run at us,' Rhyner says. 'I mean, really strong.'"

Times have changed, folks. Cumulus has been bidding farewell to major talent around the country. And BaD, as good as it is, ain't the face of The Ticket like The Hardline was.

And the fact that this news is out there probably assures that Cumulus won't match. The Dickeys won't want to look held up, pressured.

Moreover, if CBS made the same kind of "strong run" they made for The Hardline -- and, given CBS's recent ratings humiliations vs. The Ticket with its current and recent offerings, they probably did -- Cumulus won't want to establish an extravagant new structure for salaries for the other shows.

Should Cumulus match? Depends, doesn't it? Depends on ad rates, BaD's profitability, Mike R's plans, lotsa things. But if CBS has thrown crazy money at BaD -- well, businessmen shouldn't be crazy, no matter how much they may want to keep marquee players.

Steve said...

If Richie is to be believed their non-complete is six months. Fuck that is going to suck if it happens.

Wonder what would happen if they moved to the fan and it ended up changing formats a year or two down the road? Would there be any chance of them coming back to The Ticket? I can't even imagine them on ESPN.

The Plainsman said...

rcade: Not claiming I scooped that.

In fact, credited ShaggyBevo.

And, by the way, I regard anyone crediting MTC (including myself) as crediting the site, including its faithful Confessors -- not me personally.

Anonymous said...

These "coaches/hosts-in waiting" scenarios rarely end well in sports, talk shows, etc. I'm sure in THL's eyes and probably Cumulus' eyes as well, they've earned the right to go out on their own terms. Giving them an end date, even in three years, could be problematic down the road.

Lucky Jim said...


I know nothing about these kinds of contracts, but RW did point out that CBS could potentially buy out the non-compete, and thus the six month deal would disappear. This is my reading of it, anyway.

And if CBS is throwing big money at BaD, my guess is they'll want them up and running ASAP.

The Plainsman said...

Six months is a long time to be away from the market. A long time for smart competitors to adjust.

A long time for people to forget how much they liked Bob & Dan.

Cumulus would be crazy to sell CBS that noncompete.

Lucky Jim said...

That's true. Six months would put the new show at Christmas. That's just about all of the NFL season.

I remember Conan O'Brien's contract issue, and how he had to wait it out. I think it really hurt him.

Arlington P1 said...

Unless there was a buyout negotiated at the front end.

Gopher said...

Food for one said Mark Davis would leave WBAP a little over a year ago either.

Anonymous said...

What about Tom G? Heard him to a live spot early today. Maybe a return of MaS

Anonymous said...

I believe they will leave, a prime time slot, and they probably offered 50 to 100% more in pay. Or else why would they even consider it.

So Anonymous said...

and now its out.

Arlington P1 said...

Eric Celeste says multiple sources are confirming "most" of Whitt's story. "Final outcome 'undetermined'".

Anonymous said...

Dongavon to 10-12 with Norm

TBD out of market host with TBD former local jock cohost 12-3.

Anonymous said...

Siroy bros with Donnie Do? I'd take that.

Anonymous Ron said...

Hope this doesn't happen, but if it does . . . time to bring in a female voice?

T4 In Rockwall said...

Everyone keeps referring to 30 years. No one ever mentioned 30 years, it was 3 decades as in 1999-2013.

Shaggy said...

I just don't understand how a non-compete (especially 6 months!) would even be legal if they weren't under contract anymore.

TheDude said...

Since Bob retweeted the "Boring weekend?" message indicates to me that Bob acknowledges changes are happening he believes very little last minute negotiations will change the outcome.

GJW said...

a couple of quick comments :

1- No , We do not need any forced female voices to be PC. I don't know of any qualified on air Females , that would be ready to carry a show in DFW. I am not saying there aren't any and I'm not saying a female couldn't do a great job . I am saying there is no home grown DFW Sports female talent ready to get in the Ring with Heavyweights . Let's hope the days are over where forced chemistry to be PC and mediocre , are over .
2-My fellow Bloggers at MTC should not be quoting RW or Fish with any sort of expectations of credibility or substantive value .
3- Business is Business , CBS has the Stones and Money to buy Market share . Which in the Corporate environment , makes sense , no waiting to see what blossoms or dies in the garden ( RaGe ) .

I love BaD and I wonder what sort of vacuum effect if any , their leaving would create as a lead in audience to THL .

BTW ; B&S would do fine as a 12-3 lead for BaD.

GJW said...

Shaggy , Just about anything is legal with the right amount of money and good Lawyers ( oxymoron ) .

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen to WTDS?

Anonymous said...

Who gets line 4 guy?

Anonymous Ron said...

I guess it WILL suck.

(Isn't that Dan's bit?)

GJW said...

WTDS would go away , because the Day would Sux without the BaD Radio / THL , crosstalk .


Anonymous said...

Iam thinking BaD takes Jake or TC as there new producer and gets ride of Tom.

Tomfoolery said...

Kinda funny that no ticket guys are tweeting today...they probably knOw that there would be 1,000 replies asking about BaD...

The more I think about this, the more I believe Bob is really smart. He knows the job at the ticket is worth more than the sum of the paycheck. He has to know a bump in pay at the fan doesn't account for the stability, visibility, friendship, and lifestyle that the ticket offers. Not to mention knowing they are 3 years or so away from sliding right into the HL's slot and get more money than the fan is offering now.
And it was no accident Dan slyly leaked this at the end of wtds yesterday either. The know we would all spend the weekend doing exactly what we are doing, thereby negotiating through the media.

I think they know exactly what they are doing....

The 12:10 segment monday is going to be greatness....

BBQ said...

I have to say that in a way, this is a potentially more dire (OK, maybe dire is too strong of a word) situation for The Ticket than a Mike retirement. Barring a HL retrenching of the highest order--e.g., the show having Mike's undivided and full attention, each day, all day and Corby actually being prepared (Mike too)--I think we could see THL in a dead heat with a drive time BaD. One that would, depending on the ratings period, swing either way as to who is first. WTDS has become a very very very important fixture for the station. Taking that away, plus not having a super strong lead in show (and I don't care what show they put it in, it's going to take a long time for it to pull in BaD numbers--sorry Shake Joint and CdSers out there), will mostly likely indeed alter the landscape ratings wise too boot.

If this goes down, count me in as one who will listen far more often to BaD on The FAN than THL.

Two other quick hits:
This now makes sense with BaD's end of the Stars season post game show where they said that they may or may not be back to do it next year. I have to think that these talks began quite some time ago. And in conjunction, this might be the reason why B&S arrived back at The FAN's drive time slot with zero fanfare (no pun intended). Perhaps this was all being choreographed in the background.

My hope is that there will be a last minute counter offer and BaD will remain at The Ticket--assuming that that aspect of this is still in play (or ever was).

I assume that CBS will buyout their non-compete. To wait six months seems in a way suicidal. Then again, it's CBS and we've watched them pretty much do nothing but attempt suicide over and again where The FAN is concerned.

On last thing. If this does occur, I sure hope BaD knows what its getting into, who it's about to lie in bed with. They can convince themselves all day long that it'll be "all good." But as bad as it is up at Cumulus, something tells me that CBS makes Cumulus look like Susquehanna.

the radish said...

Obv the Cuban thing is Cumulus and CBS going head to head over a small but important island nation of radio, BaD. The 30 years thing? Yeah 90s-10s covers that so I'll buy it. Potentially landscape changing? Definitely. How? 2 related ways. 1. You have the first long term mainstay (14 yrs counts as that for sure) Ticket proper show leaving, and leaving for a competitor. 2. It shows that not only is CBS willing to do such a thing, but also that they can pull it off. Which means in turn that once you do something for the first time, it gets easier with each try. Short of it: The Ticket better watch out, big time. Cuz it's guaranteed that when other contract negotiations come due, CBS is gonna be waiting in the next room ready, willing, and able to offer up whatever the talent wants.

Upshot: We could be seeing the real beginning of the end of the dominance of The Ticket. And like most beginning of the ends in history, it never happened like those who lived through it thought it would. No Muser retirements or SNL jobs, not THL moving on to a different phase in life. Nope. Just the "late-comers," the "Yankees" who came in here and successfully adopted, integrated, and adapted to The Ticket brand. Who became members of the Bunker.

Big Jim Jack said...

One thing that Whitt pointed out in his diatribe against CBS & Spittle is the edict not to talk about things other than sports.

If BaD goes over there, will this cut out Gay Not Gay, What's on My TIVO, Bob's World, Dan's World, Game Show Bits, etc.?

It appears that going on road trips with the Stars will be out as well as Bob doing fill in work on Stars broadcasts.

As far as money, Cumulus may well pony up if they are looking at the future (specifically thinking about the future of drive time).

I would think that Cumulus would want to keep the band together as the little Ticket is the cash cow for the entire company.

Another possibility is that CBS may funnel in network programming at various times any day now. Will they have a local lead in or will they have network as a lead- in in the near future?

Also, if they go, then the pressure becomes immense to live up to the hype and the contract. At the little Ticket, the top of the mountain pressure is on The Musers and THL. Whereas there is the bar to maintain the highest ratings in their Ticket timeslot, the pressure to be the "Face of the Franchise" along with a ratings winner increases exponentially at CBS.

I, for one, hope that things can be worked out with the Ticket.

Jay-g said...

I think Cumulus won't match.As much I love BAD they are still the #3 in the pecking order. As much as they love the guys at the ticket, you know they would love a shot to prove their worth.

I could see Jake, Sean and Donnnie doing a show.

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet clean lord,
If BaD leaves, please dont let sean bass parlay this into more air time.

Anonymous said...

Big Jim Jack, I've no idea if you listened much to RAGE, but if you did, you would see that it wasn't that they had a couple of segments devoted to lifestyle talk, the show had become almost solely about lifestyle talk. More to the point, their lifestyles.

While I don't think Whitt is pissing in the wind here by any stretch of the imagination, one ought to tap the brakes when it comes to believing all that he says as if it's whole truth and nothing but the truth. He has a way of seeing the world that much of the time isn't how the world really is, but only how he wants it to be or how it is in his mind. If you've read much of his work over the years, and specially this new version of Sportatorium, then it's likely you've seen for yourself that his mind isn't first-rate by any stretch of the imagination. 3rd on a good day, 4th rate in general.

I swear, the comments sections on Whitt's blog are some of the worst I've ever seen. Vile. I'm no fan of Whitt's, but it's just plain disgusting what some of those cretins say to/about him. Then they all turn on each other, calling everyone every name in the book. It's just awful. Disgraceful, really. But that's the type of reader and listener he attracts, so it seems.

cactusflinthead said...

Three decades? Barely in one and starting another. 14 years does not 3 decades make. A bit of a stretch but the statement makes sense now.

If BaD goes up against THL in the PM drive time it would definitely qualify as landscape changing. At least in the onset. I am not sure that the show they present on the Ticket will go over as well with CBS. I also wonder who they would take along if anybody. Is Jake ready to change up his personal situation? He is after all working another job, with his family IIRC, to supplement this radio dream. Gribble? Donovan? I expect if they venture off out of the bunker they are leaving as a duo and not a squad.

The first and foremost question in my mind is whether or not they will be allowed to speak their minds concerning the 800lb sports gorilla that is the Dallas Cowboys. What will they say when Jerry comes out with another inopportune declaration? Will they be able to dissect it with the attendant drops to follow?
Would "How"d you like those 3 Super Bowls" ever happen on the Fan? How much of what made them who they are be allowed to exist on the Fan at drive time in competition with THL? Is this the moment when they become the ones that can't do those things? I suppose the GBL would go away. WTDS goes away. Gay or not Gay merely a reference along the way.

This does not bode well.

Arlington P1 said...

If it is just a little more money, then they would be smart to stay. If it is a lot more money and a prime drive-by slot, then they would be fools not to take the risk (it's a risk, but then so was the Ticket back in the day).

The question is, does Cumulus see their bet, or fold and see how the next hand plays out?

Anonymous said...

The sports talk only edict is a gangland myth. As is the don't crush the cowboys talk. Trust me, not that u have any reason to, but if cbs backs up the brinks trucks to get bad, they'll let them do their brand of radio. And I don't know hoe many times I have to put to bed the syndicatoon slogan is live and local. Their only play with the network is to install it in small markets where they don't already own a live sports station or pair it with already existing and winning properties (I.e. houston) to build brand awareness.

T4 In Rockwall said...

@ cactusflinthead

You make some good points, but I felt like it was Bob interviewing someone with so many questions in there...:)

Gopher said...

Is this a package deal? What if one wants to stay and the other wants to leave?

Brad Gilbert said...

I posted this on the previous post because I didn't see this one: BUT if the FAN new this was in play, then MAYBE this is why there wasn't much promotion of B&S when they joinedthe FAN. If they would have heavily promoted it, THEN moved them down for BAD, that would have looked like a demotion. Now, they can spin it as part of the bigger plan.

Plus, you bring in B&S so a loose cannon like Greggo or RW start a blog and spill the beans.

Anonymous Ron said...

Stating the obvious - without the Ticket there would be no Bob and Dan.

Anonymous said...

The list of BaD replacements on the Ticket roster is not looking good. Rich Phillips and Donovan? Yuck. The Sirois Brothers? Meh. Shake Joint? Nope, they barely got that weekend show a few months ago, no way they are ready for the big-time yet.

Anonymous said...

Return of MaS

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJune 22, 2013 at 9:03 AM
Ok, I missed WTDS yesterday, but thanks to the greatness of The Unticket, I caught up. My read on this is exactly the opposite: sounds like Bob and Dan are on the precipice (there's no way...). Dan said "just in case I need to this". So I think BAD is being wooed/reupped/in negotiations. Anyone know their contract status?



Crushed it. I'll be here all week. ��

ap said...

Wow... long time, no visit. Wish it could have been under better circumstances.

I have no single coherent train of thought on these happenings, so I will scattershoot blindly and try and come back on Monday to delete these ramblings when this all magically goes away.

- If all of what was blogged is actually true, then it seems like a case of an agent overplaying the hand of Bob and Dan. Neither strike me as the type to initiate a move like this, and that never works out well when the people you're negotiating with know this as well.

- I've always thought that a lot of what makes BaDD Radio tick is the presence of a sharp board-op. To seamlessly go from Grubes to Jake without missing a beat is luck that I don't think can hold out with yet another board op. The Fan might need to pull Shoopy out of retirement.

- Years ago, on this blog, I had a discussion about non-competes with someone who made me revisit my stance on them. I've always been told that they are usually worthless, but apparently they have a bit more bite in Texas. So assuming the six month gardening-leave clause is accurate, I think that sitting out for an entire football season would probably kill Bob. I doubt Dan could stay away from a microphone that long, and Cumulus lawyers would probably pounce immediately the second his voice was heard on a podcast somewhere. Cumulo-Overlords seem like the vindictive type.

- They'd finally be re-united with Mickey.

- Donny's in a tough spot, but his work on BaDD radio has shown that he's able to adapt to pretty much any situation. I could see him work with Norm, the new show, go to a sister station, or join the hardline if danny ever leaves to pursue the twilight lounch full-time. Donny is the consummate "Professional Friend".

- Gribble would be screwed.

- When I met Bob earlier this year, he told me that "Jake could do any of our jobs". Whoever filled in for the noon-to-three spot would probably need to have a solid grasp on ticket history if Cumulus is at all interested in retaining at least some listeners. The only existing 'showgrams' that would fit that bill (for me, at least) would be the Shake Joint and CDS, but the Siroises Boys would probably need to give up their existing gainful employment to do so.

Bob just tweeted this:
"Thank you for caring about this unfortunate situation. There is no point in commenting as it develops. There will be time for that I'm sure."


"Noon to three...
Dirty noon-to-three...
...I love you,...
...but, do you love me?"

Anonymous said...

From Bob

Bob Sturm ‏@SportsSturm 19m

Thank you for caring about this unfortunate situation. There is no point in commenting as it develops. There will be time for that I'm sure.

Blergoyen said...

Looks like its made general news now:

Unless this sets them up for a big part of the rest of their career, I'm thinking this will be a regrettable move.

Anonymous said...

I don't think BaD would do good on drive time. As someone mentioned above, the Fan seems to not be a big fan of bits. That's what defines these guys. Mid days is the perfect spit for BaD. I don't think I can put up with Dan's voice on my way back home.

As far as replacements, and I am reaching very far on this one, but it would be really nice to hear more Mike Doocy. He has character, knows sports and local...