Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More Quick Hits Because I Don't Have Time to Do a Longer Piece Right Now

Thanks to a poster from the last thread for calling the opening of Danny's place, The Twilite Lounge, to our attention:

Looks like a very gemütlich space, nifty.  I think it's very cool that Danny hasn't flogged the joint on the channel, that I've heard or heard about.   Guessing that he's not necessarily looking for the P1 demo or curiosity-seekers.  Letting those who are so inclined discover it for themselves.  

And I guess we have our answer as to whether one can open a bar and run a PM drive showgram at the same time.

To date, the website is rather uninformative:

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Am I hearing Conrad say that we should "listen more longer"?

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Rich Phillips is doing an ad for an auto-parts store where he states that he seems like one's car runs better when the exterior is clean.  That is crazy, and absolutely correct.

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Am I hearing Conrad reading a Hardline promo that promises "The Pool Party"?  

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I thought I heard Mitchell Karasik toss in a substantive non-Ticker contribution to a weekend show.  Could be wrong -- I couldn't listen long enough to tell if he were doing Tickers, but it sounded like him.  It was a good contribution.  As I have reported in the past, Mitchell's background is not in reading copy.  When he talks rather than reads, he's kind of got a Tickety voice.  Hmm.  Wouldn't break my heart to hear more of him doing other things.

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shaggy said...

I sure hope Mrs. P is a redhead.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we have the answer if whether Danny can be the third leg of THL and run a full-time business. The bar hasn't been opened a week yet. Come October, if he's still doing both, then we'll have our answer. Right now it's way too soon to tell. I sure hope he can do it. THL needs Danny like Sonny needed Cher.

therrick said...

"Pool Party" was basically "How Will You Feed?" a year or so ago, with the great Aquabats song as the theme.

The Plainsman said...

Oh, I know what The Pool Party was. And yes, it was a cool song.

(In fact, weren't there two different (cool) songs used over time with that segment?)

My question is -- why are they airing a promo mentioning it when it's been retired for awhile?

therrick said...

I dunno you still hear promos from time to time that mentions "Daily Donovan" and they haven't regularly done that in years.

Anonymous said...

There was also another Pool Party theme song where Danny tried to imitate Johnny Cash.

The Plainsman said...

See, I used to think that, too, but I think Michael Gruber reported to us that even though it sounded like Danny, it wasn't -- and he told us who it was, but I have forgotten and I'm too lazy to look it up.

Anonymous said...

Dang. I would've bet the farm that Danny was the voice behind that tune.

blergoyen said...

Hats off to KT for his great interview around 4:25pm today with Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul on Breaking Bad. Yes, we know he was on "Mr. Show" and that show with Jerry Stiller's son, but Odenkirk CURRENTLY plays Saul.

KT, you have a unique sense of humor, and it really shines through in one-on-one situations, like your many times on The Musers filling in for Gordo's Corner, etc. While I share your taste for Breaking Bad, your interview really sounded like a regular fan asking questions from a fan's perspective. The audience doesn't get that perspective too much these days. As a matter of fact, that's probably corky's best attribute is his ability to conduct the "regular guy" interview with a big star. Keep up the good work KT, and if Ben & Ben, or SkinBen, or whatever are smart, they'll try mixin' you in a little bit more.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Plainsman said...

I took down a comment that was not vulgar because it contained not one, not two, but three uncomfirmed rumors about JV job statuses. Under other circumstances I might have left it up, but I'm in a mood.

Please shop responsibly at My Ticket Confession, even if I don't.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, Pman, I would've liked to at least had the chance to see the names. Can you at least provide that info?

If I had to guess, it'd be Gribble. First off you have that "lost" IJB segment that touched on some sort of Gribs issues. Then you have some kinda cryptic references by Dan saying to Gribs that he's now going all scorched earth.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I remember seeing a comment in the last post about the Ticket podcasts not acting nice, and they have been a problem for me as well. I went to the Ticket's website and copied out their podcast url and copied it to my podcast player and all's well with their daily feeds now. Just wanted to make sure everyone got their fix as I've been missing mine for about a week now. I'm not sure if the address got changed or what the deal was.

DA said...

To All:
There are some serious rumblings, that both Clear Channel and Cumulus will have additional layoffs, like both did in the winter (Nov/Dec 2012). The initial wave of Clear Channel layoffs, 600+ workers, allegedly in the planning stages to be given out on Friday.

1-Under the business news radar (late Friday), Clear Channel announced to say they were able to restructure their debt and instead of not being due in 2016, it is now due in 2019.

2- I have previouslyy discussed that the Cumulus situation is just a "mini-Clear Channel" in waiting.
Move to Tuesday; Moody's upgraded their liquidity rating by one step. This upgrade also allows them to have greater access to credit (Possible Hint: Buying all/some of CBS Radio).

Moody's credits that four of those "10 underperforming AM stations" have improved their outlooks.

NOTE: The "Observation" at the end of the article should basically tell you where both companies are at, regardless of the success of individual stations with in city clusters.

NOTE 2: The $10M discrimination suit against Cumulus from former KNBR host Ralph Barbierii will go to court on Sept. 9 as his counsel was in Atlanta to despose Lew Dickey and others.

Anonymous said...

8:43. I think Gribble is gone. They have been grooming this Mieno guy who sounds like he is from Cumulus to take his place i think. Heard him with Norm this week. think they need to shake up the weekends though. Get CDS, Orphanage, and Shake joint out and give David Moore and David Newburry a show. I think a Fahey and Karasic show would be great as well. Get some of the ticker guys in the mix.

Anonymous said...

Fahey and Karasick show? You're joking, right? The Shake Joint has a Ticker man, Sea Bass.

I do think it's time for some more Sunday programming. Perhaps a David and David show would be a nice addition. Saturday is pretty much set, though I'd like to see The Orphanage put out to rest. It's so over it's not even funny. Besides, with Danny now being a bar owner and a full-time producer, surely you'd think he would cut something as ill timed as a Saturday morning, 2 hour, time kill that rarely has any real content to it. I know I wouldn't want to work 2 jobs a day and then have to get up Saturday morning for that major time waste. Personally I'd like to see a T.C. driven Saturday show. The kid has earned it. Or what about a Grubes Saturday show? Now there ya go!

As far as Gribble goes, I can see him moving on soon. Working for BaD has to be stressful. From the on air beat downs to the off air demands, I would think that Gribble has more than had his share of it all. Burn out with such a crew is inevitable. I'm sort of surprised he's lasted this long. Maybe on the Grubes front........Grubes back to the BaD producer role? Then again, I'm not sure if Grubes can go back to playing a subservient role like that. He would be great, though.

Anonymous said...

9:39 is totally right. Shake Joint has got to go. The only thing worse than that crap show is Cirque. And Orphanage? Holy poop! Those guys wouldn't know radio if someone dragged them over to their dad's Corvair, tuned in some Big Bopper and duct taped their heads to the center console.

Moore & Newburry FTW!

Anonymous said...

Methinks 1057 is 939. C'mon, man. No need to post fake comments in order to make yourself look good.

cactusflinthead said...

Ok, will wander out of my corner to speak up for the Orphanage.

I love the fact it is a fly by the seat of your pants extemp show. If they half sort of scribble down a run sheet of what happened the week or night before that will do. I have heard the full line-up run down Jerry's latest gaffe or whatever other non-story is emanating from Valley Ranch. By the time Saturday rolls around if I don't hear anything about the week's stories I am fine with it. I do agree that Danny might just leave if the bar does well (which I sincerely hope it does)but I am not in a hurry to see him leave. Love me some background noise on Saturday mornings while I try to gather whatever consciousness I might be able to muster up.

Gribble gone? Ok, well where to? Is he gonna be cut adrift like Jimmy the Saint? Off to the office? Personally, I'd like to see a string of producers that take BaDD to task, just to irk Dan mostly. Dan is Sir Bog-a-Lot and always will be. The only one that comes close is Corby. Anybody else notice that he is quite sensitive about having drops of himself played back?

If I start hearing TC on Saturday mornings I am gonna find somewhere else to go. I can handle him in small doses and mostly because I am waiting for the wheels to go shooting off in all directions. I root for machine malfunction every day after 7.

I kinda like the Shake Joint too. It is starting to grow on me some.
If the Machine got a gig on Sunday instead of that damnable network feed, that would be fine with me too.

Plainsman administered a smackdown. Heh.

slinky said...

I hope Danny has better luck with his club that Jim Suhler. Jim opened Deep Ellum Blues a few years back. It was a pretty good club for a while, then one night, I noticed they hired a restroom attendant. The dude was pretty nice for a while, then as the night passed, and with not many tips, he started getting pissed! LOL! Who the hell hires a restroom attendant for a BLUES bar?!!

A Opotamus said...

I don't know if it's been mentioned, but I heard Jimmy "the Saint" doing The Fan's version of tickers over on 105.3.

cactusflinthead said...

@ A Opotamus

Yeah, he seems to be doing better now. I seem to recall hearing him do HS football games a couple of years ago.

The Plainsman said...

It's OK not to like anything in the Saturday lineup.

It's OK, it's just not believable. The Saturday shows are all good, and I will even join cactusflinthead in defense of The Orphanage. I do think 939 and 1057 give off a whiff of special pleading.

It's also my sense that That Shake Joint Thang is trending seriously upward among Confessors, another sentiment with which I'm on board.

Myself, I'd like to hear The Boomtown (David (Moore) & David (Newbury)) as a regularly scheduled program, maybe on a Sunday. I'd prefer ANY Ticket guy helming a program on Sunday (TC, Mitchell, Jer, Fahey, Killer [insert your favorite JV here]) instead of the syndicated bilge that sends me instantly to Little Steven's Underground Garage on Sirius.

Autocorrect said...

Re: Danny--I wish him the best of luck. Now that the bar is open, can we please put the orphanage on hiatus? I like listening to those guys from time to time but unless they're just doing schtick, there's zero prep for the show. That might have worked with Gordon and the Rant, but it just seems sloppy at times to me.

Re: JV's...I would rather the Ticket pepper the shit out of my radio with JV shows than listen to syndicated stuff. I'm pretty sure that's why The Fan's GBag show does so well(hard to tell exactly how well we're talking about here). After TT10, the Ticket is a tuneout. That Pharrel(f?) character , I mean it seems like he's a bit so I can't listen to him longer than 5 minutes.

Re:Gribble. I actually like the guy and he adds to the chemistry of the show IMO. It would seem hard to insert a producer that could put up with the crap that Gribble does and before him Arnette.

East Texas P1 said...

FWIW - For everyone who said that Danny couldn't keep up the pace...

During the concert calendar he mentioned that he is taking a hiatus from the King Bucks.

Shaggy said...

But now he's in Calhoun.

"Balis will make his debut with Calhoun May 19, when the band plays the "soft opening" of the Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge during Arts Goggle on the Near Southside. According to a statement from Calhoun's Jordan Roberts, Balis will be "an integral part in the writing, rehearsing and construction of the band's fifth album over the course of the summer and into the studio sessions tentatively set to take place in October."