Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Almost Drove off the Road

I was laughing hard.

I won't be able to reconstruct this entirely, and I don't recall whether Corby or Danny made some of the incidental remarks, but Mike R cracked me up in the opening segment today.  Maybe The Unticket will have it.

It wasn't so much what he said, it was how he said it.  No  .  .  .  no, it was what he said, too.


Corby is talking.  Rangers preseason game is on.  He interrupts what he is saying to say that "[Someone] Cowsill" has hit a three-run homer against Alexi Ogando, realizing that this will make Mike sad.

There is some banter about the old group The Cowsills.  Mike does not believe that any Cowsills played major league baseball.

They bantered a bit on the name, and someone said "maybe it was The Herd."  (ESPN guy Colin Cowherd.)

Mike says, "I can't stand that guy."

Mike says, "The Laddie [former Ticket PD] probably knows what he's [Cowherd] is up to.  And you know who else was tight with him?  Djeel-BEAR."  (Another former PD, Bruce Gilbert.)

Corby:  "Bruce Gilbert and Cowherd were buddies?"

Mike:  "Gilbert gave him his start.  What did he [Gilbert] ever do for this place?"

Corby:  "He hired Bob and Dan."

Mike, after a pause, deliberately and with emphasis:  "Whoop.  Dee.   Do."

Danny:  "They've been solid on middays for 15 years!"

Mike, contemptuously, practically spitting out the words:  "Ah, you could get a chicken to do middays around here."

Good thing I was cruising the middle lane with no traffic or I'd been in the ditch or up against the divider for sure.


T4 In Rockwall said...

I heard that too and figured he was just breaking balls. Although I do sense the lack of respect sometimes, maybe because they came 5 years into what became The Ticket. I will say that if BADD wasn't there The Ticket wouldn't be where they are today. They have a strong station because there are no holes in any of the lineups. It works.

The Plainsman said...

T4, I agree that Mike probably does not hold BaD in the vast contempt his comment, and the venom with which he hissed it out, seemed intended to convey.

Shaggy said...

I have to say this interview with Hoggy is Norm at his absolute worst--get a guest on who Norm thinks is WAY more interesting than the listener does...ask silly questions that Norm thinks are amazingly insightful... and act completely dumbfounded or shocked by the answers...overlaughing at not funny responses, etc.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Norm thinks his questions are amazingly insightful. Anyways, isn't it the answer that's usually insightful, the question, probing? Something tells me that if we could hear the R or even X rated versions of Hoggy's tales, as Norm has, we'd find them more interesting. Then again, the new Jake is Genius listener might not. I agree that Norm over laughs and force laughs. Yeah, it gets grating. But I'd rather hear that than senior citizen Mike R's sex talk or his unwarranted spate of bile directed towards BaD yesterday (of course all in the name of ball busting). Say what you want about Norm, but at least he's true to himself. Norm = WYSIWYG. Mike's just… Mike's just sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm finally out completely on Norm. He talks too much Cowboys, especially for offseason. The dumbfounded/shocked reactions in interviews as mentioned above wore me out too. But probably the thing that wore me out the most was the way he will twist off on some topic that either no one else cares about or is just kind of a "the way it is" situation. Like say Jason Garrett making a bad coaching decision or Jerry Jones doing something stupid. That's just what those guys do - ranting & raving about it the way Norm does (e.g. RUN IT AND RUN IT RUN IT AND RUN IT, IT IS NOT SHARED IT IS NOT SHARED IT IS NOT SHARED, TELL US TELL US TELL US!!!) is just irritating. It's like listening to a child whine because mommy won't buy them an ice cream cone. I found it amusing for a while, but then it just got old. So I've accepted Norm's invitation to go some place else for my sports talk (from 10-12 anyway). Actually, my radio just gets turned off. I wish all of life's irritants were as easy to remedy.

Anonymous said...

TC sure didn't appreciate Mino's e news intro. Hardly hid his unhappiness.

Anonymous said...

4:46 -

I feel for TC -- he's just that guy that you just want to haze. Probably has been that way for ever. I've never met him, all of my twitter interactions with him have been positive, but he's just that guy. I hope it is different on the Redneck Riviera. I love people willing to take calculated risks. He could have just hung around hoping to slide in a spot when Mike and Norm leave, but decided to take his talents elsewhere. Good on him - although picturing him listening to 4 hours of Paul Finebaum during CFB season makes me smile. "Um, Paaaaaoooowwwwlllll, I gots a querstion about Bama recruitin'."

My Name Is Anon said...

Hey Plainsman,

When you do your blog on "Ticket immortal" TC, can you include your Top 5 or 10 on-air TC moments?

Thanks, I'll hang up and read.

Gopher said...

I got the impression from what little I heard of the TC interview with BaD that he was leaving mainly because of the drops. His reaction to Mino's introduction kinda proves it.

His last day on air might be epic.

cactusflinthead said...

Norm strikes me as a bulldog at times when he latches onto a particular topic. You will have to cut his head off before he will let it go. I too have grown tired listening to Cowboys off-season talk. It leads the show almost every day. I can't think of a show in the last month that didn't start off with a segment or more of Cowboys. Norm can wail about them all he wants but he might as well be telling the wind in Lubbock to stop blowing. It is tiresome and I have chosen other places for my ears to listen.
But, it isn't the other sports stations in town. I tried that when Elf and Slater were still around. I couldn't tell you who is on either of the other two stations in that time slot and I don't care to know.

Mike definitely seems more curmudgeonly than his typical surly, old bastard self.

TC would not be so fun to hear get a nut-kicking if he weren't so damn smug. I can't pinpoint when exactly he irritated me the first time. That the stutter gets his goat makes me happy. However, I do hope he can make it down there in Pensacola. I don't wish ill on him, just not my cup of tea.

DA said...

Since TC gave his notice, Cumulus (or any employer) is obligated to keep him there. His comments on BaD Radio and IJB indicated bitterness. Unwarranted, since he still says "um...yard know...I mean" with every comment, but still present. As previously stated, his lack of being part of them teams cost him. That and the time he kept them change from lunch runs turned me off (there was and Eatzi pasta salad issue with Dan too).

If they can cover his duties, he can be told not to come in at any time and thus no flaming.

DA said...

Darn phone. I meant Cumulus is NOT obligated to keep him following giving two weeks notice.

512 said...

Absolutely wish TC the best in his future endeavor(s), but I pretty much concur with just about all things said before me Re: TC, his general persona, and his abilities.

I must not be following very closely to have him referenced as a "Ticket immortal." But then again, Plainsman seems to have a great bit going these past few years. We get it, man, you really love TC and think he doesn't get the credit he deserves.

Shaggy said...

Stream down this morning. Boo.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I noticed that too but it appears to be back now.

Anonymous said...

So will the new complaint be over how John Fahey pronounces "WhataBURGer"?