Saturday, March 8, 2014

Speculation Upon Speculation

So sometime Confessor Provocateur Gypo Nolan (a character from an old movie called "The Informer") threw up a comment last night that stated only "Hold on to your butts."  The last time he did that, Bob and Dan were flirting with The Fan.

When asked for clues, he responded only:  "Norm, Mike, Corby, Jake, Mino, Dan, and Bob .  .  ."

Which looks huge but is so huge that it really isn't much of a clue.  And how likely is it that Cumulus is really going to bust up its still-number-one schedule in any significant way?    And his last clue re Bob and Dan related to the Cuban Missile Crisis, so I don't think highly of Gypo's clues.

There was a time when I thought I knew who Gypo was but when I asked that individual directly, he denied it.  So now I think it's someone else.

We know Lew Dickey was in town last week.

We know T.C. Fleming is off to ESPN Pensacola to be on the morning show there.  (A big congratulations, we'll try to cover that soon.)

We know Norm is working on a new contract.

My few radio-related guys who sometimes know Ticket stuff haven't heard any Ticket stuff.

So all I can ask is that you stay tuned and keep the thread lively and civil.

In the meantime, I'll keep my ear to the ground  .  .  .

.  .  .  and check email frequently.


Frank Wastelander said...

BTW, in non mix up news, who else is excited about THL in Denver for the Rangers series there in May?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Corby is.

How much do you think we will hear about legal marijuana while they are there?

Maybe it's just me, but I don't find T.C.'s departure to be such a big deal. One less JV for THL to kick in the nuts.

Smith said...
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Smith said...

Well, Gypo Nolan just posted in the phone app thread that the butt-holding was indeed referring to the departure of TC.

And also he says that Norm just inked a new multi-year deal. Everyone can breathe now.

beauty school dropout said...

First off, per the last Gypo Nolan post in the previous thread, there is a fake GN. The Norm, Dan, Mike, Jake, etc., comment, again, according to the last GN, was done by an impostor. I take the "real" GN at his word. But I would be remiss if I didn't say that if TC leaving is "Hold onto your butts" worthy news in GN's esteem, then he has quite a low bar where major news is concerned. A statement like "Hold onto your butts" implies something big, not a JVer who hosts the Top Ten departing. Look. Wonderful for TC. Happy for the guy. But come on, that's not really a change to the daily lineup (as the last GN claimed). He pre records introductions to a list of the day's best segments. Moreover, The Top Ten is preempted, delayed, or shortened almost as much as it's played in its entirety.

Secondly, if the last comment was indeed the real GN, then I owe an apology to T4. You were right, T4. If that truly was GN, he is an attention seeker who is purposely cryptic in order to attract said attention. If not, why leave the "Hold onto your butts" when it's nothing more than TC leaving and Norm re-upping his contract (which, was claimed by someone else prior to GN's last comment). Why not just say it straight out. Unless, that is, you're seeking attention, like to play games, and on the whole like to stir the pot. Of course after accomplishing your mission, you come on and say: "With the amount of hypothesizing and insane shit that gets thrown around on this blog." Well isn't that the tits. You yell fire in a theater and then wonder why everyone's running for the exits. Brilliant.


In the past GN has never said anything other than the cryptic 1 or 2 line message conveying something's about to go down. But now he decides to make a bullet pointed comment about what his original statement meant? That, in addition to calling someone else out? Doesn't hold to form. So. Who knows what's what.

Another round of huzzahs to TC. Good on ya, pal!

Anonymous said...

Danny just dropped an s bomb that didn't get dumped (no pun intended). Segment was quickly terminated.

The Plainsman said...

Yeah, I had a feeling it was the TC news. I wasn't getting any rumbles anywhere I usually get them when something's afoot.

And yes, really hope this is the start of something good for TC.

It's an ESPN station, but I think it's only a 1KW AM and 150-watt FM translator. Not entirely sure about that, but that's what it appears.

He'll be up against 97.1 FM -- The Ticket.

The Plainsman said...


The opening montage for Cirque contained a drop: "Hold on to your butt."

Anonymous said...

It always has "Hold on to your buts" Thanks for listening

Anonymous said...

Does T.C.'s new employer have an online presence?

T4 In Rockwall said...

It's alright beauty. I could be wrong but GN should at least clarify. If an apology was needed...then it's accepted.

Shaggy said...

deezy said...

Yep, 1152, I was listening at the time and could hardly believe my ears. If that's not Friday e-brake worthy, then I don't know what is (though I can understand if it gets swept under the rug).

Anonymous said...

Hold onto your butts. Gypo Nolan is a member of the CdS crew. That's all I'll say. It's not hard to put together the pieces if you want to know exactly which member. I'll give you a hint: Read the last comment in the last thread by Gypo Nolan and compare it with the language used and attitude given off by CdS members with Twitter accounts.

The Plainsman said...

1230: I actually listen to CdS often and have heard that intro many times. Never had butts on my mind before, I guess.

The Plainsman said...

Did we all enjoy the Deus ex Machina -- er, Cirque du Sirois show today?

The Plainsman said...

TC's new employer:

Looks like TC may be bumping Mike & Mike.

Shaggy said...

No. He'll be on Good Morning Pensacola from 7-9

The Plainsman said...

Thanks for the correction, Shagmaster.

Tangent said...

On a completely different note...Concerning traffico-traffico; I know its not a huge deal, but I've always disliked the "stick it up your tailpipe" tag. And now it seems that Becca has decided or been told to say this a little differently than we've heard her and others do it in the past. Now we hear, "I'm
Becca with the Ticket.[pause] Stick it up your tailpipe traffic". As opposed to the smoother and less confusing "I'm Becca with the Ticket's stick it up your tailpipe traffic".
Has anyone else even noticed this? Has this been addressed on-air, or in the com boxes? I have some advice: Stop it.
Don't forget to Spring Forward y'all.

Anonymous said...

listen p-1s:

if ANY major show were to be dismantled, it would be its lowest rated and newest to the metroplex.
They knew this.
In fact, they knew it so much that they inked a SUBSTANTIALLY less $ deal to stay @ ktck.
they showed their true colors which are overall good dudes.
they showed loyalty in hopes to remain.
cuz the only alternative was pull a Ben & Skin and take the $ and go to 105.3, nevermind the station sucks and will fail.
when you're desperate amateurs, you take the short-term $ nevermind long-term stability.(B&S)

the TRUE "hold onto your butts" is either Junior leaving the ticket or his coming out.

Anonymous said...


she's obviously young and her pregnant pause is in the same style as Shaun Rabb.
nothing more

its old style radio actually so kudos to her

T4 In Rockwall said...

But...yes, I have noticed the pause in her voice, as annoying as it is.

The Plainsman said...

Tough crowd.

deezy said...

Tangent, I noticed it right away, and I have to say that it's grown on me.

You and T4 should go do a quick search for her pic - maybe putting a face to the voice will warm you a little to her sign-off...?

Tangent said... Shaun Rabb, I think she is better than her sign off. The photo on the Ticket's website may help me to keep an open mind.

Shaggy said...

It's annoying, but even worse is that Krystina copied the pause in her delivery as well.

Anonymous said...

TCs comments on the latest IJB podcast were interesting. Very clear he was pissed when SeaBass was teamed w Jake on Shake Joint instead of him and also from previous podcasts he thought he could do Mino board op job better but nobody asked. Management left him no choice but to bail. I will actually miss his eclectic presence.

My Name Is Anon said...

Anon wrote:

"cuz the only alternative was pull a Ben & Skin and take the $ and go to 105.3, nevermind the station sucks and will fail.
when you're desperate amateurs, you take the short-term $ nevermind long-term stability.(B&S)"

Wouldn't you do what Ben and Skin did if you were in their shoes? Why not take the short term money? Has any show left in the past 5 years that they've been getting paid full time?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame things didn't work out at the Ticket for TC, that said, I look forward to fewer Cowboy segments on IJB. And it should be pretty entertaining to hear TC's thoughts on Florida.