Tuesday, October 7, 2014

LISTENING TOO HARD: There's a Problem with Norm's Crest Cars Copy

I've heard this ad, the one that focuses on Crest Cars' service organization, a dozen times like we all have.  Each time, I pause and think there's something odd there, can't quite put my finger on it, but it's just an ad, it's there and gone, who cares.

But this morning when I heard it, I stopped in mid-stroke.

(I was shaving.)

I hope I hear it again before I post this so I can get the words exactly right, but here's the gist of it, emphasis mine:

"If you think you're getting the best service for your Mercedes, Infiniti, or Cadillac, you've never been to Crest."

We know that the copywriter meant to imply the conclusion:

" .  .  .  because if If you had ever been to to Crest, you would think that Crest [and not whatever lame service place you're going to now] provided the best service."

But when I heard it this morning, it jumped out at me as more naturally implying the following:

".  .  .   because if you had ever been to Crest, you would never think you were getting the best service for your Mercedes, Infiniti, or Cadillac [i.e., because it sucks]."

Mind you, I am agnostic on the excellence (or not) of Crest service.  I'm sure it's great, or else surely Norm would not be endorsing it.

I know.  Don't call him Shirley Norm.

*     *     *

Speaking of endorsements:

A commenter to the "It's Just Lunch" post of a few days back noted that IJL was being sued in a class action for fraud, and the judge has ruled that the suit can proceed as a class action.  I won't go into details but it's an interesting claim plaintiffs are making -- essentially, that ILJ falsely represents the "custom selection" feature of the service.  In fact, I think there's more than one of them.  Check it out:

This looks like a brand new one with more serious allegations of fraud:

And while I may be projecting my knowledge of these suits onto Gordon, it seemed to me when I heard him reading that copy today, that he had lost interest, that his presentation had taken on the "do you like good food?" level of enthusiasm.

But, as I say, I may have been projecting.

AMENDMENT:   Just heard Norm's Crest ad.  Think I wrote down the material phrase correctly.  It's:  "if you think you're getting the best service in town, you haven't been to" Crest.  Point stands.



Anonymous said...

Hopefully Cat is happy wasting air time to listen to TC make a fake claim. This is such a waste of a segment, must be a slow news day. More genius by TC so he gets more air time.

BTW I could solve all the million dollar math problems if I studied six months. I just don't feel like doing it.

blergoyen said...

I wish TC would've taken the "Bob Sturm Thousand Dollar Challenge" and gone in to training to run a 6 minute mile. I think it would've brought him back in to the good graces of many P1's.

In regard to IJL, I remember back in the mid 90's there were 4 girls that put their faces in the ads in The Observer. I think they used those same pics for 10 years. I wonder what those girls look like now? I wouldn't be surprised to see they are using the same pics from '95.

Charles Golden said...

As soon as I heard the '6 minute mile segment' I couldn't wait to come here and see how many people hated it.

I personally think if they really want to make it happen, they have to put something in it for TC, b/c it's all about him, right? If he can break 6 minutes, they delete all fa-fa-fa drops. That might entice him into actually putting in the work.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? This is what you feel compelled to post about, Plainsman? Live spot copy? Here I was thinking that the deepthroat esque conspiracy/butt-holding conjecture was the worst of it. STOP CARING SO MUCH.
-Not Spittle, Not Richie, Not Dawson

...100% Troll Douche

Anonymous said...

Yep, for all those thinking TC had somehow become a better broadcaster and better person.... behold the first hour of today's BaDD Radio.

First he interjects himself into the mix, crowding out the people we actually WANT to hear (Norm, Bob, Dan, Donnie, Sirois). Then he mumbles through a ticker. After that, we get an intro segment devoted to his mindless fantasy of running a 6-minute mile, in which he proves himself to be as stupid as he is narcissistic.

from then on it was The TC Show, with him popping in whenever he felt like it. I gave up after the Romo vs. Cowboy Fan segment.

"It's ridiculous to not listen to a show because of one new guy," you all said. "Just tune out for the tickers," you all said. What do you say now? And this is just after ONE WEEK.

Shaggy said...

I thought you already stopped listening.

Jiggity McDiggity said...

Wish our opinions really mattered to those at K-Ticket. Because if they did, BaDD's little pet project would be barred from getting in front of a mic forever. He may be a hard worker, but he is a severe ass whipping on the air.

Anonymous said...

So you speak for all of us?

Anonymous said...

I thought you already stopped listening.

I'm not one of those that said I would quit. In fact, in my comment, I called out those who said they would.

My plan is to continue listening and bitch and moan about it incessantly.

Anonymous said...

Trolling in the name of! (TC)

(sung to the tune of "Killing in the Name" by Rage Against the Machine)

HyperboCorby said...

TC is The Ticket's Mitch Moreland. They've both been around long enough to not suck as much as they do, and both need a chance of scenery so they can drag down someone else's lineup.

The Plainsman said...

Jiggity: I'm sure Cat, Bob, Dan, and Donovan hear from the P1. Betting they get way more emails than this site has readers, and way way more than the couple handful of Confessors we have here. Pro-T.C.? Anti-T.C.? We don't know.

I'm sure they care what the P1 thinks. But they're going to judge the accuracy of the cross-section of listeners who communicate with them against what the ratings say.

And we'll just have to see how that plays out. Anyone betting that after, say, three ratings period with the present lineup, BaD will suffer a significant ratings loss?

gunther said...

Nah, there aren't a significant # of people that will shut down the show simply because TC is now involved. Perhaps if he became a co-host but not the ticker guy. Ratings are I think slippin just from general apathy but this won't be the tipping point.

Gopher said...

Wonder how many sponsors Jake made mad with his little anti Aggie Corps rant. Can he handle the ire of Aggie nation?

The Plainsman said...

158 Troll Douche: It's a fair cop.

The thing is, I've been doing this for over five years now. This is the 673rd post. I try to cover important developments and if any newsy items come my way I try to get 'em up first.

But all the precious insights I've had about The Ticket over the years I've pretty much disclosed.

So when I hear something that intrigues or tickles me I make a note of it, and it ends up here.

Besides, you guys have done a fine job in bringing the concerns of the P1 to this forum. And sometimes, that gives me the springboard for a post of greater substance.

And I find ads and marketing and the business of the business of interest. So you'll get stuff like this from time to time. My apologies if it's more than you'd prefer to see.

Thanks to all for reporting your own observations and concerns, pro and con.

The Plainsman said...

By the way, 158 T.D.: That's not a live spot. That's a recorded ad with Gordon and Norm and a prepared script.

Anonymous said...

Seeing how there's more ad content than actual show content each day, I think posting on them is quite appropriate.

Nobody sells a product like Norm. I think the Choose Energy spot/fiasco sealed up that award for him. As an aside: There never was another Choose Energy ad on the station--contrary to Norm's promise that we'd be hearing more about Choose Energy in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. I wonder if they're still a business (or ever were, for that matter).

Having said that, Norm gets a lot of words wrong. He mispronounces them (sometimes in odd, puzzling fashion--e.g., he kept saying "plahs-mah" t.v. instead of "plasma." He smacks his gums, he slurs S's, and at times comes of as phony as a $3 bill. Yet, when he's on his game, like he used to be when doing Bob's ads (prior to Bob's unseemly downfall), nobody's better.

Excepting his Jerry impersonation and his sometimes frank letting of the guard down and/or mea culpas regarding his past exploits, I think Gordon is about as overrated as it gets. This includes his ads. Disingenuous is the term that comes to mind when I hear a Gordon-featured ad.

Georgio is second to Norm. He gets into it, gets after it, and does a great job at making you believe that he believes in the product.

Junes doesn't do enough ads to make a dent, which sort of says something.

Same goes with Dan as Junes. I would not want Dan selling my product, that's for sure.

Bob does an OK job.

Corby sounds like a frat rat schmuck, but he does do a solid job selling--but to the right audience. The product and company have to be the right fit.

Mike blows so hard that the ads end up being comical. Like Dan, I would never, ever, hire Mike to pitch my product.

Donnie, Danny, Sirois, et alia…. does it really matter?

Cat. Oh boy. Now that one truly irritates me. Who the hell asks the someone in management to sell their stuff? Yes he's known to listeners. But only as a very peripheral, peripheral. You have to go back to the early Hardline days remember him being a regular on-air contributor. He inserted himself (i.e., created for himself because he could) a weekend horse racing show with Norm (which was short lived, jeez, who'd a thunk it), calls into and/or walks into the studio and takes a headset to chirp in on topics, and pitches several different ads. I wonder if he pitches himself as the spokesman? Wouldn't surprise me. Crap, I almost forgot about Laydeez B Tripp'n! Cat's attempt to get some action via the "I'll make you a star, honey!" route.

cactusflinthead said...

We bitch about commercials all the time. If the Pman focused in on this one that is his earworm.

I'll second Norm as spokesperson. His pronunciations are questionable, he has a voice...how do you characterize Uncle Norm's voice? He has some lip-smacking frenzied energy. When he gets all fired up about something, whether it is a steak at Bob's or The Diamond Doctor you can tell he genuinely believes in his product. That is a key in sales. If you don't have much belief in what you are selling it then you have to be a really good actor to pull it off. Genuinely liking and appreciating a product can't be faked. I know they get deals and as part of it they get to shill for a product. Yeah, soils alive. Sure, you had a shady side area that the berumda died out in and you didn't think to plant fescue. Or couldn't get it to grow. Dan was hawking safes for a while. I wonder what kind he got. I actually look forward to THL pretending to be thrilled by the prospect of another meal at Texas Land and Cow. Sometimes it is so wheels off they have to start over again. I have to think the Cow people know this. They know when wheels go flying in nine different directions that is going to stick. We are going to remember. I like steak.

At least there is a wider rotation on the stream. If I heard one more time about dry areas and I am NOT talking about the lawn...well let's just say I am glad I heard a few different ones today.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:58: Georgio does a great job on live spots? If "great" means stumbling through copy that he is clearly reading and has no idea about the product, then I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually went out and bought a product because someone on the Ticket told you to? It just seems so ridiculous to me. I will never ever ever go and eat at Raising Cane's because George and Gordon read a copy telling me how great it is.

gunther said...

Well, to be truthful, I did call Baker Brothers plumbing once because they advertised on the Ticket. Seemed to work out OK.

blergoyen said...

I got my truck for the city, the country and for church on Sunday from none of the countless auto leasing companies that advertise on the ticket.

Anonymous said...

I feel like it's just going to upset everyone and they wont believe me anyway if I say 'hold on to your butts', so I won'ty say it. But there is a change coming. Heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

You are more of a troll than I...
let me guess...a new ticker guy? changeup in the weekend lineup? change in the Dallas Stars broadcast programming? Tell us to hold on to our butts when it actually reflects the mainstay weekday hosts...same goes to you plainsman...ugh
-Not Spittle, Not Dawson, Not Richie

Scruffy said...

My unsolicited advice to businesses considering advertising on sports radio as a male in your ideal demographic with a healthy enough source of disposable income:

1. Do not let anyone convince you that you can record it yourself. Don't do it in one take on a speakerphone, don't put your kids in it, don't think it makes you sound approachable or homey. It makes you sound cheap. Hire a professional.
2. Be VERY careful about the radio personality you have read for you. It's been touched on pretty well above. Will I buy something from one of the arrogant Fan or ESPN guys? Hell no. Corby? Hell no. JV guy? You're kidding, right? The douchiness, sincerity, or credibility of the guy you choose will be linked to you.
3. Don't even dare throw some generalization or stereotype in, like "Texans are hardworking" or "Texans love their trucks." That pandering only works on the mouthbreathers who listen to the Fan.
4. No tacky interview-type or Paul Harveyesque spots that flow from the actual show content. Not a Ticket tactic, but other stations use it, and it's unappreciated.
5. No former athletes. I don't care that you hired a washed-up Cowboy.

Hire an actual agency to write and record your spot for you. If you can't afford that, you can't afford to buy the run anyway. Just sponsor something instead. Use your damn heads when you decide you have to advertise on the radio. Your potential customers see through half-assed tactics.

The Plainsman said...

Now listen up, 140, and listen good.

I will tell you to hold on to your butt any time I please.

And for any reason I please.

And as often as I please.

Whether justified or not.

Whether relating to a host or whoever cleans the Ticket breakroom.

And when you read my words telling you to hold on to your butt, you will hold on to that butt.

And you will continue to hold on to that butt for as long as I say.

And as firmly as I say.

And you will like it.

And when I release you from that butt-holding, you will scream to me: "PLEASE SIR, MAY I HOLD ANOTHER."

All right, you sons of bitches. You know how I feel.

Anonymous said...

Some chatter on WTDS about today being the anniversary of Greggo's last show (2007).

Anonymous said...

@1:47 - I clearly didnt say 'hold on to your butts' so why are you so mad?

@3:18 TP - I think you meant to aim that at 1:47???

The Plainsman said...

You are correct. I should have aimed it at 147. But the message applies to all visitors to this site who do not wish to incur the wrath of The Plainsman through disobedience and unbelief.

Anonymous said...

Grab Your Bottom. The Plainsman orders it!

The Plainsman said...

There are no pending orders. Grab ass at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

I give Corby a lot of grief, but that interview with Wade Boggs took balls I could only dream of having.

Anonymous said...


I have a different take on the spots recorded "over the phone." I don't think they are done on the cheap. They are calculated to give the add some faux urgency and importance. I suspect they are recorded in a studio and made to sound like they are on the phone. There was one add in particular where the spokesman's pitch was "this news is so important it couldn't wait for me to get studio time." Of course the add ran for weeks, during which time the guy could have recorded in a studio.

And to be honest, I will take that add any day over the dreadful Del Frisco ads.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand those awful steakhouse ads with the man and woman, one loves sports, the other doesn't understand them……yet they advertise on a sports station. Yeah I know it's supposed to be cutesy and all that. It isn't. And what's with that soft core porn music bed. The sexxxy sax softly purring like Kenny G on the beach. Dumb dumb dumb. Nothing more annoying than some middle aged broad trying to sound young bubbly and cute. Nothing worse than a dude, at any age, doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:17

I't an ad, not an add. Sorry, but that was bugging me.

Anonymous said...


You might want to check yourself.

(Sorry, P-man, he had it coming.)

The Plainsman said...

Good Lord Jah Almighty, I thought I had heard bad, bad ads on The Ticket, but nothing compares to the one I heard on The Musers this morning. It took the form of an atrociously-engineered telephone conversation between someone claiming to be Trevor Daley and someone named "Jeff" at Lewisville Autoplex.

Ol' Trev had apparently seen an S-Class Mercedes on the road so he thought he'd call up old pal Jeff, from whom he had purchased many automobiles in the past, to see if he could get one delivered to his house.

God, it was horrible. I'm surprised 'Ol Trev didn't ask for extra pepperoni, hold the anchovies, he was so caught up in the excitement of ordering home delivery for a car costing one hundo large.

Something your average P1 can really identify with.

Of course, maybe the car didn't cost $100,000. Lewisville Autoplex is a used car dealer. Its website shows one S-Class in inventory, a 2013 for $73K. As a successful professional athelete, guess 'Ol Trev prefers to stay close to his humble roots and purchase only used vehicles.


I would think that a media outlet would have some kind of "amateurism floor" below which it will not accept a produced ad.

Anonymous said...

1212 loop 12. Did it work?

Anonymous said...

I heard a new one this morning. Sounded like Derek Holland recorded a generic lead-in to a live spot. Junior did the live read. (At least I assumed it was read live) Will have to see if any of the other shows run it.

I didn't catch who the ad was for.

The Plainsman said...

@915 re 1212 Loop 12:

I didn't get the reference, so Googled it. I must not have been living here when ads like this were stalking the local TV landscape:


Guess it didn't work, not in the long run, anyway, since it's no longer in biz according to Yelp.

Anonymous said...


Do you also think water is wet? Where are we on the color of the sky?

#obvious #nokidding

Scruffy said...

Yes, and blue. Or gray, depending on the day.

Apparently not obvious enough considering how some companies throw money down the drain on crap ads. You must be a Chris Chris salesperson, otherwise there's be no other reason to get your panties in a wad.

Anonymous said...

I love "Ad talk".

As an avid online listener, I get asswhipped constantly by the same ads. I really like Scruffy's ad assessment, the ads that I can tolerate are professionally done(see Geico). The ones I can't stand are Reagor Dykes, Genostim, Del Frisco's.
That being said, there are some ads done by the on air that I don't care for but rarely hear during the day on the online stream.
-Almost anything done by Norm.
-IJL by Gordo. He's the last person on the show that I'd want dating advice from.
-any ads done by George Dejeeanni Avid golfer guys.

That being said, we can't really trust on air personality endorsement. What was that one product, a weight loss mix? I think every host hawked it at the time and it was garbage. I can understand these guys have to pay the bills, but to push a product on your listeners that doesn't do what you say it does, your credibility is shot.

The Plainsman said...

I had on my "topic list" to do a post asking Confessors who among the Ticket personalities I would get to hawk their wares. May still do it.

Myself, I think it would depend on the wares. I am not nearly as negative on the Ticket product-floggers as some of you seem to be. So maybe I'll take that up sometime soon and we'll have some fun with it.

Because I'm sure Ticket sponsors confess here in large numbers.

Shaggy said...

Greg Abbott asking "Where's Jordan" was pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Endorsements worked for Sim Fighters, so clearly there's something there.

@Scruffy - I refute the "Chris Chris" notion, but I'll just say there's a reason I know when to issue a butt-warning.

Anonymous said...

Greg Abbott benefitted from Wendy Davis going first. She was awful, IMO, and Abbott made sure he didn't make the same mistakes.

Anonymous said...


You also had on your little "topic list", a post about WTDS. And yeah, we see how well that worked out.

blergoyen said...

Yeah, but Davis going first isn't what made her come off so bad.

cactusflinthead said...

"Commonwealth’s marketing team are no strangers to controversy. Indeed, they seem to enjoy stoking the fire. (After all, the bank’s slogan is “Determined to Be Different.”) Back in 2008, they debuted an ad campaign that was so bad, it actually mocked itself. Even though one out of every three people found the spots annoying, Commonwealth’s brand awareness grew from 70% to 95% while cutting the media budget by a third."
Annoying ads work.

If I say I have a ranch in downtown Dallas, how many are going to hear the rest of it in their heads? How many will sing it out loud?

They went under too btw. So did Packard and they had a legendary slogan.

I tried to find the ad for Lynn Smith back when he was selling used cars. I wonder if he would prefer if I didn't. I know the drama prof that did it would rather it be forgotten.
"Don't you go to that little room."

Is brand recognition a worthy goal? Isn't that part of why we advertise? Sure, the long goal is to drive business to your door, but if you don't remember what the man was trying to sell or where to get it was that finely polished ad effective?

Did Bob's Steak and Chop House see a rise in brand recognition? How about Roeger-Dykes? Before Spike called in from that phone booth in Floydada did anybody know there existed a dealership with his name on it?

Oh and that was me on a different comp at 147.

Anonymous said...

cactus, you mean to say that you're the jackass troll who does the -Not Spittle, et alia gig who pretends to be an industry insider? You've outed yourself? Aw jeez, man. Say it ain't so.

cactusflinthead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cactusflinthead said...

No, I read the wrong time stamp, I was in at 915 with 1212 Loop 12.

Not the not spittle nor anybody else besides.

Anonymous said...

Mystery solved.

In truth, there are only 5 commenters here.

The Plainsman said...

931: Sometimes it seems so. We do have our group of frequent Confessors, it is true. But that's OK, it's a hearty crew that respects the vague policies of the site.

But of the Anons, I think the site actually casts a fairly wide net.

But your wry comment does remind us not to ascribe to ourselves any particular importance to the functioning of The Little One.

DP said...

The latest ratings from Barry Horn:

Would be nice to see the hourly breakdown.

Anonymous said...

My current favorite ad is the car leasing company that uses 'real' quotes from customers. For example, the Smith family from Dallas. Not generic at all. If you can't even come up with a good fake name for your fake quote then I have no faith in your company.

Anonymous said...

Hence the reason why KCTK has ads about the same old tired out songs you've heard ad nauseam for 30+ years; saying nothing about its so-called competition (one of which, they run).

Long live The Ticket. Ditto THL.

All you haters are in the minority. Yeah, I get why you hate. I have many of the same beefs. Yet I hear dudes at work and on my two beer league athletic teams do nothing but quote and sometimes imitate Corby and Mike. They all love THL. It's their favorite show. It's like most people out there digging country. I don't get it, but man oh man, the market is huge.

Anonymous said...

Yo, sorry. I was referring to Barry Horny's latest ratings item.

Anonymous said...

On the battlefield there's a saying.

Anonymous said...

...and that saying goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

Let me pre pre say that that goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

I've missed the beginning of many a segment just so I don't have to hear 'on the battlefield there's a saying'.

Anonymous said...

I thought the saying on the battlefield was "hold onto your butts."

Anonymous said...

I honestly thought Norm was saying "sex" on the post game show. "I have this friend in India and he likes sex, he likes sex a lot. But you know what? We both agree that sustained pressure can be, at times, better." I think Donnie was unsure as to what he was saying too, because he went silent until Norm clearly said "sacks."

Fun with Norm. This has to make it onto BaD's "Things that sound dirty but weren't intended to" returns.

livinginreality said...

Maybe there ARE only five commenters here, Plainsman. But although I rarely post anything, I come to this site and read the comments every single weekday without fail. So please keep it up - I suspect there are many of us who do the same. Thanks guys!

Colorado P1 said...


Justin Montemayor said...

For what it's worth, I also check the site daily. I like reading everyone's different takes

cactusflinthead said...

Justin, the only remark I have about your spin through Sports Saturday is to relax some. That and congratulations on being on that side of the glass for a change. Keep those basketball shorts ready for your time on the court.

I bet there are a bunch of lurkers around here. I wonder how many hits the Pman averages a day.

It was the Shake boys that commented on the repetitive feed of the stream. Hearing the same PSA about vets or somesuch four times in a row. Buttoned down Killer chimed in that Atlanta had been told more than once, to no avail. Sean put on his Sports Director hat and said something about repercussions or whatever. I surmise from that exchange that the commercial stream is not something they have control over. We're screwed.


Anonymous said...

What's a "Killer?"

Do you mean Jason? The one wearing Dockers?

Anonymous said...

You mean: What's a "Killer"? The question mark belongs outside the parentheses.

-Not Samuel Johnson, Not Bryan Garner, Not Aelius Donatus

Anonymous said...

another quality tc ticker.. man that guy is the worst.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh a whiz. T.C. is not going anywhere, folks. We all know this, so why the incessant bitching? His Tickets are not bad. In fact, they're pretty darn good. Yes, T.C. is less than stellar when put in front of the mic for extended periods of time. Please listen to IJB or any of his Sports Sats/Suns. But the majority of his quips, pop ons, and throw aways are relevant and on the whole solid. Indeed, most of his non-Ticker airtime arises from members of BaD or Norm himself inviting T.C. to pop on--though in the former it's usually more of a ferreting out; what else is he supposed to do when Dan brings up the sub 5 mile challenge, keep quiet?

-Not Edward Feser, Not Gyula Klima, Not John Haldane

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else catch the latest 30 for 30 "The day the series stopped"? They interview a photo journalist named stuart brinn and he was pretty much the real life Carlton Maxwell. Every time he said the word "series" I just died laughing. So great.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they are great if you enjoy listening to someone mumble their way through one.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they are great if you enjoy listening to someone mumble their way through one.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh a whiz. T.C. is not going anywhere, folks. We all know this

We don't know this at all. For all we know, his status may be probationary. The ticker slots tend to fluctuate.

so why the incessant bitching?

It's all we can do to keep from punching the wall.

His Tickets are not bad.

Yes, they are.

In fact, they're pretty darn good.

No, they're really not.

But the majority of his quips, pop ons, and throw aways are relevant and on the whole solid.

No, it really isn't. He rarely adds anything at all. If he were to follwo the Ty Walker Chicken model of researching something while the hosts are yamemring, then popping on to add clarity, I would be happy with that. The T.C. model is to jump in and make an unfunny "joke" that no one needed, and often derails the conversation.

Indeed, most of his non-Ticker airtime arises from members of BaD or Norm himself inviting T.C. to pop on

If Nrom invites him on, so be it. But on BAD Radio, it's usually him thinking he has a funny line. He never does.

what else is he supposed to do when Dan brings up the sub 5 mile challenge, keep quiet?

Yes! Just shut up!

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious by now that the 10:20/10:03/and the now weeks if not months long or longer contributor (I'd bet the farm it's the same person--you will deny it in 3, 2, 1…) has a personal axe to grind against T.C.. How sad.

To suggest (qualifying it with "for all we know") that his new position might be probationary smacks of someone either in the know who's trying to deflect attention from who they are, hence the qualifier (i.e., a Ticket employee, wishes to be Ticket employee, or former Ticket employee) or someone whose life is so empty that a JV player has rendered him unable to see the forest for the trees.

Whatever the case, this person is obsessed with T.C. in a negative way, and has chosen this forum as his or her outlet. It's a tired bit, sir or madam. Just stop it.

T.C. is not going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

+1 1118. The only things I'd add are 1. 1020, grow up. 2. If TC does pull a typical TC stunt, such as losing a bet and not paying up in full, then ya, bitch away.

Anonymous said...

I thought Pman had a policy about grinding axes and Ticket personnel? That is, he doesn't stand for it. I'm no champion of one T.C., he lost my unwavering support with his most ungracious and ungrateful departure to Pensacola. Yet he hasn't been awful since his return as a Ticker man. Too funny. As I type this, Dan plugs a T.C.-centric segment on today's BAD. I guess the axe grinder will view this segment as being T.C. instigated and driven. Because, you know, we all know how free and easy both Bob and Dan are when it comes to getting the respect they feel they deserve, as well as their segments.

Anonymous said...

Well they just teased a T.C. focused segment so those of you who hate him better grab your bottom.

Anonymous said...

Voicing my opinion is hardly the same as having an ax to grind. And no, 11:18, these replies are not from the same person. You've already made up your mind thats not the case, but its true.

Go listen to yesterday's ticker from 2:20 or so. It was awful. Yeah, everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and thats the charm of the station, but come on. The dude is terrible at his job. He mumbles through the end of each ticker. These are the same issues he had while doing the Top 10. Only then, the defense was that he was charged having to juggle too many things at once.

Sorry you find it tiresome to have to read my opinion. But I'm going to continue to voice it because he severely has a negative impact on the shows I love.

PS, Sean Bass needs to learn to stay out of conversations as well. HIGHLY annoying.

Anonymous said...

The only guy on the JV with a lick of anything is Jake
-Not Spittle, Not Dawson, Not Richie

Anonymous said...

As soon as I finished my last post, here comes TC with another ticker e-brake. Point stands.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 10:20. I've lurked here for a while, but never posted. I have to chime in now. TC is just awful. Rarely a smooth ticker, pops on air way too often on BaD (or should be BaDaDaJaTC). He probably just claimed the e-brake this week by completely flubbing a sponsor spot. He's nails on a chalk board.

Scruffy said...

I find TC's reading aloud ability as poor as Kelly Webster's was. There is nothing smooth or flowing about his Tickers at all. Ty is the best, and Sean is quite good as well. TC's have no pleasant flow. I now avoid them, and I can't be the only one who says to their radio "shut up, TC" when he needlessly interjects.

I do wish Sean wouldn't lead every single damn Ticker with a generic Cowboys quote though. It's Wednesday. I heard four Tickers in a row start with Cowboys when there were two baseball playoff games and a Stars game last night. And it'd be cool if Sean would do like Rich did and give us 3 seconds of high temperature/weather at the end of a Ticker. It's actually pretty helpful to those of us getting ready while listening.

DA said...

TC's MAJOR problem is that he want to a part of the show as “Host” so badly that he fails to do his job as “On Air Sports Update Anchor”. He does not do his primary tasks well!

On September 29 STAA did post a Sports Update Anchor position for the second time in a month. On September 9, they posted the same job, so I assume this opening was to replace Logan. This position is no longer listed on the Cumulus site, so the jobs has closed.


What within the job description and summary of qualifications does he actually do well? He may only be able to adequately do the last two: "the ability to work well in a fast paced, team environment. Able to make additional on air contributions as needed as part of a highly rated sports talk show."

P1 Dan said...

Seriously guys, what's the deal with being Anonymous? It seems so anti-climactic when someone "who's been lurking for a while" comes out with their first ever post, and it's under the beatdown-moniker of Anonymous...


Come on, establish an identity, take charge of your HSO's, own and be confident of what you say and who you are.

Step on out there and introduce your REAL self (even though it's not REALLY real, but the most real we can get from a blog's comment section) to us and the world and let's be good good's together.


Shaggy said...

Hey Joe Letsche! Glad to see you posting so often!

debased said...

I'm the "lurker". Sorry for the beatdown.

Anonymous said...

10:20 here, and no, I didn't post any of the other T.C.-phobic comments. That's just how much this guy is irking people.

I think the best of these posts is 1:35...

"What within the job description and summary of qualifications does he actually do well?"

He does nothing well. It's nepotism, and it's hruting a great show (my favorite show). It used to be only gawf tahk could make me punch out, but I'm ashamed to admit now I switch to 105.3 anytime I hear T.C. This is what it's come to, and yes, he's that much of a cancer on the station, in my opinion.

To be continued...

Anonymous said...


To answer the perfectly reasonable suggestion that I "...establish an identity, take charge of your HSO's, own and be confident of what you say and who you are."

I cannot do that. I work in Google products all day, and I cannot have my professional identity bleed over to Blogger (i.e. Google).

And I am not so enthralled by commenting here that I would create a new Google identity just for that purpose.

So, sorry about that. I'd be happy to sign my posts (like Not Gavin), and in fact I did years ago, but no one believes those signatures anyway.

wes said...

I'm starting to think MTC has become the bitchin' board for current and ex-Ticket JVers. Done anonymously, and with a lot of venom toward TC.

I love the "I'm with so and so, their opinion is dead on…." Funny stuff. Funny and so obvious it hurts. In other words: "I really agree with my own opinions."

Sad. Silly.

Why does Jake sometimes turn into some dude from the east coast> Today he said "bwall" instead of "ball." He does this often. What gives there? Some sort of urban white boy wannabe rapper schtick left over from high school and college? Strange.

Anonymous said...

I find in incredulous that some of you actually flip on The FAN when certain Ticker men ply their craft. Next time you flip that channel, stay there.

-Not Spaetzle, Not Knodel, Not Gnocchi

Trey Mitchell said...

I don't think its a real good idea to question how hard someone works unless you see it first hand. Love coming on here any time i'm on it.

The Plainsman said...

Opening of The Hardline today cracked me up. Damn, can't remember what the topic was, darnit, but I am reminded of why I keep tuning in.

The Plainsman said...

Hey, I know some of you have linked to it in the past, but can anyone quickly direct us to T.C.'s AMA on his departure, and any other T.C. published utterances around that time? Thanks a lot.

The Plainsman said...

Also, if you know where to find his statements about his departure from Pensacola, I'd like to review those as well. Those may have been tweets, though.

deezy said...

@1537, I don't think P1 Dan cares so much about you telling us who you really are so much as picking a moniker (a la the "Name/URL" option).

I'm "deezy", and while it can now be used to give some clue as to who I really am with a little sleuthing, at one time it couldn't. I could just as easily have started out here as "buttfart", which, while lending no clue as to my real identity via association to other social media platforms, after repeated signing my posts as such I'd have established an "identity" as it were. People would be able to take my posts in context (if they remembered anything about previous posts - for instance, I'd be "buttfart has a real mad-on for Junes, or he really has it in for Seabass, etc.) I wouldn't be the anon who everyone is guessing is "the anon who really thinks Corby is exposed in his current role, and therefore must be a Fan apologist."

I (again, as deezy) am on the record as having asked Plainsman to turn off anonymous posts several times, as I think it does more good than harm.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


That's a lot of words that don't seem to relate to anything. I'm just gonna "mark that under who gives a..."

Anonymous said...

Yo Cray Trey: I totz magotz agree with ya brutha. That's why I get tired of all the TC hate. You dudes work your asses off for little pay in hopes of one day getting a shot at the bigs.

Keep doing whatcha do playboy and chase dat money.

T4 In Rockwall said...

If the Rangers go after Chili Davis, it boggles my mind how he can co-write all of those books with Carlton Maxwell and still lead a team.

P1 Dan said...

@deezy, very nice to officially and formally meet you.

15:37, it's nice to meet you too, but it'd be nice if I could call you something other than your time stamp.

Hope I didn't ruffle too many feathers around here with my suggestion but I just wanted to stir up some people to put a claim on who they ARE or who they WANT to be.

gunther said...

I agree with all who request self-identification. Used to comment as anonymous til I discovered the Name/URL feature. And as has has been mentioned, it allows others to take your comments in perspective of other posts you've made. E.g., I think Dan is a moron and I've said it often. So, down the road if I ever find reason to compliment him, it would be quite a stunner. Not to imply that my posts really matter to others here but definitely would provide some context.

Gordon to Troy: "Troy, can you tell us how much the Cowboys fined you for the pocket knife incident?" Funny shit.

The Plainsman said...

I don't really care if you hold on to a body part or not, but please alert your fellow Confessors that a post going up later today -- most likely this evening -- will make for rewarding shopping at My Ticket Confession.

I'll get out a blast on Twitter as well.

This is not necessarily Ticket news, so no need to guess. Just something you will all enjoy.

In the meantime, try to be brave.

Shaggy said...

Looks like the lawsuit against Jerrah got thrown out.


The Plainsman said...

Thanks, Shaggy. I'll look forward to an account of why the judge ruled as he did. Guessing that the "he forced me to take money" grounds for delaying the operation of the statute of limitation was as puzzling to the court as it was to most of us.

It also suggests to me that Weckerly had no evidence of the threats and duress she claimed in her petition. In the usual case, that would probably have been enough to stop the statute from running long enough to have gotten her lawsuit in under the wire.

Anonymous said...

The Lawman up in this thread.

DRW1961 said...

Just a little bit of gentle afternoon Musing...

Oh, goody... we get to listen to Corby's sister and her "professional" discussion regarding Ebola. For those of you who missed it - She feels bad for the nurses that caught Ebola and hopes that they survive. I was really hoping for much, much more, but you can tell that both her and Corby learned how to contribute to a radio program at the same place. However, I'll give her a break since she's not actually a radio host and could have been much better prepared by her brother.

Erasure is about the last group that I would have expected Mike to go and see live. It was fun to listen to his story and credit to Danny for not pooping all over his evening. I did cringe a few times as they got pretty close to offensive with their "gay" remarks.

Every week, I really enjoy listening to Aikman on Thursday morning. It's obvious that he's a pretty big P1 and doesn't take himself too seriously when he is talking with them. He can beat you down with the "good old day" syndrome sometimes, but he does provide some pretty good insight and plays along with the Musers - including Gordon - when they go off on a tangent. Listening to the shoplifting story this morning was fun.


Colorado P1 said...

I am so sick of updates to apps that actually make the thing worse. Latest example: the SportsDay Talk app for iPhone. Why the heck did they eliminate the Stop button? Now there is no simple way to jump to the live stream if someone has been listening "in arrears."

Since moving from DFW to Denver about a year ago, it has become abundantly clear to me how little Cumulus/The Ticket care about their remote P1s. The Denver sports talk station that I listen to puts each hour of each show up on iTunes as a podcast within minutes after the hour is finished. AD-FREE. Why won't The Ticket provide this same great service for its loyal listeners?

deezy said...

I'm not an NFL apologist by any means, but BaDD Radio is really busting the league's chops for donating what amounts to .01% of their revenue to breast cancer research. Are they not aware that revenue and profit aren't the same thing? The NFL has to have some crazy expenses (beginning with salaries), so the "for every $100K they take in, they throw Komen $10" position is pretty asinine. Right?

I would have expected young Jake to make this point, by the way.

Frustrated Colorado P1 said...

I just noticed that the updated Android version of the app has both a Play/Pause button AND a Stop button. The fact that they eliminated the Stop button in the iPhone version makes no sense whatsoever . . .

Anonymous said...

I still use TuneIn Pro... Pause works well until you get about 45.minutes behind - then it'll "warp" a segment forward. I have an Android by the way.

P1 Dan said...

Wow gunther, I didn't know you had such intense hatred for me. I am sorry if I've done anything to offend you or cause you to think I'm a moron.

Good day.

Colorado P1 said...

Thanks 3:19 I may give that a try.

When are we going to be done holding on to our buts

gunther said...

Lol. Well, I certainly wouldn't call it hatred. I just think you're an idiot. Can't please all the people all the time I guess. Keep on truckin tho...

DA said...

@Colorado P1,

Unlike a PPM in which they know who is listening “all the time”, all of us who stream on the various sources are not measurable in terms of advertisers. Ticket management prefers the actual numbers which they can sell, as opposed to podcasters or to those globally who listen. All Pro Foundation and local car dealers are not really worried about who listens out of state or country.

Keep in mind, most radio podcasts have issues making money or even justifying the cost of posting the entire show, without a sponsor at the beginning and partly through the show. In November 2013, The WSJ detailed the little profit from podcasting.

Streaming still does not make $$$ for most terrestrial radio, and I am unsure on how companies like FanDuel and Draft Kings still make money with all their advertising, even with their numerous stations they advertise with.

Cumulus gave up a lot of digital control in terms of digital advertising, when the decided to pair up with ClearChannel/iHeart (ClearChannel renamed themselves as iHeart Communications last week). The most likely a Cumulus switch to Rdio will assist, but not make a national digital advertising movement for a Metroplex business good for them.

Now, a few Saturdays ago I did listen to the mix with “The Teebox” and “The Kickaround” who was subbing for Danny and Davey. The main “host” was more forthcoming to talk about how The Ticket (aka Cumulus Dallas/Jeff Catling) was looking into having a soccer show, but also had a plan for more podcasts but was not detailed.

So as 2014 is about to end, the Cumulus Dallas cluster has management who are about to finally accept podcasting.

Anonymous said...

Hold onto your butts alert:

Beginning in 2015, everything means everything. Look for podcasts to become a part of the official Ticket broadcasting empire. IJB, Kick Around, and perhaps one or two more.

DA is either a prophet, Sherlockian, or psychic.

-Not Willaim Whewell, Not Heinrich Rickert, Not John Herschel

Anonymous said...

Let go of you butts...

Cumulus/Ticket may increase their efforts in podcasting in the year 2015, but it will still be dismal, compared to more technologically savvy broadcasting regimes. Cumulus simply don't have the know-how or structure to do it properly, and it is still considered an afterthought. This is a recipe for poor results.

Don't ask how I know, because I can't say... just wanted to let you know it's OK to release your collective bottoms (if you so desire).

Colorado P1 said...

Thanks DA, that all make sense when it comes to the stream. I do wish Cumulus would come up with some more filler variety, because on the battlefield there's a saying...

But if it were cost-prohibitive to post full shows as podcasts, I can't imagine the Denver station (104.3 The Fan) would be doing it every day like they are. And I still can't believe their show podcasts have zero ads, I was just floored when I discovered that. It really is a sweet service, I can just fire up the first hour of the afternoon drivetime show (3-6pm) as soon as I get in the car after work, because they post it as a podcast shortly after 4pm. It is particularly amazing that they post the show without ads given that they replay the show from 6-9pm, because when I'm leaving work at 6pm I'm not going to turn on the radio to hear the show, I'm just going to press play on the podcast and listen ad-free. But I do often listen to that Denver station on the actual radio if I am driving at other times of the day (usually when I press play on the SportsDay app and hear Costner -- immediate punchout), so maybe they are doing it for the loyalty and goodwill it generates.

I'm just sayin', if Cumulus did the same thing with BaDD radio for example (by far my favorite Ticket show), I would probably never even listen to Denver radio.

BTW, Denver's version of The Fan is infinitely better than The Fail.

DA said...

@Colorado P1,

Some stations can get a podcast underwritten, some cannot. Some are OK with the added expense, others are more careful

Case in point #1, before they went national, Dan LeBatard's radio show was out in full about an hour after the end of the show, but not only did they have sponsors on and off, they also produced CDs/iTunes sales items to offset the cost of logging and putting it on iTunes as it was additional work for those who are paid the least.

Case 2 involves Tony Kornheiser who still does two hours in DC on the DC ESPN affiliate, which is owned by Daniel Snyder. His radio contract is not with ESPN, but with Snyder and runs from Labor Day to around Memorial Day. Snyder cannot monetize the podcast as listeners went away and as a result the station has a 24 hour podcast delay for the full show (one can get the show daily via ESPN, but it does not have the two to three DC-centric segments, which still happen to be enjoyed by his long time listeners).

Anonymous said...

It must really piss off the fan that Romo calls in and does a 30 min interview with the competitor. Makes you wonder about the flagship station.

cactusflinthead said...

Something that hasn't been mentioned is that GIML has migrated to FB. The Ticket Fan pages are still operating as usual.

I'll definitely cosign to using a name on here. I know there are readers that want to keep their HSOs separate from their other identities. That's fine, come up with something for a handle. You are not required to open another Google acct to apply a name to yourself. The one and onliest time I posted as an anon I was mistaken for another anon and had to splain myself. I'll blame it on being in the field and on the fly. But, I doubt I let it happen again. Pick a nifty moniker. It's fun! Bits are fun!

What does it say about me that when I heard the judge had come to a decision that I wondered what the Pman was going to have to say about it.

Hell yeah I feel sorry for the nurses at Presby. I guarantee those among the 77 on the front lines had more than a few qualms about going into the fray ill prepared. Lest I go full Cloak Room I'll leave it at saying thanks to Sister Whitney being willing to go on the air.

and howdy Kray Trey

Anonymous said...

"Something that hasn't been mentioned is that GIML has migrated to FB."

Sadly true. The FB pages are a sewer.

T.E.D. said...

Becca has Double Ebola. She touched her friend!

cactusflinthead said...

what the H? did somebody go off on the other thread? Pman felt the need to put the quietus on commentary, never a good sign.

Here's hoping Becca gets back to mispronouncing Bexar St really soon. Nothing against Krystina. sp?

Don't know about y'all but I am kinda anticipating the Musers trip across the pond. I had completely forgotten about George and Talk Sport. I look forward to a visit from the boys over in the UK to the Musers show. I remain skeptical of moving an NFL team over there, but if they are going on the journey I hope it yields radio gold.

Anonymous said...

Who that chick with the hot mugshot Gordon was taking about this morning? Ashley something?

Anonymous said...

Bob Out. Jake doing PRE-wedding stuff. Get ready for The T.C. Show!

debased said...


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