Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gordon Only Wrecked Yesterday's Show a Little Bit, and Today He's Hardly Wrecking It at All

Junior is off at the Boston Marathon.  I thought they should have had Mike Bacsik sitting in for him and had a Delicious Irony show, but instead Mike Doocy sat in.

Last time Doocy was on the show, as I complained in a prior article, Gordon uttrely ruined the show with his nonstop baiting of Doocy.  I turned it off and kept it off.

Yesterday, Doocy was on again.  I turned the show on and I heard all three of them talking at once, the same old repetitive baiting with the same old gay/drug/criminal-activity witless crap.  I reached for the switch but the bit (if that is what it was -- its incomprehensibility made it hard to tell) stopped, and the show was mostly tolerable for the remainder.

Junior is recuperating today, and Doocy is on again.  Hardly any baiting.  Much better.

ALERT:  I spoke too soon.  Listening right now to Muse/News, and Gordon is every other item into a Doocy tease.  At one point, he reads a headline about HiV and simply says "Doocy" -- no associated gag, just a reflexive attempt to associate Doocy with something disreputable. 

Please don't make me listen to NPR or a show with people actually talking about sports.  Someone please get the OverGordon under control. 

I'll end on a positive note:  Gordon is a genius.  OverGordon is a flogging beyond enduring.


P1 Steven said...

Seems to me you are always catching The Musers during Muse in the News. This is a GORDO centric segment. He is always going to see if he can get whomever his co-host may be to jump off sides. Did you catch Doocy's wedding singing yesterday? I think Doocy is the best non-ticket sub. He is a funny guy. A good change of pace.

The Plainsman said...

I listen to the Musers from 5:30 to about 8:30. Then I catch the Gordo's corner bit the next morning at 6:40. So I hear quite a bit of the show. I usually catch 2-3 hours of The Hardline. Only hear Norm once in awhile, same with BaD Radio.

I don't know what to say about BaD Radio. I don't want to bash The Ticket, and those BaD guys have been at it for quite a long time. So someone likes that showgram. Maybe I need to try to listen more often, make sure I'm giving it an even break.

The Plainsman said...

PS to Steven: Congratulations!

P1 Steven said...

Thanks! Reason I support Gordo! I think one of the main reasons he is soo popular is beacuase he acknowledges his emails... simple, but I always listen. Dont get me wrong, but I useally end up turning off the 8:40 bits. Just a little too over the top for me.

Anonymous said...

BaD radio is the best thing on The Ticket! Humor above sixth grade level, good bits like gay/not gay and homer call, actual sports talk and respect for the audience.