Saturday, April 17, 2010

Junior Blackballed Bacsik

I caught the beginning of the Bacsik/Newberry showgram today.

Mike confirmed that Junior vetoed his participation in The Great Game this year.  Guess he'll be calling the game with Norm.

Junior is one of my favorites so it pains me to think that he was responsible for what seems to me rather smallish behavior.  Now, I'll admit that Bacsik's departure from the dugout as coach of [Sponsor] Team Musers to pitch for [Sponsor] Team Hardline was an unorthodox strategy.  But apparently everyone but Junior thought the game was being played for yuks.  You know, like for the fans.  Who expect the wacky and wheels-off from The Little One.  Who in that stadium didn't want to see Mike pitch to Rusty Greer?

So:  Since Junior's attitude seems so out of character for something so minor (and, I would argue, positive for the fans), I am inspired to wonder if there isn't something else going on with Bacsik at The Little One.


P1 Steven said...

Bacsik is working OT for the Ticket these days. He did both a Saturday & Sunday show this week. Jr. got his last year when he pulled the ss mid inning after an error, & then committed the game ending error! I argue, why not just let Bacsik play a non-pitching position? I still prefer to see/hear (I have never gone to a TICKET event, besides a road show) a another basketball game vrs. a female HS team.

ap said...

I'm putting together a compilation of Junior's general sorry post-great-game behavior (i.e. calling Donovan a thug, and his vitriol towards Bacsik) for the UnTicket. It's especially interesting when you juxtapose it against his calling out of Tiger Woods after Augusta for not being an ideal, gracious human being when things weren't going his way.

I was debating turning off the game after the Hardline was down 16-1 or so. Bacsik saved that thing for the fans who attended, in my opinion.