Friday, April 16, 2010

Has Bacsik's Name Even Come Up In Connection with The Great Game?

This is a serious question.  I didn't hear the entire draft and I didn't hear the Musers' entire conversation about the draft this morning.  At no time did I hear Mike Bacsik's name even mentioned.  Did anyone bring up his participation (or non-participation)?

It would be understandable if they excluded him as a former professional major league pitcher, even though he coached a team last year and (notoriously) entered the game to pitch on behalf of the other team.

Junior, of course, was genuinely hot about this.  He probably wasn't the only one.

But even if there was some decision to exclude this ringer of all ringers from the draft, you would think that they would at least say something about it.    Did anyone mention his situation at any time?

If not  .  .  .  then I wonder if Bacsik is persona non grata at the station for some other reason.  Which would be too bad, I think.


James said...

I never heard a comment myself about him. Still, I see no reason why he couldn't play a non-pitching position.

Anonymous said...

He's not allowed to play

P1 Steven said...

I dont know about everyone else, but I prefer to see the ticket guys versus a all girls basketball team again. Although their would be less participation, just better competition. The baseball game is just sooo sloppy.

Anonymous said...

I just heard BaD radio say Junior Miller "got Bacsik" banned and then they talked about how upset Miller still is about last year. It just reinforces the idea of how sorry the morning trio is. There is no reason Bacsik should not be able to play a non-pitching position.