Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Ticket Confession Congratulates the (Incomparable) UnTicket on Its Third Anniversary Today

An incredible amount of work by DP, AP, and the rest of their enormous staff at UnTicket International Headquarters Plaza.  The Confessor Nation thanks you for sacrificing your time so that we may enjoy The Ticket any time of the day or night

       -- Plainsman


Anonymous said...


Looking forward to your next post, Plainsman.


Anonymous said...

Well done, fellas. I appreciate your hard work.

-Anonymous B

ap said...

I think a new post topic just presented itself for you this morning, Plainsman - have you followed the kerfuffle between The Musers and CJ Wilson? I initially thought Junior was a bit quick to burn the bridge via Twitter, but Fernando is claiming that CJ was spinning a web of lies all along. In an attempt to alleviate the tension, I sent Junior a tweet and was pleased to hear it read over the air.

As usual, let me know if you would like audio context.

P.S. I accidentally submitted the first comment in this thread as "anonymous" -- My apologies to Anons A-F!

P1 Steven said...

I gagree with AP. Time to evaluate the situation from this morning. Fernando was PISSED. Honestly, if CJ didnt want to/ or forgot, why didnt he just man up? Or just do a short crappy 10 min interview.

The Plainsman said...

AP and P1 Steven, thanks. I only knew he was going to be on, and then he wasn't, and I did not hear anything more about it. I'm not on Twitter (yet, although maybe to be a responsible Ticket journalist I need to be). Yes, I'd like the audio. Is there additional background to this? I know CJ is a bit of a scamp, although I thought 2010 was supposed to have been a year of improved maturity for him.

Any audio and other background would be appreciated.

Although . . . it sounds (as usual) like the Confessor Nation is way ahead of me on this. Please feel to comment. Maybe I'll post a heading and let people have at it.