Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Will Some Confessor Please Recommend a Reliable, Reasonably-Priced Shower Radio for Christy?

I wouldn't mind having that information myself.

(Probably not Confessor Christy.)

Thanks to the Confessor Nation for all consideration.


Anonymous said...

This is one is pricey, but top-shelf, indeed.

The Plainsman said...

When I'm not in my vehicle, Sangean is my Ticket-listening radio of choice. I've got a couple of digital miniatures, and a desktop model. Not familiar with this particular product, but the brand is top-notch.

P1 Steven, you might check out some of the Sangean portables if you're having trouble with the signal where you hang your hat.

Christy said...

I appreciate the post, Mr. Plainsman. If I get a shower radio, I'll let ya'll know how it does, and I'm sure you'll do the same. Thanks, again!