Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thicket on the Ticket

WARNING:  Mild vulgarity alert.

Confessors, you must trust Your Plainsman:  I am not a prude.

And I'm sure you will all acknowledge that I love The Hardline.  (Indeed, it is part of my confession.)  Mike is an incomparable broadcaster, a historic figure.  Corby is terrific in medically supervised dosages.  Danny = bacon.  Grubes -- well, you know, perfection really doesn't require further description.

And we must also admit that it is highly presumptuous of your lay Plainsman to advise The Hardline, one of the most popular radio presentations in the US, on how to make the showgram better.  Although the fear of presumption has not stopped me in the past, I concede.

So I will make this a respectful suggestion:

Stop talking about female genitalia.

Good lord, as Danny would say.  These guys are in their forties and sixty.  Their vaginal references make them sound fourteen.  It soils the show and the station.  It is on the border of misogyny.  References to "grooming" and odor.  Jeebus.

I like guy talk.   Sometimes guys talk dirty.   Sometimes they speak disrespectfully of women as part of the normal guy bluster and one-upping and joking.  But too often, The Hardline slides across the line to sheer grossness.

Sex talk I can handle.   The gynecology and hygiene I urge them to dial back.

Please -- I'm begging now -- please don't make me punch P2 and suffer through whatever RaGE is slinging.


Scott said...

Up High to the Plainsman on this opinion.

Once and a while, Gordo will cause me to punch out, but it has become a regular occurrence with the Hardline lately. Yesterday afternoon was particularly rough.

Like most P1s, I am not a prude either, but that is uncomfortable. I think they get one of the guys laughing and just push too far. BUT, I doubt it will change.

BTW, I did punch out yesterday, and was fortunate to hear the Christmas gift exchange on The Fan. And of course, Greggo was discussing the gift of a razor and grooming issues with the lady on their showgram. So, I guess it is all out there. I did giggle, as I heard for the first time a reference to a grooming style called "The Ron Washington". Vulgar or not, it was amusing. Then the show took a nose dive and bored me into KVIL Christmas Music.

P1 Steven said...

Am I of lesser moral fiber if Im not bothered at all by it? Although, I tend to avoid listening w/ my wife in the car.

Scott said...

Not at all Steven. And, it is not something that necessarily bothers me, as much as it is uncomfortable. AND, my BIG problem is this... They are funny and clever without having to go there. Some of the bits they come up with are pure genius, and for me, it cheapens what they are doing. It can be a little funny at times, but, they seem to fall back on it.

I concur, occasionally, I have to punch out when my wife is in the car. Other times, she laughs like crazy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it gets a bit much sometimes. I understand they've got to fill 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year, but they're better than that. In small doses it's "tee hee" funny. But they go overboard sometimes, and that's just not their bread and butter.

And since we're talking about topics they need to take a break on, if I hear one more flipping mention about "Pony Excess," I'm going to launch my car over a cliff.

I've been forced more and more into switching over to The Fail, because I DO NOT CARE ABOUT COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Guys, schedule that crap in the 4 o'clock or 6 o'clock hour, FFS!

Oh, and P.S. Ritchie Whitt is starting to get the hang of it. Look out, Hardline. You've got one host who phones it in (or takes plays off) frequently, and another who tends to grate on lots of folks' nerves, all mixed with BAFFLING programming decisions. You've been able to get away with this because there's been little competition. I hate to say this, but RAGE is starting to come together. Those guys may be ripping off every piece of The Ticket possible, but sometimes it works and they seem a little hungrier these days.

-Anonymous B

T4 In Rockwall said...

I too have been listening more the RaGE, as soon as The Ticket goes to break, which is way too frequent. And too, I see them as becoming a Ticket castoff, which isn't a bad thing. This is what the other programmers need to pay attention to and try to emulate. The Ticket has been #1 for so long, why not try to be them. I think that's what RaGE is doing and I listen more to them because of this.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Speaking to the topic of this thread, pretty much it's a normal thing for the Muser's and the Hardline both. Now, even The Ticket's 40 liners are stooping down to that level, when they're promoting Norm's Annual Christmas event. Not a big fan of the frat boy attitude either.

Anonymous said...

I realize they gotta pay the bills, but they're killing the Hardline with the breaks from 5-6. Here's what's typical for me every day (or what it SEEMS like):

5:05 Get in car to drive home - commercial break
5:15 Ticker and Traffic
5:20 BS announcements (future remotes, Petty Theft gigs) and small talk
5:25 Actual segment
5:35 Commercial break
5:40 Ticker and Traffic
5:45 BS announcements and small talk
5:50 Actual segment
5:55 Arrive home with make 15 minutes of actual Hardline segments. So ticked off I don't even bother to turn the radio back on when I get in the house, as I used to do.

Now I don't know how accurate that is. I've never seen their clock. But that's how it seems. And it's not like that from 3:30-5 and from 6-7 (I can't listen at work, but I listen all day on my days off). They only pull this crap during the main PM drive time hour, because that's when they have the most listeners and can charge the most for ad rates. But if there's no content, guess what, geniuses? I'm turning to another flippin' station!

I'm seriously about to write Cat a letter. It's really ticking me off I can't get no Hardline on my drive home and they're forcing me to listen to The Fail.

-Anon B

(P.S. sorry to rant on this same topic over and over, Plainsman. I'll try to keep on topic in the future.)

Scott said...

Anon B., I have no issue with your rant. It goes along with many of the opinions lately. Let me give an example:

Twenty five years ago, every guy that had cable, and loved sports, LOVED ESPN. It was the only station you could get, with wall to wall sports. They could do no wrong. In fact, it was like somehow, the prom queen said yes, and you were dating.

Then, things get old. Eventually, the prom queen gets old, and in fact, there may be no substance to her. Like ESPN, after being #1 for SO long, they get apathetic. They are still great.... but HBO has an occasional sports hit. And, if HBO put their mind to it, they could be a sports juggernaut. Fox Sports ain't bad.

So, as I ramble... Yes, I hope like hell that Cat sees this post. I am not sure that The Fan can make a big dent. I do switch to them before ESPN these days.

I think the Hardline as a whole, and Gordo... are close to losing the P1. Yes, the key demo of males 25-54 are still there. But I see it splitting. The 25 year old might like the humor, some of the 40 and older, might not.

Christy said...

Haven't read this post and the comments at all. But I had to rush to post this off topic comment:

The chipmunk WTDS segment going on right now is making me laugh so hard! Don't do it all the time, just once in awhile and it'll be awesome! I absolutely cannot stop laughing when they start to sing. HAHAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

I've listened to RAGE regularly for two weeks now. And as content-less as the Hardline has become, it's still better than what passes for substance on RAGE. Has anyone here ever read Richie Whitt's blog on the Dallas Observer site? It's shockingly ill-thought, ignorant, "douchy," mean spirited, and at times flat out inaccurate and/or misleading. Alas his on-air personality reflects his writing. Greggo has already become the butt of all jokes--from pronunciation of names and words to what passes for him as facts and/or "facts." And the sad thing is, many of his statements and positions bring this sort of razzing on. You can bet that he'll tire of this routine rather quickly. Come to think of it, RAGE even stole that "bit" from the Ticket, as well.

The upshot: While I agree with many of you that the Hardline is not nearly as must-hear as it once was, it's still infinitely better than the alternative.

(ESPN and Granpa Urine & Co. are not worth mentioning because it is only on the rarest of occasions that I am able to receive 103.3's signal--which makes me very unhappy with respect to the upcoming Ranger season.)

Christy said...

Anon, where do you live that you're not able to receive 103.3 easily? I'd rank 105.3, 103.3, and 1310/104.1 in order of best signal. My commute is Plano to Dallas and vice versa.

Anonymous said...


I live in old East Dallas/Lakewood. I can get ESPN while I'm in my car; but when I'm home, the signal is weak, at best. Because I work from home and prefer the radio as a medium for baseball, the switch made by the Rangers does not bode well for me.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I agree with the Plainsman et alia in regard to "Thicket on the Ticket." To this point where the Hardline is concerned: I wish Mike--at least some of the time--would take the more mature road and temper/tone down the direction of the show. Especially when "Gina--(va)G-EYE-NA" or genitalia talk rears its head (which seems to be rather frequently of late). It almost seems as if Corby, Grubes, and Danny run the show, and Mike is along for the ride. And when Mike encourages and/or participates in this stupidity, I find myself embarrassed for him. Same goes, but to a lesser degree, with Danny and Corby. They're all too old for such crap. Grubes, on the other hand, is a different story all together.

Christy said...

I still haven't read this post and its subsequent comments thread although glancing through, this topic looks intriguing...

Anon, I've been listening to the Texas Rangers broadcast online this season by googling just that (Texas Rangers radio online). This link was very useful:

However, with the move, I'm not sure if it'll be as useful next year.

The Plainsman said...

I ask you, Confessors -- where else can you find Ticket journalism, news, and opinions of this quality. And I'm not talking about me.

Christy, as you know, you have a perpetual worldwide royalty-free right and license to comment on any topic you care to discuss, irrespective of the article to which your comment is appended.

However, I am so very hurt that you haven't even read my blast -- and I had so hoped that a Confessorette would weigh in on this topic.

However, your off-topic offerings have given me an idea.

I assume you check in every day or so, like P1 Steven and Scott and Anon B, T4, and others. It occurs to me that all of you guys have some STD (Scorching Ticket Dish) of which you would like to unburden yourselves. I'm thinking it might be fun to post a topic which just says something like "Christy's Take" (although I'd try to be more clever than that), post some brief explanatory notes, and then wait for Christy to comment on anything she'd like -- anything about The Little One, negative OR POSITIVE. (Remember, we're trying to be fair here.) And then that will be the topic and commenters can have at it. I promise to contribute. Anyway, I'll think about it.

The Plainsman said...

Anon B and Scott: No problem with your rant. They do need to sell time to pay host salaries and make up the losses of other Cumulus properties. I can deal with the ads, but I could absolutely do without Tickers and traffic (although I still get an unbelievable number of hits from people looking for Barb Smith and Alexis Smith information and images).

I don't know whether Jeff Catlin checks in. At one time he did. I heard from him a few times, and he was quite nice in pointing out some errors and even in offering some props. In fact, I have no idea who at the station or Cumulus reads this thing, or, if they do, whether they take it the least bit seriously. Hey, they were pretty successful before My Ticket Confession hit the data pipes, so it's doubtful we're much more than a diversion here even if anyone is reading. I know Michael G reads because he sometimes comments with useful non-confidential information, Ticket history, and the like. Which I enormously appreciate. I think that there may be an Anonymous commenter with some Ticket or at least some radio insider ties, but no idea who it might be. I can assure Jeff that his employees are quite loyal and no one has attempted to use this site to spill confidential information or influence Your Plainsman's gold-plated editorial viewpoint or settle any scores.

I believe I have detected one thing at the station which might possibly have been influenced by this site, which I will write about soon.

In any case, I urge you to drop Jeff a line -- if you're respectful in your approach, I'm sure you'll get a polite response.

The Plainsman said...

Christy -- I know you are one of several commenters who love Why Today Doesn't Suck. It is the favorite part of the broadcast day for some of my readers.

I can't stand it. My dislike of it is on my list of topics. Your Plainsman pitches a big, big tent and it has room for all Ticket viewpoints. My dislike has nothing to do with Dan, whose influence on that particular segment is diluted by everything else going on. I happened to be by the radio today between 3 and 3:30, and when I heard the chipmunks making an incomprehensible segment even more incomprehensible, I opted for the slightly less incomprehensible gibberish that The RaGE has been slinging.

Actually, Richie and Greggo weren't all that horrible today, but to date I have to agree with Anonymous that it presently poses no meaningful threat to The Hardline.

We will be exploring The Hardline's stars' respective attitudes in the weeks and months to come, and whether The RaGE might be nibbling at its hindquarters.

Cannot wait for the next few ratings books.

Christy said...

(Sorry, for posting twice but I somehow posted to the wrong thread) Still haven't read the actual topic, and I was scanning through again (I'll comment on your post idea as soon as I re-read it. HAHA on the being POSITIVE jab. I know, I know.) and had to respond:

I actually don't like WTDS (said so here). I agree it's a lot of noise. I'm one of those P1s who listen to almost everything because it's on The Ticket and what's on is almost always better than what else is on (although I'll at some point want to post something about lately enjoying The Ben and Skin show right before Norm gets going).

HOWEVER, I'm still waiting on this much-teased about STD (Scorching Ticket Dish - your own catchphrase) on WTDS that you've promised since at least this summer.

shaggy said...

I have a RadioShark on my computer with a bunch of random Ticket recordings, so I just checked on the Hardline schedule in the 5-6 hour.

3 segments with roughly 31 minutes of content, which doesn't include the coming-back-from-ticker promos that Mike does.

This was taken from November 18.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Shaggy. Good to have actual data, especially when one is aware emotions are starting to influence thinking.

But hat's not why I clicked the "leave comment window." I simply wanted to post a formal defense of WTDS. It's the best part of the Ticket day.

I totally get why it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I like that crazy tea; the way it's unhinged, but controlled; always the same, but evolving; useless but indispensable; rooted in the Ticket personalities, but offers a hint of true identities.

WTDS = Good stuff!

- Anon B

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the link/suggestion (regarding Ranger baseball). I appreciate it.

Blue Moon said...

I love, love, love WTDS. I am a pretty non-linear thinker who changes topics quickly in coversation, so maybe that is why.

I am late to the "Hardline is in Decline" game, but I agree with those that think it is trending downward. Corby goes off so half-cocked so often that it often produces a punchout from me. Still like it better than D&M - Junior is just too much concentrated radioblowhard for me at times to fully embrace.

The "private parts" talk can be too much -- obviously there is a balance to be had between shocking humor and overkill, but lately they have been killing Gina repeatedly. I know they didn't mean it seriously, but this morning, D&M likened Hardline to potheads sitting around smoking and laughing. There may be some truth to that characterization...

Christy said...

I thought I had posted on the actual topic, but I guess not...if it shows up twice, I apologize in advance.

So I need to start listening to RAGE to keep up with everyone else?

I'm glad we're re-visiting the quality of The Hardline!

ON-TOPIC (although I did not hear the offending segment):
It might be because I've been listening to The Ticket for so long, but I'm somewhat immune to all the jabs at women. It's refreshing to know that not all men revel in that line of humor.

When Ticket hosts poke fun at women, I assume they're just playing to their on-air personas and actually have wonderful relationships with their wives, daughters, girlfriends, etc. I don't understand the women who call in - why do those women subject themselves to the eventual line of degrading questions?

I have a theory that women listen to The Ticket because of and not despite of the station's frat boy humor. Gordo doesn't have any problems getting women callers for his Ladies Day editions of Gordo's Corner. Women contribute to WTDS daily.

It'll be interesting to see how the next generation of Ticket hosts treat women. The fill-in hosts seem more respectful...but then again, I'm not a fan of most fill-in shows and tend to punch out...

I have the luxury of having The Ticket on at work (although I don't always get to listen). But I brace myself when co-workers pass by (the office printer is next to my computer) and pray nothing offensive is said...gah, I'm sure my co-workers think less of me for listening to such potty humor.

ap said...

@AnonB and Shaggy...

I roll on the entire day of KTCK, and my estimate is that of the 13 hours and 25 minutes of on-air time, only 50% of it is actual on-air content. If I cut out the segments that don't interest me (college football talk, the segment between the O-Deck and Muse-in-the-News, half of Norm, sometimes Mike's mind, music review), then each day is compressed into about 5 hours.

I understand it's all in the name of commerce, but it's unfortunate for the P1 that misses enjoyable segments due to untimely segment stacking. I hope the Hardline boys do more live-spot humor though -- e.g. the TXLC Bill-Bates-signed-steak thing was a must-listen, even if it was a commercial.

The Plainsman said...

AP, I'm glad you mentioned that.

I meant to note in an earlier comment that while ads frequently get in the way of seamless hilarity, the theater-of-the-mind live spots that Mike R, Corby, and Danny do are almost uniformly excellent, very amusing. I think it's because their complete insincerity, at which they are practiced experts, is the actual point of the commercial.

What was that series of ads that Corby and Mike did for some kind of auto fuel additive or something like that? Gumout! Very funny stuff.

The Plainsman said...

Also: Christy: I don't mind the anti-women cast to the whole station. What I dislike is the extrmely vulgar references to the female sexual organ and environs.

Someone here said it well: I'm actually embarrassed for the hosts. Men in their fifth and seventh decades snickering about pussy. Eeeewwww.

Kinda pervy, actually.

P1 Steven said...

When I first started listening to The Tickt, my day of listening started during WTDS. Imagine my COMPLETE confusion. I had no idea what the drops meant. I had no idea what 'well' meant. I was completely lost. Some of the funniest moments of The Ticket have occured during WTDS. The chipmunks is useally a reward before "dry dock". Once again, this too took me years to figure out. I have The Ticket playing all day too, and I am right by several offices. Imagine the shock when Ty reads his birthday each day. Several times people have asked what I was listening too. Oh well.. I heart The Ticket.

Christy said...

Mr. Plainsman, I hope you were listening during the noon to 3 hour today. I think the greatest defense for having Dan on the station (specifically, paired up with Bob) was made with what passed as entertainment in that timeslot. What a lethargic pair Bob and Mark Followill make! They sound the same; Mark is more sports centric than even Bob is; and they couldn't stop fawning over each other.

The Plainsman said...

Christy, I've observed in the past that as smart and as good a broadcaster as Mark Followill is, he is not a host candidate for The Little One. For the very reasons you cite.

That is not equivalent to an argument for retaining the services of Dan McDowell.

I am continuing to try to catch BaD more often, as well as Dan on other broadcasts. I'm developing a new STD on Dan but it needs considerably more marinating before I loose it on the world. And I might change my mind in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Dang, I'll tell ya... I'm starting to think BAD Radio is the best showgram on The Ticket these days. Maybe it's just still fresh for me because I can't listen all day, but I think they balance hardcore sports (Bob) with irreverence (Dan) and "guy talk" (Donovan). I think it has the most in-depth and varied sports content, married to the most schtick. And I think that's pretty remarkable. And I really think Dan is the cog that makes the whole thing move in sync.

Also, RE: Followill. For a while I thought he would be a good addition to The Hardline. He is kinda like Sturm genetically fused with the afterbirth of Bob Costas. I've always thought he fit in on The Hardline well, because Mike barely wants to talk sports any more, and Corby isn't that great at it, unless he's talking college football. I think Followill gives them the sports base for the two of them to take off from.

But then again, it's been a while since I've heard him as a +1. Maybe I was smoking crack.

-Anonymous B

Anonymous said...

Anonymous B,

You are spot-on concerning Followill. I, too, thought (still think) that he'd make the perfect co-host for Mike. Obviously Corby isn't going anywhere, and Followill is not going to give up his Mavericks gig. But a Confessor can still wish it so.

To add a bit to the Junior talk, I have to say that I think he and Bob are the two most consistent and solid thinkers on the Ticket (Friedo was too). Each states their position on any topic with clarity and they have examples, stats, etc., to back it up--whether one agrees with them or not.

As for the rest of the gang:

Mike relies on his gut-feelings more than I believe he ought--which can make for interesting speculation, but it's merely speculation; Norm, as I posted earlier, far too often comes off as a bad amateur lawyer; Corby reminds me of one of those people (and perhaps he is) who grew up being overly praised and therefore once an opinion is formed, no amount of counterfactual evidence will make him think twice; George seems to want to please too much, and so his arguments/thoughts are usually on the mushy side (sans parenting, where he comes off exceedingly well); Dan seems to have issues concerning praise, attention, and loyalty (many dads related?), all of which send him into emotional tizzies--and his readiness to accept alternate history and whatnot is troubling, to me at least; and finally Gordo's, whether he realizes it or not, sophomoric Freudian interpretation of the world and his use of cheap debate tactics make for obvious conclusions at best, specious reasoning at times, and coming off as/being a bully at worst.

The Plainsman said...

Incredible stuff, everyone. Who would have thought that a few lines about vaginas would spark this kind of exchange?

Anonymous said...

Hold up guys. I just found this site so pardon me for barging in like this, but I'm going to come to the rescue here for my Ticket because I feel you are trying to harm her. Sports-wise I honestly could care less about any of the host's HSOs. I don't listen to The Ticket for sports. I'm sure I'm not alone here. There's nothing offered that I either haven't already heard or can find from numerous other outlets. It's for that reason that Norm and Bob put me to sleep (I still listen) and why I look forward to 2:50 everyday to gear up for the Hardline.

Their chemistry is what I tune in for. To me and countless other Hardliners that's their value. They're vulgar, they screw up a lot, they're sexist, racist, ignorant, etc. I want it all. The change of pace is greatly welcomed. It truly is the best 4 hours of broadcasting everyday and when any one of the 4 are missing you can tell it's not the same.

I'm not unique by saying this, but my life sucks big time. I have my share of hobbies but nothing can replace the joy I get from The Ticket. And those 4 hours of the Hardline, especially this past year, have been the best hours of my life. I know that sounds sad and pathetic but it's true. I don't even tune out during commercials. Why bother? I've tried, all the others plain suck. Hell, even commercials on The Ticket are more entertaining than the other guys, especially the live ones.

When they're on I'm happy for a change. I don't even want to think about the next 2 weeks. This is when we're reminded how drab and boring regular sports radio can be. Before I moved to Dallas I used to think Jim Rome and Mike and Mike were the best sports entertainment shows. Excuse me while I vomit a bit.

Dallas is such a corporate shill of a city and The Ticket is a major redeeming quality. You guys have it, be proud and embrace it. Or try listening to Mike and Mike for 4 hours. That should convince you.

The Ticket is my lady and I love her despite her flaws. Despite that Norm is on for 2 hours, that Bob comes off as an arrogant know-it-all prick, that Dan is an a-hole, that Corby raves about OU, that Mike loves USC and so on. You guys all make valid points, but even a bad day on The Ticket (which I've never experienced) is still far better than the alternatives. Even WED, which had some painfully boring spurts, still provided great unforced moments like the Rick Carlisle interview.

And that's what The Ticket is all about. Several great moments a day, everyday, which provide hilarity and enjoyment for weeks, even years after their initial occurrence. Who can beat that?

The Plainsman said...

Welcome, New Anonymous.

(I have no problem with anonymous posters, but since some are apparently repeate posters, it would be good to have some distinguishing name for each for purposes of [respectful] responses. We now have an Anonymous B, which is helpful. There is also an Anonymous who seems to have some insider information.)

Anonymous, I think if you spend some time dipping into the archives you will find that there is a tremendous amount of support for the positive aspects of The Ticket here. Not just from Your Plainsman, but from numerous commenters. We do point out things we're not crazy about, and among those on my plate is the most extreme vulgarity that issues forth from time to time on The Hardline.

In fact, your statement -- "The Ticket is my lady and I love her despite her flaws" -- is My Ticket Confession.

One final point -- What did Oscar Wilde say? Something like "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." Sites like these are nothing but good for The Ticket. If Your Plainsman can keep people clicking over -- and my traffic continues to increase, thanks much -- it involves people even more than they already are in the life of the station. I'm sure hosts and management aren't crazy when we note stuff we'd like to change, but they probably love it when we offer praise and approval.

In short, I'm guessing that almost everyone posting here would agree with you that The Ticket is one of the best things about Dallas (I'd put it #1 myself), and that its competition is way, way behind both here and nationwide.

You write well so please return and favor us with more of your blasts, as the spirit moves you. Happy Holidays.

Erik said...

I started listening to the ticket around February of this year due to the urging of my 2 older brothers who are long time listeners.(end Introduction)

On the topic of WTDS: That is what got me into the Ticket. I have a radio with headphones at work, and one glorious day in February I decided to listen to the Ticket during my whole work period(7AM-3:30). Most of it I didn't really get into, but it's when WTDS started that my ears perked and I started laughing like an idiot during work. It was the absolute confusion, random liners, drops, and chemistry that made me want to come back the next day and listen to more. During these 10 months of listening, the Ticket has done an amazing job of getting me up to date with 16 years of inside jokes and history, and I feel as if I've been listening since Day 1. So, I guess WTDS holds a special place in my Ticket Heart for getting me into the station.

More on topic: The vulgarity has always bothered me, and it does go waaay over the top sometimes. I agree with whoever said that it cheapens the humor greatly. I have been of the opinion over the past 5 years or so that Movies are all going downhill with their reliance on Drugs, and cheap easy jokes about sex. Anyone can have that type of humor and can get a quick chuckle out of people, so why do people feel they need to use it as well? Can we not think of anything new to be funny besides talking about getting high, drunk, or body-parts talk?

I guess that's what bothers me the most about it, not that it's particularly offensive(which it is), but that it cheapens the comedy.