Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So, what do we all think about the Normathon?   A great cause and it's wonderful that he does it.  In fact, The Ticket does a lot of fine charity work that I should have remarked on in the past.  A hearty "good job."

In fact, I doubt that Norm finds it all that arduous to do 18 hours.  He's a professional talker, and he talks and talks and eventually he stops.  I didn't hear very much of it this year, unfortunately, but what I heard was interesting.  I liked the interview with Randy White.  I just wasn't able to stay by the channel much of Monday, unforch.

As far as Norm as a general propposition is concerned:  Great, great broadcaster.  Always interesting to listen to.  Like the way he interacts with his producers.  Mike S makes a worthy on-air companion.

I'll just get off one short blast, and then let you all tell me about the Normathon, or Norm generally -- or Rich Phillips, or Corby D, or Dan M, or the Geminid meteor shower, or whatever you want to comment on.  The short blast is:  I'm not sure Norm is an extremely astute observer of the sports scene.  He knows an awful lot about many sports, but sometimes his opinions leave me scratching my head.  In the first place, he seems to hold contradictory views simultaneously -- was Wade Phillips a bad coach, or was he an OK coach because he once went 13-3?  Norm seems to hold both views.  In the second place, his picks don't seem to me to be particularly accurate.  (Anyone know how he does on the ponies?)   I'll tell you what I'd like to see:  Norm picking against Craig Miller and George Dunham in their weekly picks. 

One more short blast:  Norm has got to be one of the hardest-working guys at the Ticket.  It's only a two-hour show, but his show prep is amazing (with his grundoons' assistance), he fills in all over the broadcast day, he does the Cowboy post-game.  And he did that great piece on the Cowboys' financial condition a couple of months back. 

So::  Two weathered Plainsman thumbs-up for Norm.  But think twice before you give him your money to play with.  Give it to him to donate to the wonderful causes he supports.

So let me hear from you, Confessors:  How was the Normathon?


Scott said...

The feeling I get on Norm is that he may be looking at a situation from all sides, playing devil's advocate. I honestly think he then has trouble landing on an opinion sometimes. I also notice that when he has a guest on, he tends not to argue, even though an opinion from the guest may differ from his. He has no problem arguing with producers, hosts or P1s... but I think he rolls over on guests.... Have you ever heard him disagree with Goose or JJT? Maybe he will this morning with JJT....

As for the horse racing... about 5 years ago, the company I worked for was flirting with advertising with the Ticket. Several of us were invited to the Norm seminar at Lone Star Park... I know nothing about the sport.... BUT, I felt like I knew a little more when I left. I followed some of his bets, and came out ahead. I was not rich, but ahead.

Norm's passions are the NFL draft and horse racing. I think in other areas, he can be swayed on opinions.

cancer monkey said...

I think Norm is good in small doses, but I lose interest when he gets bogged down. And he gets bogged down a lot. There are segments where he harps on the most minute of minutiae for minutes at a time and I just can't stand it. Make your point and move on.

The best Norm, in my opinion is in Norm summarized - drops, the Top 10, Fun w/Real Audio, etc.

Also, the Geminids were really good this year. We saw a bunch just standing in our front yard, not even having to leave for a darker area out of town. I say we should bring the Geminids back next year too.

P1 Steven said...

Norm has a special place in my heart, but I too can only take him about an hour a day. He knows how to beat a dead horse. Some of my earliest childhood memories (I am 27) are riding in the car early in the morning to take my dad to work while listening to Norm on the radio. When Norm went to The Ticket, I too started listening to The TICKET. It is great to see how much Norm has let his hair down (or lack there of) since joining the The Ticket. He has always had a sense of humor, but I think it has grown even more Ticket friendly. Anyone catch his FAKE GORDO a couple weeks ago? (On the Unticket) I compare to Norm like an Uncle or Grandpa. Fun to see & listen to, but "dont get him started" In addition, I think Mike S. is his best producer to date. A witty guy who can keep Norm on his toes. Furthermore, Norm is the NICEST HOST at remotes. After each segment, his says hello to anybody that came by & has small talk with them. He answers any questions they might have as well, and he is also good at returning emails. My Dad is old fashion, and still corresponds via snail mail. He sent Norm a letter of admiration of his years working on his craft, and Norm sent him a hand written letter in kind. I once heard a caller call into the Orphanage & say he likes to call as a fake black guy into Norms show. He said for some reason the opinions of the fake black guy, seem to raise Norms temper faster than usual.... this made me chuckle. Made me think of Blue in the Grove (whatever happened to that guy?) In conclusion, Norm is a nice guy & he gets my approval!