Friday, December 10, 2010

Musers v. CJ: Talk Amongst Yourselves

The (incomparable) AP alerted me to the CJ Wilson contretemps on the Muser showgram today.   Alas, I heard most of the show today but missed this.  Scrambling to get up to date.  If anyone would like to fill us in and share his or her opinion, I'd be grateful.


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ap said...

I've tried to email you the relevant context, Plainsman. My take is that Junior was perhaps quick to burn the bridge between KTCK and CJ Wilson with his tweet, and that the fault probably lies with a handler situated between and Fernando:

CJ <-> Agent <-> Handler 1 <-> <-> Handler 2 <-> Fernando <-> Musers

I'm assuming that Handlers 1 and 2 are under the employ of, and a game of 'broken telephone' ensued, leading to the accusations of lying by both parties.

This incident is probably going to be more fodder for whoever runs: