Sunday, September 18, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Is This The End of Greggo?

Greg seems to be burning a bridge before being asked to cross it. 

Here are the series of Tweets issued by Greg Williams Sunday afternoon (thanks to Anonymous commenters for the reports): 

I have so much 49'er information I want to share on our pre and post games shows on THE FAN...but.I was fired...and the other hosts agreed"

All FAN FANS...ask Richie why I was fired..he just said he didn't think I possessed the necessary traits to do a quality post game show.."

I really wish I was welcomed at Frankies today..but the other hosts have made their thoughts know...being fired hurts..."

@bbshelton you think people would listen??...I would definitely consider it....I miss it so much...but CBS made a decision..and I'm out"

@richiewhitt ..Frankie's might be packed...too bad there's not enough room for me...but I guys DON'T want me there....."

The initial question was whether his "firing" related solely to Cowboy game-day participation, or his weekday gig.  The foregoing suggests the former -- as of 8 PM Sunday. 

Still not finding anything on the Internets about any of this.  To the best of this site's knowledge, he's still employed by The Fan as a weekday host.

But what do you do with a guy who issues serial sad-puppy whining  Tweets about being excluded from Weekend coverage?  Where he reports that his employment savior, media champion, and on-air partner Richie Whitt told him to his face that he didn't have the skill set to do a conventional pre/post-game show?  Has CBS/The Fan just made a decision to ignore these outbursts and judgment lapses?  Or will they do what any other employer would do?  Some kind of discipline, up to and possibly including suspension/termination. 

Suspect RWhitt and CBS/Fan poobahs are meeting tonight to decide what to do.  Oh, yeah, there will be lawyers there.

I have the same question Confessors have been asking:  What is he thinking?  Either he believes he's finished at The Fan and is reaching out for a final grasp at attention, OR he's fearful of it and thinks that by hinting at it online the millions of fans he imagines he has will rise up in his defense.

Either way, I have the same reaction as most of the Confessors commenting here -- it's sad, sad, sad.

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The Plainsman said...

You know -- day following a Cowboy nutcheck come-from-behind victory would not be the worst time for The Fan to release some bad news.

The Plainsman said...

Possible that I did something wrong, but I'm pretty sure I successfully posted a link to this article on Whitt's End/Sportatorium, and it appears to have been taken down within minutes. I'll try again.

Anonymous said...

I wrote this the other day, but I'll repeat it again: Perhaps Mr. Whitt is beginning (or even has for a while now) to understand why the folks over at The Ticket finally had to turn their collective back? I do think the way Greggo chooses to express himself is sad. It's childish and reeks of someone who thinks their somehow in a sense bullet-proof. I'm not sure what the real story is behind Greggo's issues, but whatever it is, I doubt we'll ever know the truth; at least not from Greggo. However this shakes out, it'll be interesting to see how Whitt handles this on his Observer blog.

Having said that, I do hope for the best for Greggo. He might be a lot of things, but he's still a human being.

Anonymous said...

You're right, it was taken down. VERY interesting.

The Plainsman said...

The second one was also taken down.

That may just reflect a policy of not letting other bloggers pimp their site on Sportatorium/Whitt's End. If so, fair enough.

On the other hand . . . something may be seriously up in the CBS/Fan corridors of power.

And Greggo's lawyer was just settling in to watch the Sunday night game.

Actually kind of flattered they kicked me off Whitt's End.

"Whitt's End" -- a prophecy?

No offense taken, RW. You hung in there with GW longer than any of his other post-Ticket sponsors. I do wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

WHOA!!!! Plainsman, your post was just deleted, for the 2nd time. Well, I mean, did you just try and repost it? If so, then yes, it was removed. I went back to check on it, and the comment section was not loading; I refreshed the page, and lo and behold, your comment was gone (someone was deleting it, hence the freeze up). Now the comment that directly followed your, I guess, 2nd attempt that was briefly up, still exists. Wild.

Fozzie Bear said...

Hang in their people, we might be going on one helluva ride!

Waka waka, Fozzie Bear. Out.

The Plainsman said...

Interesting: The Cowboy fans are going nuts, and this other Dallas sports drama is going on way, way in the background (not that you can compare this gratifying Cowboy victory to who comprises The Fan's drive broadcast team).

Richie should be furiously preparing his Observer columns on this victory, not to mention his Fan segment run sheet for tomorrow, but he (or his web supervisor) is keeping a hawk eye on Whitt's End to keep Greggo speculation to a minimum. Or at least to keep Whitt readers from wandering off to My Ticket Confession. (As I said, no offense.)

I'm telling you, some important people are calling some other important people even as I type, and they're saying things like "I thought you told me he was gonna be OK" and "What the hell is going on with that tweeting lackwit" and "I told you we should have let him go six months ago" and "Don't let this guy into the new Fan Sports Lounge".

Actually, no one probably used the word "lackwit."

Come on, crypto-Ticket insiders, tell us what you know. Crypto-Fan insiders are also welcome. Please, nothing defamatory or too personal. Just looking for radio news here.

ScottsMerkin said...

I find it rediculous that the observer would now moderate comments. That place is anything goes, I dont get it. And whitt was the leader in writing the Greggo saga stories. Through it all greggo is human and I dont want to bash him personally, but something is wrong wyhen you cant keep your employer health

ScottsMerkin said...

Also Mr Plainsman, it wasnt pulled for pimping your site, your previous post pimping with the story about signal switching is still there

The Plainsman said...

Lest this point get lost, let me echo the thoughts of some of our other commenters that I do not wish ill on either Greg or Richie. I've written sympathetically about both men from time to time. Greg Williams is a talented guy. I am not a clinical psychologist and don't know what he "needs," but plainly, when he gets it he can be a compelling radio presence. I hope he gets whatever it is he needs, and that he sticks with it.

And, while we're on the subject -- I hope he is not fired from The Fan.

Indigopurple said...

Whitt just posted a top ten observations on the Cowboy game. He didn't make mention of the Greggo situation. I posted a comment asking him if he was going to address it. We'll see what, if anything, happens.

Indigopurple said...

Just saw another comment has been deleted over at Whitt's End. Someone named "nothing new here" told everyone to get over themselves, that nothing is going on. Another commenter claimed NNH was Whitt, and that whatever is happening will be found out soon enough. That comment was deleted. Whitt's coming unglued. I can't say I blame him. But getting into battles with, and practicing censorship on, your readers is not the way to go about it.

Indigopurple said...

One last update and I'm off to bed. The deleted comment has now been put back up. I would say that maybe it was a snafu, but since I myself didn't post it, yet I read it, it couldn't be a snafu. A blog/site such as Whitt's will allow for the deleting and re posting of comments, etc. So it isn't out of the question that Whitt's reading this blog and the comments on his own blog and rethinking his actions. Who knows? Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. Whatever does occur, I do hope it works out for the best, for both RW and GW.

Anonymous said...

Did some dumpster diving on Twitter and found this...

"richiewhitt Richie Whitt
Bull. Ess. >RT @TCUWhiteTrash: Wish I was welcomed at Frankies today..but the other hosts have made thoughts know...being fired hurts..."

Obviously whatever Greggo's trying to sell to the public and Whitt, Whitt's not buying it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Greggo is back on the air right now, his voice much better after being pretty rough last week.

He's not on the postgame as he was last year, I think he's just bitter. I don't believe it's anything. He has had to moderate his tweets because of CBS though.