Monday, September 12, 2011

A COUPLE OF QUICK HITS: (1) Paynj and (2) Croak

(1)  Mike's Continued Interest in Unusual Animal Habits.   We have already had occasion to remark on one of the most bizarre moments in recent Ticket history --  Mike R's reference to Green Tail Shiner.  (You need to listen to the links in the comments if you don't remember this -- I mean, Mike was at his out-there best.)

Today, he referred to a canine activity, presumably theoretical, called a "paynj."  I'm spelling it phonetically -- like "pain" with a "j"-sound on the end.  (So why not spell it with an "i"?  So as not to associate it with "pain."  I hope we've cleared that up.)

How did this come up? you may well ask.  Grubes was replaying some old account of how Corby's parents used to wake him up when he was a boy by sending his dog into his bedroom, whereupon said cur would leap upon the slumbering MiniSnake and proceed to (bleep -- presumably, "hump") him until he woke up.  This recollection was the cause of well-earned hilarity, and then, apropos of nothing, Mike makes reference to something called a "paynj."

This perplexed everyone, until someone, I think Danny, suggested that Mike was giving a name to the way a dog would perform a haynj (phonetic) -- because a dog has paws (starting with a "p") and not hands.  Got that?  What it had to do with waking up the adolescent Corby is shrouded in the mists of radio lore.

But shouldn't it be "pawj"?

(2)  Greggo's Lost Cords.  Flipped over for a spot of RaGE today.  Greg's voice had almost completely disappeared.  All he could do, when I was listening, was whisper.  I didn't listen long enough to tell if he was coherent. 

Did anyone hear an explanation of this?

So maybe he was yelling at the TV all weekend.  Doesn't a radio host with a history of vocal problems have some kind of obligation to care for the pipes?

Recent commenters have suggested that Greggo's Tweets are spiraling towards unhingedness.  

Richie Whitt must be fighting carpal tunnel in both hands as he keeps his fingers tightly crossed at all times.


Anonymous said...

To #1...I personally don't get that crap. The haynj, the beej, the paynj, etc. It was a giggle a year or two or three ago, but it's kind of run its course.

To #2...I agree with the other commenters who recommend following Greggo. It's a strange trip that he's on, for sure. The man seems to be one perpetual hot mess. I hope this never happens, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least to read, in the near-ish future, that Greggo's been let go yet again. But who knows? Maybe the twitter stuff is schtick? Maybe he just has a lot of vocal chord issues?

ap said...

The word, by the way, was 'lick'. Edits like that (those that end in a hard consonant) are really fun to put together...such as this one:

Anonymous said...

Greggo's tweets have been wheels off since he joined twitter. This is not some recent development. He's just a cracked out wheels off guy, there's not really anything more to it.

ap said...

So...did Norm get married this weekend? I heard several shows dance around it yesterday and over the weekend, and I was wondering if he made the official announcement. Some of the 'clues' I've heard:

- Grubes played a Norm drop when Rhynes referenced a marriage during the hardline opening segment on 9/12

- the weird mix between Norm and BaD Radio on Monday 9/12 where they sort of referenced it, but not directly

- Donny Doo tweeting a picture of a very well-dressed twiggy with Pat Summerall

- Both brothers Sirois attended a wedding this past weekend (was that why CDS was not on the air on Saturday?)

- vague references to Norm's lady-friend over the past few months

If that's the case, congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Hitzges - hope she enjoys traveling, sports and sports-wagering as much as he does!

Shaggy said...

There was also a picture tagged on Facebook that appeared to be taken at a wedding reception. Norm was standing in a suit with a boutineer and at a large table was Grubes and Friedo. Friedo was also in a suit with a boutineer.

I'd make it a triple play that Norm got married last weekend.

Anonymous said...

Well, people, here's Greggo's latest tweet. Hot off the presses:

It's Mexican time..hug a a shot of a few tacos..drink a Carona without lime..then CRAM A DRUG LORD UP YOUR ASS!!"

What you just read is real. And really weird and really sad.

The Plainsman said...

Wow. Is the end of Greggo near?

I can guaran-frackin'-tee you that there are frantic meetings at The Fan amongst its overlords and over-overlords as to what to do about this.

Other than the drug lord reference, it probably passes. But then, there's the drug lord reference -- and, more importantly, what's his next Mexican-flavored tweet going to say?

The Ticket fired Bacsik for remarks not too dissimilar. Will the Community rise up against Greggo like they rose up against Bacsik? If not, why not?

And if so, is Greggo long for DFW radio?

And why, exactly, is it "Mexican time"?

And who's taking the action on whether Greggo will be on the air today?

The Plainsman said...

Sounds like he's present, if not accounted for.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the Fan cares considering another member of that show retweeted and commented his tweet.

Anonymous said...

I kinda doubt The Fan cares too much about anything, ethics wise, much less taste wise. Classless station. And excepting Elf and Josh, classless on air talent.

Anonymous said...

I looked through some of his tweets and apparently he was told the other day by Bruce Gilbert to stop using obscenities on twitter.

Anonymous said...

The Greggo tweet posted here wasn't a retweet.

The Plainsman said...

I guess the Community finds it unacceptable to refer to Mexicans as "dirty" (which it is), but not unacceptable to associate them with tacos, lime-free Coronas, or DRUG LORDS.

Although perhaps we haven't heard from everyone yet.

Or maybe it took Bacsik more seriously than it takes Greggo.

I do not believe that this is being ignored in the Inner Sanctum at The Fan and CBS.

Anonymous said...

I think the reason why Greggo's rantings aren't garnering the same attention as Bacsik's is because the latter's were read by (and purposely sent out to be read by) Spurs fans. Unfortunately, some jackwad fan with a hankering for publicity ran with the tweet. Yes the tweet was ugly; and I'm not going to judge whether the punishment fit the crime. But I do think that's what's going on here.

Shaggy said...

Bacsik was also a nationally-known figure by virtue of
giving up Barry Bonds' 756th home run.

People say and have said much more offensive things on the Ticket on a pretty regular basis.

birq said...

Grubes was throwing out the term "range" on the Twits yesterday, so I assume there's another word in the haynj variation series. I don't know the context, so I can't confirm; it's just speculation on my part.

I'm ambivalent about that line of humor. It's funny at first and for a short while, but I think it wears out very quickly. If they'd use it more sparingly and let it rest for a while before bringing it back up it would have more impact, but that's not what The Hardline does. I think, in general, the Musers are more aware of the shelf-life of their bits and tend to put things back in the vault before they are completely driven into the ground. BaD and The Hardline, not so much. I'm not saying one is right and the other is wrong, they're just different ways of approaching it.

Anonymous said...

Hit the concrete today..stroll in the down the the boulevard..skip up highway..then CRAM MAINSTREET UP YOUR ASS!
5 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply"

Umm, ok, Greggo. Whatever you say. I'll just back away slowly and not look you in the eyes. Please don't hurt me. The fuzzy puppys in the sky, CAT...CAT...CAT. But seriously, what the hell is that tweet about?

Anonymous said...

he's been doing the daily cram it up your ass thing for about 5 months. it's not funny.

Anonymous said...

What kind of grown, hell, middle aged, man tweets crap like that even once, much less five months? It's very sad. In a way I feel sorry for him.

Anonymous said...

"TCUWhiteTrash GREGGO a Twinkie..gulp some lemonade..have slice of toast..down a cheese stick..make a sandwich..then CRAM BAG OF CHIPS UP YOUR ASS!"

Nice stuff, Hammer!

Anonymous said...

Over the hills and far away..going to California..eating a custard pie..exploring the houses of the A FISH UP YOUR..OH..ASS!
20 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

Why does Greggo tweet such things? What normal, adult man does that? I'm surprised management at The Fan puts up with it. Not even Whitt posts up moronic and sad stuff like Greggo does. And that's saying something. It seems like he might need help.

Anonymous said...

Plainsman...Not sure exactly what this means, but check out Greggo's latest Twitter missive:

I have so much 49'er information I want to share on our pre and post games shows on THE FAN...but.I was fired...and the other hosts agreed"

Was he fired from the pre and post? Was he FIRED? Or his it schtick?