Sunday, September 11, 2011


Sean Bass has given us the catchphrase for the season, for good or ill.

The pre-game shows have been good.  Sean and Donovan were plenny fine. 

Rich, Norm, and Mark Followill are putting on a crisp, authoritative presentation.  Miss Bob, but this team is slinging an entirely satisfying listen.  God, I love The Ticket.

But it's SeaBass who wins the prize this afternoon.  At the conclusion of his (pre-recorded?) analysis of the Jets, expressing some concern for the Cowboys' fate under the circumstances, he uttered our title phrase.  I laughed out loud, thought it was absolutely pitch-perfect for this season.  Someone, Rich, I think, said what the hell was that?

I don't know, but it struck me as excellent advice to the Cowboy Cadre.

[[NOTE:  The initial post identified the phrasemaker as Ty Walker.  Thanks to Anonymous and That Nice Young Michael Gruber for correcting me in the comments.]]

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Anonymous said...

Ty is out. That was Sean.

The Plainsman said...

Are you sure? I thought sure it was Ty pre-recorded with the analysis of the enemy. Doesn't Ty usually do that report?

If I'm in error, I sure apologize. I wasn't listening with extreme care until I heard that phrase, which ended that report.

Grubes said...

That was Sean. Ty is out and didn't record ATE. Good times!

The Plainsman said...

That settles that. Thank you, Michael.

Now the question is whether I fix the error in the post or just leave it as an object lesson to myself.

Better fix it and just admit the error.

Anonymous said...

Great pre and so far, great post shows. Just for grins, I started following Greggo on Twitter today. HOLY SMOKES PEOPLE! The man is unhinged. Sans one tweet, every single other one was either negative, aggressive, or semi-coherent. And half of them were directed at Ticket crew (though none except one to George about UNT football, which was I believe in a ribbing nature, were mean spirited). Anywho, if you're looking for some whacked out HSOs, look no further than Greggo's twitter account.

The Plainsman said...

Wasn't sure I found the right Twitter address for him. What is it?

Daboyz said...
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Anonymous said...


T4 In Rockwall said...

Funny stuff Greggo was throwing out there.

Anonymous said...

No kidding, T4. The series of tweets about Bruce Gilbert not wanting him to cuss on Twitter and his Ambien kicking in was unreal. Same deal with him tweeting Grubes, Jr., and Georgio. Crazy stuff. Anyone who reads his tweets and still believes Greggo to be on top of his game or anywhere near it is just as nuts as he is. But it is entertaining.

Anonymous said...

He's tweeted Mike before too. Something like, Hey man call me sometime i've got a question about the great game.

Greggo is still extremely unstable.