Saturday, August 18, 2012

[Hit the Sounder] BREAKING NEWS: Michael Krenek Moving On

I did not hear this, but can only assume it was announced during The Orphanage.  [CORRECTION:  Confessor advises it was at the top of Cirque.]    A commenter to the previous post posted this:

Another employee leaves for greener pastures. Well, it wasn't too hard to see that one coming. Not just for Krenek, but for anyone up there who wants a career that doesn't consist of forever being a scrub, or a jver at best. The cool thing is that Krenek, like a few others, has used The Ticket as a springboard to hopefully a nice career as a host in sports radio or even tv or whathaveyounot. Good on Krenek. He did it by letting the game come to him, having (and I'm sure practicing) good chops and sports knowledge/points, and by being a team player. Unlike some of the fellows up there, Krenek gets how to do these things, and more crucially, the importance of them. Congrats, Krenek, and I'll be listening in via the miracle of the internet as often as possible.

If it turns out I've been had, I'll take this down, but thought I would get it up for those swimming by.  I have no additional information at this time.  [CORRECTION:  He is taking a job at a station in Grand Junction, Colorado -- on air and available via Internet.]

I'm hopeful Krenek will drop by and fill us in on some details, as he has been known to visit and sling a comment from time to time.

Always thought Krenek was one of the solid performers up there, good sense of humor, but wasn't the type to drop in uninvited.  Truly wish him the best.

Previous post has only been up since last night, so check it out if you haven't been by since then.:

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Krenek said...

Must be a slow news day.

But seriously, I appreciate the kind words. I love the Ticket and it is bittersweet to leave a special place and a group of amazing people. But you gotta go where opportunity takes you and I'm fortunate enough that it will take me to Texas's best state park.

There are so many talented people here and I pinch myself everyday that I got a chance to rub shoulders with them and learn so much. Except for Mike Sirois.

East Texas P1 said...


Hate to see you go but good luck in the future. I may drop in via the interweb from time to time to give a listen.

Leave on a high note and post the seven reasons that you are leaving. Thought that was very funny today.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Krens, good luck to you. And congrats. You deserve it.

KT said...

Don't go man.

Please don't go.


Don't go man.


Anonymous said...

What K Turner said, like times a google. Don't leave us, man.

My name is Anon said...

Not sure if ratings have been posted yet but here they are:

"Among all listeners all the time, 1310-AM The Ticket scored a 2.3 average share of the tuned-in audience. ESPN-FM 103.3 was at 1.7 and 105.3-FM The Fan finished at 0.9.

In the all-important "men 25-54" target demographic on weekdays 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. when the stations’ top talent usually works, it was The Ticket at 6.3, followed by ESPN at 2.9 and The Fan at 1.7"

Krenek said...

Alright, per request, the top 7 reasons I am leaving the Ticket:
7. Despite my best efforts, Mike Sirois refuses to tweet anything racist.
6. The Old Grey Wolf backed out on his promise to let me take over the Hardline in February (let's just say those are the terms...)
5. Tired of the sexually inappropriate phone calls from Corby at 3am (WHORE)
4. After 3 years, I can reasonably conclude that Norm is not a direct descendant of Bigfoot so my search for sasquatch takes me elsewhere
3. My rap career hasn't taken off in Dallas like it has in small mountain towns full of retirees
2. Want to be far away from civilization for the coming apocalypse in December
1. Dispensaries, Dispensaries, Dispensaries

Seriously, thanks for all the support.

alvinintexas said...

We 'preciate pal. And thanks for coming on here and dropping your science, your "some of this" on us.

We'll miss ya, pal.

Anonymous said...

The 248th biggest media market. I hope this is a good career decision for you!

alvinintexas said...

Of course it is. What else is he to do? Stay at The Ticket and have no hope of being a full-time host; hoping that maybe Dick Hicks gets an offer to do play by play for a pro or big time college and that he passes up Ty Walker and SeaBass to become the Ticker General? That is, if that was even his goal, which I doubt it is (?). As lucky as the guy is to have worked at The Ticket in a meaningful position, he isn't nearly a quarter as lucky as guys like Dick Hicks, Gordo, and the original hosts. Those guys hit the motherlode (though for awhile, and in some cases, several or more years they didn't yet know it). Jobs like these are about are EXTREMELY difficult to come by; and even more so in a major, top five market. So yes, Krenek absolutely is doing the right thing; this is a great career decision. To say otherwise is either out of ignorance or jealously...or just being a d-head.

ap said...

Ages ago, Dan McDowell on IJB told the story of how he'd advised Ben and Skin to do something very similar to what Krenek did. The end result was them moving to the Fan (at least I think it's the Fan...could be ESPN). Anyways, his point was that radio reps are invaluable and one has to put in their time somewhere, even if it's not on the little ticket. Or, as Krenek said, they wait until someone else screws up or moves on.

Best of luck, Krenek. Hopefully KT gets some more ticker-man reps in your stead.

KT said...

Whoa, Thanks AP!

Anonymous said...

I join the other Anonymous in wondering about market #248. Even a weekend guy at The Ticket should merit a bigger market than that. I wonder what this says about the state of radio in general in that good jobs are slim pickins these days.

birq said...

Good luck to you, Mr K. It'll be tough to be stuck in a hell hole like Grand Junction, up in the mountains, with breathtaking landscape and summers that don't cause spontaneous immolation. Sucks to be you.

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