Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22, 2012

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I liked Gordon's "Five on Five" segment on the Observation Deck this morning.  Punchy, funny, fast-moving, interesting.  Or maybe it was "Five for Five," I forget.  Either way, I liked it.
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I cannot believe that Capital One is bringing back that incredibly odious "I'm calling everyone in America" ads to insult our intelligence.  Why anyone would want to move their money to an organization that would even pretend to employ an asshole of this galactic lack of appeal is a mystery.  Who engages in an activity -- cold-calling citizens to annoy them with some kind of unwanted sales pitch -- universally loathed by consumers. 
If you have your assets with Capital One, please move them elsewhere.

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I'm a wimp.  I'm a weenie.  You can call me names if you do so nicely.
I don't like Fight Night.
I've written about it a couple of times, once really early when I had zero readers, but more recently and comprehensively here:  WEENIE ALERT.
If you don't want to click back, my basic point is that disaster is just around the corner.  I don't care about headgear, short rounds, the other "safety" features, it would only take one awkward punch or fall to paralyze or kill someone.  True, true, it hasn't happened in all the years they've been doing this, but their fighters are getting bigger and stronger.  It isn't the liability concern -- I'm sure the fighters have signed releases and The Ticket is insured for this.  It's the PR hit to the station if someone really buys it.
That piece is outdated in one respect.  Since then I recall satisfying myself that The Ticket had covered the regulatory legalities.  But in general I still feel the same way. 
There is one good thing about Fight Night:  It gives hosts who aren't fond of one another a highly-charged forum in which to interact awkwardly.
So I'll be listening, but I'll be disapproving.
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On further reflection, Michael Krenek's departure signals the End of The Ticket.  


birq said...

I don't like Fight Night either, but it's not because I'm worried about someone getting hurt. Partially, I just don't care about people hitting each other, but it's mostly the days leading up to it with shows scrambling to find fighters and trying to shame their listeners into either getting into the ring or finding someone dumb enough to do it for them. It seems like most of the recruiting can be done behind the scenes, like the way most other events are organized.

I know it's supposed to be about P1s hitting each other, but how many of the fighters are really P1s? How many have never listened to the station before in their lives? Based on what I've heard from previous years, I'd say it's probably pretty close to 50/50. What does it matter anyway? Where's the appeal in seeing two random strangers hit each other? They're representing a show? They have no ties to the show other than the fact that they contacted or were contacted by that show first. Big deal.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I just don't get it.

The Plainsman said...

birq, agree. In addition to my other misgivings, I've always found it gratuitous and fake.

I'm not an anti-boxing guy -- been to fights, including a heavyweight title fight awhile back. But Fight Night just seems kind of put-up and labored at this point, and actually . . . tired. Same gags every year.

But, as I say, there is always the chance that fisticuffs will break out among the Ticket stalwarts. I'll be tuning in to see who ignores whom this time around.

Hey, Confessors, pay close attention and let's get ready for some tasty Fight Night reactions.

The Plainsman said...

Blogger misbehaving today. Good luck posting comments.

Anonymous said...

I agree, random listeners or friends of listeners fighting each other does nothing for me. I'd rather see the hosts get in there and fight or Ticket guys or something, that'd be fun. Even if it was a fake wrestling scripted thing, it'd be better than pointless people pointlessly fighting.

blergoyen said...

I missed the Cuban appearance on Bad Radio. I know I can get it on the UnTicket tomorrow, but does anyone have any immediate feedback? Please tell me they asked him why he went after Deron Williams if he would not have had cap space for anyone else as he claims now.

Steve said...

I only heard the 2nd segment but from what I could tell he just said their roster now is better than it would have been if they had signed Williams (which Bob conceded and Dan didn't argue with). I don't think he gave a real answer to your question other than just admitting that obviously was their goal and it didn't work out. It's a good question though.

Bob gingerly called him out on not leaving Shark Tank to go to NJ and Cuban just said he really wasn't needed there since Williams only cared about the basketball aspect (not marketing or any of the other BS).

It was pretty interesting overall. I was getting very frustrated with Dan and Bob (to a lesser extent) talking over Cuban (as they do to each other) and not letting him get much out for a while. They normally have long winded questions but don't talk over their guests as much as they did here.

P2 in MI said...

I enjoyed BAD radio's interview. If you are looking for the Ticket hosts to be hard-hitting journalist, you might have been disappointed. But realizing who they are, and what they do, they covered what was needed in a way that no one was too offensive and everyone cooperated. They seemed more professional than a couple of the morning hosts who votes for concerts because of a Raising Cane's tie-in.

The Plainsman said...

Wish I had heard that BaD interview, see how they sound in long form. BaD interviews have been a low Ticket point for me in the past, a frequent punch-out for exactly the show-killing interruptions and long-windedness Steve alludes to, not to mention the occasional outright rudeness.

You're kidding: George and Gordon voted for Willie Nelson as the Biggest Show Coming to Town? Who were the other candidates? Bobby Sherman, the Five-Man Electrical Band, The Captain and Tenille?

ausgang said...

Fight Night is asinine. It reminds me of the jerk wad fraternities at my alma mater. One of them used to put on a Fight NIght every year. As if the morons weren't moronic enough on a daily/nightly basis, imagine them at the bar and on the streets after an evening of blood thirst, (latent and not so latent) homoeroticism, and copious amounts of alcohol... Joy! To quote the Fake Jason Kidd: "No, not really." So yeah, Fight Night sucks donkey b's in my book. Alcohol and violence. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?!!!!?