Saturday, August 4, 2012

MTC Congratulates the Teebox

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I'm not a golfer but I've always gotten a kick out of the Teebox.  Not just in anticipation of a Craig Rosengarden malapropism; it's a cool listen at work on Saturday mornings, 8 to 10.  Craig and Rick Arnett, a Ticket pioneer, have a nice easy manner, and like Rich Phillips and NASCAR, because of the skill of the broadcasters I find myself listening with some interest to talk about a subject I care nothing about.

However, this site has on several occasions noted that Teebox remotes were the worst-sounding show on The Ticket.  I won't repeat the detail, but the sound on their remotes was gargly and gravelly and hard to listen to.  Here are some early reports:

The Teebox Sounds Absolutely Terrible This Morning

Once Again, the Teebox Seems to be Broadcasting from Pluto

It never got any better, and I eventually quit mentioning it. 

The other day I thought I heard Rick say that they'd gotten some new equipment for their remotes.  I tuned in last week and my impression was that someone needed to get his money back, there was still a hedgehog in the gear somewhere.  But this morning they're broadcasting from a Park Place dealership in Fort Worth and it sounds great, studio quality.  So they must have gotten the toys installed.

It didn't seem right that they'd be so handicapped in their mix'n'mingle with George DiGianni.  Aurally, at least, they can now hold their own with him and The Orphanage.  Congratulations to them.


alvinintexas said...

TAHK GAHWF!!!!!!!!

Did you happen to hear Mr. Digianni's program this morning? What an ass. He bullies his elderly lady of a guest because she neither gives the answer he likes nor in the way that he wants them given. Next he hurriedly gets her off the air, only then to immediately tell his audience how disappointed he is in her, how she doesn't know her stuff, and how he's sorry for boring the listener. Oh, and how he's now going to talk about things he posted on his Facebook page. After break he returns with a tinge of remorse in his voice. "She's a very nice and well-intentioned lady." Later: "She is educated." And then during the mix he, goaded on by Rosen Rosen, claimed she was 107 years old. What a d**k head. What made the whole ugly scene comical was Digianni kept going on about having "scientific evidence" and knowing your subject...only to turn around and claim that he, and I'm not making this up, "timed two autistic kids in a Starbucks to see how long it took them to go from being calm to bouncing off the walls." He then went on to say that he believes that people raised in higher income houses and with superior educations respected and understood food better than those without such upbringings. He admits that this is a generality, but he feels it's true. Why? Because he's, and again, you couldn't make this up, watched Prince Harry and company grow up. I mean, wowzer.

George Digianni is an ass. George Digianni appears to have several deep-seated psychological issues that manifest themselves over the radio. But George Digianni is also must-hear, stop-down radio.

The Plainsman said...

Alvin, I did hear a little bit of that show, and I agree with you that it was painful to listen to. I also agree with most of your judgments about the show and George generally, although I guess I tend to be a little more forgiving, since he does have to deal with some crackpots once in a while (crackpots which, it must be admitted, he has invited onto the show).

I usually fight through stuff like that, but today, I hit the button and switched to a Kurt Elling CD.

And yes, whether George's in-your-face style appeals to you or not, it is rarely less than a wild ride through the backwaters of anti-establishment fitness theory.

The Plainsman said...

And, as you also note, after George you do get to hear Rick and Craig TAHK GAHWF!!!!!!!

Preceded by an always-edgy handoff from George to the newly-sonorous Rick and Craig.

Anonymous said...

So I flip on The FAN, and lo and behold, a weekend later and a weekend too late, now it's THEIR turn to have a weekend Cowboys roundtable. RaGE included. Talk about a day late and a dollar short. Can this station get ANYTHING right? Wait, lemme guess, they didn't want to go head to head with The Ticket's weekend roundtable for fear of (and rightly so) getting crushed. If that's the case, then double shame on them for being such wimps. To make matters worse, the discussion being had is a cross between Guy Sports (except they're serious) and ESPN's Around the Horn. Truly awful stuff. Something has to give over there at 105.3. It can't go on being this piss poor much longer, can it?

Anonymous said...

Gagreed with Alvin and Plainsman on George DiGianni. He ought to rename the show The Train Wreck Fitness Show. It definitely is. Week in and week out. But like Alvin said, it's stop down radio. I heard today's show, and Alvin summed up what happened nicely. The saddest part was when George said how his Facebook followers and whatnot were overwhelmingly grateful and thankful that he booted his guest off the show. Well, George, if you're out there, that doesn't make how you handled the situation right. Either while she was on or, and especially, once she was off your show. I mean come on guy, until it was obvious that the Allies were going to win, the majority of Germans thought the Nazi party's actions and ideas were right. You get my point, hopefully. Naw, it was poor form, and it was another in a long line of George DeJohn/DiGianni weirdness. You bet your ass I'll be tuning in next Saturday, like I do every Saturday. After all, you never know when Dr. X will pass along top secret info on some seaweed supplement that you mix with sea salt water, yak urine, and yeti semen. Can't live without it!

The Plainsman said...

And now, dammit, we've lost Dr. Salmon.

Anonymous said...

Wow you people get up early on Saturdays.

I just listened to this via the miracle of the internet and it's bullying pure and simple. It may be a surprise to George to learn that not everyone is a radio pro and when people get nervous they perhaps aren't the most articulate. If his entire show was based on this one interview then that's really his fault for not having any backup material. He should have dumped out of it after 5 minutes and moved on to something else, but since his bag is perpetually empty he decided to verbally abuse this woman instead. Really a classless and douchy guy.

Anonymous said...

You could tell as the remaining minutes in the show went on and after his ultra jerky 107 years old remark to Rosengarten during the Tee Box mix that he was having at least some buyer's regret about what he said and how he so publicly handled it. He seems to be one of those 'right side' 'outta my way because I know what I'm talking about and if you don't think like me you know nothing' sort of people. I don't think he realizes just how uber aggro and over the top he can be until after the fact. It's fairly obvious from his own words that he knows he's got a large and somewhat overbearing personality. But I don't think he thinks of himself as a bully. Maybe he's not, but today he sure came off as one. At least in the way he kept pressing his obviously flustered guest as if he was conducting a 'gotcha' investigative report for Dateline NBC, instead of interviewing someone he asked to be a guest. You'd think he'd be pro enough by now to gracefully and politely wrap things up after the first or second segment and move on. And certainly not tell his audience how disappointing she was in every aspect. That's pretty harsh. She might've been nervous, she might've been talking out of her backside about a book and a dietary plan/theory that for her is totally intuitive and therefore she really can't back up her claims 'scientifically' as DeJohn puts it, but she was polite and sounded like a nice person, and so she deserved better than that. At least that's what I think. I hope he calls or writes to her and apologizes. I also hope he addresses it next week and apologizes to the listener for being unprofessional. Sure it makes for tense and juicy radio, but in the bigger picture it made a big muscular man look pretty small. Yeah, his guest wasn't good. She didn't seem very well prepared and appeared to be very nervous, but DeJohn was even less prepared, so it seems. I don't know the man, but I'd be willing to wager that he's a good guy who had a bad day at the office. Let's see if he makes right by his wronged guest.

Dr. Bob said...

George is a trainer that fancies himself a doctor because he "does his research" on the Internet. He is perpetually under informed and unqualified to engage in a scientific medical discussion.

He has as much credibility as the herbaceuticals he routinely promotes. When it comes to medicine and nutrition, he thinks he is such an authority. When in fact, he really just knows enough to be dangerous. This is fleshed out by the cranks he routinely has on, who at best, are on the periphery of science and medicine.

ausgang said...

Dr. Salmon! Dr. Salmon! Paging Dr. Salmon! Come in, Dr. Salmon! DAMMIT GEORGE, WITHOUT DR. SALMON I CAN'T BEGIN MY CLEANSING!!!! Screw it, I'll turn on the Bat Signal, hopefully it'll ferret out Dr. X.

Shaggy said...

I'm not sure how closely you were listening or if you heard the entire teebox show, but I heard plenty of audio blips and interference while they were on. It was especially bad at the end when they were getting ready to mix with the orphanage.

Anonymous said...

A lil' birdy told me that The Ticket boys have been making regular stops this weekend, viewing stops that is, here at MTC. Just sayin'. I'm talking about Mon-Fri hosts, as well as Weekenders. Evidently there's great interest in what DeDiJohnGianni does. For whatever reason.