Friday, August 24, 2012

OPEN THREAD: Fight Night

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I thought I was going to be able to hear most of Fight Night, but I only heard bits and pieces over the course of the evening as I drove from meeting to meeting.  Since I'm on record as not being a big fan of the event, and since I didn't hear it from beginning to end, I'll relegate myself to the comments.
Now this is supposed to be the most popular Ticket event, so let's hear from people who had a good time and enjoyed it, either live or broadcast.  Come on now, you gotta be out there, thousands of you went to the thing.


The Plainsman said...

What I heard -- again, maybe an hour total over the course of the evening -- was dreary.

It seemed to me like I'd heard all the jokes in years past. Menses humor has a pretty limited palette.

As in years past, broadcast of the fights themselves featured too many guys with mics, and, also as in years past, they proved unable to keep themselves from screaming in unison when something actually happened in the ring and talking over each other the balance of the time.

This thing has got, just got to be better live.

Where was Gordon? Usually a bright spot but I must have missed him.

Dan pretty quiet, too.

Best: Corby.

Did not hear any awkward host interactions.

birq said...

I wasn't there, and I only caught maybe 10 minutes of it from a few seconds after the knockout blow in fight 1 until the end of round 1 in fight 2. Gordon was there, screaming incoherently during what I heard of fight 2. That's usually his contribution during live events when action is happening, and he was living up to expectations.

The Musers were recapping the night this morning, and they called it the most brutal, bloodiest Fight Night they've ever had. BaD's intern was knocked out with a broken nose in fight 1. You know he's probably pretty seriously concussed. They were saying the ladies in the girl fight probably took 75 punches to the face, each. At least 1 fighter from each bout required some sort of medical attention. With all the talk about brain damage in sports, and with the propensity of untrained, unskilled fighters to just flail in the direction of the opponent's face, this whole thing just strikes me as a bad idea. But they claim it's the most popular Ticket event. Like I said before, I just don't understand the appeal.

Anonymous Ron said...

I listened to most of it. The host commentary and banter was unremarkable. I think Gordon is a funny guy, but his over-enthused act wears a little thin. On the other hand, Gordon imitating Rich Phillips makes me chuckle out loud.

Anonymous said...


I don't love or even enjoy listening to any of the Ticket events or how often they are forced to talk about them.

East Texas P1 said...

I tried, I really tried to listen to it. Listened to the lead up and the first two fights. To repeat earlier comments above, there is/was just too much over-talking between the matches.

And during the bouts no one host is responsible for calling the action and they all shout when something big happens, leaving the listener to wonder what happened. And Gordon's maniacal fake Norm laughter during the rounds. And Gordon's imitation of one of the fighter's accent (read, put down).

And so I punch out to 105.3 and listen to an interview with the great Roger Staubach at the Cowboys scrimmage until commercial break. Then a quick return to 1310.

Back to the Fan and listen to a hilarious interview with Walt Garrison.

On this day:

105.3 The Fan > Fight Night

birq said...


T4 In Rockwall said...

Anytime there's a round table type of event, I will tune it. It's nice to hear different hosts get to interact with each other. And...I laughed my butt off when Gordo was laughting maniacally. He is over the top, but he is comediac genius too.

The Plainsman said...

birq, that's why I think it must be enjoyable for the people who attend, which is why I was hoping to get some balance here by hearing from Confessors who went. Sounds like most people who only tune in have the same reaction that I do -- it's a tough listen.

It could be better with a single -- no more than two -- host(s) calling the action, with more mics turned on between rounds or something. But the uber-distorted hollering when someone lands a shot -- that's a punchout, n.p.i.

But I suppose there's always the chance to pick up some host-on-host gold (someone mentioned Gordon-on-Hicks), so I'll probably tune in next year as well, if I don't make it an MTC field trip.

Anonymous said...

It's better if you're there.

Anonymous said...

Next week...Gordo fills in for Danny and The Orphanage becomes The Rant!!!!!!!!