Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dan: The Voyage Continues

I have really enjoyed reading the defenses of Dan McDowell.  I know that some readers regarded my three-parter on BaD Radio as highly critical of him, and indeed it did identify him as the source of my less-warm/fuzzy feeling about that showgram.  In general, though, I ended up finding the show worthwhile and Dan worth listening to  But I do understand why readers thought I don't like Dan.  It's a fair cop.

Here's the latest from "Anonymous," the latest poster to the article titled "Jeez, This Is Not Going Well":

I remember a while back, during some Q & A (either on-air or in that occasional Ticket publication that the hosts contribute to - I can't remember the name), I think it was George who said something to the effect that Dan was either the most professional or hardest working guy at the Ticket. Count me as a Dan McDowell fan - I realized after years of listening that it was Dan's contributions on WTDS that had my attention (in addition to Line 4 Guy), and his pairing with Bob was genius. Something that was part of the BaD Radio magic, early on, was the contributions of Jimmy 'The Saint' Christopher. The mix of Bob, Dan, Jimmy and Tom solidified the show as my favorite on the Ticket. Somehow, with all the changes in the show, it has remained my favorite (I like Donovan, a lot, and am happy he landed with the BaD Radio guys) - it maintains a funny, real edginess that's addictive, more so than the other shows for me (though I like them all). That edge wouldn't be there without Dan McDowell.

One other thing I can add: McDowell is responsive to e-mail questions (Corby and Gordo, too; the Old Gray Wolf? Not so much. . .).   By the way, great blog!

*   *   *  

Thank you, Anonymous.   Jimmy the Saint was before my time, but comments like this one are what make me think that I need to expand my opportunities to listen to the BaD Radio showgram.  I've changed my views on certain Ticket guys over the years and it could well happen with Dan. 

But I don't know exactly how I'm going to get over the feeling that Dan is not a favorite among his own colleagues.  Maybe it shouldn't matter, and maybe even it's a virtue -- some readers identify this as "edgy," which is fine.  An earlier commenter said that Dan's colleagues defend him, and I responded that I'd never heard that.  Anonymous has provided us with an example, and thanks again, Anon.  My question is:  To what was George responding that he was required to say something positive about Dan?    Have you ever heard any other host defend another main show host?

And -- again, with complete respect to Dan defenders -- whether he is professional, or hard-working, or responsive to P1's, is less important to me than whether he sounds like a putz when I tune in the showgram. 

Which, when I tune in, he too often does.  But then, so, sometimes, does Corby.  Gordon.  Guys that overall I like a lot.   But I hear them more often.  I've internalized their schtick; maybe I just haven't had the opportunity to "get" Dan in the same way.  Which is why, in fairness, I must acquire a larger sample size on Dan and on Bad Radio generally before switching over to Greggo and Richie Whitt (more on them later). 

Until then, I cordially invite Confessors to continue my Dan education.


P1 Steven said...

If it was Dan who got Kyle Gass from THE D to join the fantasy league, he is even greater now.

Christy said...

What is your definition of a "putz?" That would help me form my argument for this particular post...

Sorry for being late to the party in all these new posts and comments, but I just got a full-time job (hang in there, P1 Steven!) so I've been busy (yah!).

I'll be responding to your first Dan post since the BaD Radio trilogy on the post itself, but I'll use this comment to meander:

I think what's missing (besides a latest comment chart or some such on the sidebar) from this one-of-its-kind Ticket blog is actual audio (ironic, sorta) to back up what you post about. I'm glad AP from The UnTicket is a fan and the two sites have a relationship, but if I were to provide you the actual clips you reference, would you be able to incorporate it within the site/post?

The Plainsman said...

Christy: I suppose I could add clips from the showgrams, but I'm content to leave the audio to The Incomparable unTicket. The main reason is that I don't have a lot of time to do this blog, and I run another one that I need to spend more time on. (Keep this under your hat, but I am considering putting MTC out to pasture.) In addition to a day job that I REALLY need to spend more time on. Adding clips and links just takes more time than I'm able to devote. This is also a reason some of my stuff is so long -- I type fast enough to do a brain dump and I don't have time to go back and edit it down to something more digestible.

You may be right (referring also to your comment to "Jeez, This Is Not Going Well") that Dan's humor and mine don't jibe. And you are also correct that when I hear something odd -- referring to the passing reference Mike R made to Dan back some time ago -- I read a lot of stuff into it. I think that reflects how we perceive the world generally: making judgments after accumulating the little telling details.

Sites like this are inevitably idiosyncratic. Highly subjective. Shot through with bias. Like people you meet daily, some folks you instinctively like, some you don't. But you have to impose on those impressions a process of fairness. Whether I do that successfully here I leave to readers.

So sometimes people you like on first meeting turn out to let you down. But sometimes people who don't convey a good first impression end up as friends when you get to know them better. I do hope that happens with Dan and since Confessors I respect like the guy, I'm thinking there's a better than even chance it will happen.

But that "aggressiveness" segment -- I guess it was the first of two, the second one prompted by a Tom Grieve remark, as I understnad it -- was a damned nasty piece of work. The not-intended-for-broadcast remark on Rich's long ticker and George's work-arrival habits -- and George's response, which I continue to judge as dismissive -- was one of those little telling moments that I found revealing of intra-host relations.

As always, Christy, I'm grateful you check in, even though I've let you down on Dan. I guess this may be a one-of-a-kind site, I don't really know. Before I started it I searched for a longer-form commentary site on The Ticket and was very surprised to find nothing, but I figured that it was just a search-resistant thing to look for. I started with a long list of topics and I still have a long list, but lately I'm asking myself why anyone should care about the casual opinions of a casual listener expressed at excruciating length. About a frackin' radio station. Talking about frackin' sports and guy stuff.

It wouldn't surprise me to see others popping up with a different point of view. Let me know if you become aware of one (or start one!). They'd be welcome.